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The first expansion pack for Tom Clancy's The Division comes out tomorrow, June 28th, on Xbox One and PC. The expansion is called "Underground," and it takes place in the subterranean tunnels of Manhattan, where a number of factions are fighting a war for resources.

To commemorate the launch, Ubisoft has released a new trailer for Underground, which outlines the basic plot of the expansion and provides some new gameplay footage from inside the underground dungeons.

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CD Projekt RED has hidden a cool easter egg in the Blood and Wine expansion for The Witcher 3, but it's only accessible using mods. YouTube user pippo311lp used a free-roaming camera mod to explore a normally inaccessible mountaintop, where he found a little surprise from the development team waiting.

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SureAI, a team of fourteen modders in Munich, has been working hard on a massive new mod for Skyrim called "Enderal." The mod completely revamps the game, bringing in a whole new story and world with different environments, characters, and more. They've just released a trailer for the immense mod to celebrate its upcoming, and you can see it after the jump!

Street Fighter V disappointed many fans at launch due to its relatively low amount of content, and the situation was made worse when some of the game's post-launch content was delayed. Thankfully, it won't be long until the next big update hits, adding in the Cinematic Story Mode. You can look forward to this update on July 1st at midnight Pacific Time.

In addition to the new story mode, the devastating boxer Balrog is joining the fight as a playable character. Capcom showed off footage of Balrog in action during a CEO 2016 livestream, and the video also included a brief look at Juri and Urien. Capcom has clarified that they will be playable in the Cinematic Story Mode when the new update hits, and their official release will come at a later time. In the meantime, you can check out the new trailer by clicking below!

"And yes, you can do parkour in Crocs."

That's the one line that has continued to stick in my head from an E3 show floor demonstration of Watch Dogs 2. But a number of other moments stood out to me during the demo as well, such as a political scandal involving digital corruption and the pursuit of online followers being used as a game mechanic. The Watch Dogs franchise is upping its focus on tech culture with its sequel, but they've also replaced the previous game's straight-faced self-importance with goofy self-awareness. Ubisoft's deliberate tonal shift of the Watch Dogs franchise marks a clear break from the publisher's homogeneously serious demeanor, and that's a change worth getting excited for.

Last month the developers of the Fable series announced that they would launching a Kickstarter for a Fable card game. Titled Fable Fortune, players get to choose from eight "deck-altering heroes" and reduce your opponent's health to zero with an assortment of magic and other attacks. Fable Fortune will include various characters, lore, and jokes from Fable's history, as well as "completing mid-match "quests" like casting certain types of card or spending enough mana will allow you to make a good or evil choice, transforming your hero, their powers, and even morphing certain cards into new forms." Flaming Fowl Studios recently announced that they had secured additional funding and will be shutting down the game's Kickstarter to move on to the next step.

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Although Overwatch was released last month, Blizzard is already altering some of the stats of its characters. Game director Jeff Kaplan recently announced that Torbjorn's turret will be getting nerfed in an upcoming patch on consoles. The damage from Torbjorn's turret will be reduced by 30 percent on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, but the PC version will be left unchanged. Some players believe that the mouse and keyboard allows players to escape his turret on PC faster, which they think is why it was left unchanged on PC. Kaplan says the patch will go live in mid to late July.

MachineGames, the developers behind Wolfenstein: The New Order, have created a new episode for the original Quake to celebrate the game's 20th anniversary. This episode will be about as long as an episode in the original game, with eight individual levels and a unique setting and story.

If you already own Quake on your PC, you can download the level as a .RAR file here. To install the new episode, all you have to do is extract a folder named "dopa" from the .RAR file, and add it to Quake's main directory in your computer's files. From there, open a file called "dopa.exe" within the folder, and the level will install itself, after which you can play it by starting a new single player game in Quake.

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Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma, the third installment in the Zero Escape series by visual novel masters Chime and Spike Chunsoft, is coming out in a couple of days (June 28th, to be exact) on PlayStation Vita and Nintendo 3DS, and a couple days later (June 30th) on PC. Because of that they have released a new trailer. This overview trailer shows off the characters, the dire situation they're in, the gameplay, the story, and the brutal decisions that the player is going to need to make. The previous entries in the series are Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors for the DS and Virtue's Last Rewards for the 3DS, and this title will tie up any loose ends that the latter game left.

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Every E3 comes and goes making huge waves with some of gamers' most anticipated titles, but if there's one scene in gaming flourishing brighter than ever before, it's independent game development. This year several of us from Gamnesia had the opportunity to play a wide variety of indie games on the show floor, and four of us decided to come together to highlight our personal favorite games from E3 2016. Head inside to read all about them!

At E3 2016, Microsoft gave us a new look at Rare's pirate-themed adventure game, Sea of Thieves. This game includes all of the greatest parts of being a pirate: naval combat, giant sea creatures, treasure hunting, and of course drinking. If you're interested in this upcoming title, Microsoft has released a ton of new screenshots and concept art for the game that shows off the environments, character, weapons, and even the cover art for the game. You can view the new images from Sea of Thieves in the gallery after the jump!

The iconic Star Wars franchise is back with a whole new saga kicked off by The Force Awakens. Episode VII was a hit with critics and a dominant force in the box office, and now it's getting the LEGO treatment! LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens launches in just a few days on June 28th, and you can preorder it right now by clicking here. To raise hype for the game, Warner Bros. has been releasing character trailers, showing off the film's memorable cast in LEGO form. The latest character vignette stars Rey, and you can check it out by clicking below!

The first episode of Mighty No. 9's documentary series has been released by 2 Player Productions, and it shows off some early stages of the game's development. Famed developer and Mighty No. 9 project lead Keiji Inafune takes center stage in the episode, as he discusses various aspects of the game and can be seen playtesting different stages. Mighty No. 9 recently launched to mixed reviews after a series of delays, and it has faced scrutiny even after its release. Make the jump to see the full episode.

Activision has announced an "Ultimate Bundle" for its upcoming Ghostbusters video game, which will include some DLC and a digital copy of Sony Pictures' upcoming Ghostbusters movie. The Ghostbusters Ultimate Bundle will only be available digitally, and it will release alongside the Ghostbusters video game on July 12th. The download codes for the film will only become available once the movie leaves theaters.

Although the Ghostbusters video game is coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, it seems that this bundle will be exclusive to consoles, as Activision has not announced any plans to bring it to PC.

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A huge complaint with recent Resident Evil games has been Capcom's use of quick time events, which were first introduced in Resident Evil 4, but Masachika Kawata, producer of Resident Evil VII: Biohazard, has confirmed that this gameplay element is completely absent from the new title. The game's director, Koshi Nakanishi, also reassured fans that, while the game looks different from most of the other entries in the series, there is still plenty of elements from the other games in this title that they will enjoy.

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