About a year ago, YouTuber SethBling exploited a bizarre glitch in Super Mario World in order to "beat" the game by triggering the credits just six minutes into gameplay. A series of precisely executed actions allowed him to rewrite the game's code as he played, making it possible to trigger the credits. SethBling has returned with a new video, this time taking the code rewriting idea to a whole new level. Through a similar glitch, he found a way to inject the code for Flappy Bird into Super Mario World, creating the popular mobile game inside of the classic SNES game. You can check out this crazy glitch by clicking below!

Nintendo has made a habit of avoiding downsizing whenever possible in recent years, with the late Satoru Iwata even taking voluntary pay cuts to keep his staff employed. Unfortunately, after four consecutive years of fiscal losses in Korea, Nintendo has decided to lay off around 80% of the Nintendo of Korea staff, cutting the team down from almost 60 employees to just 10. Fukuda Hiroyuki will remain as CEO of Nintendo of Korea, and the division's headquarters will be relocated to a (presumably much smaller) location outside of Seoul.

Between Dream Drop Distance and 358/2 Days, it's fair to say that the Kingdom Hearts franchise has had a bit of trouble in naming some of its spin-offs, but I hope we can all agree that Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue is this disease's funniest symptom. 2.8 brings Dream Drop Distance, some new (probably extraneous) cinematics, and a little sequel to Birth By Sleep all together into one PlayStation 4 exclusive package in an attempt to finally finish tying up all of Kingdom Hearts' myriad loose ends before we all finally get the chance to play the game we've actually wanted to for the past decade: Kingdom Hearts III.

Well, Kingdom Hearts as a franchise turns fourteen years old today. Yup, Kingdom Hearts first released back in 2002 on March 28th in Japan, and fourteen's the same age Sora was when he set off on his primordial journey in that first game. So, to commemorate the anniversary, a new, rather dazzling KH 2.8 screenshot's been uploaded to the official Kingdom Hearts Twitter profile, showing off Daybreak Town in all its PlayStation 4 gorgeousness and gorgeousity.

Head inside to check out the Daybreak Town screenshot and the tweet.

Bravely Second: End Layer is only a few weeks away from release, and GameStop is offering some DLC if you preorder the game. Everyone who preorders the game will get the Caldisla Costume set, which includes the Vestal Garb, Knight's Tunic, Ministrel's Garb, and the Onion Knight Garb. Those of you who have already reserved the collector's edition from GameStop will be eligible for the DLC too.

Best Buy is also offering some different DLC costumes if you preorder Bravely Second, which you can see here.

A little over a week ago, we caught wind of a report that Sony is making a more powerful version of PlayStation 4 capable of displaying at 4K resolution. This report was later corroborated by a second source, and now the Wall Street Journal has stepped forward as a third source. According to "people familiar with the matter," PlayStation 4K (or whatever its name ends up being) is real, and it's designed "to handle higher-end gaming experiences, including virtual reality."

It's expected (by the Wall Street Journal's sources) that the new and old models will share the same library, but PlayStation 4K will "be able to handle ultra-high-definition resolution graphics" while offering more power for running PlayStation VR. The sources go on to say that Sony intends to announce PlayStation 4K before the October release of PlayStation VR. Sony has, predictably, declined to comment on any of these reports at this time.

Last October, Capcom announced that they were teaming up with Marza Animation Planet to make a new CG Resident Evil movie. The feature length film will serve as a reboot of the CG film franchise's story, starring Leon Kennedy alongside Chris Redfield and Rebecca Chambers.

Since then, Marza has revealed a few more details. The title of the upcoming film is now officially "Resident Evil: Vendetta," and it's coming in 2017. Additionally, they announced a partnership with Italian motorcycle manufacturer Ducati. Leon will be seen riding a Ducati XDiavel "in the action-packed scenes and at the climax of the movie." We'll keep you up to date as more details are revealed.

Nintendo recently hosted a panel focusing on Hyrule Warriors Legends at WonderCon, featuring Koei Tecmo's Yosuke Hayashi and Hiroya Usuda. During the panel, they announced Marin as a playable character, but several other things were talked about, including a ditched storyline for Linkle that included Tingle. While not much was actually revealed, the picture released by Nintendo shows Linkle with a modified version of her compass that looks like a hypnotic spiral, and even though this storyline was dropped, it would have been interesting to see if this storyline explained why Tingle is, well, Tingle.

