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I think for awhile now we've known that the AAA industry seems to have a heavy focus on a select few genres, and among that, making games that seem to be all too similar. We've found plenty of avenues to place the blame for this, but chief among them is the AAA marketing teams. Jim Sterling, review editor of The Escapist, had a chance to sit down with developers and other such folks within the AAA industry to talk about this very issue.

Unfortunately, he can't say who he talked to because they would lose their jobs, but he has a very saddening yet very pointed quote that explains practically every issue we see with AAA games. Head inside.

It's a question for the ages: Who would win in the ultimate three battle of original starter Pokémon? Technically speaking, they are supposed to counter each other: Blastoise over Charizard, Charizard over Venasaur, and Venasaur over Blastoise, but everything changes when you pit them all against each other at the same time. In fact, using advanced mathematics, you can actually determine which one is ultimately the best of the three. Head inside.

The Yoshi series is often given a lot of love, but for how much praise it gets, a lot of fans only seem to care about one game: Yoshi's Island. Despite nine titles to the Yoshi name, Yoshi's Island stands far above the others in both critical praise and fan attention. Even the recently-released Yoshi's New Island left many fans of the original SNES title disappointed. So it's no secret that the Yoshi series is in an extremely unusual position, but why exactly is that, and how could that change?

That's exactly the question that a few members of the IGN crew explore in an interesting new recent discussion video. If you're interested in thinking about the identity of the Yoshi's series and its fans, head inside and check it out!

This isn't really new information, but it's something I had previously never knew about so I figured it was worth sharing. Essentially, the original ? blocks that spit out multiple coins was originally a glitch. After seeing how they impacted gameplay, they decided to keep the glitch and turn it into a feature in the game, purposely including more of them. More info inside.

Iwata may be on the hot seat, but not because of investors. Rather, it seems his approval rating is dropping internally at Nintendo and that June could be the "June of trials" - suggesting that whatever happens during the big E3 event could paint the future for Iwata at Nintendo. According to Nikkei, Iwata's internal approval ratings were at 92.89% at the end of 2011. Right now, they stand at just 77.26%. Naturally they will only sink further if he can't make the future seem bright sooner than later. More inside.

Video game soundtracks have been getting a lot of love in the past few years. Since 2011, we've seen Pokémon Reorchestrated, Twilight Symphony, and The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses all take flight, as well as tons of other projects related to video game music. This Spring, a fan hopes to Kickstart another orchestral tribute to video game music called Nintendo Underdogs Reorchestrated. Watch the video above for more information!

"Nintendo’s most recognizable tunes have already been orchestrated by some group or another, so ... I’ve decided to set my sights on some of the less famous music from Nintendo’s library. After all, fan-favorite tracks like “Ashley’s Theme,” “Beware the Forest’s Mushrooms,” and “Rainbow Road,” as well as plenty of hidden gems, all deserve their time in the spotlight... So I’m here to give it to them!"

If you want to hear your favorite overshadowed Nintendo songs in full orchestral glory, you can head over to Kickstarter to help make Nintendo Underdogs Reorchestrated a reality! You can also head inside here at Gamnesia for more information.

Animal Crossing has quickly become one of Nintendo's most successful franchises since its creation in 2001. Despite having only four installments, the series has sold approximately twenty million copies worldwide, and at this week's GDC, series creator Katsuya Eguchi and Animal Crossing: New Leaf director Aya Kyogoku took the stage to give a presentation on the series' past and future.

Animal Crossing: Wild World, the second game in the series, released on Nintendo DS in 2005 and sold ten times more than its predecessor. As of last year, it has sold over 11 million copies worldwide. Wild World was so successful that when developing the third Animal Crossing game, the team was scared of making too many changes to its formula. When Animal Crossing: City Folk released, however, fans felt like the game's world was too "isolated." So for Animal Crossing: New Leaf, the development team decided to rethink the conventions of the series, and they approached the project with one goal in mind: community.

Head inside to keep reading!

According to Nintendo's network status page, from 5:00pm Pacific on Monday March 24th to 1:00am on the 25th, the Nintendo 3DS network will be undergoing "extended maintenance" in addition to that week's usual Monday noon to 4:00pm updates. Apparently there was some maintenance for the Pokémon X and Y online services yesterday evening, as well. If you had trouble playing Pokémon online yesterday, there's your reason.

Mostly this just means that some online features will be down during maintenance, but it does pique the curiosity as to what Nintendo is working on that warrants extra downtime. Probably just fine-tuning, if we want to be realistic. The announcement as Nintendo posted it after the jump.

Recently, a single Twitch.Tv stream has been taking the internet by storm. What kind of stream could cause this, you may ask? TwitchPlaysPokémon, a viewer-controlled version of Pokémon Red in which thousands of players control one character. It is hectic, fascinating, and considered by many to be a social experiment.'

However, last night it all ended. The chaotic symphony of input led Red to face off against Blue and win. The game ends, the credits roll, and the people cry tears of joy. A single message came up by the creator, though: "TwitchPlaysPokémon Will Return Soon." The chaos was suddenly stopped as tens of thousands of players waited for the next update.

Suddenly, roughly 6 hours ago at the time of writing, the stream began anew with Pokémon Crystal. To hear more, hit the jump!

Software sales for both Nintendo's Wii U and 3DS platform have shown year on year growth in the UK for the month of January. Beyond that, the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 have shown a strong first January of sales as well, while the rest of the software sales have shown a decline year on year, including the Vita and PC. That's notable mostly because the Vita and PC are the only other platforms that are still current gen between 2013 and 2014 January sales, as it should be expected there would be a drop off in PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 sales given the new platforms now on the market. Head inside to see the figures.