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After a few rough years of net losses, Nintendo is finally back to earning money, but could they be doing more? Analyst Amir Anvarzadeh, the Director of Japan Equity Sales at BGC Securities, recently talked about Nintendo's great library of characters and suggested that they should expand more into general entertainment with cartoons and animated videos. On a more specific note, he suggested that the company should partner or merge with Disney to expand the Nintendo brand beyond video games. Would you like to see Nintendo and Disney working together in the future? Hit the jump to join the discussion!

It is now (technically) two years since Nintendo began claiming ownership of “Let’s Play” videos on YouTube that featured the company’s content, meaning that any ad revenue that originally went to the YouTuber was diverted into Nintendo’s wallet, something Zach Scott confirmed in May 2013. Since then, Nintendo has been zigzagging back and forth on the issue. Later that year, it was rumored that Nintendo could be backing away from “Let’s Play” money when Reggie Fils-Aime claimed that the decision was made to protect Nintendo’s intellectual property, but it wasn’t until November 2014 that Nintendo finally began to doubt their stance and made their work eligible for Nicovideo’s “Creative Endorsement Program.” It was clear that potential Nintendo Let’s Players were going to jump through a lot of hoops.

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Women are just as interested in games, comics, anime, and similar pastimes as men, a fact that, at this point, shouldn't be shocking, right? Earlier in the fall of 2014, PC Gamer reported on a SuperData study that found that female PC gamers outnumber males. Also, Publisher's Weekly said that young women, aged 17–33 were the fastest growing demographic boosting the sale of comics.

After a slow start, Nintendo has really started to flesh out the Wii U library with games like Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, Mario Kart 8, and Super Smash Bros., and more Nintendo staples like Yoshi, Star Fox, and Zelda are all on the way. However, there are still plenty of Nintendo classics that haven't been announced for the company's first ever HD console, and we know Nintendo has multiple unannounced Wii U games in the works. Out of all the gems in Nintendo's library, which series do you want to see hit Wii U the most? Hit the jump to join the discussion!

Tomorrow morning Nintendo will be holding a Nintendo Direct video presentation that focuses on 3DS and Wii U games launching this Spring. We're hoping for some big announcements, as Nintendo will be holding a special media event afterwards. It's possible that we'll hear more about Xenoblade Chronicles or Xenoblade Chronicles X, we're expecting to get another look at Majora's Mask 3D, and we're pretty sure the New Nintendo 3DS will be confirmed for a February 13 launch. Of course, there could be some surprises too. What do you hope to see tomorrow? Hit the jump to join the discussion!

Nintendo will soon be releasing Mario Maker, a level editor that allows players to design, play, and share custom Mario levels. If reception to the game is largely positive, Nintendo of America's Bill Trinen has hinted that other Nintendo teams could follow suit and create level editors for other popular Nintendo games. With Nintendo's impressive lineup of characters and franchises, there's plenty of potential to expand the "Maker" genre, but there's one series in particular that I'd love to see Nintendo tackle next. Hit the jump to read on!

It’s the 21st of May, 2013. The Wii U has had a dull and disappointing first year, while audiences worldwide are still in the dark about the PlayStation 4. All eyes are on Microsoft. This is their chance to capture the leading spot in this generation’s console war. Xbox Boss Don Mattrick takes the stage, and the Xbox One is at last unveiled. One hour later, for reasons I’m sure we’re all too familiar with by now, the internet had been overwhelmed by ‘Xbone’ comments. Heads were bound to be rolling at Microsoft after the pitiful display.

Indeed, two months later, Microsoft’s then-CEO Steve Ballmer sent out an internal letter promising change and reform to the company, and Don Mattrick was discarded in favor of Julie Larson-Green. Ballmer’s decision proved to be in vain however, as he himself had no choice but to step down merely a month later. To all involved, it was clear that the Xbox One’s recovery was going to be, mildly put, an up-hill struggle.

Thanksgiving weekend is here, and at the very same time, we’ve just passed the milestone of 100,000 likes on Facebook. And between stuffing my face with Thanksgiving vittles and seeing friends and family again, I wanted to take the time to say thank you to all of you wonderful Gamnesia readers.

We started about a year and a half ago as a split-off from our sister site, Zelda Informer, and we’ve come a long way since our humble beginnings. And it’s all because of you. You guys are the reason we keep coming back to the site. You guys are the reason we keep pressing ourselves to deliver news better and faster; you guys are the reason we keep pressing ourselves to write better editorials; and thanks to you guys, this whole site is possible.

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One of the great things about video games is the incredible diversity and variety in terms of experiences. Many games transport you to an immersive world where you can play for hours, falling in love with well-developed characters in an intricate story. Other times you just need something simple and fun that you can pick up and start playing with ease, setting it down again without any worry. Whether you've had a long day and just need something simple to play to unwind or you just want to kill a few moments before heading out with friends, these simple "time wasting" games can be a welcome break from reality. What are some of your favorites? Hit the jump to join in the discussion!

Two weeks ago Nintendo finally announced a remake of Majora's Mask on 3DS, and the hype couldn't be higher! We've had a running series of Zelda theory articles revolving around Skyward Sword here at Gamnesia, but the long-awaited announcement of Termina's return has inspired me to dig into the mysteries of Majora's Mask instead. Hit the jump to dive in!