For those of you who enjoy the endearing characters and toys of Skylanders, prepare to welcome the newest addition: Spry. The mini-Spyro dragon will be a part of Skylanders: Trap Team to help players "capture evil and unleash good". Of course this special occasion warrants a trailer which displays this cute dragon's abilities and fighting prowess. 

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The hardware and software sales numbers for this past week in Japan are in and Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS has topped the charts again, selling over 100,000 units in its third week. Vita had a strong software week with five games in the top twenty, but it did little to boost sales for Sony's handheld. Fatal Frame: Oracle of the Sodden Raven (the Japanese name for Fatal Frame V: The Black Haired Shrine Maiden) debuted at number seven with a rather humble 27,000 units sold on Wii U, which doesn't help its already slim chances of launching outside of Japan. Click below to check out the full sales breakdown.

As is common around Smash Bros. releases, the roster is a popular discussion topic. Who made it, who didn't, and who should've are all important aspects of the roster that are sure to get fans riled up. While first-party characters are usually a given, that is not the case with third-party characters. For instance, many are upset that Snake is out for this iteration. With the release of Super Smash Bros. for 3DS just a couple of days away, director Masahiro Sakurai explained the process of choosing which third-party characters would be included. Hit the jump to find out what he said!

Super Smash Bros. is no stranger to having unbalanced rosters, but given the game's prevalence in the competitive community, this unbalance is often seen as one of the biggest flaws of the games. When Bandai Namco, developers of the popular Tekken series, were brought aboard the team of the next Smash Bros. games, fans hoped that their expertise in creating balanced fighting rosters would help solve the issue. And while they did have a team devoted to balancing characters, Sakurai has confirmed that perfectly balancing them is not a priority. Head inside to see what he said!

The Smash Bros. hype train is quickly approaching its final destination (yes that's a pun) with the 3DS version being released on October 3rd. Now this post may not pertain to the veterans already on board with the series, but those of you who are first timers looking to see what the excitement is all about should consider this video your ticket to ride. It explains the basic button inputs, movements, and attacks that you will need to begin your journey through the world of Smash.

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One big change from Brawl to Super Smash Bros. for 3DS and Wii U is there are no more transformation characters. Instead of Zelda metamorphasizing into Sheik or Samus shedding her Power Suit to become Zero Suit Samus, all transformations have been split into separate characters. Although this decision creates some new gameplay possibilities (and is an improvement in the eyes of some fans), the reason for the change was actually not to spice up the gameplay. As it turns out, it was necessitated by the hardware of 3DS. Hit the jump for the details!

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS will launch on October 3, and many retailers will hold midnight release events, but if you live in New York (or don't mind a long drive), you can score the first ever handheld Smash a little early. Nintendo has announced that they will start selling the game early during their pre-launch event at the Nintendo World Store. Attendees of the event will be able to start playing Smash when it goes on sale at 8:00pm. The rest of us unlucky saps will have to wait another four hours (or more, depending on your time zone), but soon we'll all be able to settle it in Smash.

Earlier this month we learned that Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS will not support the Circle Pad Pro. This was a little disappointing for some fans as New Nintendo 3DS can simulate the GameCube C-stick with its second, smaller slider pad, but regular 3DS users won't be able to do the same, giving them a disadvantage in battles. As it turns out, this was unfortunately due to an unavoidable hardware issue. Click below to see why.

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS has been holding back a secret from players and those awaiting the release. That secret is that players definitely shouldn't hold back their smash attacks as their percentage reaches high numbers.

For those who haven't played any Super Smash Bros. games and have no idea what that means; rather than having a health bar when fighting, players are given percentages. 0% is the equivalent of not having been attacked or hurt yet. The higher your percentage, the closer you are to a one-hit knockout.

However, in the upcoming Smash Bros. for 3DS, a higher percentage now means that your heavy attacks deal greater knockback.

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Dan Adelman has been a key player at Nintendo of America for nearly a decade. As head of digital content and development Adelman was the man in charge of Nintendo's indie program, reaching out to make sure that games like Shovel Knight, Cave Story, and World of Goo make it to Nintendo eShop. Recently, he announced that he had decided to part ways with Nintendo, but his work with indie developers continues. 

Adelman continues to help indie developers with the business and marketing end of the industry, and recently announced Axiom Verge as his first post-Nintendo project. We caught up with him for an interview and discussed life at Nintendo, life after Nintendo, the state of the indie market, and more. Check it all out by clicking below!