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Frustrated by the lack of first party Wii U releases this summer? Or maybe you've already blown through the nostalgia fest that is Earthbound Beginnings and want something else to while away the lazy days of summer? If so, then Fuzzy Wuzzy Games is here to help with Armillo, a 3D platformer about a planet-hopping space armadillo. Head inside to learn more!

Back in April, Best Buy's listings told of an upcoming physical release of last year's hit indie title Shovel Knight, indicating that the once digital exclusive would hit retail shelves later this year. Yacht Club Games had since stated that their game would not see a retail release, but it appears that the eponymous Blue Burrower ultimately will be digging his way into stores later this year after all! In a recent announcement on the developer's website, Shovel Knight will release for the Nintendo 3DS, Wii U, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One come October. Read on for more details!

This year's E3 was absolutely packed with new game reveals and announcements, as the usual five press conferences was expanded to eight. Microsoft, Sony, EA, Ubisoft, and Nintendo each held their annual presentations, newcomers Square Enix and Bethesda had their own shows, and there was even a dedicated PC Gaming Show. 

Over one hundred new video game trailers have been released, but some stood out more than others, racking up millions of views in just days. Star Wars: Battlefront and the Final Fantasy VII remake in particular are each closing in fast on 10 million views. You can check out the full list by clicking below!

The end is finally upon us, loyal Gamnesiacs: today was the fifth and final day of official E3 coverage here at Gamnesia. The show floor has been closed and the games are being packed away to continue development. In today's news, we learned a lot from Nintendo of America president Reggie FIls-Aime in interviews about Amiibo, Nintendo's E3 2015 showing, and more; we also got tons of Nintendo news from the final Treehouse Live stream of the week, and there was tons of other news from Microsoft, Sony and more, plus plenty of Gamnesia-exclusive content. To catch up on today's stories, hit the jump!

E3 2015 has officially come to a close, with the show floor closing a short while ago; however, the folks in charge of E3 are already planning for next year's expo.

According to a tweet from Geoff Keighley, E3 has been scheduled for June 14th-16th next year; the event will once again be held in Los Angeles in 2016. Next year will likely feature some pretty big announcements, like Zelda U and Nintendo's Project NX.

You are the main protagonist: a small person made from letters that comprise the word hero. Typoman is your hero's journey through a typography-themed world in which you must always be on your toes. These levels will keep you thinking and create challenges for your brain to overcome. You play a hero that is a symbol for writers who write for truth and freedom; there are even elements that symbolize censorship, as well.

Check out the gameplay after the jump!

During today's Nintendo Treehouse Live stream, Treehouse developers and a developer from Image & Form sat down to demo the upcoming 3DS title SteamWorld Heist; Heist is a sequel to SteamWorld Dig, which released in 2013. In this game, players lead a team of character to try to strategize and defeat enemies in a 2D space; it seems similar to Code Name: S.T.E.A.M, except only in two dimensions. The developer of the game also announced that Dig will be releasing on 3DS first this fall, followed later by other consoles.

While there weren't any more press conferences today, that doesn't mean that E3 is over! We had a busy day of coverage here at Gamnesia, where we got tons of news courtesy of plenty of interview, show floor demos, Nintendo's Treehouse Live stream, and more; we got updates about Metroid Prime: Federation Force, Kensuke Tanabe's thoughts about the future of the Metroid Prime series, and new information about The Last Guardian, Shenmue III, and much, much more. If you missed out on any of today's stories, hit the jump to check out our comprehensive list of all of the day's stories!

Alright guys, the third day of Gamnesia's E3 coverage has finally drawn to a close, and it was another big one! Nintendo held their Digital Event today, announcing games like The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes and Metroid Prime: Federation Force; then, Square Enix held their press conference, where they covered a ton of new information about Kingdom Hearts III and Hitman. Throughout the day, Nintendo held their Treehouse Live event, where they showed off new gameplay for a lot of the titles shown in the Digital Event and the most recent Nintendo Direct; tonight saw the premiere of the first-ever PC Gaming Show, which announced that a pair of Xbox One games will be coming to PC soon. On top of all of that, there was tons of other information about other games from various other interviews and show floor demos. To catch up on all of today's stories, hit the jump!

During the PC Gaming Show, Sherida Halatoe came on stage to describe the new indie game, Beyond Eyes. The main character of the game is a blind girl who perceives the environment depending on how the player interacts with it. The world remains completely white until the player first interacts with something.

Amidst the E3 2015 hype and the crowdfunding frenzy brought on by legacy titles, spiritual successors, and long sought sequels, several smaller independent and newcomer game developers had been met with an uphill battle in seeking sufficient exposure and funding for their projects. However, one such game, created by Micah "MABManZ" Betts, managed to garner enough traction and got the funding it asked for within the final stretch. The Kickstarter Staff-Picked Combat Core, the high-powered 4-player arena fighter, reached its base $30K goal and will release via Steam early next year! Check inside for both the original Kickstarter trailer and plenty of details about the game!

Alright guys, we have officially reached the conclusion of E3 Day 2 here at Gamnesia, and it was a whopper! Today, four companies showed off some great games in their press conferences. Microsoft showed off Halo 5 and Gears 4, and EA featured Star Wars Battlefront and Mirrors Edge Catalyst; Ubisoft then talked about The Division and Assassin's Creed Syndicate, and Sony capped the day off by unveiling The Last Guardian, a Final Fantasy VII remake, and Shenmue III. However, that's only the beginning! If you missed anything, hit the jump to get caught up on everything, including our exclusive editorials!

At Sony's E3 press conference earlier tonight, Yu Suzuki, the creative mind behind the original Shenmue games, took the stage and surprised everybody with the announcement that Shenmue III is on its way for PlayStation 4, under the condition that it is funded by the fans.

For a series that hasn't seen a release in over a decade, the response was unprecedented. Crashing Kickstarter's servers and seeing an increase that went into the hundreds of thousands within minutes, it was a massive event that nobody saw coming.

Going up at 9:51PM EST, the funding for Shenmue III has raised over one million dollars in just over an hour and a half, completely obliterating the previous record set by Playtonic Games' upcoming platformer Yooka-Laylee, which was set in six hours.

At Sony's media conference today, four brand new titles from Devolver Digital were announced. Each game has its very own unique gameplay style and 8-bit art. EITR is a Norse-based RPG dungeon crawler; Mother Russia Bleeds is a side-scrolling, co-op brawler; Ronin is a side-scrolling, stealth-based game; and then Crossing Souls is a very 80s-focused action game. All four releases are very retro in both gameplay and cutscenes.

Head inside for the reveal!

Well, we have finally reached the conclusion of the first press conference of E3 Day 2; we saw a lot of big reveals, like Gears 4 and Rare's Sea of Thieves, as well as some big gameplay footage for Halo 5 and Rise of the Tomb Raider and new indie titles like Ion and Cuphead.

There was certainly a lot of news keep track of, so you probably missed a few things, right? Worry not, we've got a juicy recap of all of the news for you after the jump!