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Infinity Ward has announced that it will hold a livestream on May 2nd at 10:30 AM Pacific Daylight Time, to reveal crucial information about the Call of Duty franchise. This may result in the official announcement of the newest instalment in the Call of Duty series, which is all but confirmed to be Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. This is due to a series of rumors that hint towards the game being in development, including a supposed leaked advertisement for Infinite Warfare which states that the game will launch on November 4th, 2016. 

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Thanks to Unreal Engine 4, we have gotten beautiful fan remakes of game levels, like Gerudo Valley and the first level of Donkey Kong Country. But the game level face-lifts won't stop there, as a fan's recreation of the Duskwood zone from World of Warcraft proves. Created by YouTube user Daniel L, this is his latest progress in his goal to re-create the entire Eastern Kingdoms in Unreal Engine 4. The creepy tones of the 2006 game are preserved in wonderfully detailed environments. The creator clarifies that this project is not because he thinks the original art looks "bad," but because he simply wanted to have some fun re-creating one of his favorite landscapes in Unreal Engine 4.

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Cheating in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has been a problem for Valve, so they have decided try and lower the number of cheaters through some interesting methods. Valve's first course of action is a new matchmaking service called "Prime" that only allows players that have a linked phone number to their account to play in matches. Any cheating in that "space" will result in the phone number (and account) being banned. Since cheaters usually have multiple accounts, any Steam account that is associated with a cheater's phone number will be banned for three months.

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Amazon UK recently posted a listing for "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Trilogy," but they have since removed it. The item surfaced and disappeared on April 27th, and it is just one more in a stream of supposed Call of Duty leaks to make the rounds this week. Advertisements for 2016's Call of Duty include information on a remastered Modern Warfare, but this Amazon listing is the only source to specify an entire trilogy. Other leaks include the name, price, and release date for this year's franchise entry, allegedly titled Infinite Warfare, and various pieces of information on the aforementioned Modern Warfare Remaster. Make the jump to see the listing.

Following the release of The Division, many players experienced a number of bugs and glitches that certain people have exploited to win matches. In a recent blog post, Ubisoft laid out its plans to address the bugs and glitches in The Division. According to the development team behind The Division, a new method to detect cheaters has been implemented, which resulted in the largest number of bans to date. First time offenders will have their account suspended for 14 days, while second time offenders will be permanently banned.

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A new rumor coming from Brad Sams of the tech website Thurrott claims that Microsoft will unveil new hardware at this year's E3 expo. While Sams states his sources didn't provide any concrete details on the hardware, he does note that he had also been tipped off on rumors of a new Elite console, although the source on that tip may have just been referencing the recently announced Elite bundle. Whatever this new hardware may be, fans have been quick to speculate on an Xbox equivalent of the all-but-confirmed PlayStation Neo, an upgraded version of PlayStation 4.

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Square Enix and Level-5 announced at a recent livestream event that they will collaborate later this year for a crossover that will bring characters from Final Fantasy XIV and Yo-Kai Watch 3 into each others' games.

After an upcoming event, Japanese gamers will be able to download an update to Final Fantasy XIV that will allow them to use new weapons, summons, and mounts, all based on characters from the Yo-Kai Watch series.

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Electronic Arts will be celebrating May the Fourth (a day dedicated to the Star Wars universe) by rolling out a plethora of specials, rewards, and offers in their various Star Wars-themed games. The titles that will be given something to mark the occasion are Star Wars Battlefront, Star Wars: The Old Republic, and Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes.

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Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare will launch on November 4th, 2016, if a recent leak is to be believed. An alleged advertisement for the game's "Legacy Edition" offers the date in addition to various information on the alleged Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remaster. The advertisement also states that the Standard Edition of Infinite Warfare will cost $79.99, while the Legacy Edition will cost $109.99. Infinite Warfare hasn't been confirmed by Activision, but it recently appeared on the PlayStation Store, which suggests it is real.

A remaster of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is coming in November, according to multiple leaks over the past few days. The first suggestion of a remaster came from a leaked advertisement for a Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Legacy Edition, which included small print for a bundled included digital download of "Modern Warfare Remastered." This rumor gained further validity when another alleged promotional image for Infinite Warfare surfaced that includes matching information to the first leak. Read on for more information.

Little is known about DICE's upcoming fifth installment in their Battlefield franchise; from what sparse news has trickled out over recent years, it is rumored that Battlefield 5 will take place during World War I and that a greater degree of destruction will be present compared to previous titles.

Now, DICE is about ready to lift their radio silence on Battlefield 5, and the developer is keen on pulling out all the stops with a "world premiere event" next Friday, May 6th. Eager fans can tune in to a livestream at 1:00 PM Pacific time on that day, though proper details regarding the broadcast have yet to be specified.

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Earlier this week, a leaked trailer showcased some of the single player gameplay in the upcoming Doom reboot being developed by Id Software and Bethesda. Despite being taken down twice within a day or so, many fans were left excited for the shooter, even some of those who had been scorned by its less-than-successful multiplayer beta. The actual single player reveal occurred on Bethesda's Twitch page this past Wednesday, however. The livestream—which featured Martin Stratton and Hugo Martin, the executive producer and creative director of Doom respectively—focused on features that showed the developer's interest in keeping the feel of the original game while still modernizing it for 2016.

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After leaving Capcom, Mega Man co-creator Keiji Inafune and the development team at Comcept began working on a spiritual successor to Mega Man known as Mighty No. 9. It's been over a year since the Kickstarter-funded action-platformer was originally scheduled to release, and we still don't have a concrete release date. Back in January, Mighty No. 9 was delayed for the third time (despite promises that there would be no more delays after the second), this time to a generic "Spring" release window.

Unfortunately, it's looking like Mighty No. 9 may be delayed yet again. Promotional materials for the long-awaited game were spotted at retailer EB Games, and they list a Summer 2016 release window for the game. Comcept has not yet commented on the supposed delay, and they haven't issued any updates on the game's Kickstarter since January.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution released in 2011, reviving the Deus Ex franchise and bringing it to the forefront of many gamers' attention. With multiple ways to accomplish goals, a variety of powers and abilities to employ, and a fascinating story of the first humans augmented with technology, the game was a big hit, and so of course developer Eidos Montreal started work on a sequel. Dubbed Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, this new title is coming out this August, and it looks to build off Revolution in a number of ways. To show all this off and give eager players a taste of what's to come, Eidos has released a new trailer today which reveals the basics of the plot and some of the mechanics the title will employ. You can check it out for yourself after the jump!

Dark Souls III's second DLC pack won't arrive until early 2017, director Hidetaka Miyazaki has confirmed in a recent interview. FromSoftware recently revealed that the first DLC pack will launch this fall, but there was no release window for the second. Both DLC packs are currently in development at FromSoftware, and they are set to include new locations, bosses, enemies, weapons, and armor. The Dark Souls III season pass, which will include both of the DLC packs, is available now for $24.99.