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The past two weeks have seen some of the worst that the internet has to offer, as well as some of the best. Before we dive into this proverbial ocean of dread, I'd like to caution everyone that none of this is about a specific person and no one should be the sole target of anyone's scorn. It is also important to note that headstrong affiliation toward any cause usually end up blinding the recipient to the opposition's message, choosing instead to focus their backlash on the person, rather than the argument. In order to avoid just that, let us talk about the big picture and its many facets, one of which has reared its ugly head just a few days ago, when virtually the entirety of the gaming press independently published articles pushing the same, extremely questionable agenda. 

If you've been keeping track of the recent events you will undoubtedly have seen just how polarized the participants of the argument are. It is difficult to remain object and neutral in a time like this, but regardless of one's personal beliefs, the evidence from all sides points to one simple fact: Nepotism and corruption has been rampant in game journalism (and beyond) for a very long time now.

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Do you remember the first time you played Super Meat Boy? That little red cube with legs that you had to steer through more than 300 levels of pain and frustration is back with a vengeance in Super Meat Boy Forever, the next instalment in the popular series.

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Yesterday, Image&Form, developers behind the critically-acclaimed 3DS eShop title SteamWorld Dig, revealed that there would be a cross-buy promotion in Europe for those who currently own the game and will be picking it up again when it hits the Wii U eShop on August 28th. If you've already purchased SteamWorld Dig on the 3DS, the cross-buy promotion means you'll be able to pick up the Wii U version for free!

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A trailer was recently released for a relatively new indie game by up-and-coming New York game developer Locked-In View Games. The Poet's Sister is a horror visual novel game that puts you in control of Kira, a receptive pre-adolescent whose older brother, Ethan, goes missing. Kira travels around her town finding pieces of poetry that give hints about what’s happened to Ethan. All the while, it’s up to you to delve into this seemingly lawful world and discover how truly dreadful life can be.

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Nefarious is a game about being a supervillain. In it, you capture princesses, flee from heroes, wreak havoc, carry out evil plans, and panic and improvise when those plans go awry. Currently three days into its Kickstarter, Nefarious looks like it has a lot of potential. A team of relatively small-time, but experienced minds are behind it, perhaps most noteworthy being Brad Borne of Fancy Pants Adventures fame. It takes inspiration from Mega Man and Earthworm Jim in particular, with a Saturday-morning-cartoon aesthetic and I can only hope a ton of idle animations.

Their trailer is pretty cool. See if after the jump, and check our their Kickstarter if it interests you.

Team Meat made a name for themselves in more way than one when they released Super Meat Boy back in 2009. Their success gave the indie movement a jumpstart, and the team and its members have since gone on to make The Binding of Isaac, which will be getting another expansion soon, and the presently-in-progress project of Mew-Genics. They have just announced their next project, titled A Voyeur in September, which is supposedly a "new live action steal game." More details will be available at the Indie Megabooth during PAX Prime later this month.

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Throughout the 2000's, Armor Games dominated the Flash games industry. One of their most valuable developers was Antony Lavelle, who created a slew of great series such as Indestructotank, SHIFT, and the narrative platformer K.O.L.M. Though originally intended as a trilogy, Antony left Armor Games after the second installment. Now, however, he's aiming to finish off the story with a grand remake of everything K.O.L.M. up to this point, along with the final chapter, through Kickstarter.

With fond memories of K.O.L.M. prancing through my head, I asked Antony to answer a few questions. His answers give some incredible insight into the struggles and successes of an independent developer.

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The internet did a beautiful thing for us gamers. Through flash games, several independent developers were able to create simple games and have them played around the world. While many of those games were good, some really stood out above the rest. K.O.L.M., a story-driven platformer, stood out. K.O.L.M. and its sequel were developed by Antony Lavelle for Armor Games, but he left Armor before he could finish the final part of the trilogy.

The games we got were wonderfully atmospheric platformers that had us control Robbie, a broken robot, as he tried to regain his abusive mother's affection. It was a heart-wrenching, surprisingly human series that left off on a massive cliffhanger. Now, through Kickstarter, he's aiming to remake and expand the flash classics into beautiful modern classics along with finally letting fans know just what happened to Robbie and his sister; and he has a playable demo available!

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Tetropolis brings together elements of the falling block puzzler Tetris and the non-linear exploration platformer Metroid "to create an entirely unique game", something the developers, NextGen Pants, are calling a "Tetroidvania." The studio describes Tetropolis as a "a non-linear Puzzle Platformer set in a world that is a puzzle itself."

You play as an " imperfect tetromino" in a world obsessed with perfection, and though the game is a self-described puzzle platformer, it has unique elements which set it apart from other entries in the genre.

Head inside for more information and a trailer.

Update: We have now an indie sizzle reel trailer that you can check out after the jump!

With Microsoft's ID@Xbox program in full swing, there are lots of indie games headed to Xbox One. During their Gamescom 2014 Xbox Media Briefing, Microsoft revealed a sizzle reel of indie games that are coming "first on console" (yes, PC master race, you already have some of them) on Xbox One. The list includes: Blues and Bullets, Cuphead, Dungeon of the Endless, Fruit Ninja Kinect 2, Funk of the Titans, Ghost of a Tale, Goat Simulator, Gunscape, Massive Chalice, Inside, Knight Squad, Space Engineers, Spectra, Pneuma: Breath of Life, Threes, The Ecscapists, Volgarr the Viking, SpeedRunners, and Superhot.