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Capcom recently unveiled Street Fighter V as a PlayStation 4 and PC exclusive, and it looks great, judging by the recently released footage. As it turns out, the first new-gen Street Fighter is running on one of the most popular new-gen graphics engines. Street Fighter IV ran on a custom, in-house engine, but Street Fighter V will run off the more mainstream Unreal Engine 4. Capcom producer Bochan Kim made the announcement, calling Unreal Engine 4 the "latest and greatest technology available." Are you happy with the move by Capcom?

Today the opening cinematic for Resident Evil: Revelations 2 was released by Capcom, providing one of the funniest fake commercials in a while. The trailer focuses on Terrasave, a human right organization, as well as introduces Claire Redfield and Moira Burton, only to see them kidnapped by armed men shortly after. Click the jump to see the trailer!

It’s Christmas time, and that means overly decorated trees, meeting relatives whose names you can’t remember, and an extraordinary amount of food piled high on a plate. Above all, it means presents tucked away under that tree, in a comically sized sock, or however you pass around Christmas gifts in your family. Of course, no Christmas is complete without something gaming-related (I swear it’s traditional), so with that in mind, let’s find out what some of Gamnesia’s staff members are hoping to find under their Christmas tree this year!

Who's ready to go on a prison break? Ubisoft announced earlier today that Far Cry 4's newest DLC pack, "Escape From Durgresh Prison", will be available for download on January 13th and will include racing across Kyrat to finish challenges and recover lost weapons, as well as upgrade armor and weapons in both single player and multiplayer mode. The most interesting inclusion in this DLC pack is the permanent death system, meaning if you die in the mission you will have to start from the very beginning of it.

Escape From Durgresh Prison was previously announced as part of Far Cry 4's Season Pass, and the Pass includes the exclusive DLC The Syringe, as well as giving buyers access to multiple add on missions. The Far Cry 4 Season Pass is priced at $30, but you can still pick up Escape From Durgresh Prision for $10.

Numerous amounts of bugs and glitches were found in Assassin's Creed Unity, and Ubisoft has made and fulfilled their offer of giving away a free game to eligible players of the newest game in the franchise. If you bought Assassin's Creed Unity and the Seasons Pass before November 25th, you will be able to redeem a free game of one of many popular Ubisoft games to be released this year.

Click the jump to find out more on this offer!

The makers of Dead Island have released an interactive YouTube trailer for their next apocalyptic zombie survival game, Dying Light, set to be released January 27, 2015. The trailer plays sort of like a “Choose Your Own Adventure” book, randomly presenting you with two courses of action at a time while you run around a shantytown, frantically climbing up and down buildings and defending yourself from groups of frenzied undead. In the event you make the wrong decision and get...well...eaten alive, you’ll be offered a tip such as, “avoid groups of zombies when you’re unarmed,” and can continue to play through the rest of the trailer.

At a hair over 25 minutes, it’s a pretty long trailer, but an engaging and exciting way to showcase the gameplay. Are you excited for Dying Light? Let us know what you think of the trailer in the comments below!

In a property so defined by player interactions and creations, it's easy to forget that Minecraft does have a story. You wake up, you build settlements, you craft swords, and you go kill a dragon. Beyond the most basic framework, however, it was never expanded upon. After all, it didn't need to—fans of the game were more than willing to create their own tales that take place in such an open world.

And, interestingly enough, it seems like Telltale Games is taking a page from that book of reasoning. Hit the jump for more information!

NeoGAF users have been quick to notice that Valve, owner of the games platform Steam, has begun region-locking some games, preventing consumers from gifting them to friends in other regions, with the main reason behind this change appearing to be to prevent users from exploiting the relatively low prices in these regions, as well as to deter resellers. Currently, the regions affected are Russia, CIS (Common Wealth of Independent States), South East Asia, South America and Turkey.

A few days ago, we reported on a rumor that heists in Grand Theft Auto V are coming December 23. Rockstar has since confirmed that heists are actually coming in early 2015. GTA Online producer Imran Sarwar recently gave an interview with IGN talking about the massive delay in releasing heists, as well as details about how the content works. A new trailer for the heist feature has also been recently released. You can head after the jump to read what he to say and to check out the awesome trailer!

Controversial and violent: Destructive Creations' Hatred has certainly been getting a lot of attention over the last few days. The mass murdering shooter, which was announced back in October, was taken down from Steam's Greenlight program by Valve on Monday.

Now, it seems the game is back, after Valve boss Gabe Newell himself emailed the CEO of Destructive Games apologizing for the whole debacle and had the game reinstated on Steam once more.

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