Mortal Kombat co-creator Ed Boon first teased the existence of Injustice 2 with a simple tweet, and he has used the same method to reveal its release date. Yesterday afternoon the developer tweeted out a black image with white text reading "i2.05.16.17" and nothing more. The obvious interpretation of this sequence is an Injustice 2 release date of May 16, 2017, and NetherRealm Studios officially confirmed this shortly after Boon's tweet. You can look forward to your favorite DC heroes and villains battling on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One once again in just four months.

Late last year, Nintendo released the NES Classic Edition—a plug and play miniature replica of the original NES, complete with 30 pre-loaded games. Nintendo released a similar product in Japan, but instead based its design on the Famicom and gave it a slightly different lineup of pre-installed games. As it turns out, the Nintendo Classic Mini: Famicom also has a secret message hidden away inside its code. Hit the jump for the details!

Frontier Developments' Elite: Dangerous has been out for just over two years, but only recently has anyone seen any concrete evidence of the game's elusive alien species, the Thargoid. However, a player called DP Sayre has just uploaded a bunch of videos documenting his first sightings of Thargoid ruins and spaceships, which you can see after the jump!

If you're a fan of classic handheld video games, you're going to love the Super Retro Boy. This upcoming third-party handheld was just announced by Retro-Bit at CES 2017, and it's a dream come true for anyone who grew up playing Game Boy. Super Retro Boy is designed to look like Nintendo's original handheld, but it can play any game that originally released on Game Boy, Game Boy Color, or Game Boy Advance. Hit the jump for more details!

Rooster Teeth's popular anime-style web series RWBY is well into its fourth season, and its video game spin-off is headed to consoles soon. RWBY: Grimm Eclipse launched on Steam last year, and the development team was shooting for a Winter 2016 console launch, but it was delayed last month. Thankfully for those looking forward to Grimm Eclipse, the delay turned out to be a short one. A new trailer was released today, and it reveals a PlayStation 4 and Xbox One release date of January 17th. You can check it out by clicking below!

Resident Evil VII: Biohazard releases on January 24th, but fans will have the chance to experience its terrifying atmosphere a little early. Capcom has just announced they'll be holding "Resident Evil 7: The Experience" in London from January 20th through January 23rd. This horror-filled event will allow attendees to explore a recreation of the Baker family house from Resident Evil VII in real life, solving puzzles and investigating the disappearance of a missing TV crew. Hit the jump for the details and a trailer!

Pokémon Sun and Moon's beautiful Alola region is full of brand new Pokémon friends to encounter, but it's also home to many new forms for old favorites from past generations. Alola form Pokémon are one of Sun and Moon's big new features, and soon they'll be available as collectible figurines. Takara Tomy Arts has just announced that they're releasing a lineup of Alola form Pokémon in Japan this April. Hit the jump for the details!

For quite some time now, Overwatch has been plagued by an exploit that allows Mei users to glitch outside of the map. While out of bounds, they can still deal damage to their opponents, but they can't be hurt themselves. Naturally, this is a pretty significant problem, and the community has been waiting for a solution from Blizzard. Thankfully, Game Director Jeff Kaplan recently addressed the situation on the game's official forums. Check it out after the jump!

Late last year, Nintendo released the NES Classic Edition—a plug and play miniature replica of the original NES, complete with 30 pre-loaded games. This retro-styled console is not designed to be upgradable, but one buyer claims to have done just that. Reddit user KePocuH has uploaded video footage that appears to show an NES Classic Edition console loaded up with 60 games instead of the standard 30. Hit the jump for more details!

The Consumer Electronics Show is going on right now, and while there isn't a huge video game presence there this year, a few cool details and trailers have still managed to find their way into the event. One of these was BioWare's highly anticipated Mass Effect: Andromeda, who used NVIDIA's keynote to reveal a brand new gameplay trailer for their new space drama. Starting off with some cool scenes of your ship soaring through space, it soon touches down on a planet and proceeds to show off a good bit of gameplay, including menus, techs, and a healthy dose of a combat encounter with alien foes. Check it out for yourself after the jump!

Following several leaks that hinted at its existence, Telltale used The Game Awards 2016 to officially reveal that they are making a brand new title based around Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy. A month later, we still haven't heard too much about this adventure—no story ideas, no characters, no clue on if it might tie into Marvel's comics or movies—but recently GameStop put up a listing for the title on their online store, with a release date listed for April 25th. Alongside this date, a new synopsis for the title answers several of the questions we've had about it.

Check it all out after the jump!

It's a brand new year and Nintendo is gearing up to launch a brand new console, as well as expanding their presence in the mobile market and growing their IP through new ventures like movies and theme parks. With all of this change and potential growth, Nintendo needs someone connecting with their audience and ensuring the company has a clear message and positive publicity. To that end, they've put out a hiring ad to try to recruit a new Public Relations Manager to the company. You can check out the full description of the job and its requirements by clicking below.

Late-night talk show host Conan O'Brien has featured a segment called "Clueless Gamer" on his show since 2012. On Clueless Gamer, O'Brien tries out new and upcoming games (often accompanied by celebrity guests) and gives his humorously uninformed takes on them. It started as a web exclusive before becoming a staple on Conan proper, and next up is its own TV show. Hit the jump for the details!

During the initial Nintendo Switch reveal back in October, 2016, Nintendo showed us a brief glimpse of the hit Wii U game Splatoon running on the upcoming hybrid console. While Nintendo hasn't officially confirmed that the popular team-based shooter is coming to Switch, that definitely seems to be the case, and leakers claim the new version includes free DLC and more new content. Some more new info surfaced recently, and you can get the scoop by clicking below!

From time to time we like to share artistic fan projects like intricate domino tributes and Amiibo mods, and thanks to Game Informer we stumbled upon an incredible Mario tribute. YouTuber jugglersynchro (you can check out the official website for more projects) used nearly 1,000 Rubik's Cubes and spent over eight hours (it's unclear if this includes setup or not) creating an elaborate stop motion video of Mario. You can check it out by clicking below!