Nintendo of Europe has revealed the European release date for the second series of Animal Crossing Amiibo Cards. The cards will be available from November 20th, along with the collectors album to store them in. From Nintendo of Europe's tweet, we can see that the cards will include the characters Prince, Cookie, Tipper, Savannah, and Peck. We assume that there will be another 100 cards in series two, so collectors have their work cut out for them.

Game Freak announced yesterday that Junichi Masuda will be appearing on Pokémon no Uchi, a Sunday variety show for children in Japan. For those unfamiliar, Junichi Masuda serves as the producer and occasional director of the Pokémon franchise, as well as a composer on many of the games. Masuda's appearance on the program will be on November 15th, so hopefully we'll be hearing some exciting news then. With Pokémon GO news expected soon and the franchise's 20th anniversary just around the corner, we should be in for a treat!

Super Mario Maker celebrates 30 years of Super Mario Bros. history by giving fans the ability to imagine, create, play, and share their own custom Mario levels. The Wii U game features lots of different assets from four different Mario styles, but it's missing a handful of important features, and most notable is checkpoints. Challenging levels are extremely popular, and without checkpoints, it can be very difficult to finish levels.

As such, some very clever players have come up with a checkpoint system using in-game assets. Warp pipes throughout the level act as shortcuts, but they are trapped behind block walls that can only be broken if the player hits a series of music note blocks in the right order. Then Miiverse comments placed at the shortcut points serve as "passwords" to let the player know the correct order. You can check out at video of a level that utilizes this system by clicking below. The password system is shown off at around the seven minute mark, and the video contains some strong language.

For months now we've been hearing reports about a growing rift between publisher Konami and famed developer Hideo Kojima, and it's long been rumored that the two would be parting ways after the release of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. The New Yorker even published a report recently stating that Kojima officially left Konami on October 9th, and that an emotional goodbye ceremony was held with around one hundred attendees.

Konami has remained almost entirely silent on the subject of Hideo Kojima for months, refusing to discuss any of the rumors or to confirm his job status. However, following The New Yorker's report, Konami has stepped forward to say that Hideo Kojima is still an employee of the company. Click below for more.

Halo 5: Guardians launches on Xbox One on October 27th, but you can begin playing as Master Chief and Spartan Locke a few days early if you're a Minecraft fan. Microsoft previously released a Minecraft: Halo Edition mash-up pack, and anyone who owns it will be receiving a free update on October 23rd that adds in Halo 5 content. With this update, you can play as the Master Chief with Blue Team and Spartan Locke with Fireteam Osiris in Minecraft on Xbox 360 or Xbox One. If you don't already own the Halo Edition mash-up pack, you can purchase it for $3.99. Click below for the full list of new character skins.

A Pikachu plush will soon be available to create in Build-A-Bear Workshops across the globe, The Pokémon Company has announced. Fans of the franchise can now stuff their very own pocket monster in stores, and they will receive an exclusive Pokémon trading card for doing so. In addition, a Pokéball hoodie accessory is available for purchase. If you'd prefer to order online, you won't receive the trading card, but your Pikachu will contain a sound clip. The Pokéball hoodie will also be available online, as well as a Charizard costume for your new plush.

A mandatory system firmware update released for the PlayStation 4 today, and includes the ability to follow verified accounts. Update 3.10 is now available to download, and is essential in order to use the PlayStation Network. Following an account will provide regular updates in user's friend list, profile, and 'What's New' section. Developers, producers, community managers, pro gamers, and more can all be followed. In addition, new stickers have been added, highlighting games such as The Last of Us, God of War, and Journey.

Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water has been out in Japan for over a year, and in just two days North American fans will be able to go hands-on with this survival-horror game on Wii U. A staple of the game is the ability to unlock costumes, and Maiden of Black Water includes costumes for Zero Suit Samus and Princess Zelda. However, the Japanese version of the game features unlockable swimsuits and lingerie, and according to people with review copies of the game, these have been removed from the North American release. The game is rated M for mature, but it looks like Nintendo has decided that the revealing outfits were too mature. What do you think of their choice to censor the game?

