Niantic Labs recently released Pokémon GO into the wild, and the mobile app has been an almost unbelievable success. Pokémon GO quickly jumped to the top of the download charts, and it became number one in mobile revenue in record-breaking time. All of this hype has been hugely beneficial to Nintendo, and their stock value has been absolutely skyrocketing ever since Pokémon GO released.

Nintendo's stock just climbed another 14.36%, pushing it to the highest point in over six years. Nintendo's market cap is now ¥4.5 trillion, or approximately $42 billion. This means Nintendo's value has more than doubled since Pokémon GO came out, and it also means that Nintendo is now worth more Sony, as they have a market cap of ¥4.09 trillion. Those impressive numbers will likely continue to grow as Pokémon GO continues to roll out in over 200 regions. If you were thinking about buying Nintendo stock, two weeks ago would have been a great time!

Pokémon GO is now available in over thirty countries around the world, but the immensely popular mobile game still isn't available in developer Niantic's home country of Japan. Niantic CEO John Hanke has stated that this is because the servers can't handle it, and he told Forbes that they're hoping to release it in Japan before the end of the month, but it could be much sooner.

According to TechCrunch's sources, Pokémon GO is set to launch in Japan tomorrow, and McDonald's will become the first sponsored location in the game. We've heard rumblings that every McDonald's in Japan will become a PokéStop or a Pokémon Gym, and TechCrunch's sources agree. Niantic Labs has declined to issue a comment on this report, but we should have our answer very soon.

Nintendo launched new IP Splatoon exclusively on Wii U over a year ago, and they've been keeping the online multiplayer community engaged with regular Splatfest competitions. For each Splatfest, players vote on a topic, then take to the turf to determine the real winner in combat. Unfortunately, Splatfests are coming to an end, but they're going out on a high note. The final Splatfest pits fans of the Squid Sisters, Callie and Marie, against each other. To hype the event, Nintendo has released a pair of trailers that show Callie and Marie strutting their stuff. You can check them out by clicking below!

Earlier today, The Pokémon Company released a brand new trailer for Pokémon Sun and Moon on Nintendo 3DS. The new video gave us a second look at Bewear (originally revealed as Kiteruguma in Japan) and Mimikyu, and it also unveiled four new monsters—Wimpod, Bounsweet, Comfey, and Mudsdale.

In addition to the handful of new Pokémon to catch, the trailer also introduced some features for the game. Sun & Moon will take Super Training a step further with a new feature called Hyper Training, which can raise your Pokémon's base stats (presumably boosting their IVs) after they've reached level 100. Perhaps the most exciting new reveal is the fact that you'll be able to host your own online competitions against other players using the new and improved Pokémon Global Link. Hit the jump for more details!

Pokémon GO news is dominating all the headlines lately, but today we've got an update on another Pokémon game. The Official Pokémon Channel has just released a new trailer for upcoming 3DS games Pokémon Sun & Moon. The trailer includes another look at the two recently-revealed Pokémon, Kiteruguma (renamed Bewear in English) and Mimikyu.

Mimikyu's Disguise ability allows it to escape damage from an enemy's attack just one time, and then its appearance changes. Bewear's Fluffy ability halves the damage taken from attacks that make direct contact, but in return it also doubles the damage taken from Fire-type moves. Head inside for more information on four all-new Pokémon!

It's been months since the unique, story-driven Minecraft: Story Mode first launched, but just as the main story was wrapping up, Telltale Games announced an additional three DLC chapters for the game would be coming out over the summer. We got Episode 6 back in June, and now they have revealed that the next chapter, Episode 7, will be launching on July 26th. Titled "Access Denied," this next storyline brings our heroes to a world controlled by the evil "thinking machine" PAMA, which wishes to create a portal that will allow it to seize control of all other worlds. It's up to Jesse and the others to save this world and prevent PAMA's influence from spreading.

A new trailer was released to make this announcement, and you can check it out after the jump!

