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Naughty Dog has been one of the most tenured and most successful studios that Sony has in its arsenal, and they've been responsible for the creation of some of the most cherished games in PlayStation history. Classics like Crash Bandicoot and Jak and Daxter were once the focus of Naughty Dog, but the studio has moved on to different types of games lately. Could Naughty Dog ever revive an old favorite? According to their community manager, it's "never off the table," but it's not likely any time soon. Hit the jump to see his explanation.

Yesterday we brought back the Daily Delib by asking you guys what franchises you think could use a reboot. It's a common trend for TV shows, comic books, and movie franchises to be rebooted for a new generation, and the trend has spread to the video game world as well in recent years. Games like Tomb Raider, DMC: Devil May Cry, and Castlevania: Lords of Shadow have achieved success by starting a franchise over with a clean slate. Often many of the existing characters and themes return, but the story takes a new path and sometimes the gameplay differs as well.

If done poorly, reboots are harshly criticized as the last dying breath of a failing brand, or a desperate cash-grab that lacks innovation. However, if done successfully, a reboot can revitalize a franchise and create a new audience for itself. I think it's about time that one of my favorite franchises aims for the latter. Metroid could use a reboot.

UPDATE: Alright guys, the full feature has been translated and can be found after the jump. Head inside for some juicy details about Ruto, Sheik, Darunia, Lana, and more!

We're in the midst of a blowout of Hyrule Warriors news today; earlier, the scans of the Famitsu feature for the game surfaced online providing a look at three new characters. Now, the first translations are coming in.

The first parts that have been translated provide new details about the boomerang, gold skulltulas, and lots more! Want to read all about it? Hit the jump!

After days of waiting, we've finally managed to get our hands on the full Hyrule Warriors feature from the latest Famitsu issue; we've gotten a glimpse at a few screens showing of Sheik and Princess Ruto, but now we can view all of the scans in high quality.

The scans have given us our first look at Darunia, a better look at Sheik and Ruto, and plenty of Ocarina of Time-related content for Hyrule Warriors, including some stages, weapons, and more!

Head inside to take a look at the scans and check out my first impressions.

Yesterday, we reported that GameStop was teasing a "big announcement for a big game" today; based on the image, plenty of people (including yours truly) assumed that the announcement would be Assassin's Creed related. However, it is not.

GameStop is now offering an additional pre-order incentive for Batman: Arkham Knight; anyone who pre-orders the game from GameStop will get a Red Hood story pack. In my defense, Red Hood does look a lot like an assassin.

What do you guys think? Excited to play as Red Hood?

Yesterday, we learned that three characters from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time would be joining the fray in Hyrule Warriors: Darunia, Ruto, and Sheik. Now, we're potentially getting our first look at Princess Ruto in the game.

The scan, which was provided by a Twitter user, shows off the character art for Ruto as well as a few screenshots of her in action; she appears to fight with water-based attacks, which is a no brainer since she's a Zora. If you look in the bottom right corner of the scan, you can also see part of the character art for Darunia. Please note that the user did not provide a source for the scan, and he even stated that he "doesn't know if it's real", so this could be a fake version of the scan. It looks like the real deal, though.

What do you guys think of these new characters? Do you guys like Princess Ruto's design for Hyrule Warriors? Head inside for a better look at the scan.

The sales numbers for this week in Japan are in, and nothing can even come close to unseating Yokai Watch 2. The game sold over 1.3 million in its debut, and it sold well over 330,000 this week, beating out the competition by a long shot. This helped 3DS stay ahead of Vita again this week, despite a new game launch and a discount bundle being offered.

Elsewhere Wii U and PlayStation 4 each saw their sales decline, with PlayStation 4 continuing to sell less units per week than its predecessor. PSP numbers have dwindled down to almost nothing, as there are no new shipments of the device in Japan. Hit the jump to catch the full breakdown.

Here's a pretty sweet deal if you're looking to pre-order some Wii U games!

US retailer Kmart is offering a pre-order deal for select Wii U titles; if you sign up for their free Shop Your Way program and pre-order two games, you'll get $41 in credit (almost enough to buy another game!). You must pre-order two of the following games in order to receive the credit: Mario Party 10, Xenoblade Chronicles X, Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker, Hyrule Warriors, Bayonetta 2, Kirby and the Rainbow Curse, and Splatoon.

What do you guys think? Kmart is practically giving away a free game to get you to pre-order with them.

Nintendo fans, if you're planning on attending the San Diego Comic Con this weekend, then listen up!

Nintendo has announced a Twitter campaign for this year's Comic Con called "Bring Me Smash"; attendees will be able to potentially play a demo of Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS while they wait in line for various things at the convention. If you're interested, simply take a photo of yourself at the convention that shows where you are, compose a tweet using the hashtag #BringMeSmash, and hope that Nintendo sends you a direct message.

What do you guys think? Seems like a pretty cool promotion to me; getting to play a Smash Bros. demo would definitely make waiting feel more bearable.

In today's Miiverse pic of the day, Sakurai announced that the Wily's Castle stage will be available for both the Wii U and 3DS versions of Smash Bros.

Previously, we only knew about the Wii U version of the stage; Wily's Castle joins the Boxing Ring, Battlefield, and Final Destination as the only stages announced thus far to be included in both versions of the game. Sakurai stated that there will be some small changes to the 3DS version of Wily's Castle; notably, this version of the stage appears to have the fighters duke it out during the daytime. Sakurai also confirmed that the Yellow Devil will be in the 3DS version of the stage.

What do you guys think about having another stage shared between the two versions?