Well, this is highly unexpected.

Amazon is allegedly entering the console wars with a yet-to-be-named Android console, priced upon release at about $300. It's described as similar to the redesign of the PlayStation 1, with a oblong shape and grey color. A briefing will be held on the harware soon, and will apparently be demoed on existing iOS and Android machines. The machine is being developed by Lab 126, creators of the Kindle Fire HD, among other succesful Android devices.

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Bravely Default's North American release creeps ever closer with each passing day. If the demo and all the news about it is not enough hype for you, Nintendo has launched a TV trailer for it, so that you cannot escape its approach even by trying to hide in broadcast television.

As a reminder, Bravely Default comes out in the North American territories on February 7th.

The trailer shows off some pretty pre-rendered scenes, some game footage, and explains the games titular gimmick for those who did not already know it. Hit the jump to see it.

A report broke yesterday saying that Nintendo has plans to released demos and videos on mobile devices to drum up interest in Nintendo products. While the entirety of the report is not being refuted, Nintendo has apparently publicly stated a bit of a refusal of the whole idea. This is naturally a bit odd, since Nintendo traditionally doesn't comment on rumors in general, even if it was a supposed real leaked report. However, Nintendo likely hopes to clear up any possible confusion heading into Thursday's planned announcements. Check out their rebuttal inside.

You know the story. You've heard it all before. You either are strongly for it, or have heard about it so much that you just wish everyone would shut up about it. We even have Operation Moonfall, a project that tries to show Nintendo how many people want that remake to happen—even if, as we confessed, it didn't turn out to be so popular. However, the fact that the initiative didn't take off as expected doesn't mean that people don't want Majora's Mask 3D—if anything, it is difficult to think of any Zelda fan that doesn't want it. The good news is, a remake of N64 Majora's Mask is not a crazy idea at all. It is an idea that makes a lot of sense, and this article will try to show why.

You're not misreading that, apparently the Beetle, an item exclusive to Skyward Sword, is making its way into the next Smash Bros. games. The item, per Sakurai's own words, picks people up. What sort of damage it may do in the process is unknown. I believe it is confirmed to be a pick up item, though I don't have any direct quotes to confirm this just yet.

You can see an exact quote, plus a bigger screenshot, inside.

The wait is almost over for fans of Retro Studios' latest creation, but for those of you who just can't wait to get your stinking paws on Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, YouTube user NintenDaan has got you covered! He has taken it upon himself to upload seven gameplay videos from various levels throughout the game. It is a wonderful showcase of just how much variety there will be in the game, as well as how insanely gorgeous the environments are. They make Donkey Kong Country Returns look like Donkey Kong Land in comparison.

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Super Mario Bros. 3 hit the European Virtual Console on both the Wii U and 3DS as 2013 came to a close, but if you live in the Americas, you will not find it on either eShop. No official statements have been made regarding its release in the NA region, either.

A Nintendo Everything user sent Nintendo a query on the subject, but Nintendo customer service could not produce a definite answer. As it turns out, Nintendo does not share their secrets even with their customer service representatives, though why this is a secret is also, in itself, a secret.

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Nintendo subsidiary Retro Studios has posted two new openings on their website: one for a UI designer and the other for a AI designer. Generally speaking, developers do not hire new employees without a project to put them to work on, meaning Retro is likely starting on another project. We cannot say exactly what this mystery project is, though, as there have been no official announcements regarding new development.

Both positions require a familiarity with C, C#, or C++, and expect experience working in game development handling AI programming. The UI engineer also needs a "strong desire to provide exceptional user experience through clear communication to the player in an un-intrusive manner." Of course, applicants would also need to know how to work in teams—and more importantly program as part of a team.

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It sounds crazy at first thought, but after you salivate at the idea for a little while the picture becomes clear: This is a brilliant move, and one Nintendo should not shy away from taking advantage of. Recently we know Nintendo has done a campaign with family friendly Wayne Brady, but that hasn't exactly done much to make the console appealing. Meanwhile, Eminem appeals to the 18 to 27 crowd, has nearly 17 million followers on Twitter, really loves Donkey Kong, and all prior ad campaigns he has done have been wildly successful—from selling Call of Duty to getting people interested in the Chrysler 200. He's even mentioned Nintendo, Donkey Kong, Mario, and The Legend of Zelda throughout his albums over the years.

Emily Rogers, a name some of you may be unfamiliar with, put together an extremely compelling case for Nintendo to take this consideration seriously. Head inside for a few quotes.

By now most of us can at least recognize that the Wii U itself is not a success. Not that it can't be a success in the future, but currently it's not doing well. Wedbush Securities' analyst Michael Pachter weighed in on Nintendo's Wii U in the latest issue of Game Informer. He explains why it hasn't caught on in his mind, and how it has to really surprise people to recover at this point. In addition, he mentions how overall, he feels it is an impossible mountain to climb. It all started with this question from Game Informer:

Is there any reasonable scenario where there's a positive way forward for the Wii U at this point?

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