Nintendo announced the Nintendo 64DD way back in 1995, a full year before the actual release of the Nintendo 64. This seemingly promising console add-on would utilize rewritable magnetic disks for new games and expansion packs. It even connected to the internet using an operating system not unlike the ones consoles use today. There was just one catch—it was a commercial and mechanical flop. As far as anyone ever knew, there was never a version of the add-on made or released outside of Japan because of this failure. However, a YouTuber named MetalJesusRocks has just discovered and shared the very first known American version of the Nintendo 64DD.

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During this past week's Star Wars Celebration, Lucasfilm revealed more information about Star Wars: Trials on Tatooine and one other interesting new project. According to Lucasfilm, a Darth Vader VR experience is in the works, and the story is being written by Man of Steel and Call of Duty: Black Ops II screenwriter David Goyer. Goyer will join Industry Light and Magic's xLab team to create a unique experience about Star Wars' most infamous villain. According to The Verge, the VR experience will feature a completely new and canon story about the Sith lord.

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Slice Intelligence has released a fascinating article about the recent Pokémon GO craze, which provides some in-depth statistics on the game's success. According to Slice's numbers, last Sunday, July 10th, microtransactions within Pokémon GO surpassed the total amount of money spent on all other mobile purchases worldwide, and they accounted for 47% of the entire world's mobile market for that day. From that day on, it seems that Pokémon GO has consistently garnered more profits than the rest of the mobile market combined.

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Since the launch of Pokémon GO, many businesses have tried to figure out how to capitalize on the huge success of the game, with rumors claiming that stores like McDonald's may sponsor the game by becoming PokéStops or gyms. Most places are seeing an increase in business if there is a nearby PokéStop. This is the case for 462 GameStop stores, which all saw a 100% increase in sales over the past weekend. With Pokémon GO becoming more popular by the day, it won't be surprising if other retailers report a similar increase in sales as well.

What do you guys think? Have any of your local businesses seen an increase in popularity due Pokémon GO? Let us know in the comments after the jump!

Over the weekend, players of Pokémon GO may have noticed some server outages. This is fairly normal for the game, and most people blew it off as the servers being too flooded to support the massive amount of new players. However, a hacker group called "OurMine" has come out and claimed responsibility for the server downtime.

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Street Fighter V got a big update earlier this month that added a Cinematic Story Mode, including playable stories for Juri and Urien. Capcom promised that these two characters would be fully playable in the future, and producer Yoshinori Ono revealed to the crowd at EVO 2016 that Juri is Street Fighter V's next DLC character. Ono declined to give an exact date for Juri's release, but (barring another delay) she'll be playable by the end of the month. In fact, hackers have already found ways to make her playable on the PC version of the game, but everyone else will be able to enjoy a more official release soon.

The global launch of Pokémon GO had to be delayed due to server overload, but Niantic has slowly been rolling it out in more territories, and on Saturday it became available in 26 countries across Europe and the Mediterranean. Pokémon GO still isn't available in France, and The Pokémon Company has addressed this in a statement to IGN France.

Due to the recent tragedy in Nice, France, The Pokémon Company has decided to delay the game's release, and they've issued the following statement: "As a sign of respect for the French people in this time of national mourning, the release of Pokémon GO is postponed. Our thoughts and prayers are with France and the victims affected by this terrible attack."

Pokémon GO has led to some pretty strange and tragic events around the world. From two men falling off a cliff to somebody finding a dead body, there's no shortage of weird stories to tell when discussing the popular mobile game. Among these stories is one from Palm Coast, Florida, where two teens were shot at for parking in front of a man's home to play Pokémon GO.

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Pokémon GO has quickly become the hottest app on iOS and Android devices, and some would like to see it come to other platforms in the future. Developer Niantic Labs has previously indicated that Microsoft's augmented reality headset, HoloLens, could receive a modified version of Pokémon GO in the future, and Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella strongly supported the idea.

Microsoft and Niantic have not officially announced any kind of partnership, but developer CapitolaVR has put together a concept video that shows how Pokémon GO could look on HoloLens. They were able to create a rough demo of Pokémon GO in just a day (using the Unity Engine with the HoloLens SDK), and they're currently working on ways to allow players to use different gestures for specific interactions, such as opening their inventory or activating their map. You can check out the footage by clicking below.