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Last month, the Nintendo World Store closed down to make way for major renovations, and it's set to open again on February 19th as the remodeled "Nintendo NY." The reopening celebrations, starting next Friday at noon, will feature giveaways and limited time souvenirs, and the store itself will be sporting several new Wii U and 3DS demo units for customers to play with, but one very special guest is also set to make an appearance.

The Nintendo NY store has announced via its Twitter that the one and only Charles Martinet — the voice behind Mario, Luigi, Wario, and Waluigi — will be around to take part in the event. More details will be provided soon.

Will you be around for the Nintendo NY reopening next week? Sound off in the comments after the jump!

An Imgur user, tylerfulltilt, made a home theater dedicated to the Nintendo Entertainment System and in two weeks he transformed a whole room into an entertainment area. His new home theater displays a giant replica of the NES controller with a TV mounted on it, and the television's cables running through the cord that connects the controller to the NES-inspired cabinet underneath it.

Follow the jump to see pictures of what he made!

In a recent edition of his column in Famitsu magazine, Smash Bros. creator and mastermind Masahiro Sakurai confirmed the end of development on Smash 4 and reflected a bit on the development of the game. One item he discussed was his reasoning for sticking to the fundamentals of Smash gameplay over the years. While changes like a third dimension or adding new gauges to each character may have generated some excitement at the time, in the long run Sakurai believes that "those changes wouldn't make the players happy."

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Hello, gamers. Look at your Pokémon. Now back to me. Now back at your Doritos. Now back to me. Sadly, your Pokémon will never know the joy of Doritos, but if the two were combined, who knows what could happen? Look down. Now back up. Where are you? You're in a tweet featuring a crazy Doritos and Pokémon cross-promotion. Anything is possible when you combine snack chips and adorable monsters. I'm on a Rapidash.

This year Pokémon debuted its first Super Bowl ad, which was extremely popular. The Super Bowl is often rife with cross-promotions, including one between Doritos and Pokémon this year. Doritos posted a tweet congratulating Pokémon on its 20th anniversary and encouraging readers to "crunch em' all." You can check out the tweets after the jump, both from Doritos and the official Pokémon Twitter account!

We're less than a week away now from the exciting and long-awaited launch of Street Fighter V. Capcom's highly-anticipated fighter is heading to PlayStation 4 and PC on February 16th (February 18th in Japan), and Capcom is keeping the hype strong with regular announcements and new videos, including two exciting new extended trailers. The first is a three minute long CG trailer, while the second (featuring the game's theme song, Survivor, from Japanese rock band Man on a Mission) is five minutes and has a little more focus on gameplay. You can check them both out by clicking below.

When Mario isn't too busy starring in 2D and 3D platformers or playing sports, you can often find him participating in turn-based battles. Nintendo has spun the Mario series off into two RPG franchises: Mario & Luigi from AlphaDream and Paper Mario from Intelligent Systems. However, recently-launched 3DS title Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam combines both into one.

Speaking in a recent interview with Game Informer, developer AlphaDream discussed the influence that Paper Mario had on Paper Jam. The team referenced all of the Paper Mario games during development, but Sticker Star in particular was the primary inspiration. AlphaDream explained this choice to Game Informer and also tackled the question of whether or not they'd like to develop a Paper Mario game. Click below to check out their answers.

Star Wars is back and bigger than ever, thanks to The Force Awakens and Star Wars Battlefront, but have you ever thought it could use a little more Mario Kart? Well, Dark Pixel (a popular YouTube channel that boasts "All we care about are action movies and video games. It shows.") did, and they've spend the past year attending to that issue. Their latest video, "Star Kart," blends the shell-tossing fun of Mario Kart with iconic moments from the Star Wars movies, including the destruction of the Death Star. You can check it out by clicking below!

The crudely hilarious and popular gaming YouTuber Cr1TiKal has just announced that he'll be lending his wonderful voice to a comedy short film called "Uncle Gareth." The announcement came via the man's Twitter, on which Cr1TiKal stated that "a friend" had given him "a small character in his upcoming movie," after which he linked to the "Uncle Gareth" official teaser trailer.

