Entertainment analyst Michael Patcher has been an influential figure in the financial side of the gaming industry for his analysis of video game developers and publishers alike, with many of his opinions sparking either controversy or changes in the industry.

In his recent return at the PlayStation Experience, Pachter dished out his opinions on Sony's future exclusives, and a few harsh words toward Nintendo.

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WayForward Technologies, creators of Shantae and the Pirate's Curse, have recently explained why it is that they have always supported Nintendo and its consoles, and why they will continue to do so in the future. In short, they really support Nintendo's fans, believing that they are the most faithful and respectful in the industry, as well as the most willing to wait for, and appreciate, a high-quality game.

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The weekly hardware and software sales number for Japan are in courtesy of Media Create, and it looks like the holiday sales surge has begun. 3DS, Wii U, and PS4 all saw increased sales this week, and 3DS topped the charts with over 150,000 units sold between all four of its models.

In software, the newest version of Yokai Watch 2 dominated the charts by selling over 1.2 million in just two days. The new-gen version of Grand Theft Auto V launched in Japan this week, and PlayStation 4 sales jumped from 16,000 to 68,000 as a result. Hit the jump to check out the full breakdown!

Yokai Watch continues to prove that it's the hottest new series in Japan. The original game has sold nearly 1.3 million copies to date, and its sequel is selling at en even more incredible rate. Yokai Watch 2 launched with two versions, Ganso and Honke, which have combined for nearly 3 million sales in Japan alone. A third version, Shinuchi, just launched in Japan – and early reports indicate that it pulled in 1.2 million sales in just two days, bringing the total for all three versions of the game to over 4 million. Those numbers will only continue to climb, as developer Level-5 plans to localize the games next year.

After years of fan requests, Nintendo finally announced last month that Majora's Mask is being remade for 3DS. Many suspected this would happen, as Grezzo (the developer of Ocarina of Time 3D) put out a hiring ad a few months ago looking to recruit people to help them make "a Legend." These suspicions have proven true, as the Australian Classification Board has given the game an official listing with Grezzo noted as the developer. Along with Ocarina of Time 3D, Grezzo also developed Four Swords Anniversary Edition and Flower Town.

The Japanese-only 3DS title One Piece: Super Grand Battle! X is receiving Amiibo support through an update this winter. Much like Mario Kart 8, the Amiibo will unlock special costumes for the different characters. For example, Luffy gains both a Mario and a Luigi outfit, Zoro gets a Link costume, and Sanji receives a Fox ensemble, among others. It's great to see 3DS developers starting to take advantage of Amiibo on the handheld! Head after the jump to see the various costumes!

We're back with another weekly installment of Gamnesia's Game Clash! Every Monday we pit two video games against each other, and the winner is decided by your votes. Now that Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U are out globally, we've decided to revisit the Smash series for the ultimate showdown of Nintendo's famous fighting series. From Nintendo 64 to Wii U and everything in between, which Super Smash Bros. game is the best? Click below to cast your vote and join the debate!

"Phoenix Wright" is a name that strikes fear into the hearts of all who ever have to stand as opposition in a courtroom, and it's a name that was ultimately decided by Capcom.

The translator responsible for the series' English localizations, however, initially suggested the name "Roger Wright" for the protagonist.

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Music often plays a significant role in the overall experience of a video game. A fitting soundtrack can often help set the tone for a game and really immerse players into its atmosphere. This is especially true of the Legend of Zelda series, where music has always been a key component and is often intertwined with gameplay. The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask will be remade on 3DS next year, and longtime Nintendo composer Koji Kondo recently sat down for an interview and discussed how the team will go about updating the music. Hit the jump to check it out!

When Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS were released, it was announced that by owning both copies one could unlock the soundtrack and the exclusive character, Mewtwo. However, owning the digital versions of the games and trying to get these items seems to include an extra hurdle. The consoles that the games are downloaded on must be linked with each other through Club Nintendo before or within five days of the download. If the console is not linked to Club Nintendo and the five days run out, it's game over, no soundtrack or Mewtwo. Check out the email from Nintendo support after the jump.