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I think for awhile now we've known that the AAA industry seems to have a heavy focus on a select few genres, and among that, making games that seem to be all too similar. We've found plenty of avenues to place the blame for this, but chief among them is the AAA marketing teams. Jim Sterling, review editor of The Escapist, had a chance to sit down with developers and other such folks within the AAA industry to talk about this very issue.

Unfortunately, he can't say who he talked to because they would lose their jobs, but he has a very saddening yet very pointed quote that explains practically every issue we see with AAA games. Head inside.

UPDATE: According to Juan Carlos Garcia, director of the Official Spanish Nintendo Magazine, Diddy Kong's inclusion in the lineup is a mistake. It appears to me that they may have accidentally included Diddy instead of Donkey Kong. That's still a pretty big mistake, though.

According to the Official Spanish Nintendo Magazine, Diddy Kong will be racing his way into Mario Kart 8 next month. The image, which is a promotional preview for the magazine's next issue, shows off many of the game's racers; Diddy Kong, Donkey Kong's sidekick from numerous titles, can be seen in the lineup between Daisy and Rosalina.

Diddy is no stranger to kart racing; back on the N64 (and the DS remake), he was featured in his own kart racer: Diddy Kong Racing. The game was an odd kart racer that featured a hub overworld, as well as playable planes and hover craft. He also was featured as a playable racer in Mario Kart: Double Dash!! and Mario Kart Wii.

What do you think? Excited to see Diddy returning? (Head inside for a look at the image!)

One of the mostly critically acclaimed games of last year was Naughty Dog's The Last of Us. The horror-survival shooter won many gamers over with its story of Joel and Ellie, beautiful graphics, gorgeous music, and fantastic atmosphere. It did have some issues with some questionable AI opponents; a story, while good, was predictable at a lot of points; and some level design feeling stale. With the recent news that the game is getting a PlayStation 4 remastered edition, well...let's just say that some gamers were a little sour about this news instead of being excited. Some people think this is just a ploy to get more cash, some think that the original release was meant for the PlayStation 4, and there are a handful of other complaints and issues people have with this news. But one thing that is certain now, thanks to Naughty Dog co-president Evan Wells, is that that the PlayStation 4 version of the game has been in development since June of last year when the game was released.

Jump to see what Mr. Wells has to say!

Here's a pop quiz for you all to answer: what does the Star Wars franchise, Amy Hennig—famous for writing the script for and directing the Uncharted series—and Todd Stashwick from Justified have in common? They are all working on the new Star Wars game coming from Dead Space developer Visceral Games.

With the recent news of Amy Henning leaving Naughty Dog and Visceral Games hiring her for creative director and writing the script to the next Star Wars game, Visceral has also brought along Todd Stashwick, famous for his role in shows like Justified and The Riches. Amy Hennig explained that Todd Stashwick was a huge fan of the Star Wars franchise and knew the universe inside and out. It might sound odd that Todd Stashwick is helping co-write the script with the woman who made Uncharted awesome, but if everyone remembers the teaser for the new Uncharted game, he was the guy who was the narrator for said trailer. Amy Henning also met up with actor Dominic Monaghan and tweeted that "the force is strong with this one."

If Press Play does not sound familiar, they are the developer that released Max: The Curse of Brotherhood for the Xbox One and Xbox 360. Many praised the game for its graphical presentation and the ideas that the game mechanics offered. However, it was mostly criticized for repetitive puzzles and controls that were not the most responsive. The biggest criticism was that it felt like a game that was in dire need of a touchscreen like an iPad or Wii U.

If you enjoyed your time with Max: The Curse of Brotherhood, you will be happy to know that Press Play has announced their new platforming game, Project Totem. The game will be a platformer with "tighter than tight" controls where you use one controller to manipulate two totem pole pieces. Hop inside for a bit more information about it.

A few years ago, controversy arose in the gaming community about the existence of "on-disc" DLC, a hot topic for many gamers at the time. Fortunately, the topic died off quickly. So why bring it up again now? Well, the makers of Dragon Age: Inquisition recently confirmed a rumor that was floating around the net about their plan for DLC party characters, namely that the game will not come with on-disc DLC, due to the controversy that has surrounded that practice in the past with games like Street Fighter X Tekken and Mass Effect 3.

Jump inside to read what they had to say!

"Suck it up." Get it? ...I'm sorry.

One of Nintendo's upcoming 3DS titles is the latest entry in the Kirby series. The newest side-scrolling platforming beat-em-up stars everyone's favorite rotund pink monster as he travels through several worlds to collect Sun Stones. The game features 26 different copy abilities, a 2.5-D style similar to that of the Kirby's Return to Dreamland, and brand new multiplayer modes.

The latest trailer shows some of Kirby's copied powers in action, both new and old. Interesting ones to note include the stone ability that transforms Kirby into a statue, a leaf ability that grows vines in front of Kirby, and the circus ability which creates flaming rings that Kirby can jump through. In addition, we get a glimpse at Kirby's brand new Hypernova ability, a sort of super-powered version of Kirby's signature vacuum-esque suck. It's so powerful, it can even swallow up a train.

Check out the trailer after the jump. Kirby: Triple Deluxe releases on May 2nd in North America, with Europe following on May 16th.

One of the more interesting downloadable games to come out for the Xbox 360 was Supergiant Games' Bastion. For those that didn't know about this game, Bastion was an isometric action game that was praised for its beautiful art style and narrative while getting a mixed reception to the combat. Their next game that is coming out is called Transistor. It is about a young woman who carries a sword called the Transistor and is being chased by an evil force. The game's combat has the appeal that you can either play this game in real time or have the action on screen pause to layout some powerful combos against the enemies that chase you. The many gamers who own a PC or PlayStation 4 will be able to download this game in May for the hefty price of $20. So far, you can not preorder the game, but Supergiant Games has been thinking about that option. The only thing they have confirmed is that the game will release with a multitude of different voice over and text styles including English, Spanish, French, German, Russian, and Portuguese. The game will be released on May 20th for the PC and PlayStation 4.

Ubisoft's open world experience Watch Dogs is coming out at the end of next month for a multitude of consoles. While owners with those consoles can be happy with getting the game soon, Wii U owners have been left out to dry when it comes to information for that version of the game. Luckily, some hope has appeared with the release date of the Wii U version of Watch Dogs. On the Uplay store, a release date popped up for Fall 2014. After finding out this little tidbit of information, a Ubisoft representative confirmed with Nintendo Enthusiast, the site that reported about this supposed release date, that the Wii U version of the game will indeed be set to release during the fall of this year.

Watch Dogs is coming out on May 27 for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

It's a question for the ages: Who would win in the ultimate three battle of original starter Pokémon? Technically speaking, they are supposed to counter each other: Blastoise over Charizard, Charizard over Venasaur, and Venasaur over Blastoise, but everything changes when you pit them all against each other at the same time. In fact, using advanced mathematics, you can actually determine which one is ultimately the best of the three. Head inside.