The friend to whom he's referring is the film's director, and it just so happens that he's one of Gamnesia's writers from ye olden days, Chris London. The film is a screwball comedy with themes of loneliness and depression centered around Gareth Merrick, a reclusive thirty-something who recently took over a morgue. He's equal parts lonely and socially anxious, so as a compromise he begins living with corpses from the funeral home. Unfortunately, that plan starts to go south when he's unexpectedly tasked with the care of his young niece, Laura.

"Uncle Gareth" is on Kickstarter for post-production right now ($10 for a digital copy), and we were able to nab a statement on Cr1TiKal's guest-starring. That's inside, and so is the teaser.

One of the biggest indie sensations of 2015 was Toby Fox's fairy tale-esque RPG Undertale. Undertale is praised for its memorable soundtrack, its morality system and alternate endings, its creativity, and of course, its lovable characters. Undertale isn't available on any Nintendo platforms (although that could change in the future), but that didn't stop a dedicated fan from creating Amiibo figurines for many of the game's popular characters. A graphic designer and "Amiibo enthusiast" who simply goes by Sara on Tumblr designed a dozen custom Undertale Amiibo and 3D printed them. You can check out images of her work by clicking below!

This year we are celebrating Pokémon's 20th anniversary, and The Pokémon Company is now giving us something else to look forward to. A soundtrack album for Pokémon Red and Green is to release on April 27th. The four disk album will feature the original Red/Green soundtrack (45 tracks), all 151 original Pokémon cries, Pokémon FireRed / LeafGreen soundtrack (73 tracks), three bonus tracks, and Pokémon Red/Green best selection (10 tracks).

The album will also come with a booklet including an interview with Junichi Masuda, who composed the soundtrack. You can head over to Amazon to preorder the soundtrack now!

It has now been over ten years since the release of Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red/Blue Rescue Team, and now these two games are coming to the Wii U Virtual Console in Europe. Red Rescue Team originally released for Game Boy Advance, and will cost £6.29 on the eShop. Blue Rescue Team originally released on DS, and will be available to purchase for £8.99. Both versions will be available on the European eShop tomorrow (February 11th). There's no word on Pokémon Mystery Dungeon coming to North America, but we'll be sure to keep you updated.

Head inside to check out the trailer!

Remember how Sony and Sega are doing a full-budget, feature Sonic the Hedgehog film? It sure is taking a while, and it's going to be a little while longer still, but at least we do have a release window now. It looks we'll all be able to see how the hell this potential beauty or travesty of a film is going to turn out when 2018 rolls around.

Speaking with The Worldfolio, President and CEO of Sega Sammy Holdings Inc Hajime Satomi restated that the movie will be "a live-action and animation hybrid" (though, honestly, what blockbusters aren't in this day and age?) and that Sega and Sony Pictures have it "scheduled for release in 2018." Satomi explained that Sega has goals to expand "into other entertainment areas" and that the feature Sonic the Hedge Dog film is just one part of their plans.

Head inside for the larger quotation.

The "petting minigame" drama surrounding Fire Emblem Fates as of late just took another turn. Despite Nintendo confirming that the event is out, we recently learned that only the portion where you actually touch people has been cut. However, even that isn't entirely accurate anymore. GameSpot revealed on the newest episode of their podcast, The Lobby, that the touching mechanic is present in the game, but can only be accessed when interacting with your spouse. Head inside for more details!

At Japan's Wonder Festival, a huge event where a lot of figures get revealed and showed off, we got to see some promotional art of an upcoming figure of Pokémon Trainer Red, which indicated that it will have Pikachu included. Not an all too surprising move, because a trainer without a Pokémon would be just a little sad. The promotional art also revealed that the figure is set to be released "soon" in 2016, and it might just indicate exactly which pose Red and Pikachu will take.

Head inside to see the full picture of the art for yourself!

At the Tokyo Wonder Festival a few days ago, a slew of new Nendoroid figures were revealed, featuring some awesome characters from the world of video games. Joining the ranks are Mega Man X, Meta Knight, Princess Zelda from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD, and Elise from Fire Emblem Fates. I can't wait for these to come out so they can join my collection!

Check out the cool artwork after the jump!