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There are tons of gaming podcasts in the wild, but Nintendo Week stands alone as it recaptures all the fun of Nintendo in the form of a weekly show. Every episode brings news recaps, discussions, games, music, and more to create a show for all kinds of Nintendo fans, whether they're new or old, passionate or passing-by.

This week the crew discusses a swarm of Pokémon topics from the past week, including the leaked full lineup of new Pokémon, Ultra Beasts, and Alolan Forms, alongside our experiences with the Sun and Moon Special Demo Version. Afterwards we shift to Colin's time with Nintendo's fall lineup, including the NES Classic Edition and Mario Party: Star Rush. And finally, after the break, it's the moment we've all been waiting for: Nintendo finally revealed the NX, now called "Nintendo Switch." You can check out the episode below—or if you'd like to save it to listen later, you can check the latest episode out on iTunes, available now. And be sure to head inside to get a rundown of all the Nintendo news from the past week!

Game Freak's immensely popular monster-catching franchise is set to kick off its seventh generation next month with the launch of Pokémon Sun & Moon on Nintendo 3DS. Japanese streaming site NicoNico recently held a special livestream event for the upcoming games, showing off over an hour of new gameplay footage from early in the game. The footage gives us a good look at some of the early locations in Alola, the new Pokémon Refresh feature, a variety of battles (including the new Battle Royal), and more. You can check it out by clicking below!

Capcom just launched spin-off title Monster Hunter Stories on Nintendo 3DS in Japan, but it looks like there's a lot more news on the way for the popular series. The official Japanese Twitter account for Nintendo has just revealed that a special Monster Hunter Nintendo Direct will be held in Japan on October 27th. Nintendo has clarified that we won't be hearing anything about Nintendo Switch or mobile plans during the Direct. The show kicks off at 8:00 PM in Japan, 4:00 AM Pacific / 7:00 AM Eastern in the US, and noon in the UK.

If you ever wanted a glorious figure based on Shovel Knight characters, other than the official Amiibo of course, First 4 Figures has just announced they've obtained the license to create such figures. To celebrate the announcement, the company is giving away one for free through a random drawing. You can enter by following the instructions in the announcement post after the jump!

Pokémon Sun and Moon's demo came out last week, and people with a certain technical know-how have already begun hacking the demo to discover what secrets it holds. While hackers have mostly gone through the demo for datamining purposes, one in particular decided to add a different visual style to the game. YouTube user KazoWAR has uploaded a video of the demo, running in a 3DS emulator with a "no-line" patch that removes the thick black lines on the Pokémon models and causes them to appear more cel-shaded.

You can see what the demo looks like now after the jump!

For Halloween 2014, The Pokémon Company teamed up with horror manga artist Junji Ito—the same man responsible for Tomie, Gyo, and Uzumaki—for a series of terrifying artwork about a number of Ghost-type Pokémon. In 2015, importers heaved a sigh of relief as they became able to purchase official Pokémon Halloween merch from the Pokémon Center website hassle-free.

Now, The Pokémon Company is celebrating the spooky time of this year with a new music video. The short centers on the adorable Mimikyu from the upcoming Sun and Moon games as it expresses its wish to be like Pikachu. Check it out after the jump!

In a recent interview, Pokémon's producer Junichi Masuda answered some questions about how Pokémon are created. He explained that when they look at Pokémon, they treat them as living creatures, and they decide what evolutions they will get based on real-life animals. However, the evolutions really depend on each Pokémon, and if it doesn't make sense for it to get an evolved form, they'll just leave it.

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Nintendo spontaneously launched a Galaxy-themed New Nintendo 3DS XL just two months ago, and it seems that not even the reveal of the new Nintendo Switch will prevent new iterations of the popular handheld from appearing on the gaming market.

Exclusive to Amazon, a brand new Special Edition New 3DS XL is up for grabs at the standard price of $199.99. This model is colored in a lime green hue and comes with a pre-installed copy of Super Mario World for the Virtual Console. The best part? It's available now!

Check out the gallery after the jump for a full preview of the console.

Yesterday morning, Nintendo unveiled its newest console, the Nintendo Switch. Although the Nintendo Switch is purportedly a home console, it is unique in the sense that its controller is entirely portable. This has prompted much speculation regarding the impact of the Nintendo Switch on the company's current line of consoles, as many people believed that the Switch would replace Nintendo's handheld systems as well as its home systems, thanks to its mobility. As Nintendo clarified in a statement to Polygon, this will not be the case, as the Nintendo Switch is a "home gaming system first and foremost."

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Nintendo has made a point of designing their new consoles and handhelds to be backwards compatible with older systems in recent years, but a report from Eurogamer back in July indicated that the mysterious NX (now officially revealed as Nintendo Switch) would not be backwards compatible with 3DS or Wii U. Following the upcoming hybrid console's reveal, popular Japanese publication Famitsu reached out to Nintendo for comment on Nintendo Switch's compatibility with other devices. Hit the jump for more details.

Get ready to fight some slimes, save some damsels in distress, and relive Breath of Fire, one of the classic RPGs from the SNES era. Gamers who want to get some RPG action will be able to get Breath of Fire on the 3DS Virtual Console today. This reporter appreciates the consistent virtual console support for the 3DS, and with the Nintendo Switch right around the corner, it's a welcome distraction until its eventual release. Make the jump for more info on this VC release!

Breath of Fire is available now on the New Nintendo 3DS eShop for $7.99.

Unsurprisingly, the developers of Pokémon Sun and Moon want the games to focus on the sun and the moon. The setting for the games, a fictional region known as "Alola," which was heavily inspired by the island of Hawaii, was chosen for this reason.

In a recent interview with Game Informer, Shigeru Ohmori, the director of the Sun and Moon, stated that he wanted the games to "go back to the basics," by focusing on broad, existential topics, like the circle of life and the connections between Pokémon and the world around them. The sun, the source of all life on Earth, served as a symbol for these themes; Hawaii, a sunny, tropical paradise, was the perfect setting for the story.

With the release of Pokémon Sun & Moon just around the corner, developer Junichi Masuda has been speaking about the series' long lasting success. In a recent interview, Masuda explained that the reason for Pokémon's continued relevance is that it is really easy to "get stuck in" to the game. Although Game Freak creates the game with young or new audiences in mind, they still add elements to ensure the games will appeal to their core audience. He went on to say that although younger kids may not understand the more complex parts of the games, they are still able to get through it and enjoy other elements.

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Back in August, The Pokémon Company revealed that Pokémon Sun and Moon are introducing new "Alola Forms." Classic Pokémon like Vulpix, Ninetails, Sandshrew, Sandslash, and Exeggutor are all getting a makeover in the Alola region, and that comes with new stats and a new type as well. Game Freak has six generations of Pokémon games to choose from, but every revealed Alola form has been for a first generation Pokémon.

Speaking with Game Informer, Pokémon Sun and Moon Director Shigeru Ohmori revealed that this is largely because Game Freak was looking to cater to long-time fans of the series. Hit the jump for more!

Pokémon Sun and Moon launch on Nintendo 3DS next month, giving players a new region to explore and lots of new Pokémon to encounter. Two of those new monsters, Yungoos and its evolved form, Gumshoos, quickly became popular topics on social media due to their similar appearance to Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump. Many have speculated that this was intentional and that the two Pokémon were actually based on Trump, but Pokémon producer Junichi Masuda has put an end to that chatter. Speaking with Game Informer, he officially debunked the popular fan theory. Click below to see what he had to say.