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Indie developer Nexis Games recently unveiled a Minecraft-inspired Wii U exclusive game called UCraft with a targeted Holiday 2014 release date. For those excited about UCraft, we have some good news and some bad news. The good news is that a new trailer has been released, promising sixteen player support, frequent updates, and more. The bad news is that the game has been delayed and is now targeting a quarter two (April-June) 2015 launch. You can check out the new trailer by clicking below!

A couple of weeks back we learned that Xbox boss Phil Spencer is re-thinking his company's parity clause. Under this rule, independent developers looking to release their game on Xbox One cannot release on another platform first; it has to hit Xbox first (including a simultaneous multiplatform release) or not at all. Understandably this stance has caused some controversy, so Microsoft may end up ditching it in time. Meanwhile, Nintendo's Ed Valiente recently spoke at the Italian Game Developers Summit and assured attendees that this and other restrictive policies are not present on Nintendo platforms. Hit the jump to see what he had to say!

Oh boy, nothing like sweet, sweet controversy to make your day! It seems as though the creators of the indie Doom-like, Rogue-like, procedurally generated, FPS that is Paranautcial Activity have had their game taken off of the Steam store. The reason for doing so was due to Mike Maulbeck sent a tweet saying that he would kill Gabe Newell. You know? CEO of Valve, owner and creator of the Steam service? It's a trip from start to finish, a trip that you can be part of after the jump!

The recently-released indie horror game Five Nights At Freddy's was a massive success, so it is no surprise that a sequel is in the works. However, many are shocked by how quickly it is arriving. Even though the information trickle and teaser images started less than a month ago, we already have a trailer. It showcases some of the new features, and the expected stock music.

Hit the jump to see it for yourself!

Shantae and the Pirate's Curse, the latest chapter in the popular series by indie team WayForward Technologies, launches on the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U eShops in two days, but we're getting a good taste of the action early! The game's launch trailer is out today, and twelve minutes of gameplay footage has also been uploaded. Check it out by clicking below!

Keiji Inafune was once the Global Head of Production at Capcom before leaving to form his own indie development company called Comcept. Currently he and his team are hard at work on Mighty No. 9, a sidescrolling shooter that bears more than a little resemblance to a Capcom classic. Inafune helped create Mega Man while at Capcom, and Mighty No. 9 serves as a spiritual successor. Additionally, Infaune is helping with the development of Azure Striker Gunvolt, which also borrows elements from Mega Man. Has the Capcom legal team come calling yet? Click below to see what Inafune had to say!

Welcome to the second chapter of Secrets of Skyward Sword. This series digs deep into the game, uncovering mysteries of Zelda lore throughout Hylian history. Last time we explored the possible true identity of the Goddess of Time. This time around, we're going to be focusing on one of the beloved and mysterious races in Hyrule: the Sheikah tribe.

The Sheikah have been mentioned in multiple games, but we still know very little about them, and in most games they are treated as a dead race or a legend. Still, from the ancient tales, and from a combination of Sheikah artifacts and locales, we can get a pretty good idea of their history. Hit the jump to dig in!

Mighty No. 9 wont launch until sometime next year, but many backers are currently enjoying the game's beta. Earlier we saw footage of the Military Base level, and now we've got a good look at another full level. This time it's the Power Plant level, which reminds me of the Spark Mandrill stage from Mega Man X with the hazard of flickering lights. The footage takes you all the way through the level to the final showdown with Mighty No. 3, and you can check it out by clicking below!

Since he's not with Capcom anymore, Keiji Inafune no longer has the legal rights to create Mega Man games, but Mighty No. 9 looks to be a brilliant spiritual successor. Characters like Beck and Call are clearly inspired by Mega Man and Roll, and it looks like another favorite character will soon be reborn. In a video labeled "Mighty No. 9 Potential Bonus DLC," the game's eight robot antagonists are counted down until it reaches Mighty No. 0, and the image to your left is shown. Zero was a fan-favorite character from the Mega Man X saga and eventually got his own series of games called Mega Man Zero. It looks like he may receive new life as Mighty No. 0, and I couldn't be more pleased!

This week's episode of our news recap is here, after a two-week hiatus for various game reviews, and there was surprisingly little news to cover... but boy, are these stories juicy. Not only do we have a possible future for the Banjo-Kazooie series, but we hear that the director of the Call of Duty: Black Ops games has described their marketing strategy as "brainwashing."

A ton of Nintendo news has come out in the two days since writing and recording the video, so be sure to tune in next week for a huge blowout of news, including Pokémon leaks, Smash Bros. info, Captain Toad, and much more!