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PlayStation Experience — an all out gaming extravaganza for Sony fans in Las Vegas on December 6th and 7th — has received a list of a few of the games that will be playable at the event, and they certainly don't disappoint. The lineup will be comprised of larger AAA titles, as well as a variety of indie titles, and will grant fans early access to unreleased PlayStation titles slated for release this coming year. 

Make the jump to see which games will be playable at PlayStation Experience this December. 

A new trailer for Resident Evil HD Remaster has surfaced just in time for Halloween! Many things were showcased in the trailer, such as the ability to switch between 4:3 and 16:9 resolution. You can also switch between control schemes, so if you don't like the traditional Resident Evil controls, you don't have to use them! Head back to the mansion on November 27 for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, while PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC owners will have to wait until 2015. The game looks absolutely incredible if you ask me, so I can't wait to get my hands on it! What do you think? Head inside to see the trailer!

In addition to strong hardware sales, the PlayStation brand saw fantastic software sales for the second quarter of the fiscal year. Sony sold over 4 million total consoles (including 3.3 million PlayStation 4 units), and 106 million units of software. For the full fiscal year (ending March 30, 2015), Sony expects to sell 17 million home consoles 3.5 million portable consoles, and a whopping 390 million total pieces of software. Analysts predict that PlayStation 4 will exceed these numbers, but Sony CEO Shuhei Yoshida is waiting to see Holiday sales before taking a more "bullish" stance on his projections. 

The numbers are in for Sony's performance in the second quarter of the fiscal year (July 1 - September 30), and there's some good news and some bad news. The PlayStation brand is profitable for the second straight quarter, generating an operating income of $200 million thanks to strong sales from PlayStation 4. Unfortunately, that's about all that's going right for Sony at the moment, as losses from other divisions combined to form a quarterly loss of $1.247 billion. Sony expects to take an operating loss of ¥40 billion (around $36 million) for the full year.

Although Bungie's Destiny has had exceptional sales numbers and pulled in huge profits, it has also seen its fair share of complaints. One key component of the game that was seen as particularly lackluster by many players and reviewers was the story. In an interview with Eurogamer prefaced by the opening statement "Destiny's story failed," Bungie president Harold Ryan talked about the upcoming expansion, The Dark Below, promising that it offers "a very different approach to telling a new story to players than the thematically-driven story from the original launch of the game." Check out the full statement below!

The Dark Below, the first expansion for Bungie-developed sci-fi shooter Destiny, is set to launch on December 9, but other currently unavailable content has already been discovered in the game. In the past many companies have shipped games with fully fleshed out extras hidden away to be unlocked later as "downloadable content" for a price, and this practice of charging for on-disk DLC typically does not sit well with gamers. In a recent interview Bungie president Harold Ryan explained that this is not the case with Destiny. Hit the jump to check it out!

Ubisoft has just released their financial report for the past quarter (and they're doing quite well), revealing a number of sales figures and projections. Notably, Watch Dogs has sold (this likely mean shipped to retailers, not necessarily sold through to customers) 9 million copies, and Ubisoft eventually expects it to eclipse 10 million. The upcoming Far Cry 4 is expected to sell at least 6 million copies, and Ubisoft is confident that these two games along with the Assassin's Creed franchise will help them reach an operating income of €150 million for the year. 

Upcoming zombie apocalypse game Dying Light is now going to be strictly on current-gen consoles. According to a recent Facebook post, Dying Light is heavily dependent on a "next-gen feel" in its true form, and as such, cutting the game's release the title on last-gen consoles was necessary. Many people feel that the decision to cancel the Xbox 360 and PlayStation versions is actually a positive thing, as this should create a better experience overall.

Dying Light is scheduled for a January 2015 release. What do you think? Is this disappointing, or is it a worthy sacrifice?

The weekly software and hardware sales numbers for Japan are in, and Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate continues to dominate the competition, boosting New Nintendo 3DS to another strong sales week along the way. The popular game sold another 172,000 units this week, bringing its lifetime total to just under 2 million. The Evil Within saw a strong first week in Japan (all four versions of it cracked the top twenty) with over 120,000 copies sold, but even that wasn't enough to unseat Monster Hunter. Hit the jump for the full breakdown! 

Millions of gamers have been playing Bungie's sci-fi shooter Destiny since its launch in September, but the full Destiny experience is just beginning. The first major expansion has just been announced, and the wait won't be too much longer. The Dark Below will take players below the surface of the moon when it launches on all of Destiny's platforms on December 9. The Dark Below raises the game's level cap to 32 and adds new weapons, equipment, legendary items, and more! This expansion is $19.99 separately, or $34.99 as part of the season pass which will include another expansion later.