The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is one of the most highly-anticipated Nintendo games in years, and Nintendo has been keeping the hype strong with regular video teasers that highlight its features. One area that Nintendo hasn't spent much time on thus far is Breath of the Wild's story, especially in relation to previous games. While there are plenty of theories floating around based on the footage we've seen so far, Nintendo hasn't revealed the next Zelda adventure's place in the timeline, and they should keep it that way. Hit the jump for more!

PewDiePie, the world's most popular YouTuber, has released a video in which he announces that he will delete his YouTube channel when he reaches fifty million subscribers. This video is a protest against YouTube's recent policy change towards subscriptions and video recommendations. For the past few years, YouTube has been steadily changing its attitude towards creators and users, and it seems PewDiePie has had enough.

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One of the biggest announcements to come from the PlayStation Experience this past weekend was the official unveiling of Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite. While we don't know a lot about the game thus far, we do know a few characters we'll be able to play as—Iron Man, Mega Man X, Captain Marvel, and Ryu. In addition to these fighters, Capcom announced in a new gameplay trailer that Morrigan Aensland from Capcom's Darkstalkers franchise and Marvel's Captain America will be joining the roster. The trailer also revealed the the Infinity Stones will play some part in the game, presumably as some kind of special power.

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One of my many passions in life is history—specifically, the history of video games. Not only is it fascinating to see how the industry developed over time, it also helps our understanding of why video games are what they are today. There are a handful of games that really stand out as being influential to the popularity of video games as a form of entertainment. Super Mario 64 is just one of these titles. Recently, a couple of early Super Mario 64 images were unearthed in an old patent for the Nintendo 64. These are currently the earliest known images of the game, giving us a rare glimpse into what Nintendo was planning for Peach's Castle at the time.

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South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone teamed up with Ubisoft for the 2014 hit South Park: The Stick of Truth, and a sequel was announced at last year's E3. South Park: The Fractured But Whole was originally planned to launch yesterday, but Ubisoft delayed the game to 2017 back in September, and we've heard little since then. Ubisoft finally decided to show the upcoming game a little love today with a new story trailer titled "The Conspiracy," and you can check it out by clicking below. Unfortunately, there's still no concrete release date. 

Fans of Telltale's Batman series don't have too much longer to wait for the thrilling conclusion of the series. Telltale Games announced earlier today that the fifth episode of Batman: The Telltale Series, entitled "City of Light," will launch on all platforms in just under a week on December 13th. City of Light revolves around the Children of Arkham as they execute the final act of a plan to take down the Wayne family name.

How far will you go to protect the city of Gotham? The power is in your hands.

For some of us, the NES Classic Edition has been notoriously difficult to get hold of, selling out almost instantly whenever a retailer restocks them. Nevertheless, Nintendo promised that they will provide a "steady flow" of systems over the holiday season and into the new year. Thankfully, there seems to be some good news on the horizon from Amazon. The company just teased on Twitter that they have a couple of exciting announcements to make in the coming week regarding the NES Classic.

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"As the Mother 3 rumor is sort of died down by now, and as Emily Rogers seems to have mostly correct information, do you think the game could actually still be translated and localized for the Wii U, or rather 'switched' over to the Nintendo Switch instead?"

This was one of the listener questions answered on this week's episode of Nintendo Week, our Nintendo-themed podcast here at Gamnesia. Check out the video after the jump for our response, or keep reading inside for a brief, brief summary.

Back in October, Rooster Teeth Productions announced that RWBY: Grimm Eclipse (a game based off the company's anime-styled web series RWBY) would be coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One sometime this Winter. We haven't heard an update since then, but the co-op hack and slash adventure was briefly made available for digital download on the European PlayStation Store yesterday.

This release was an error (and it was also an earlier, incomplete build of the game), and Sony is offering refunds to anyone who purchased it. Following the accidental early release, Michael Hadwin (Director of Game Development at Rooster Teeth) shared an update on the console version of the game via a blog post. Hit the jump for the details.

Final Fantasy XV has been making big waves this past week, both good and bad. Without spoiling anything, fans and reviewers alike have expressed discontent with how the gameplay and story were handled in the game's already infamous thirteenth chapter. In response, Square Enix posted a recent press release that Chapter 13 and other issues will soon be addressed in future updates.

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Dragon Ball: Fusions recently launched in North America (three weeks ahead of schedule), but gamers in other parts of the world (except Japan) are still waiting to get their hands on the 3DS exclusive. Unfortunately, that wait is going to last a couple more months. Developer Bandai Namco Entertainment announced today that Dragon Ball: Fusions will launch in Europe, the Middle East, Australia, and Asia on February 17th, 2017. Hopefully it's worth the wait.

Yesterday, Pokémon GO developer Niantic and mobile carrier Sprint teased that they'd be making an announcement today, and the two have just revealed a partnership. Starting soon, over 10,500 Sprint locations in the United States (including Sprint, Boost Mobile, and Sprint at Radioshack stores) will become PokéStops and Gyms. Sprint locations will also feature in-store charging stations to keep your Pokémon GO sessions going even longer. Hopefully this will make it easier for players to stay stocked up on their monster-catching adventures. You can read the official announcement by clicking below.

The weekly software and hardware sales numbers from Japan are in, courtesy of Media Create, and long-awaited RPG Final Fantasy XV is top dog. Pokémon Sun and Moon enjoyed two weeks at the top, but Final Fantasy XV sold just under 700,000 units at launch to knock the twin 3DS games down to number two. Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS came in third, followed by Watch Dogs 2 and rounding out the top five with All Kamen Rider: Rider Revolution.

In hardware, PlayStation 4 saw a massive sales boost this week, jumping from just under 34,000 to over 110,000 units sold. 3DS, Vita, and Wii U all saw sales increases as well, but Sony's console easily topped the charts. You can check out the full breakdown by clicking below.

Sony got off to a fast start this generation, with PlayStation 4 initially selling at a faster rate than even PlayStation 2. Sales of Sony's console have slowed down a bit over the past year (while Xbox One sales have been surging in recent months), but it's still putting up pretty impressive numbers, and it just hit another milestone. As of December 6th, 2016, PlayStation 4 has sold through over 50 million units to customers.

Following a November update, Pokémon GO data miners discovered that it contained references to every Pokémon from Generation II. Shortly afterwards, Venture Beat reported that the mobile game would receive a major update in December, officially adding 100 more Pokémon into the game, and a leaked Starbucks memo also indicated that new monsters are headed to the game. The details are still foggy at this point, but we've just received confirmation that the popular mobile app is expanding its roster. Hit the jump for more!