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Team Meat made a name for themselves in more way than one when they released Super Meat Boy back in 2009. Their success gave the indie movement a jumpstart, and the team and its members have since gone on to make The Binding of Isaac, which will be getting another expansion soon, and the presently-in-progress project of Mew-Genics. They have just announced their next project, titled A Voyeur in September, is supposedly a "new live action steal game." More details will be available at the Indie Megabooth during PAX Prime later this month.

See the announcement trailer after the jump.

Throughout the 2000's, Armor Games dominated the Flash games industry. One of their most valuable developers was Antony Lavelle, who created a slew of great series such as Indestructotank, SHIFT, and the narrative platformer K.O.L.M. Though originally intended as a trilogy, Antony left Armor Games after the second installment. Now, however, he's aiming to finish off the story with a grand remake of everything K.O.L.M. up to this point, along with the final chapter, through Kickstarter. 

With fond memories of K.O.L.M. prancing through my head I asked Antony to answer a few questions. His answers give some incredible insight into the struggles and successes of an independent developer.

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The internet did a beautiful thing for us gamers. Through flash games, several independent developers were able to create simple games and have them played around the world. While many of those games were good, some really stood out above the rest. K.O.L.M., a story-driven platformer, stood out. K.O.L.M. and its sequel were developed by Antony Lavelle for Armor Games, but he left Armor before he could finish the final part of the trilogy.

The games we got were wonderfully atmospheric platformers that had us control Robbie, a broken robot, as he tried to regain his abusive mother's affection. It was a heart-wrenching, surprisingly human series that left off on a massive cliffhanger. Now, through Kickstarter, he's aiming to remake and expand the flash classics into beautiful modern classics along with finally letting fans know just what happened to Robbie and his sister; and he has a playable demo available!

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We're back with another Gamnesia Weekly Recap (potentially our last text-based one before we switch over to a video recap format!), and it's our most packed one yet. All this week Gamescom has been happening in Cologne, Germany, with press conferences from Microsoft, Sony, EA, and Konami, and a steady flow of news and trailers from other companies as well. If you missed out on any of the top stories, you can find them right here in our Weekly Recap by clicking below!

Ladies and gentlemen, the time has come for another Community Night! Tonight, at 5:00 PM, EST, we will return to the cubical world of Minecraft, as well as the construction of the glorious Castle von Greenbeans. However, there is another game that we will be exploring this fine evening.

At 3:00 PM, EST, we will kick off Community Night with some Project M, a Smash Bros. Brawl mod. Though our original intention was to play it online with you all, technical issues have prevented us from actually going online with Project M, meaning that the first part of Community Night will be a more traditional stream.

You can head over to our Twitch channel right here to watch the stream, or head past the jump for more information on Minecraft!

Gamescom 2014 is wrapping up soon in Cologne, Germany, and an international panel of judges from the video game media have handed out prestigious awards to the top games at the convention. Earlier we reported that Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS won the "Most Wanted" award, and the 3DS version can also claim the title of best handheld game at the show. The panel voted on lots of other categories too, including best in show from Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft, best PC game, best sports game, and more! Catch the full list by clicking below.

Final Fantasy XIV had a rough launch, but a reboot in the form of A Realm Reborn changed so much that it's practically a new game, and it's been much more successful the second time around. Currently that success is bound to PC and PlayStation platforms, but it's not for lack of trying by Square Enix. Director and Producer Naoki Yoshida would love to have the game on Xbox One (and possibly Xbox 360), but he has one unbending rule that Microsoft will not follow: the game must allow for cross-platform play. As the game runs on a Square Enix server, the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PC versions can all play together, and Microsoft would have to agree to allow the Xbox versions to join up with the others as well. At this point, no agreement has been reached to make that happen.

Assassin's Creed Unity, the current gen title set in Paris, is aiming to make full use of the fancy new hardware offered by Xbox One and PlayStation 4, and you can tell! In addition to beautiful graphics, the new tech allows for a vast, open overworld with no loading screens. A gameplay demo with developer commentary was unveiled at Gamescom, and Paris has never looked better. Players have virtually total freedom to carry out their mission however they see fit, maneuvering through Paris at will. You can check out an impressive gameplay demo after the jump!

Since the first game debuted, Assassin's Creed has grown immensely in popularity, and developer Ubisoft has greatly expanded its production of the adventuresome franchise. With Ubisoft increasing their development staff and focusing hard on the Assassin's Creed franchise, it quickly became an annual release, much like Call of Duty or Madden. The rate of release has increased again recently, and Ubisoft is now making two Assassin's Creed titles every year. Some fans are displeased with this change, and fear that the series is growing stale with an overabundance of games launching too quickly together. Ubisoft disagrees, calling these fans a "vocal minority" and explaining why the format of two games a year works. Hit the jump to catch the explanation!

Ubisoft's upcoming racer, The Crew, will neither be coming to PlayStation 3 nor Wii U, but rather only the Xbox 360. It will still have all the features, scope, mission variety, and overall driving experience as its Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC counterparts.

Head inside to find out why!