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Where They Cremate the Roadkill is an upcoming exploration RPG created by MyFormerSelves and is currently on Kickstarter. Inspired by early folktales and trickster myths, the game is "a treelike open world, Branching gradually as the player progresses every decision plays out its karma [sic]. A decision made in the early game shapes the later game in a butterfly effect..." The game will span three characters, all united by a common crisis, and each character segment has its own character-specific art style. Much like Telltale games such as The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us, every choice will have a lasting impact opening up different branches of the story.

Combat is in the style of a turn-based RPG, with real-time elements like in Super Mario RPG. There is a twist to combat though, as combat is illegal. By engaging in combat, you can be arrested, hunted, or even killed. Police can barricade save points, or your house can be invaded by monstrous swat teams. Killing enemies also have a lasting effect, as their friends and family can come and hunt you down. Click the jump to find out more on Where They Cremate the Roadkill!

One of the most time-honored traditions among gaming websites is to declare a site-wide game of the year. IGN did it, GameSpot did it, and even Polygon did it! Naturally, we here at Gamnesia also wanted to give it a go, but we’ve decided to do things a bit differently. To spice things up a bit, we’ll have five of our talented writers talking about their own personal game of the year, so let’s get cracking!

If you're searching for "the ultimate retro-arcade challenge," then you are in for a treat with this new title Springloaded Games released on the 15th of this month, Space Lift Danger Panic! With nostalgic graphics and difficult gameplay, this small game may prove to be quite fun for those of you who enjoy retro gaming. Head past the jump to check out the video.

This morning's Nintendo Direct featured an exciting reel of upcoming eShop games. On show for Wii U were the Metroidvania-style Elliot Quest, artsy puzzle game Blek, and Atlus's Earthbound-inspired Citzens of Earth. Titles for 3DS included a sequel to the indie hit Gunman Clive, three upcoming episodes of sci-fi shooter Moon Chronicles, and the next lineup in SEGA's 3D classic series. Also for 3DS are Etrian Mystery Dungeon – a cross-over of Atlus's Etrian Odyssey and Mystery Dungeon series – and the first online entry in the Harvest Moon-esque Story of Seasons series.

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Next Level Games has made some quality titles like Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon and Super Mario Strikers, but lately they've been in the news a lot for games they didn't make. As an independent studio, they're reliant on support from other companies, so many of their game ideas never see the light of day. A Metroid concept and a Mario title that combined volleyball, wrestling, and a game show were shot down in recent years, and now another cancelled concept has surfaced.

In 2011 Next Level Games was working on a puzzle-platformer called Clockwerk, but it never made it to the prototype stage. The concept was apparently pitched to several publishers (including SEGA and Nintendo), but eventually scrapped when the company they had partnered with (unnamed) decided the gameplay was too similar to another game they were publishing. Hit the jump for details and screenshots!

While iOS and other mobile platforms have provided many indie developers with success, gaming consoles, most notably the Wii U, have had many biting their fingernails.

Nyamyam, developer of the indie game Tengami, seems to be one of those development teams that have not found success with Nintendo's latest platform. While they have seen much success with the release of the game in Apple's App Store, Nintendo's eShop just isn't providing them with enough profit.

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Hotline Miami is one of those games whose soundtrack alone is reason enough to try it out. Its neon jams are something to covet, and this time around Devolver Digital and Dennaton Games are preempting the demand for their colorful tunes by offering the soundtrack as a collector's edition in bright vinyl form. The set comes with three 180 gram records in neon pink, blue, and green with masks in the middle for a total of 28 tracks, plus a collectible phone card, a download of the soundtrack, and a code for Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number on Steam.

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The visual novel genre seems to be on the rise to popularity lately, and one of the main reasons is a gem called Hatoful Boyfriend. It would appear Hatoful Boyfriend has influenced others, and that has led to the creation of another bird themed visual novel called Aviary Attorney; however, instead of it being a lover you seek, you seek justice.

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Recently, the former head of indie game development at Nintendo, Dan Adelman, had an interview where he discussed a wide range of topics, including the issue of region locking games and how Nintendo could improve indie development going forward.

He stated that he had talked to the president of Nintendo of America, Reggie Fils-Aimé, about how they could change the whole region locking practice often employed by Nintendo and also gave several insights into how the company could address the future of indie game development at Nintendo.

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Dan Adelman served as Nintendo's head of digital content and development for nearly a decade, working with independent developers to bring great games to Nintendo's eShop. Adelman no longer works for Nintendo, but he's still got a lot of ideas about how they can improve their digital platform, as well as ideas for how the indie gaming scene in general can be improved across all platforms. Adelman sees sales data transparency as an area that needs improving on all platforms, but for Nintendo specifically it's all about taking advantage of the unique hardware. Hit the jump to check it out!