Make the jump for more info from the panel, including concept art and other tidbits!

Virtual reality is poised to be "the next big thing" in gaming (and beyond), with major companies lining up to enter the market. Sony will make their own move this October with the release of PlayStation VR. Sony's virtual reality headset works in tandem with their home console, PlayStation 4, but it could be opened up to other devices in the future. Speaking with Japanese publication Nikkei, Sony Computer Entertainment Senior Vice President Masayasu Ito acknowledged that (due PlayStation 4 using very PC-esque hardware) it's possible that PlayStation VR could work with PC in the future, although that's not Sony's focus at the moment. Click below for more.

Miitomo, Nintendo's first mobile app, is out in Japan, and it's slated to launch in the West before the end of the month. Nintendo still hasn't given us an exact release date, and the deadline is closing in fast. A few days ago, Nintendo removed the "Launching March 2016" listing from the official English Miitomo website, prompting speculation that the social app's Western launch would be delayed. It looks like that isn't the case, as Nintendo has added that listing to the website once again. We're not sure why they removed it in the first place, but for now it seems like Miitomo is still on track to release sometime in the next few days.

Revealed at last year's E3, Metroid Prime: Federation Force eschews the established Metroid formula of Samus vs. The World, giving players control of Galactic Federation soldiers. The game features four player co-op missions and highlights the conflict between the Galactic Federation and the Space Pirates. Federation Force is set to launch in North America in the late Spring, and if you'd like to see more before you put down your hard-earned cash, you can! Our friends at GameXplain have uploaded 18 minutes of footage, showcasing an entire mission, and you can check it out by clicking below!

It's been well over a decade since Nintendo released a new 2D Metroid game, but that hasn't stopped some inspired indie developers from making games in that style. One of the best in recent memory is Tom Happ's Axiom Verge, and Nintendo fans can rejoice, because it's coming to Wii U this year. When it does, it will utilize the Wii U GamePad in two ways. You can use the GamePad for map and inventory management (which is helpful given that the game has dozens of weapons that you'll need to master and switch between), and it also supports off-TV play. If you're not sure if this game is for you, you can check out our review. Spoilers: It's good. Real good.

Next month, Star Fox fans will receive not just one but two answers to their prayers for a brand new game in the heralded Nintendo franchise after nearly a decade. Bundled with your regular-fare experience in Star Fox Zero, companion tower defense title Star Fox Guard allows players to man the security system of several metal mining bases belonging to Grippy Toad, uncle to none other than Slippy Toad, as they ward off waves of robotic enemies.

The game boasts a hundred different missions for the player to tackle as players defend their base from waves of varying robots, and we're likely to know and see more of the rebranded Project Guard as we near its April 22nd release date. Nintendo recently released a short promo video via the game's website, highlighting how a typical mission would pan out from start to finish. Check it out after the jump!

Back when The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD was first officially announced, a similar fan-effort was discovered that looked a lot more impressive than Nintendo's efforts. An interview with project lead Tomoya Hamasaki revealed the team's intention to not only give the game a graphical upgrade to HD, but to improve the textures and even add new content to the title. Unfortunately, if you wanted to follow that link to his YouTube channel in hopes of getting another glimpse at the gorgeous teaser footage provided in the past, you're going to be disappointed, as Nintendo has removed each and every video of the project.

Sad though that may be, don't get too discouraged—the project is still around. Head past the jump to learn more.

Grand Theft Auto is well-known as a satirical caricature of American culture, second only to the current election cycle. However, one has to wonder what would happen if Rockstar Games decided to lampoon a different society. That apparently almost happened a couple years back. At one point, Rockstar was highly considering the possibility of setting a Grand Theft Auto game in a city based off of Tokyo.

Head inside for more details.

Star Fox Zero is only a month away from launch. Although the game has had a bumpy PR journey since its reveal, Nintendo has become more transparent in its discussion of the title. Is it something you want to buy? Well, that's something to answer on your own. But this heaping new amount of footage uploaded onto YouTube by AbdallahSmash026 might help you make that choice. Get a closer look at all the cool pilots—and also Slippy—after the jump.