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It's been a long time since the Mighty No. 9 Kickstarter first launched, and we're finally closing in on the game's release. If you backed the game on Kickstarter, you'll want to check your email, as Comcept is now sending out platform selection surveys. Simply answer a few basic questions (name, email, country, etc.) and select your platform of choice, and you're done! Download codes will be sent out to backers closer to the game's official release. 

Plague of Shadows is the name of the first DLC that will be available for Shovel Knight. We already know you'll be able to play with a new story and gameplay. Now we've got a bit of insight on the Alchemy mechanic and how that works with the Plague Knight you'll control.

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Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Studio will be live streaming an "E3 Restrospective Special" via Niconico at 10:00 PM JST on July 3. The presentation will be co-hosted by SCE Worldwide Studio President Shuhei Yoshida and Public Relations Coordinator Yasuhiro Kitao. While it hasn't been confirmed if any new information will be revealed, Yoshida and Kitao will be looking back on Sony's E3 showing, and trailers from their press conference will be replayed. Those who understand Japanese can follow the source to watch the Retrospective on Niconico.

The Last Guardian had an incredible reception at its re-introduction during Sony's E3 2015 press conference. A dedicated and vocal group of fans has been waiting years for this game, but the faithful are fewer than you might imagine. Director Fumito Ueda previously worked on Ico and Shadow of the Colossus, and although both games have been praised, they weren't particularly successful from a sales point.

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe president and CEO Jim Ryan spoke about this in a recent interview, stating that he has "berated" his team in the past for not doing a good enough job at promoting Ueda's games. There's still a level of uncertainty surrounding The Last Guardian's ability to sell well, but Ryan is looking to change that. Hit the jump for more!

With the massive amount of remakes this console generation, it's no surprise that many gamers would like to see some of the Call of Duty titles remastered. In a recent interview with Activision Publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg, it was said that the company had considered going back to revisit past games in the series. Head inside for more details!

Destiny has a huge following, and with its expansions, the game does a decent job of keeping its players interested. There is an upcoming expansion called The Taken King, and many are excited for its release. In a unique situation, Red Bull has decided to create a Destiny event. This event includes special codes received via purchasing Red Bull that can give bonus XP, and even an extra "Red Bull Quest."

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The weekly hardware and software sales numbers for Japan are in, and the newest Rhythm Heaven game on 3DS continues to impress in an otherwise disappointing week. Rhythm Heaven: The Best+ debuted at number one last week, and it held that spot again this week with another 66,416 sales. Return to PopoloCrois and Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition, both new titles, cracked the top five, and Splatoon continues to sell well nearly a month after its release, taking the number three spot.

All of Sony's major pieces of hardware, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and Vita, saw slight sales boosts this week, but overall hardware sales were still very underwhelming, with no Sony hardware cracking 15,000 units. 3DS and Wii U were the top-selling pieces of hardware, but both saw slight drops from last week. Hit the jump for the full breakdown!

If you've been looking to pick up an Xbox One or PlayStation 4 at a reduced price, GameStop might have the deal you're looking for. Right now, you can trade in your PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 (they must be at least 120GB and 250GB, respectively) and get $150 off of a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One. Additionally, those who buy a PlayStation 4 will get a free copy of Arkham Knight and Xbox One owners will receive a free game of their choice. This deal is eligible through July 12th.

With the release of Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition, Capcom had a chance to touch up the game, include the playable character Vergil, and apparently add a small teaser at the end of the game.

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During E3 we got a good look at Destiny's newest upcoming expansion pack, The Taken King. This new add-on brings more content than previous expansions, but at a much higher price tag. As a digital download, it costs $39.99/£39.99 (the same price as the base game in some regions), but you can also buy it in stores for $59.99/£54.99 with the base game and all DLC included as the Legendary Edition. 

Some fans are unhappy with this price model, and for various reasons. Some see the $39.99 price tag as too high, while others are upset that they bought all the previous content at full price and newcomers can pick it up in one package for just $59.99.The Taken King's creative director, Luke Smith, defended the price point in a recent interview. Click below for this thoughts!

After the release date for Yakuza 5 was pushed back, many fans were wondering when the sequel would be coming westward. Fortunately, the wait for Yakuza 5 will not be much longer. According to Yakuza's official website, Yakuza 5 is scheduled to be released this Fall for the PlayStation 3 via PSN. Yakuza 5 will continue where Yakuza 4 left off with Kazuma going into hiding by changing his name to Suzuki Taichi and becoming a taxi driver in Fukuoka.   

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This year's E3 was absolutely packed with new game reveals and announcements, as the usual five press conferences was expanded to eight. Microsoft, Sony, EA, Ubisoft, and Nintendo each held their annual presentations, newcomers Square Enix and Bethesda had their own shows, and there was even a dedicated PC Gaming Show. 

Over one hundred new video game trailers have been released, but some stood out more than others, racking up millions of views in just days. Star Wars: Battlefront and the Final Fantasy VII remake in particular are each closing in fast on 10 million views. You can check out the full list by clicking below!

E3 is the most exciting time of the year for video game fans, as impressive new games are revealed and epic trailers are released for previously announced games. Unfortunately, there's a dark side to all the hype. E3 has become an arms race, with each developer competing to put out trailers that generate the most awe, and that has led to a shift away from real gameplay footage. 

Each year we are bombarded with increasingly more cinematic trailers that contain little to no actual gameplay and don't accurately represent the final game. This is true on the E3 show floor as well, where you can wait in line for two to three hours to watch a video presentation that tells you nothing about the actual game itself. However, a trend on the E3 2015 show floor has me optimistic that the industry is changing for the better in this regard. Hit the jump for more!

The end is finally upon us, loyal Gamnesiacs: today was the fifth and final day of official E3 coverage here at Gamnesia. The show floor has been closed and the games are being packed away to continue development. In today's news, we learned a lot from Nintendo of America president Reggie FIls-Aime in interviews about Amiibo, Nintendo's E3 2015 showing, and more; we also got tons of Nintendo news from the final Treehouse Live stream of the week, and there was tons of other news from Microsoft, Sony and more, plus plenty of Gamnesia-exclusive content. To catch up on today's stories, hit the jump!

E3 2015 has officially come to a close, with the show floor closing a short while ago; however, the folks in charge of E3 are already planning for next year's expo.

According to a tweet from Geoff Keighley, E3 has been scheduled for June 14th-16th next year; the event will once again be held in Los Angeles in 2016. Next year will likely feature some pretty big announcements, like Zelda U and Nintendo's Project NX.