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This weekend at the PAX Prime 2014, Ubisoft let the spotlight fall heavily on Assassin's Creed Rogue. The game's producer, Ivan Balabanov, took to the Twittersphere and has provided us with many juicy tidbits about the franchise's upcoming last-gen game.

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Nintendo of America just tweeted a picture chronicling the release schedule for games coming soon to Wii U. Beginning with Hyrule Warriors, which comes out later this month, and taking us all the way to the end of 2015, it shows that 2015 is going to be an incredible year for Wii U owners—assuming, of course, we don't get struck by the ever-dreaded "delay."

The lineup for 2015 is both plentiful and diverse, so head past the jump to check out all the incredible games!

We're back with another weekly installment of Gamnesia's Game Clash! Every Monday we pit two video games against each other, and the winner is decided by your votes. This week we have a showdown of classic RPGs. EarthBound is practically the definition of cult classic, and blends almost non-stop humor and cultural references with darker, more emotional tones and themes for a uniquely bizarre blend that's unmatched. Chrono Trigger, although not without humor itself, has a more serious and complex story and a fantastically deep but simple-to-use battle system that combined to take the more traditional RPG style to whole new level. Which of these gems from the past is your favorite? Cast your vote and join in the discussion! 

Do you remember a few days ago when Nintendo's preview trailer for Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS accidentally confirmed that Ganondorf would return as a playable character? Well Nintendo certainly does, and they've taken quick action to undo their mistake.

They have removed the video which accidentally confirmed Ganondorf, and in its place they've uploaded a nearly identical trailer—albeit one that doesn't include the original blunder.

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The past two weeks have seen some of the worst that the internet has to offer, as well as some of the best. Before we dive into this proverbial ocean of dread, I'd like to caution everyone that none of this is about a specific person and no one should be the sole target of anyone's scorn. It is also important to note that headstrong affiliation toward any cause usually end up blinding the recipient to the opposition's message, choosing instead to focus their backlash on the person, rather than the argument. In order to avoid just that, let us talk about the big picture and its many facets, one of which has reared its ugly head just a few days ago, when virtually the entirety of the gaming press independently published articles pushing the same, extremely questionable agenda. 

If you've been keeping track of the recent events you will undoubtedly have seen just how polarized the participants of the argument are. It is difficult to remain object and neutral in a time like this, but regardless of one's personal beliefs, the evidence from all sides points to one simple fact: Nepotism and corruption has been rampant in game journalism (and beyond) for a very long time now.

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Prepare your 3DS—in just over two months you will have the opportunity to buy Pokémon Omega Ruby and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire, a re-make of the popular Ruby and Sapphire Pokémon games originally on the Nintendo Game Boy Advance. These games are the third generation in the series, and some of the most liked among fans. The games take place in the Hoenn Region, mostly covered by water. 

We already got a brief look at the map in a low-quality picture, but here's an extremely high-quality scan straight from PAX! Head inside to get the full view.

In Koei Techmo's eternal quest for making everything into a Warriors game, they have teamed up with Square Enix for a Dragon Quest flavored hack-and-slash. Like Hyrule Warriors, Dragon Quest Heroes is keeping to its title-franchise's art style, keeping closely to the aesthetic of Akira Toriyama that Dragon Quest is so famous for. In the trailer Square released, four of the playable characters were shown off, but knowing these games there will be more to come. It will be released sometime next year in Japan. There's no hint of an international release just yet, but this is only the first announcement.

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Do you remember the first time you played Super Meat Boy? That little red cube with legs that you had to steer through more than 300 levels of pain and frustration is back with a vengeance in Super Meat Boy Forever, the next instalment in the popular series.

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Since GTA V was released back in September 2013, it has become the fastest-selling entertainment product in history. It was no surprise, then, that there would be a remake for the new slew of next-generation consoles. However, there was a rumor circulating around the internet that developer Rockstar Games would not be able to deliver on a 2014 release.

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Since the announcement of the confusingly named New Nintendo 3DS, the hype has been uncontrollable. From what we know already, Iwata's new money printer has more RAM and a stronger CPU than the normal 3DS. Less than a week after its announcement, leaks for the new handheld's specs have already arisen. Tilmen from Nintendomination received information from an unknown source that has given some of the specs about the console, including its operational code-name, Snake. Read more after the jump!