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A favorite of mine in the Super Smash Bros. games was All-Star Mode, where you were pitted with a single life against all the characters you had unlocked. Now, in the new game, you can challenge every fighter in All-Star Mode from the moment you turn on the game!

In a recent Miiverse post by Smash Bros. creator Masahiro Sakurai, it was revealed that players can now use All-Star Mode without having to work their way through the game first. However, the mode will only use characters that you have unlocked, so you will still have to play the main game to complete the full All-Star roster.

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Nintendo has been making 2D sidescroller Mario games for nearly 30 years, and the New Super Mario Bros. brand was a key contributor to the success of Wii and DS last generation. That series has continued in this generation, and now Nintendo has put a new spin on Mario. Level creator Mario Maker will hit Wii U (and possibly 3DS) next year, giving players the ability to build their own Mario worlds. Will this impact the sales of current and future Mario games? Mario Maker producer and longtime Nintendo developer Takashi Tezuka says no. Find out why by clicking below!

The recently announced New Nintendo 3DS features upgrades like two more shoulder buttons, a miniature slider pad, and a better CPU, but it might have another feature (or rather the removal of a restriction) that many gamers have been calling for. According to one report, New Nintendo 3DS will not be region-locked. This means you'll be able to import games from other regions (like Japanese games that never get localized) and play them on your New Nintendo 3DS. This comes from the same source that claimed the CPU speed has been tripled. This source also claims there are changes coming to NNID, but no specifics were given. Hopefully we find out more soon!

As were reported yesterday, the Mighty No. 9 beta kicks off this month, and we've already got some footage of the game in action. This new beta footage shows off the Military Base level from start to finish, including a battle against Mighty No. 5, AKA Battalion. This war-loving military bot has guns, missiles, and even a giant explosive that takes up half the screen. It looks like bosses will keep you on your toes in Mighty No. 9! You can check out all the new footage by clicking below!

Rovio, the minds behind the smartphone sensation Angry Birds, is going through some changes in management.

Founder Mikael Hed, the man who created the frustrated feathers, has resigned from his position as CEO of the company. The news comes after profits for the developer fell 52% in the fiscal year of 2013. Hed is moving to become chairman of Rovio Animation Studios, the company's movie division.

Read who the successor is and Hed's farewell inside.

Do you remember a few days ago when Nintendo's preview trailer for Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS accidentally confirmed that Ganondorf would return as a playable character? Well Nintendo certainly does, and they've taken quick action to undo their mistake.

They have removed the video which accidentally confirmed Ganondorf, and in its place they've uploaded a nearly identical trailer—albeit one that doesn't include the original blunder.

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Prepare your 3DS—in just over two months you will have the opportunity to buy Pokémon Omega Ruby and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire, a re-make of the popular Ruby and Sapphire Pokémon games originally on the Nintendo Game Boy Advance. These games are the third generation in the series, and some of the most liked among fans. The games take place in the Hoenn Region, mostly covered by water. 

We already got a brief look at the map in a low-quality picture, but here's an extremely high-quality scan straight from PAX! Head inside to get the full view.

Since the announcement of the confusingly named New Nintendo 3DS, the hype has been uncontrollable. From what we know already, Iwata's new money printer has more RAM and a stronger CPU than the normal 3DS. Less than a week after its announcement, leaks for the new handheld's specs have already arisen. Tilmen from Nintendomination received information from an unknown source that has given some of the specs about the console, including its operational code-name, Snake. Read more after the jump!

The hype is mounting for Nintendo's Super Smash Bros., and the good new just keeps on coming. The legendary Riki from Xenoblade Chronicles has just been announced as a new Assist Trophy for the game! What's more, he also appears as part of Shulk's Final Smash!

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Nintendo of Europe has decided to host a Zelda-themed sale all month long to celebrate the launch of Hyrule Warriors near the end of September! This sale will feature different games on sale each week and will offer a 10% discount on Hyrule Warriors once it's released. More details inside.