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Uh-oh! New third-party drama has Koei Tecmo possibly taking a 9.43 million dollar blow. 

Sankei News reported earlier today that CAPCOM and Koei Tecmo have been butting heads due to the latter's supposed copyright infringement. Koei Tecmo, who worked alongside CAPCOM on Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors, is currently in point-blank range of a 980 million yen lawsuit. 

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We knew that Mario Kart 8 was in line for DLC (the Mercedes-Benz kart had already been revealed), but today Nintendo dropped a bombshell by announcing two DLC packs that feature characters and tracks from non-Mario Nintendo games like Zelda, Animal Crossing, and F-Zero. With the immense success that Super Smash Bros. has achieved by letting players pick from a wide variety of Nintendo favorites, many have been calling for Mario Kart to follow suit and really take advantage of Nintendo's full lineup of characters. Should Mario Kart just go full-on Smash? Read on to catch some of our thoughts and add your own!

Hello everybody, and welcome to the pilot episode of our yet-to-be-titled news recap show. Typically, the show is for breaking down the past week of news, but because this is our pilot episode—which we're essentially using to test the waters—the content actually comes from a bit earlier in the month.

We're looking for feedback on how you like the format, so by all means, please head to the comments and share your likes, dislikes, suggestions, and more, so that we have a much better idea of what you'd like to see from the show going forward. Thank you so much for helping!

With the release of Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire fast approaching (November 21st to be exact), the team over at Dorkly took it into their own hands to see what would happen if other popular video game icons and characters could also Mega Evolve. 

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If you weren't already having a blast with Mario Kart 8 (and you know you were!) or you haven't picked it up yet, here's something to sweeten the deal. The Nintendo UK online store has revealed DLC packs headed to the racer, including new tracks, and new racers like Link from Legend of Zelda and the Villager from Animal Crossing. Hit the jump for more details!

Yesterday, Square Enix announced a version of Bravely Second will be playable at this year's Tokyo Game Show in Chiba next month. A few new jobs and a new playable asterisk holder will be present to test them on. The announcement also came with the game's first gameplay footage. It all looks rather familiar, with painted backdrops and all, and several of Magnolia's job costumes are shown off. See it after the jump.

Capcom is showing Sony and Mega Man X some love. X4 and X5, both originally PlayStation games, are headed to PlayStation Network. These classic will be available at home on PlayStation 3 and on the go with Vita next month. X4 launches on September 2, and X5 follows a week later on September 9. Prices have not yet been announced. It may be a while before we see the Blue Bomber return for a new game, but you can enjoy some old favorites (you can even play as Zero right from the start in X5!) while you wait.

Koei Tecmo recently dissected the Hyrule Warriors developer distribution to give us an idea of what's to be expected in the game.

Yosuke Hayashi, producer at Koei Tecmo, member of Team Ninja, and contributor to our next Zelda installment, sat down with Official Nintendo Magazine UK to give us a taste of each highlight within the new game. In his interview, Hayashi links each in-game feature to different departments within Koei Tecmo and gives us information on Nintendo's roles, as well.

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Xenoblade Chronicles on Wii features one of the largest maps in any Nintendo game to date, with many gamers spending 80-100 hours on a single play through of the game. Its successor, Xenoblade Chronicles X, is in development for the more powerful Wii U, and Monolith Soft looks to be taking full advantage. According to a recent quote from the game's director, we're in for a truly massive game world when Xenoblade Chronicles X launches next year. Hit the jump to see more!

"Open world" has become a buzz phrase in the gaming industry in recent years, with many companies using it as a selling point. Games like Grand Theft Auto and Skyrim are famous for giving players a vast world to explore with very little in terms of limitation or linearity. The upcoming Legend of Zelda game for Wii U seems to be following that pattern, as the focal point of every developer quote about the game from its E3 reveal until now has been non-linearity. However, Zelda producer Eiji Aonuma and his team aren't just looking to copy the open world formula of other games. Hit the jump to see more.