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This past weekend, Shigeru Miyamoto unveiled his Pikmin short films — 3D movies starring everyone's favorite little colorful creatures — at the Tokyo International Film Festival. Reuters grabbed some time with the famed Super Mario Bros. creator and discussed what this shift into moviemaking could mean for his future in games and film.

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Resident Evil: Revelations 2 — announced early last month —is something of an aberration in the series. In lieu of the holistic play experience tied to its predecessor, the next game to bear the Revelations title will be delivered episodically over a set period of time.

In an exclusive interview with Siliconera, producer Michiteru Okabe sheds some light on the return of Claire Redfield and what it means for the series as a whole, as well as the the creative process that goes into developing the story and enemies depicted in various games.

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Well, it's been a busy week for Nintendo. Between Smash Bros. amiibos and multiple announcements for Pokémon: Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, it's a wonder we've managed to stuff it all into one video. 

This week, Colin talks about the new  Captain Toad trailer, the stage builder mode for Smash Bros., Pokémon leaks, 3DS sales in the U.S., and Donkey Kong Country's return on virtual consoles. Let us know what you think about the week's happenings in the comments below!

Parents, prepare your wallets. You may need to buy 719 figures for your kids.

Game Freak, the studio behind the pocket sensation called Pokémon that swept the nation, is open to utilizing amiibo, Nintendo's recently unveiled line of NFC figures. Junichi Masuda, the producer of Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, recently spoke about the potential of amiibo.

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Dan Adelman has been a key player at Nintendo of America for nearly a decade. As head of digital content and development Adelman was the man in charge of Nintendo's indie program, reaching out to make sure that games like Shovel Knight, Cave Story, and World of Goo make it to Nintendo eShop. Recently, he announced that he had decided to part ways with Nintendo, but his work with indie developers continues.

Adelman continues to help indie developers with the business and marketing end of the industry, and recently announced Axiom Verge as his first post-Nintendo project. We caught up with him for an interview and discussed life at Nintendo, life after Nintendo, the state of the indie market, and more. Check it all out by clicking below!

We recently caught up with Dan Adelman, Nintendo's former head of digital content and development, for an interview. During the discussion (the full version will be made available soon!) we got on the topic of Nintendo's recent history of questionable naming choices.

There was a lot of confusion early on over the Wii U brand (a name that Dan believes sliced potential sales of the console in half) and I've expressed in the past that I believe New Nintendo 3DS is a name that will cause confusion for consumers. I asked Dan what he thought of the name, and I got quite a chuckle out of his response. Check it out by clicking below!

Dan Adelman has been a major player at Nintendo of America for quite some time. Serving as the head of digital content and development for nine years, Dan worked hand in hand with indie development teams to bring hits like Shovel Knight and Cave Story to 3DS and Wii U, but he recently chose to leave the company and work independently. We recently caught up with Dan for an interview (which you'll be able to read in full soon!), and one of the things he revealed is that he has burned no bridges with Nintendo. Hit the jump to see what he had to say!

Throughout the 2000's, Armor Games dominated the Flash games industry. One of their most valuable developers was Antony Lavelle, who created a slew of great series such as Indestructotank, SHIFT, and the narrative platformer K.O.L.M. Though originally intended as a trilogy, Antony left Armor Games after the second installment. Now, however, he's aiming to finish off the story with a grand remake of everything K.O.L.M. up to this point, along with the final chapter, through Kickstarter.

With fond memories of K.O.L.M. prancing through my head, I asked Antony to answer a few questions. His answers give some incredible insight into the struggles and successes of an independent developer.

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Indie studio Skymap Games is hard at work on Bacon Man: An Adventure, an upcoming action-platformer inspired by Mega Man X and Earthworm Jim. We at Gamnesia were lucky enough to interview Neal Laurenza, Managing Director of the studio, and find out all about this gorgeous, action-packed meatfest.

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We recently posted a story about Paperbound, an extraordinarily unique fighting game coming soon to PC (and consoles if it hits the proper stretch goals on its Kickstarter campaign). Those who have played the demo know that Paperbound is an exciting, frantic, scream-at-your-friends-until-you-lose-you-voice thrill ride of a game, but we had the opportunity to talk about the game one-on-one with Dan Holbert, the game's lead designer.

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