There are tons of gaming enthusiast podcasts out in the wild, but almost none of the top-tier podcasts are made specifically for Nintendo fans. That's where we come in! We here at Gamnesia are bringing you a new episode of "Nintendo Week," a podcast made for Nintendo fans by Nintendo fans.

This week, join Alex Plant, Ben Lamoreux, and host Colin McIsaac as they discuss recent Nintendo news, including the latest Smash Bros. DLC and what it means for King K. Rool, Pokkén Tournament's US launch, Nintendo's competitor to Loot Crate, who should succeed Satoru Iwata as CEO of Nintendo, and plenty of other recent topics. Give it a listen below, and head inside if you'd like to learn more on this week's stories!

Mega Man spiritual successor Mighty No. 9 was a huge hit on Kickstarter, and nearly two years later the game is finally set to launch in September. was. Unfortunately, it appears that is no longer the case. Some retail listings have been popping up lately suggesting that Mighty No. 9 won't launch until 2016, and Game Informer has confirmed that these listings are accurate.

Developer Keiji Inafune announced that development of Mighty No. 9 was completed in January, and platform selection emails were sent out a month ago, but it appears that we still have a long wait for the game. Game Informer suggests (via input from parent company GameStop) that the generic 2016 placeholder indicates that the listings came directly from either Comcept or publisher Deep Silver, but neither company is available for comment at this time, so we're not sure why the delay is happening. We'll keep you up to date as we learn more.

If you're a Smash Bros. player, then I have no doubt you've heard about the massive update that was released today. Included in the update is some brand new DLC, the ability to post replays directly to YouTube, and the return of Tournament Mode. On top of all of that, many characters were either buffed or nerfed for balancing purposes.

Head inside to check out a complete list of the changes!

If you're looking to add a few more 3DS games to your collection, you have a good opportunity to do just that with this one day sale from Best Buy. Buying one of a select list of 3DS games, including Xenoblade Chronicles 3D, Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS, Kirby Triple Deluxe, and more will let you get a second game from the list at half the normal price. This is a pretty good deal, but once again, it only lasts for today, so hurry to Best Buy's site if you want to take advantage of it.

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Nintendo has just released additional DLC for Super Smash Bros., which adds two classic stages from Super Smash Bros. 64: Peach’s Castle and Hyrule Castle. The stages will come with some classic retro tunes, as well as fresh remixes. Acquiring one of the stages for both 3DS and Wii U will set you back $2.99, while buying a stage for only one version of the game costs $1.99.

In addition, a third wave of Mii Fighter Costumes has been released and are available for purchase. You can read more about them past the jump!

From the first few trailers of Final Fantasy Explorers, many fans of the series couldn't wait to get the handheld title. The game released in Japan a little while ago, but we were left in the dark as to when, or if, the game would be localized for other regions. These questions have been answered in Square Enix's English trailer for the game.

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Yesterday, we learned that a huge round of Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS update content and DLC was coming; now, Nintendo has announced that even more costumes will be available tomorrow!

According to the game's official Japanese Twitter account, Mii costumes from the Tales series and EarthBound will also be included in tomorrow's wave of DLC; the content will feature a costume based on Lloyd from Tales of Symphonia for the Mii Swordfighter, a costume based on the Flying Man from EarthBound for the Mii Brawler, and a honey bear costume for the Mii Gunner.

Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer is a game in which owners must buy and use Amiibo cards in order to play different chunks of the game, and we recently learned that Nintendo is selling them in blind packs—meaning you have no idea which handful of the three-hundred different cards you'll get when you commit to spending your money.

This is one of the subjects we discuss on this week's episode of Nintendo Week, our Nintendo-themed podcast here at Gamnesia. You can check out the discussion video after the jump to hear our full thoughts on this distribution method, or keep reading for a brief (albeit admittedly less fun) summary.

Nintendo recently released its financial briefing for the first quarter of Fiscal 2015 (the period of time from April 1st through June 30th, 2015), and the results were positive. Nintendo reported a profit of $67 million for the first quarter, as well as extremely strong sales for Splatoon. It looks like investors are happy with the results, as Nintendo's stock has jumped 8.27% (at the time this was written) since the report went live. Nintendo is now valued at ¥3.170 trillion, which is about $25.57 billion in US currency. Not a bad start to the fiscal year!

Industry analyst Michael Pachter is well-known for being an outspoken critic of Nintendo in recent years. Pachter has frequently pointed to the shortcomings of Wii U and 3DS as evidence that Nintendo needs to abandon hardware and become a software-only company, but he seems to have changed his tune a little recently.

During the last quarter, Nintendo turned a $67 million profit. Pachter weighed in on this, pointing to the success of Amiibo as a major factor. He also pointed out the fact that Wii U and 3DS sold poorly during this period, but went on to say that Nintendo should continue making hardware, so long as it's profitable. Even so, Pachter feels that a major shift to mobile needs to happen soon for Nintendo, as he doesn't believe their home console market is viable any longer. You can check out his thoughts by clicking below!

Nintendo's first third party New Nintendo 3DS plate is being released in Japan soon. Although there have been third party plates before, they were transparent, whereas this is the first one with an actual design. The Plate & Watch is inspired by Game & Watch, and it is pretty different from any other 3DS plate we've seen before. The cover plate has a digital clock, alarm, timer, and thermometer, so it might come in pretty handy! Since this plate comes with these awesome features, it is a bit more than the average plate (which is around £10), and is being sold for 2,970 yen (£15).

Head inside to check out some pictures of the Plate & Watch.

Nintendo has released its financial report for the first quarter of the fiscal year (the period of time from April 1st through June 30th, 2015), and the company is in a much better place than the same time last year. For the quarter, Nintendo reported a profit of ¥8,284 million, which is around $66,833,489 in US currency. During the same time period last year, Nintendo reported a loss of ¥9,924 million, or about $80,064,648. While they aren't yet back to the "Nintendo-like profits" that are anticipated next year, they are much more stable than they were last year, and they are profit positive.

Nintendo has released its financial report for the first quarter of the fiscal year (April 1st through June 30th, 2015), and it includes a forecast for the future. For the entire fiscal year (April 1st, 2015 through March 31st, 2016), Nintendo expects to sell 7.6 million 3DS units globally and 3.4 million Wii U units. By comparison, Nintendo expected to sell 12 million 3DS units and 3.6 million Wii U units last year and fell short of that goal, selling 8.73 million and 3.38 million respectively. Their expectations for this year are very close to the actual numbers from last year, so Nintendo expects to continue at a similar rate.

Nintendo also gave projections for software in the same time period. 3DS is expected to move 56 million pieces of software, while Wii U is expected to sell 23 million pieces of software. Comparing to last year again, 3DS software sales were 62.74 million and Wii U software sales were 24.4 million, so Nintendo is expecting declined numbers this year.

Nintendo released its financial report for the first quarter of the fiscal year (April 1st through June 30th, 2015), and despite the fact that a lot of the momentum has died out, Nintendo 3DS sold over 1 million units for the quarter. 3DS sold 1.01 million units over the past three months, with Nintendo pointing to Fire Emblem If and GIRLS MODE 3 Kirakira Kode as top software titles in Japan and Puzzle & Dragons Z + Puzzle & Dragons Super Mario Bros. Edition as a popular title in the West. For the quarter, 3DS software sales stood at 7.92 million.

Nintendo stated that the redesign of Miiverse would be going live today and the company wasn't lying. All of the announced changes have gone into effect. If you turn on that Wii U and poke around Miiverse, you are bound to notice huge differences in the network's layout. The redesign comes with a Play Journal and Screenshot Album, along with further changes to other elements of Miiverse.