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The next episode of our weekly news recap is here, and this week's had a ton of incredible stuff to explore. If you're looking to catch up on the last week of news, or just want to chuckle at a new take on some recent announcements, click play and enjoy the latest episode of our show!

As any Nintendo fan has heard already, the Big N is releasing a line of NFC toys called "amiibo" which will coincide with specific games in various ways. The amiibo line currently consists of twelve characters, eleven of which are dominating Amazon's video game charts. While this multi-purpose toy certainly has captured the attention and money of fans looking for their real-life Smash Bros. trophies, there may be more to the marketing strategy than what's on the surface.

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Since the announcement of the confusingly named New Nintendo 3DS, the hype has been uncontrollable. From what we know already, Iwata's new money printer has more RAM and a stronger CPU than the normal 3DS. Less than a week after its announcement, leaks for the new handheld's specs have already arisen. Tilmen from Nintendomination received information from an unknown source that has given some of the specs about the console, including its operational code-name, Snake. Read more after the jump!

The world map for Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire were revealed via poster during PAX Prime in high detail. Aside from being a nice-looking poster, it reveals a couple of interesting things about the world map of the long-awaited Hoenn remakes. For the most part it looks as one would expect, but Mauville city seems to have undergone a pretty major redesign. According to this map, the town is just one huge building without an open-air area. Electrical pylons stick out from the top, and there appears to be a hole in the middle. There is also a strange shadowy thing in a northern corner of the map.

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With all of the hype and excitement surrounding character reveals for Super Smash Bros. and the New Nintendo 3DS another big Nintendo announcement has been flying under the radar, and that's a shame. If you didn't catch the announcement from a few days ago, Nintendo has launched a new game development program called Garage, and Splatoon is their first full game, but others are in the works. This reveal has been relatively low profile, but it shouldn't be. Garage could be Nintendo's best move in years, and the key to its future. Hit the jump to see why I'm so pumped!

Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata recently revealed New Nintendo 3DS and stated that it will have a more powerful CPU, allowing it to play games that couldn't run on the regular 3DS models. The specifics of the handheld's hardware improvements were not revealed, but according to one report, New Nintendo 3DS is getting a big RAM boost. Hit the jump for the details.

Yesterday, I polled the Gamnesia audience to see what you think of the New Nintendo 3DS, and if you think it's a good move for Nintendo. There were quite a few comments lamenting the move, but they appear to be a vocal minority as the "Yes" votes won with ease. I cast an "Other" vote myself, because although I'm personally excited at the thought of getting my hands on the improved model, I believe this could wind up being a poor business decision for the Big N in the long run. New Nintendo 3DS has the potential to confuse a lot of customers, both old and new. Hit the jump to see what's got me concerned.

Nintendo has opened pre-ordering for its recently announced New 3DS (what an imaginative name). While the handheld console will be coming to Japan on October 11th, the rest of us will have to pre-order it online and wait until 2015.

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There are two new NES Remix games coming out this December for the Wii U and 3DS, going by the names NES Remix Pack and Ultimate NES Remix, respectively. Ultimate NES Remix will feature rapid-fire challenges and mash-up levels using 16 classic NES games, which so far have been unlisted. The Wii U's NES Remix Pack will essentially be a combination of both NES Remix and NES Remix 2, featuring all 28 of the games featured in both of the NES Remix games, including The Legend of Zelda, Metroid, Punch-Out!!, and Kid Icarus. To read more and view the NES Remix Pack trailer, click down below!

Anyone who has played Mario Kart knows the emotions felt when hit with a blue shell. Some groan, others curse at its approach; in many cases, the strike of a blue shell feels like the very scorch of Hell. However, is the blue shell all that bad in the grand scheme of things? In a recent Extra Credits YouTube video, Design Club explains that the blue shell, although perceived as evil, has some good in its intentions.

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