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There's been an avalanche of Nintendo stories today thanks to the company holding its second quarter investor's meeting. For those not familiar with the situation, Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata (and other important executives) meet with the company's investors and shareholders four times a year to talk game and console sales, finances, strategy, and more. After these meetings, Nintendo releases the data publicly. If you missed news or you're not sure what to make of all of it, we've got a full breakdown of what was announced and what it means for Nintendo. Hit the jump to dig in!

The current generation of video game consoles has been here for around a year now, and it would be nice to look back and see where we stand now. Technically, the current eighth generation of video game consoles began when the Wii U came peeking around the corner in 2012, but only when the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One jumped on the stage did many gamers believe the next generation had arrived. All the current consoles had a somewhat boring start, at least with the launch line-up. There weren't many original ideas, and many games that came out for the systems (at least the Xbox One and Playstation 4) were games that were also coming out for their last-gen versions. 

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The seven guardian bosses of Deltora Quest I

Welcome to game proposals, where we outline a video game we’d like to see developed and make a case for its release. Developers take note!

Deltora Quest is the collective name of three series of short novels by Australian author Emily Rodda. The first series contains eight books; the second has three; and the third is comprised of four.

What’s striking about Deltora Quest is that its structure is very much that of a video game. It has the expansive world of Deltora, complete with maps, and even its own very distinctive and unique art-direction thanks to the cover illustrations of Marc McBride.

The party of Lief, Barda and Jasmine embark on three separate quests, where in each book they travel through towns, meet new races, conquer a dungeon, defeat a boss and obtain a collectible.

As we reported earlier, Nintendo has partnered with Playboy to help market the release of Bayonetta 2. While mature content is nothing new in video games, this level of mature advertising is much less common. There is nothing overly sexual about most of the Playboy pictures (arguably barring one or two), with most people saying it's nothing more than "some moderately sexy cosplay". A common marketing slogan is "sex sells," but where do we draw the line between appropriate and inappropriate advertising? Of course, it depends on the game, but generally speaking, how tolerant are you of these tactics? Let us know inside!

You might have heard about the recent announcement of three new animated short films based on Nintendo's Pikmin series. These films, known collectively as Pikmin Safari, were directed by the game's creator himself, Shigeru Miyamoto, and will be released worldwide through the Nintendo 3DS Video Channel. Miyamoto said that he always had had an interest in making films, but until now had refrained from doing so.

But is he right to be making a game into a film, however short it may be? And would it be a good idea to do this with other Nintendo games? Would you like to see an animation about The Legend of Zelda, perhaps? Or should this be a once-off thing? Give us your opinion in the comments below!

Minis Tirith

Welcome to game proposals, where we outline a video game we’d like to see developed and make a case for its release. Developers take note!

When director Peter Jackson brought the crown jewel of J.R.R. Tolkien’s expansive mythology to the screen in the visionary Lord of the Rings trilogy, we were given a definitive and timeless movie experience. An ultimate Lord of the Rings gaming experience never followed.

There was the typical slew of uninspired movie-adaption games, plus some spin-off titles delving into other aspects of the myth like 2011’s War in the North or this year’s Shadow of Mordor. The Lego Lord of the Rings is sadly one of gaming's more enjoyable ventures into Middle-Earth.

Claire “Lightning” Farron is one insanely popular video-game heroine, albeit most gamers of the west seem loth to admit it. In Japan, Lightning was voted the all-time favorite Final Fantasy female, beating Yuna, Tifa and Aeris. Lighting has become a cultural gaming icon: a role model known for her courage and elegance.

So how is it that this inspirational character from Final Fantasy XIII and XIII-2 became the focus of bra-size and jiggling breast conversations leading up to Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII? What happened along the way?

Earlier today we polled our readers to see what you think about future DLC in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS, and an overwhelming majority is in favor! While some only want DLC if it's free (after all, Nintendo doesn't want players to feel like they're not getting the full game at launch), most agree that DLC could benefit the Smash series. I would also like to see future DLC support, and I don't mind opening up my wallet either. Of course, there's one condition: Nintendo needs to support Super Smash Bros. with more than just new characters for DLC. Hit the jump to read on!

Many of us writers are still recovering from the outburst of Super Smash Bros. for Wii U news released as part of the Nintendo Direct yesterday. I'm sure many of you are trying to recover as well, so today's Daily Delib will be a simple one. Out of all the Smash Bros. news announced yesterday, which one story was your favorite and why? If you need a reminder of everything the Direct covered, you can check out our recap!

I, for one, think the Jungle Hijinx stage reveal was the most impressive. New stages are very exciting and can introduce some interesting (and hopefully, fun) mechanics. The dual-plane mechanic provided in Jungle Hijinx will certainly alter how you fight, as it adds another layer of strategy to the game. Let us know your thoughts inside!

My goodness, last night was crazy. Between a whole plethora of new modes, features returning with major updates from past games, and even Mewtwo in Smash, we've learned more than a lot of people can even keep up with! But luckily for you, we've gathered absolutely everything from last night's Super Smash Bros. for Wii U "50-Fact Extravaganza," including all the announcements they've made. We even broke down certain parts of the Direct to find stages, music, and lots of other info that you might have missed!

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