Following the Nintendo Switch event, many gamers were quick and eager to preorder the console. Despite a rather thin library of games at launch, Nintendo hopes to sell most (if not all) of its hardware. According to research firm DFC Intelligence, they predict that Nintendo Switch will sell over 40 million units through 2020, which would be three times as many units as the Wii U. According to DFC, "demand is expected to be strong and the major issue will be whether the system can attract a broad audience starting in the holiday sales season of 2017."

We've seen the heroes of Overwatch turned into many things by fans since the game's release, including Pokémon. But why stop at fictional creatures when you can turn the cast into adorable kittens? A couple of fans have done just that, with one artist named Suzuran drawing every hero as a cuddly cat, and a dedicated 3D animator named Dillon Gu who recreated each of the offensive heroes' personalities in a 3D animation. You can check out both of these after the jump!

After its release on iOS devices in December, Super Mario Run will be making its debut on Android devices this March. The announcement comes from the official Japanese Nintendo Twitter account, which was shortly reiterated by the other regional accounts, so this appears to be the worldwide release date. If you're as excited for the game's release on Android as I am, you can pre-register on the Google Play store here.

The good folks at Playtonic Games are no strangers to quirky and inspired multiplayer modes. Without them, Banjo-Tooie, Conker's Bad Fur Day, and even the legendary Goldeneye would not have been quite so memorable when enjoyed with friends. So, with Yooka-Laylee's launch just a few months away, it really comes as no surprise that Playtonic has announced eight different multiplayer modes in that will accompany the single player campaign, all "designed" by the lonely, video game-obsessed dinosaur named Rextro.

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In a recent interview with GameSpot, Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aimé discussed the mistakes the company made with the Wii U. He said Nintendo has "thought deeply" about the shortcomings of the Wii U and believes that the "clarity of the consumer proposition" wasn't strong. He also said that the Wii U did not have a steady flow of games.

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During last week's Nintendo Switch Treehouse stream, we learned a lot more details about The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. One of the main focuses of the demo was the wild horses that you come across in the game. When you encounter these horses, you can tame then and keep them at stables across the world. It'll cost you a few rupees to register your horse at a stable, but once you do, you can find a lost horse from any stable.

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This past November, everyone and their mother flocked to the store to pick up the latest entry in the Pokémon series. According to a recent statement from Nintendo, Pokémon Sun and Moon managed to come in second and third on the NPD Group's list of best-selling games in December. When combined, Pokémon Sun and Moon have now sold over 4.5 million copies since their launch in November. This makes Pokémon Sun and Moon the fastest selling games to reach over 4 million in Nintendo's history!

Princess Zelda has always had a reputation for being a somewhat superficial character. Most games in the Zelda series portray Princess Zelda as a simple damsel in distress, who's often absent for much of the main story. There are a few exceptions, of course, but the superficiality of Zelda's character has always been a major criticism of the Legend of Zelda franchise. However, it seems that Nintendo is taking some steps to rectify that in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Many Zelda fans are curious about Breath of the Wild's story and timeline placement. While Nintendo has been very quiet about the overall story, it seems a group of dedicated translators have uncovered the game's premise. This has been discovered by taking the Hylian text from the tapestry that comes with the Special Edition of the game and translating it into Japanese and then again into English. This information was posted in a video on Zeltik's YouTube channel.

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Vince Weaver, an assistant Computing Engineering professor at the University of Maine, has recreated Valve's Portal on an Apple II, an 8-bit computer that was released over 39 years ago. Weaver's recreation of the game is extremely basic; Chell's movement is slow and methodical, and the graphics are very simple. However, the reboot still captures the charm of the original Portal, with the same basic mechanics, a large number of interesting puzzles, and the same cruel, sarcastic humor, with GlaDOS narrating most of the experience.

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With the Switch launching in just under a month and a half, the Wii U's life cycle is officially in a downward state. If we didn't know this before, we certainly do now, as Nintendo has announced that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is officially the last game Nintendo will make for the platform. Last Friday, Nintendo of America's president Reggie Fils-Aimé talked to Polygon about this decision, stating "From a first-party standpoint, there's no new development coming after the launch of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. We really are at the end of life for Wii U."

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Though I missed taking part in Overwatch's Halloween event, I was able to get a healthy (or maybe not) amount of time logged during the Winter Wonderland event last month. I had a ton of fun blasting my opponents with snowballs, so I've been anxiously awaiting word about when another special event would kick off. I and other Overwatch fans won't have to wait but a few more days, however, as Blizzard has teased the Year of the Rooster event celebrating the Chinese New Year.

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Last week, Nintendo revealed several huge new games for the Nintendo Switch, the company's upcoming home console. We got our first look at Super Mario Odyssey, Splatoon 2, Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Mario Kart Deluxe, and more, and the trailers for these games have amassed millions of views on YouTube over the past week. A NeoGAF user by the name of Las7 has compiled a list of the top Nintendo Switch games in the United States, Japan, the United Kingdom, Germany, and France, by comparing the number of views that the trailers for each of those games have gathered in each region.

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Many Nintendo fans were blown away by Super Mario Odyssey when it was revealed on Friday. The game will borrow elements from the older 3D Mario games that were heavier on exploration. After its reveal, producer Yoshiaki Koizumi shared some more details about Super Mario Odyssey.

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For the entirety of Trump's campaign, he claimed to be one of the richest and most successful guys on the planet. While Trump may have some money (and clearly owes a ton to a couple debt collectors), he is not worth more than everyone's favorite Valve CEO. According to the latest Forbes billionaire's list, Valve CEO Gabe Newell is worth more than the next President of the United States himself, Donald Trump. Newell is ranked at #134 with $4.1 billion, while Trump is ranked at #156 with $3.7 billion. Gabe Newell is definitely winning bigly with this one!