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Humble Bundle has often come under fire for offering games for next to nothing. Aside from offering good deals for gamers, we don't usually hear about anything else. However, Humble Bundle does often help the games it offers. Insurgency from the Humble Jumbo Bundle 3 from a few weeks ago is one of those games. In addition to a personal copy of Insurgency, the Jumbo Bundle included an additional three gift copies. New World Interactive creative director Jeremy Blum has since released some numbers about the Insurgency community stating that, since the bundle went live, the number of Insurgency players has doubled. Head inside to see his statement!

In a news post on the Ori and the Blind Forest website, Moon Studios announced that the game will be delayed. While players experienced pieces of the game at E3, Gamescom, and Tokyo Gameshow, the studio does not feel the title is quite ready to be released. That's excellent news for those of you wishing to finish recently released games from this year.

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Black Friday is just around the corner, but NewEgg has an early deal. You can score PlayStation 4 right now for $329. The deal is live and is set to last through November 28, or until supplies run out. Their quantity is said to be 10,000 units, but I imagine they'll sell quickly. If you're looking for a cheap PlayStation 4 this holiday season, this looks like the best deal so far.

Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire recently launched to the tune of 3 million sales, and they've provided a solid boost to 3DS sales in Japan. According to the Media Create figures, all four models of 3DS (regular, XL, New, and New XL) had increased sales numbers this week, with total 3DS sales increasing by around 23,000 over last week. Elsewhere numbers were down, as every console saw a decline and Vita's sales were nearly halved. Assassin's Creed Unity had a humbling debut, as only the PlayStation 4 version charted and it only sold 36,400 units. Hit the jump for the full breakdown.

Assassin's Creed Unity has had a rocky launch to say the least, from various bugs including characters appearing without a face to horrible frame rate drops on all of its released platforms. Ubisoft has acknowledged these problems and aims to release a patch on November 26th that targets and fixes over 90 bugs including frame rate and game crashes.

Ubisoft recently detailed the exact patch details on a forum post, including literally hundreds of tweaks they will be making in the game's third patch. Some fixes are mission-specific, while others are for changes made to fix the general running of the game.

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The New Nintendo 3DS handheld system released in Japan just last month, and it has been very well-received since.

Having been advertised by Japanese model and singer Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, the handheld saw an Australian release but still awaits an American and European date.

In the newest commercial, Pamyu Pamyu returns to display some Nintendo 3DS titles like Pokemon Omega Ruby / Alpha Sapphire, Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS, and a few unique hardware face plates that the New Nintendo 3DS can have!

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Fans of Nintendo know of the Power Glove as a clunky and unpopular controller that was compatible with the Nintendo Entertainment System. Originally released in 1989, the Power Glove has continued to live on in the minds of gamers due to its overwhelmingly bad controls and iconic design. Now one fan is adding another chapter to its legacy by creating light-up fashion accessories using the Power Glove.

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The launch of Assassin's Creed Unity was plagued with an unusually high number of glitches, and many have yet to be fixed. Ubisoft has responded to the harsh criticisms with both an apology and some gifts for fans. Anyone who bought Unity will be able to download the upcoming Dead Kings DLC for free. Additionally, those who purchased the game's now discontinued season pass will be given a free game of their choice from a selection of (relatively) recent Ubisoft launches. Hit the jump to check out the game list and Ubisoft's apology.

Nintendo recently launched a new and improved version of 3DS in Japan (oh so cleverly named New Nintendo 3DS), and it's a lot more than just a standard new model. In addition to having an improved CPU (speeding up download times and in-game loading times, as well as allowing for more advanced games), New Nintendo 3DS has new features like Amiibo support. The handheld won't launch commercially in most of the world until next year, but we've got footage of an Australian New Nintendo 3DS courtesy of NintenDaan. Check it out by clicking below!

Half a year after its launch on all other platforms, Ubisoft's open world hacking adventure Watch Dogs has finally hit Wii U. Unsurprisingly, given its lengthy delay, it's a flop. According to GFK Chart-Track (a market research company that tracks sales in the UK, Ireland, and Denmark), Watch Dogs was number fourteen on the Wii U charts, obviously putting it much lower on the overall gaming charts.

Watch Dogs was even outsold by older titles like Nintendo Land, New Super Mario Bros. U, New Super Luigi U, and Wii Party U, as well as the much-maligned Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric. Ubisoft has already stated that they have no plans to release any more "Mature" titles on Nintendo's platform going forward.