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Some members of the Disney Infinity team have recently revealed how they choose characters for the games. Jeff Bunker, the VP of art direction at Avalanche Studios, explains that the picking process starts with what the fans want. They hire community leaders to listen to fans, and they "really try to pay attention to what they’re telling us."

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Last month we got our first look at Minecraft: Story Mode, a story-driven take on Minecraft to be released episodically by Telltale Games. In Story Mode, gamers will play as a character named Jesse who can be either male or female. The game is currently playable in Beta form at PAX Prime in Seattle, and Telltale Games has announced that (in a first for a game they developed) players can choose between several different appearances for both the male and female versions of Jesse. A new batch of screenshots showcasing these different looks has been released, and you can check it out by clicking below!

After a long wait, id Software and Bethesda are gearing up to revive the Doom franchise with a new game next year, simply titled DOOM. A big focus of the combat in the upcoming game is "glory kills." These are close quarter combat moves that allow you to enjoy some flashy animations while also racking up in-game bonuses. Bethesda interviewed members of the DOOM team at E3, and they've combined that interview with footage of these glory kills in action. You can check out all the guts and gore by clicking below!

Many livestreamers who jumped into Until Dawn have recently found that archived versions of their stream aren't available if they broadcasted through a PlayStation 4. Twitch Support identified the issue as coming from Sony, saying that the company had disabled the feature. Sony has since responded to this, saying that it was unintentional, and that they are in the process of trying to fix it.

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Metal Gear Solid games, although often containing some very serious messages and moments, are widely known for their bizarre humor as well, and a staple of the series has been using a cardboard box to evade detection. In this spirit, a pair of new commercials for the game from PlayStation Japan depict a wedding in which the bride, groom, and father of the bride are all in cardboard boxes. Because, why not? You can check out these amusing commercials by clicking below!

The recently-released PlayStation 4 exclusive Until Dawn puts control of the story in the hands of the player, as each choice they make affects the outcome, and ultimately who lives and dies. One of the many possible outcomes of the game includes a character dying in a fairly brutal manner, but the Japanese version of the game heavily censors this by having the screen simply turn black for much of the scene. If you're not worried about gore or possible spoilers, you can check out a comparison of the Japanese and Western versions of this scene by clicking below.

Hey, folks! We're doing something a little different for Community Night this week. Now, you're probably thinking, "But Steven, Community Night is Sunday. Why are you talking about it now?" That's an excellent question. That's because this week, Community Night has been moved to tonight. Why the change? Normally, Community Night consists of us either goofing off in multiplayer or making a small chunk of progress in a single player adventure for a few hours.

For tonight, however, I have a fresh copy of Until Dawn and I plan on playing the entire thing. That's right—all the chapters (including the pre-order bonus chapter), from start to finish, in one sitting. Head inside to find out more!

The producer of the upcoming remake of Final Fantasy VII, Yoshinori Kitase, recently sat down for an interview with Famitsu (via Gematsu) and spoke briefly about the game’s progress, the battle system, and how, while staying true to the original source material, they still want to bring an element of surprise to players. It sounds like the game is already starting to take shape, but the battle system seems to be a point of contention for the team.

"We’re starting to see the visual direction. On the other hand, we’re currently working out the battle system and such through trial-and-error.

"Since there’s a possibility that the command battle system of the old days might not work today, we’re thinking hard about what kind of direction we can take it." — Yoshinori Kitase

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Supermassive Games’ newest horror title for PlayStation 4, Until Dawn, is currently winning over the hearts and minds of many horror gamers—except for those that pre-ordered the title through the PlayStation Store. Many users that opted to pre-load it are currently experiencing an error that won’t allow them to start the game at all. When they try to open it, they are told that the game will be available in 128 days.

Both Supermassive Games and Sony are currently investigating the ongoing issue, however it seems that the problem lies within the game’s license. According to a PlayStation Support user by the name of Unicorn-Justice who has posted a solution, if you are one of the unfortunate ones experiencing this issue, you have to purchase the “free version” of Until Dawn or another “free title” that will allow you to reset the license that is saved to your console. Hit the jump to find out more.

Bethesda just released four new pieces of concept art for Fallout 4, giving us a great look at post-apocalyptic Boston, and some shots of new Synth and armor designs. We get to see the Longfellow Bridge in Boston long after the nuclear fallout, completely destroyed and covered in filth.

This art is all part of the book The Art of Fallout 4, a book filled with concept art for the game, which will be released in December.

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Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, likely Hideo Kojima's last entry in the franchise, is just five days away from launching. We've already seen the upcoming launch celebrated with an epic Kojima-directed trailer and an accolades trailer full of praise from critics, but Kojima still has something else planned. The legendary director revealed via Twitter that he's working with games journalist Geoff Keighley and Greg Miller of Kinda Funny Games to create a "commemoration video" for the game's launch. We look forward to seeing what they have in store!

The debate between digital and physical games is as old as high-speed internet connections (which, ironically, isn’t particularly old). Nintendo very recently filed a patent for a console that doesn’t use discs, specifically stating that the device would run programs from the hard drive, rather than from any external storage. Indeed, it’s been speculated here at Gamnesia that future Nintendo consoles may come in both physical-only and digital-only versions.

With that in mind, I ask you? What do you prefer? Do you like having physical copies, or is the digital world more to your taste?

One popular feature of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One is the ability to stream games through Twitch directly from the console. Once a stream has ended, Twitch automatically creates an archive of the stream, so users can either catch up on streams they have missed or re-watch their favorites. With the release of the highly anticipated Until Dawn earlier this week, streamers flocked to Twitch to broadcast their time with the game. For those who caught the streams live, there was no problem. However, some fans who went looking for archived footage may have been disappointed to find that Sony has disabled Twitch's ability to create the archive if that footage was streamed through the PlayStation 4.

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The Just Cause franchise is known for its explosions, and destruction will continue to be a big factor in the latest entry. In fact, Square Enix is even giving an actual island to the player with the most chaos points after 90 days! The team at Avalanche Studios has been releasing developer diary videos, and their latest entry goes behind the scenes of the creative process of destruction, which isn't as big of a contradiction as it sounds! Click below to check it out.

Platinum Games, a studio renowned for its incredible action games, such as Bayonetta, Mad World, and co-developing the yet to be released Star Fox Zero, is making a Transformers game called "Transformers: Devastation." This game received a new trailer yesterday which shows off intense, fast-paced combat. I can't help but notice the similarities with the Bayonetta games (and that's a good thing), and there even seems to be a time-slowing mechanic akin to Bayonetta's "Witch Time." Transformers: Devastation releases on October 6 on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC.

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