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Earlier in the month, Square Enix announced a season pass for Final Fantasy XV's upcoming DLC. The core game itself is said to take 40-50 hours (without collecting everything), but Square Enix has announced six DLC packs (which will let you play as other characters) already, and according to director Hajime Tabata, there will likely be more. 

Speaking with popular Japanese publication Famitsu, Tabata revealed that the six DLC packs we've already heard about are the ones that Square Enix will "certainly" do, but there are plans for more. Everything that has been announced so far will be covered by the season pass, but future updates will probably cost you extra. Hit the jump to read on!

Following months of rumors and leaks, publisher 2K Games finally confirmed the existence of BioShock: The Collection. This upcoming bundle includes all three games remastered and running at 1080p and 60 frames per second, and it's launching on October 13th. 2K recently released a comparison trailer to show off the improved visuals, but if you're not sold yet, they've just released over half an hour of footage showcasing all three games in The Collection. You can check it out by clicking below!

The Olympics recently wrapped up in Rio de Janeiro, and the closing ceremonies included an appearance by Mario, as well as other game characters and pop culture icons. Since then, many have been questioning why the Pokémon franchise wasn't represented as well, given Pokémon GO's incredible success in recent months. Believe it or not, the reason Pokémon was excluded is that it lacked the global name recognition of games like Mario. Hit the jump for more!

GameStop executives recently met with investors to discuss financial results from the past quarter, and their report included some concerning sales figures. GameStop's hardware sales dropped by 33.4% last quarter, and Chief Financial Officer Robert Lloyd places the blame on the console refresh rumors and announcements.

For months now, reports (which have since been confirmed) have suggested that Sony and Microsoft are working on new and improved versions of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. GameStop saw "a noticeable drop-off in hardware sales" just prior to, during, and immediately after E3. This suggests that consumers are holding off on buying a console until the new hardware drops. 

Sony will be launching their virtual reality headset on October 13th, but if you haven't already secured a preorder, you may have a hard time finding one. The last time preorders opened for PlayStation VR, they sold out in just a few minutes. In fact, GameStop has since revealed that Sony's headset was the “quickest sellout in GameStop’s history," exhausting its preorder stock "literally in five minutes."  More units will be available at launch in October, but GameStop is already warning that quantities will be "very limited" during the Fall season, and demand is "tremendous."

Following a decade-long development cycle and a recent delay, Final Fantasy XV is finally set to release worldwide on November 29th. The highly-anticipated RPG has been largely touted as "open world" up to this point, but director Hajime Tabata has previously stated that it contains story-driven segments as well. Speaking with popular Japanese publication Famitsu, Tabata elaborated on this balance, explaining that the second half of Final Fantasy XV is more story-driven and offers players a linear path to take in addition to the open world elements. Hit the jump for his explanation!

As eSports events become more popular and lucrative around the world, Nintendo has been increasing their interest and support for the eSports community. Over the past year we've seen them partner up for events like a Splatoon tournament with a $1 million prize pool and a Mario Kart 8 tournament at Disney, and they've helped sponsor numerous Super Smash Bros. tournaments as well, netting them ESPN coverage. Speaking with [a]list daily, Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime talked about Nintendo's eSports presence. You can check out his thoughts below!

Wii was Nintendo's best-selling home console of all time, moving over 100 million units. Unfortunately, Wii U hasn't been able to achieve anything close to that kind of popularity, and it will likely go down as the least successful major Nintendo home console ever. Nintendo is gearing up to launch a new console, code named NX, and they'll need to learn from past mistakes in order to avoid repeating them. Speaking with [a]list daily, Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime opened up about the lessons that Nintendo has learned from Wii U and how they'll be applied to NX. Hit the jump to read on!

If you're a big fan of Pokémon but find recent entries in the franchise to be too easy, Pokémon Rutile Ruby and Star Sapphire may be just what you're looking for. These modded versions of the third generation remakes crank up the difficulty (every trainer in the game has been redesigned for a tougher fight, and more battles have been added in), balancing things so that your main party should hit level 100 by the time you make it to the Elite Four. Hit the jump for more!

Hideo Kojima has joined the advisory board of Prologue Immersive, a virtual reality firm that is investigating new projects for the VR and AR markets. The developer will be working alongside Kyle Cooper, the designer for the credits of Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty and Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. The two have been close friends for years.

"I'm very excited to hear that masters of the visual arts such as Kyle Cooper and his team are taking on yet another challenge in this digital interactive media that is VR. Through VR, I am certain they will strive to connect films and video games and take us on to that bridge to the future that lies ahead." — Hideo Kojima

Whether or not this means Death Stranding is a VR game or if Kojima will be a figurehead for the market is yet to be seen.

Renowned actor and consensus Nerd King Mads Mikkelsen may be joining Hideo Kojima's latest project, or so the internet believes. Although there has been no official announcement on if Mikkelsen is working with Norman Reedus on the upcoming game Death Stranding, a theory has surfaced that one could be coming soon. Internet conspiracies are almost never to be trusted, but this one has a significant amount of evidence to support it. Not to mention that a collaboration between Kojima and Mikkelsen just makes sense.

Head inside to hear the case and judge for yourself.

The world of the Pokémon games is inhabited far and wide by its titular creatures, who come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and types. For some, Pokémon are pets. Others use them for battling. As for artist Christopher Stoll, he studies Pokémon as a profession.

Well, not exactly, but Stoll has provided a sense of realism to the series by illustrating finely detailed interpretations of the anatomy of certain Pokémon. Everything down to their bone structures, muscles, organs, and nerves has been taken into account, and his art even includes appropriate descriptions as though they were pulled straight from an encyclopedia. Learn new facts about fan favorites like Pikachu, Squirtle, and Jigglypuff in the gallery after the jump!

Pokémon may be a household name, but that doesn't mean that everyone knows exactly what those names mean. Case in point: earlier this week, in Reddit's "ICanDrawThat" board, one Redditor started a very interesting thread: despite knowing next-to-nothing about Pokémon, he offered to draw any creature that commenters requested. "Give me a name and I'll doodle your Pokemon," his message read. "It can be an actual Pokemon or one that exists only in your imagination. Honestly, I won't know the difference."

The results, as one might imagine, turned out to be both hilarious and, at times, a tad terrifying. Check out a bunch of them after the jump!

Just earlier today, Justin Roiland, the creator of the comedy sci-fi show Rick and Morty, announced his new VR games company via a comic. The new VR studio, Squanchtendo, has been founded by the aforementioned Roiland as well as Tanya Watson, an ex-producer at Epic Games who worked on series like Gears of War and Bullet Storm.

According to the official site, the studio is devoted to creating games that they would want to play themselves along with creating experiences that people want to share. Squanchtendo is currently looking to hire interested candidates in all areas from production, design, and VR development.

Make the jump to read the announcement comic!

A few weeks ago we learned that the Lucina Amiibo is getting restocked, and it looks like the Fire Emblem heroine won't be alone. A new update to Palutena's official Children's Product Certificate shows that the Amiibo figure of Kid Icarus' Goddess of Light should also be getting a reprint. Just like with Lucina, no actual dates for the reprinting have been given, nor do we know when they might start showing up in stores, but hopefully it will be soon.

Have you manged to get your hands on the Palutena Amiibo? Will you be trying to pick one up from this new batch? Let us know in the comments!