Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 launches on October 25th, once again giving fans the chance to live out some epic battles with characters from across every iteration of the anime. Developer Bandai Namco Entertainment recently revealed that Hit, the legendary assassin from Universe 6, is coming to the game. The initial reveal didn't show much in the way of gameplay, but Bandai Namco released a new gameplay video today showing Hit battling (or demolishing) Goku. You can check it out by clicking below!

Update: PlayStation boss Shuhei Yoshida has now tweeted out his own congratulatory post, confirming that the game is ready to go! You can see his tweet after the jump!

Original: Since 2007, The Last Guardian has been in development. Coming from the same studio that brought us Ico and Shadow of the Colossus, now people will finally be able to get their hands on it. Today on Twitter, the game's producer, Jun Yoshino, announced that the game has gone gold. Strangely this Tweet was deleted soon after, and we are unsure of why at this time. If the game has gone gold, this means that, excluding patches, it is finally complete. The Last Guardian will release on December 6th and will be a PlayStation 4 exclusive.

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The Pokémon Company recently kicked off a new YouTube video series called Pokémon Generations, telling stories from across the six regions and generations of the popular video game franchise. Last week's episode took place in the Hoenn region and focused on Team Magma's plans to change the world. A new episode just dropped, and it gives us a look at the other side of that story. In Episode 8: The Cavern, Team Aqua prepares to unleash the mighty power of the Legendary Pokémon Kyogre. Click below to check it out!

Nintendo gave the world its first official look at Nintendo Switch yesterday morning, but there are still many unanswered questions. Given that the system's portability is its key selling point, the unanswered question of battery life is particularly crucial. While there's no official word on the subject, Laura Kate Dale of Let's Play Video Games has two sources close to the situation who don't paint a pretty picture. Hit the jump for the details.

Yesterday morning, Nintendo unveiled its newest console, the Nintendo Switch. Although the Nintendo Switch is purportedly a home console, it is unique in the sense that its controller is entirely portable. This has prompted much speculation regarding the impact of the Nintendo Switch on the company's current line of consoles, as many people believed that the Switch would replace Nintendo's handheld systems as well as its home systems, thanks to its mobility. As Nintendo clarified in a statement to Polygon, this will not be the case, as the Nintendo Switch is a "home gaming system first and foremost."

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Yesterday morning, Nintendo finally ended the suspense (well, some of it, that is) by officially unveiling Nintendo Switch. The upcoming console is a hybrid between a traditional home console and a handheld, portable device. Fan reactions have been largely positive (investor reactions have not), and the reveal video is currently dominating YouTube's trending section. A pair of high-ranking Xbox executives have also weighed in on the reveal, praising the console's innovation. Hit the jump for more!

During the recent reveal of Nintendo's upcoming console, Nintendo Switch, we got our first look at what appears to be a new Mario game. It was a very brief glimpse (only about six seconds in length between a pair of clips), but it's enough to get fans excited. As usual, GameXplain has dug in deep for a comprehensive analysis, highlighting all the little details you may have missed and speculating about what we might be able to expect from the mystery game. You can watch their in-depth breakdown by clicking below!

Sony recently launched a newer, slimmer model of PlayStation 4, and another model is set to release on November 10th. PlayStation 4 Pro gives consumers a more powerful (and more expensive) option that offers improved visuals and enhancements like HDR and 4K. Following the initial announcement, Sony has revealed one more way in which PlayStation 4 Pro is superior to the standard model: it has more RAM. Hit the jump for more!

Following months of rumors, reports, and speculation, Nintendo finally officially unveiled Nintendo Switch with a preview trailer yesterday morning. The short video quickly became one of the hottest topics in the gaming community and on social media, and it's especially popular on YouTube. 24 hours later, the Nintendo Switch reveal is the number one video in YouTube's trending section (easily beating the Guardians of the Galaxy 2 trailer), and it already has over 10 million views. Not a bad start for the console's hype! If you missed it before or just want to see it again, you can do so by clicking below.

Nintendo has made a point of designing their new consoles and handhelds to be backwards compatible with older systems in recent years, but a report from Eurogamer back in July indicated that the mysterious NX (now officially revealed as Nintendo Switch) would not be backwards compatible with 3DS or Wii U. Following the upcoming hybrid console's reveal, popular Japanese publication Famitsu reached out to Nintendo for comment on Nintendo Switch's compatibility with other devices. Hit the jump for more details.

Yesterday was the day many Nintendo fans have been eagerly anticipating for months. Over a year and a half after Nintendo first teased that they were working on new hardware, they finally unveiled Nintendo Switch. Fan reaction has been largely positive, but investors don't appear to be so sure.Following the announcement, Nintendo's stock dropped by 6.55%. Hit the jump for more details.

In recent years Nintendo has changed the way they deliver news to fans. Instead of holding large press conferences at major gaming events like E3, Nintendo has focused on smaller, more personal video presentations delivered to fans throughout the year. These Nintendo Direct presentations have been popular with fans, and today marks the fifth anniversary of the very first episode. If you're feeling nostalgic, you can watch Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime deliver the first ever Nintendo Direct by clicking below!

Fans have been begging Nintendo for any information on their upcoming console for months, and Nintendo finally released a preview trailer yesterday, officially unveiling the mystery "NX" as Nintendo Switch. The video focused on the console's primary hook (playing games at home or on the go on the same device), but it left many unanswered questions. How much storage will it have? What was that Mario game we saw in the video? What are its specs? Don't expect the answers to these questions anytime soon. Hit the jump for more.

Get ready to fight some slimes, save some damsels in distress, and relive Breath of Fire, one of the classic RPGs from the SNES era. Gamers who want to get some RPG action will be able to get Breath of Fire on the 3DS Virtual Console today. This reporter appreciates the consistent virtual console support for the 3DS, and with the Nintendo Switch right around the corner, it's a welcome distraction until its eventual release. Make the jump for more info on this VC release!

Breath of Fire is available now on the New Nintendo 3DS eShop for $7.99.

There are tons of gaming podcasts in the wild, but Nintendo Week stands alone as it recaptures all the fun of Nintendo in the form of a weekly show. Every episode brings news recaps, discussions, games, music, and more to create a show for all kinds of Nintendo fans, whether they're new or old, passionate or passing-by.

This week the crew discusses a swarm of Pokémon topics from the past week, including the leaked full lineup of new Pokémon, Ultra Beasts, and Alolan Forms, alongside our experiences with the Sun and Moon Special Demo Version. Afterwards we shift to Colin's time with Nintendo's fall lineup, including the NES Classic Edition and Mario Party: Star Rush. And finally, after the break, it's the moment we've all been waiting for: Nintendo finally revealed the NX, now called "Nintendo Switch." You can check out the episode below—or if you'd like to save it to listen later, you can check the latest episode out on iTunes, available now. And be sure to head inside to get a rundown of all the Nintendo news from the past week!