Though the most rampant days of this generation's console war appear behind us, GameSpot has released a graphics comparison video for Assassin's Creed Syndicate, putting the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One against each other. Concerns over the game's performance could be justified, as last year's Assassin's Creed Unity released with a number of issues, so many that Ubisoft publicly apologized and offered freebies to those affected. Controversy also formed surrounding the game's graphics on PlayStation 4, as the resolution was supposedly lowered to match the Xbox One.

Make the jump to view the full comparison of Syndicate versions and see the differences, if any, for yourself.

Super Mario Bros. is one of the most influential and popular games of all time, and it's also quite popular with the speedrunning community. Even 30 years after its release, people are still competing for the title of fastest Mario player, and a new champion was recently crowned. After 6,607 attempts, YouTuber darbian managed to beat the game in 4:57.627, beating out the previous world record of 4:57.69.

This run was accomplished on an actual NES with no hacks. Darbian does use a few simple exploits to shave off some seconds (including a trick in World 4-2 which he explains here), but nothing game-breaking is done. Click below to check out this amazing run!

The NPD Group has released its sales report for the month of September in the US, including another hardware win for PlayStation 4 and a strong start for Super Mario Maker. The biggest new game to launch this month is undoubtedly Hideo Kojima's Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, but the tactical espionage game couldn't top a pair of popular sports games, as NBA 2K16 and Madden NFL 15 took the top two spots.

Super Mario Maker debuted at number six, which means that it was the only game to crack the top ten that's only available on a single platform, but it couldn't overtake Destiny: The Taken King to get into the top five. Minecraft is somehow still selling like hotcakes, securing the number ten spot. Click below for the full list.

The Wall Street Journal recently released reports about Nintendo's next console, the NX, which included information that it was powered by "industry-leading chips" and that it showed developers a tech demo that would have been "impossible" without cutting-edge hardware. Many Nintendo fans have gotten excited that their next platform will be significantly more powerful than what's currently on the market, but we're not so quick to jump on the hyper train.

This is one of the subjects we discussed on this week's episode of Nintendo Week, our Nintendo-themed podcast here at Gamnesia. We're joined by special guest Liam Robertson, of Unseen64, who claims to have spoken with engineers working on NX who say that that is absolutely not Nintendo's intention. Check out the full discussion video after the jump to find out why we don't think the NX will be a pioneer of cutting-edge gaming tech, or keep reading for a brief, brief summary.

The NPD Group has released its sales report for the month of September in the US, and PlayStation 4 has won the crown for the fifth straight month. beating out Xbox One and Wii U. All three consoles saw improved sales over last month, but when comparing the month of September 2015 to September 2014, sales actually dropped 27%. Destiny might be the main culprit here, as it gave PlayStation 4 sales an enormous boost last September. Additionally, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 were selling better at this time last year.

Xbox One and PlayStation 4 continue to outpace their last-gen predecessors, and the NPD Group reports that combined sales for the two consoles through 23 months are 40% higher this generation than last. Wii U is obviously trending greatly behind Wii, but it did get a nice boost from the launch of Super Mario Maker.

For the past year, many Steam users have complained about the crappy customer service that they have been getting. In a recent interview with Kotaku, Valve employee Erik Johson was asked why many users still have to put up with unanswered support tickets when dealing with Steam's customer service. According to Johnson, issues such as the huge number of transactions from games like Dota 2 and Team Fortress 2 and the ability to trade and sell items directly on Steam's marketplace contributes to the huge support load.

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The NPD Group has released their sales report for video games in the US in the month of October, and Super Mario Maker is a huge hit. Nintendo reports that the Super Mario Bros. level design tool has sold over half a million copies in the US, including 445,000 units from launch until October 3rd, which is the period covered in the NPD report.

Wii U sales were low in August, but Super Mario Maker pushed consoles off the shelves, and Nintendo reports that sales jumped by 110% in September. Nintendo also reports that 3DS hardware sales are currently up 25% over last year. Additionally, Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer sold around 115,000 in its first week in the US.