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The Pokémon Company recently kicked off a new YouTube video series called  Pokémon Generations, telling stories from across Pokémon's six generations. Previous episodes have included stories about Trainer Red and his Pikachu, Detective Looker, and Blue's Elite Four challenge. This week's episode (the best yet, in my opinion) is titled "The Lake of Rage," and the story is centered on Champion Lance and his powerful Dragonite. Hit the jump to check it out!

Microsoft and Sony are both gearing up to launch new and improved versions of their home consoles with extra power and 4K compatibility, but unlike Project Scorpio, PlayStation 4 Pro will not support 4K Blu-ray. This revelation surprised Xbox executive Albert Penello, and Microsoft has wasted no time capitalizing on it for marketing purposes. A new commercial for Xbox One S boasts that it's "the only console with 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray." Your move, Sony. 

Pokémon GO made its debut back in July, and ever since then developer Niantic has been rolling out the immensely popular app in more countries and territories around the world. If it's not yet available in your country, it could just be a matter of time. Niantic recently announced that Pokémon GO has just launched in five more regions. If you live in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macau, Macedonia, or Serbia, Pokémon GO should now be available for you to download via Google Play or iTunes.

Famed film director and producer J.J. Abrams excited millions of gamers when he indicated way back in 2013 that he'd like to partner with Valve to create movies based on the Portal and Half-Life game franchises, and earlier this year he confirmed that both were in the early stages of development. At the time, Abrams stated that neither project was far enough along to share any details with fans, but that could be changing soon. Speaking with IGN on the Westworld red carpet, Abrams confirmed that the films are still in the works. In fact, he's hoping to be able to unveil the Portal movie in the near future. Hit the jump for more!

Back in July, Nintendo revealed that they're releasing a miniature plug and play NES loaded with 30 classic games. The NES Classic Edition launches on November 11th for $59.99, helping you relive your childhood or experience some retro goodness for the first time. If you're not sold on the upcoming throwback console yet, Nintendo UK has released a lengthy "Blast from the Past" commercial highlighting its features and lineup of games. You can check it out by clicking below!

Yesterday, Game Informer released a long article about the history of SEGA, which revealed a lot of information about the transition that the company went through once it stopped selling hardware and started developing video games for multiple platforms. Game Informer's article included a series of quotations from several SEGA executives, who provided some insight on the console market in the 80's and 90's, and told some real stories about what it was like to witness the SEGA's downfall after the commercial failure of their last console, the Dreamcast. The article included some information on SEGA's recent partnership with Nintendo, and the exclusivity deal that the two companies drafted for the last three Sonic the Hedgehog games.

Back in July, Nintendo revealed that they're launching a retro plug and play console called NES Classic Edition. This throwback console is a miniature replica of the original NES, and it comes packed with 30 classic games. Today, Nintendo announced that Japan is getting an even more retro console for the holidays.

The classic Family Computer system (which served as the basis for the NES in the West) will see new life as the "Nintendo Classic Mini: Famicom" in Japan. Like the NES Classic Edition, it's a plug and play console that comes loaded with 30 games, but the lineups vary between the two different versions. Hit the jump to check out the announcement trailer and list of games!

Next month, Microsoft will release the highly anticipated fourth entry in the Gears of War series. To commemorate the game's release, Microsoft is hosting a live event on October 5th that will show off gameplay footage, celebrity guests, and more. Actor Paul Sheer will host the event, while Jessica Chobot, Larry Hryb, Justine Ezarik, and Scott Robinson will be interviewing the devs behind Gears of War 4. Microsoft will also be giving away 90 digital copies of Gears of War 4: Ultimate Edition during the broadcast.

Check out the trailer after the jump! 

"Perceptive, resourceful, and relentless," are how Pilots are described in the new cinematic trailer for Titanfall 2's single player campaign. In this stunning trailer, we follow a Pilot as he tears through enemy soldiers both on foot and in his Titan, backed by narration and some gorgeous music. The narrator tells of some of the events that lead to the game's present day, and leaves off with the hope that he may one day be able to be a Pilot.

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Bulletstorm is a first-person shooter game that was released in 2011 and was co-developed by People Can Fly and one of the creators of Gears of War, Cliff Bleszinski. While the game received good reviews at launch and has since developed a developed a cult-like follwoing, its original total sales were under a million and thus the planned sequel was cancelled. However, a rating has recently appeared for the game in Brazil under the name Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition. The listing implies that the re-release of the shooter will appear in 2017.

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In Pokémon GO, a place where you could go and reliably catch the same kind of Pokémon over and over is considered a Nest. With this latest game update though, Nests have been tweaked to act differently. When Niantic had previously changed the spawn type of a Nest, it was usually from one similar Pokemon type to another. This meant that changing one from a Charmander nest to a Squirtle nest would yield only Squirtles from then on. With this new update, this is no longer the case, as now nests can spawn any number of Pokémon of the same relative rarity. Now a nest that previously spawned only Electabuzz can also spawn a Nidoran, Onix, Pinsir, Poliwag, Cubone, or others.

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In the latest addition to the LEGO video game franchise, LEGO Dimensions, players are now able to go head to head in four person competitive multiplayer called Battle Arenas. Players can take each other on in 21 different arenas and in the 4 different game types called Capture the Flag, Objective, Base Bash, and finally Tick, Tag, and Boom. Each of the Battle Arenas in new expansion packs are still compatible with the original Starter Pack.

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The popular Paper Mario series makes its Wii U debut (and its HD debut) with Paper Mario: Color Splash on October 7th. Lots of footage of the game is already available online thanks to the fact that Nintendo accidentally released the game two weeks early on eShop, but if you'd rather stick to viewing officially released footage of the game, Nintendo has just released two new TV commercials for the game. You can check them out by clicking below!

Fans have known for a long time now that you can take out a high level Pokémon with a lowly level 1 Rattata through the use of the "FEAR" strategy - hanging on with 1 HP thanks to a Focus Sash, then retaliating with Endeavor (which makes the opponent's health match yours) and Quick Attack to finish them off. One dedicated trainer decided to take this strategy to the next level, mixing it with the use of Double Team (which raises your evasiveness), Swagger, and some well-calculated predicting in order to defeat Hoenn Elite Four Champion Steven with a single Rattata. Hit the jump to check it out!

Ubisoft's VP of Editorial, Tommy François, has revealed that there may not be an Assassin's Creed or Far Cry game in 2017. This is because the company wants both games to be in a completed state a year before their releases, allowing the development teams to spend a year raising their quality. François explained that the Alpha for these games needs to be a year before their launch, and Ubisoft is working hard to achieve these goals. Read on for more information.