Earlier this month, multiple sources reported that Wii U production has just about wrapped up, but Nintendo immediately denied the story. A few days later, Nintendo flip-flopped and announced that Wii U production is indeed ending soon in Japan, and that no more Wii U consoles will be shipped to North America for the rest of the fiscal year.

This was one of the talking points on this week's episode of Nintendo Week, our Nintendo-themed podcast here at Gamnesia. Check out the discussion video above for our full thoughts, or keep reading below for a brief, brief summary.

Pokémon Sun and Moon are out now in North America and Japan (sorry, Europe), and millions of players are currently exploring the Alola region. Like previous games, there are 100 TMs to find, and locating some of the more powerful ones can be crucial to building an effective team. If you want to make sure you don't miss out on any of the game's moves, GameXplain has put together an extremely handy video that details where and how you can acquire every TM. You can check it out by clicking below!

Monster Hunter X was a massive hit in Japan when it launched last year, and it has performed well in the West as Monster Hunter Generations, even helping to boost 3DS sales. Like previous entries in the series, Capcom will be following it up with a new and improved version. Monster Hunter XX (pronounced "Double Cross") is set to launch in Japan in March of next year. In the meantime, Capcom has just released a new trailer that gives us a brief look at its action gameplay. Click below to check it out!

Nearly a decade after development began (and a few delays later), Fumito Ueda's The Last Guardian has finally gone gold, and it's officially set to release on December 6th. You'll soon be be able to pair up with Trico for some puzzle-solving and adventure, but if you can't wait the last few weeks to see more of the game, another video with 35 minutes of gameplay footage has surfaced online. You can check it out by clicking below!

Pokémon GO could be in for some major updates soon. Two weeks ago, data miners discovered code referencing every Pokémon from Generation II, and the discoveries keep rolling in. According to data miners at Silph Road, the latest patch for the game contains code referencing shiny Pokémon, as well as indication that Ditto will likely be added to the game soon. Hit the jump for the details!

Before his tragic death in 2010, Takeshi Shudo was one of the driving forces behind the Pokémon anime and the entire Pokémon brand. He was one of the creators of the Pokémon TV series and served as the chief writer for the first few seasons of the show. Shudo used to keep a personal blog, which he would update regularly with his thoughts on the show. Back in 2009, he published a rather depressing entry, which proposed a possible ending for Ash's story: essentially, Shudo wanted to end the show by having Ash wake up from a crazy dream as a senile old man, realizing that the entire Pokémon world had been nothing more than a fantasy.

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During the 1990s, the Mortal Kombat franchise was at the peak of its popularity. To cash in on the popularity, Midway and New Line Cinema created the Mortal Kombat movie, which became a big success. While a sequel to the Mortal Kombat movie was made, it did quite poorly at the box office and got terrible reviews. Now, twenty years later, a brand new Mortal Kombat movie is in the works, and it has found its director. Simon McQuiod, who is best known for directing commercials, will be directing the reboot movie. A release date for the movie has not been determined.

Geoff Keighley recently unveiled all of the categories and nominees for The Game Awards 2016, including the "Best Fan Creation" category. Two of the nominees for this award were fan-made games that were struck down by Nintendo: AM2R: Return of Samus and Pokémon Uranium. Now, just three days after the nominees were posted, the website no longer lists either of those games, and it appears that they have been pulled from the show. Hit the jump to read on.

Time Magazine has just published its list of 2016's greatest inventions, and the PlayStation VR is one of them. The publication praised the device for its low price in comparison to the HTC Vive and its ease of access for casual consumers. Other inventions in the list included tires that spin in every direction, a drone camera, and an artificial pancreas.

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If you're ready for the upcoming holiday season and would like to show your love for The Legend of Zelda on your Christmas tree, look no further than these ornaments created by WLHolidays on Etsy. These special decorations take inspiration from Majora's Mask in particular, featuring artwork of some of the masks you can collect in the game. The ornaments are available to purchase on Etsy for $15 each. WLHolidays also has decorations for sale that are themed after other video games, such as League of Legends, Overwatch, and Fallout.

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Over a year ago, Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto revealed that Pikmin 4 is nearly complete, but Nintendo went silent for many months afterwards. This past July, Miyamoto gave an update on the project, indicating that it had slipped off of Nintendo's list of priorities but that development would hopefully resume again soon. There's been no official word since then, but according to the latest leak from Laura Kate Dale of Let's Play Video Games, the game has undergone a significant change. Hit the jump for the details!

After years of releasing increasingly more action-oriented entries in the long-running Resident Evil franchise, Capcom is finally planning to take the series back to its survival-horror roots. Resident Evil VII: Biohazard launches on January 24th, and Capcom believes it will appeal strongly to the longtime fans. For the most passionate of fans, they'll be releasing a special collector's edition of the game exclusively at GameStop. This bundle is quite pricey at $180, but it includes a variety of items like a dummy finger USB drive and a mansion music box. Hit the jump for the full details!

A new generation of Pokémon games just hit store shelves, and that means there's tons of new monsters for players to discover and enjoy. Most Pokémon evolve when they level up high enough, but each generation has a handful of creatures that only evolve under specific circumstances (such as requiring a specific item or maximum happiness), and Sun and Moon are no different. Over a dozen of the new Pokémon you'll encounter in Alola (including new Alolan forms of old Pokémon) have a trick to their evolution, and you can get the scoop on how to evolve them all by clicking below!

One of the most iconic games of 2016 was Overwatch, a colorful, fast-paced first-person shooter from Blizzard Entertainment. The game took the world by storm with its fun cast of characters and unique style, and it has sold over 20 million copies since its launch on May 23rd.

Overwatch was the biggest winner at the Golden Joystick Awards 2016, receiving five awards. The game was given the award for Best Original Game, Best Multiplayer Game, Competitive Game of the Year, and PC Game of the Year, as well as the award for the Best Gaming Moment, which was given to the iconic "Play of the Game" feature from Overwatch's online matches.

Pokémon the Series: Sun & Moon has just kicked off in Japan, coinciding with the launch of the new games on Nintendo 3DS. Western audiences won't have to wait too long to join in on the fun, as The Pokémon Company has revealed that the show is coming to Disney XD next month. On December 5th, just after the next Pokémon movie makes its debut, the first two episodes of Pokémon the Series: Sun & Moon will be shown on Disney XD, and the rest of the series will air sometime next year. Are you ready to see Ash take on the Alola region?