Following the news that Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain will be launching worldwide on September 1, Konami and Sony have announced that they've teamed up to create a special edition PlayStation 4 themed after the game. The colors of the console itself match the colors of Snake's artificial arm. Meanwhile the design of the controller is said to be inspired by his gun. The price of this special edition has not been announced yet, and unfortunately it is only confirmed for launch in Japan at this time. You can check out some more images by clicking below!

While Monolith Soft's open-world RPGXenoblade Chronicles X has already been given a Japanese release date of April 29, the West has yet to hear any word on when they can expect the title. According to a listing on Italy's Amazon, however, the game might be dropping on June 26.

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PlayStation 4's hot sales streak is still going strong! At the start of the year Sony's newest home console had sold 18.5 million units, but the latest figures show that its sales hit 20.2 million as of March 1. That means another 1.7 million units were sold in January and February, which is a pretty impressive start to the new year. With big names like Bloodborne and Uncharted 4: A Thief's End on the way, Sony will be looking to keep the momentum rolling!

Warner Brothers has become well established in the mobile gaming environment with their high-quality, but free-to-play games. Recently, they announced their line-up of mobile games that are currently in development. The line-up features games from multiple big name franchises including Mortal Kombat, DC Comics, and Game of Thrones.

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The release date for Sony's virtual reality headset now looks a bit clearer. During Sony's GDC panel, President of Sony's Worldwide Studios for SCE, Shuhei Yoshida, stated that the company wants to “deliver an experience that lives up to our vision and ignites the passion of gamers.” Yoshida-san then announced that Project Morpheus will launch in the first half of 2016.

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Music is an integral part of the gaming experience. As with dialogue and the setting, music can help set the tone of a game. From fast-paced action to slow, deliberate contemplation, music can easily guide our feelings to make us feel what the developers want us to feel. In general, I feel that most people tend to under-emphasize the importance of a good soundtrack. Certainly not all songs ever created are great, but often a lot of the ones that are get little to no attention. So for this week's Top Ten, I'm going to discuss my most memorable songs in gaming.

Film and television company Lionsgate Entertainment, famous for creating such productions as The Hunger Games and The Expendables, have announced recently that it has made "significant investment" in digital publisher Telltale Games. According to the announcement by Lionsgate, the partnership will allow both companies to "explore opportunities to co-develop existing and original IP into episodic games and television."

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Last week, Nintendo officially announced the Super Mario Gold Edition Amiibo; soon after the announcement, the figure was sold out online at Walmart.

However, according to to a recent tweet from Nintendo of America, there will be additional figures available for purchase in Walmart stores when the Gold Mario Amiibo launches on March 20th; many have been worried that most or all of the figures have already been pre-ordered, but Nintendo has confirmed that there will at least be some figures still available for purchase at launch.

Amiibo shortages have plagued consumers since their launch. There have been countless reports of certain Amiibo being discontinued or scalped online for outrageous prices. Many have placed the blame on Nintendo for underestimating demand and not producing enough as a result. Nintendo hasn't really addressed the subject, aside from saying that they hadn't predicted the situation to be as bad as it is. However, in a statement released earlier today, Nintendo of Japan finally explained the reason why it's hard to get Amiibo restocked in retailers. Hit the jump to see their explanation!

The PlayStation Blog has announced that another video streaming service will be available on PlayStation 4 consoles at some point today.

The HBO Go app will be launching on Sony's newest console today; the app will work just like the PlayStation 3 app and will require you to authenticate your console through your cable or satellite provider. After set-up, PlayStation 4 owners will have access to all of HBO's exclusive content, including Game of Thrones and True Detective, right from your console.