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Want something groovy in your Mario collection? Well here's something that you might like: a Super Mario Rustic Star made by TheRusticPixel on Etsy.

This rustic tin star is hand painted to look like a Starman straight out of Super Mario Bros. Each star is individually hand-painted and aged so that no two stars will look the same. The star is seven inches tall with a metal wire hanger attached, so you can hang it from your lamp, your ceiling, your Christmas tree, or anywhere else! Head inside to learn more.

One of Nintendo's biggest strengths is creating legacy software that keeps moving units years after release, rather than updating their games yearly to push sales. In case you'd forgotten whether or not this works, Siliconera has pointed out that Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver Versions, released four years ago, has sold 50,000 units in the last year—and that's in light of the fact that three new Pokémon games (or six, depending how you want to cut it) have been released since then.

Pokémon Black and White Versions have been selling even better. Head inside for more!

Yoshi, one of Nintendo’s most popular video game characters, usually helps Mario in saving Princess Peach and will go for the occasional kart racing tournament here and there, but he’s been hiding a secret all along. The character we all know and love isn’t exactly who we think he is… Mario’s friend, living vehicle, and racing buddy has been a victim of mistaken identity this whole time. The beloved and iconic Nintendo character, isn’t simply known as "Yoshi."

Blake Harris, author of Console Wars, has found an old Nintendo Character Guide that sheds some light on our favorite green dinosaur. Head inside to see what it is!

Today, The Pokémon Company announced the grand opening of their new Pokémon Center online store.

The store has a wide variety of products to choose from, including plushes, shirts, hats, stationary, and more! They also have Pokémon video games and TCG decks for sale; additionally, they are featuring their new Grand Opening Collection, which contains plenty of items themed around their special delivery Pikachu mascot.

Are you guys excited about the online Pokémon Center?

Twitch Plays Pokémon has finally beaten Pokémon X, which means that the stream has finally completed every Pokémon generation!

Twitch Plays Pokémon started with Pokémon Red, then proceeded with Crystal, Emerald, FireRed, Platinum, Heartgold, Black, Black 2, and finally X. However, if you're a fan of the stream, don't worry! The stream is still running; currently, players are facing off against one another in Pokémon Stadium 2, and there are plans to play Omega Ruby and replay Pokémon Red in the future.

The Pokémon Company has just announced a new date for the Pokémon: Symphonic Evolutions concert series. Don't get too excited though, because they haven't added any new locations.

On August 16th, there will be an additional concert at the Warner Theater in Washington, DC at 8 PM; if you missed out on getting tickets to the August 15th DC date, or you just weren't available on the 15th, this could be good news for you!

Any of you guys planning on attending one of the concerts in DC or Philadelphia?

Today, we have the final preview for the upcoming concert series Pokémon: Symphonic Evolutions; it may be the last one, but it's one heck of a finale.

The preview for today comes from the folks over at Marriland, and it features the music from the battle with Red in Pokémon Gold and Silver, as well as Heartgold and Soulsilver. This piece is definitely the most epic tune we've heard from the concert yet, and it'll sound phenomenal when played by a live orchestra; it definitely captures the feelings I had when battling against Red for the first time in Pokémon Gold.

Head inside to listen to the preview, and check out the previous selections.

In today's Pokémon: Symphonic Evolutions preview, we get a look at a symphonic rendition of one of the saddest Pokémon songs ever written—N's Farewell from Pokémon Black and White.

Today's preview will arguably benefit the most from the live performance; while the preview excerpt is slightly melancholy, the live orchestra will be able to convey much more emotion through the song than the synthesized version ever could. Seriously, this could be the song that makes everyone at the concert cry.

Hop inside to give the preview a listen!

Recently, the folks over at VG Tribune had the chance to sit down with Jeron Moore and Chad Seiter, who are co-creators of the upcoming Pokémon: Symphonic Evolutions concert series.

During the interview, the duo stated that future dates and venues for the concert series are dependent upon the success of the first two shows in Washington D.C. and Philadelphia; they did state, however, that there are currently additional cities that are interested in hosting a concert.

Hop inside to take a look at the interview and more!

Yesterday, we got a look at our sixth preview for the upcoming concert tour Pokémon: Symphonic Evolutions.

The preview, presented by the folks over at TheNationalDex on YouTube, features the opening music from Pokémon Diamond and Pearl; this musical selection plays during the opening sequence, when Professor Rowan introduces you to the Sinnoh region. This preview sounds great, even though it is only a synthesized mock-up; the real deal is likely to be even more heart-wrenching.

Hop inside to give the preview a listen.