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World of Final Fantasy features a veritable menagerie of famous Final Fantasy characters ranging from the stoic Lightning of FFXIII fame to the swashbuckling Faris from FFV. However, one popular character seems to be missing from the adorable RPG: the face of the very first Final Fantasy-related mash-up himself, Sora. Fortunately for you Kingdom Hearts fans out there, Sora will be making an appearance later this winter as a free DLC Champion summon. The only catch is that he will only be available for a limited time.

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A little over two months ago, Square Enix revealed some information on Final Fantasy XV's DLC plans. Basically, the game will have six available DLC packs to purchase; two will be largely cosmetic additions to the game, while three will provide extra quests that players can partake in while controlling the other three members of Noctis' party. However, there was something missing: the sixth DLC pack. Today, we finally know what it is going to be, and it is pretty cool. The final DLC for Final Fantasy XV will be a four player online Co-Op mode.

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SEGA's iconic Sonic the Hedgehog franchise recently celebrated its 25th anniversary, and during the festivities SEGA announced Sonic Mania for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Kinda Funny Games recently got the chance to go hands-on with the retro-style Sonic game alongside producer Lola Shiraishi. They've uploaded nearly half an hour of footage, including a look at the newly-unveiled Mirage Saloon Zone and gameplay featuring Tails and Knuckles. Polygon has also uploaded a playlist of new Sonic Mania footage without commentary, and you can watch it all by clicking below!

Earlier this year, we reported that the player base for the not-so-popular team shooter Evolve had grown exponentially after updating into its free-to-play version, Evolve Stage 2. It had gained over one million users from a paltry few hundred in just a matter of days. Unfortunately, it seems the dream is over as Turtle Rock Studios recently announced that they are no longer supporting their now-very-popular game. As a given, the console version of Evolve Stage 2 has also been canceled.

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Earlier this month, Square Enix revealed that Moogles will serve a special purpose within the world of Final Fantasy XV. That special purpose was a mystery at the time, only to be revealed if their Final Fantasy twitter page received enough followers. Fortunately, the twitter page finally hit the required number of followers, so we have received a fancy new trailer detailing the Moogle doll's purpose. As it turns out, Moogles are actually used as lures in battle.

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Square Enix has announced that Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 + 2.5 Remix is coming to PlayStation 4 in March 2017. This collection will house two smaller bundles to include six Kingdom Hearts titles altogether, and it launches on March 9th in Japan, March 28th in North America, and finally in Europe on March 31st. The six games included in the PlayStation 4 collection are Kingdom Hearts Final Mix, Re:Chain of Memories, 358/2 Days (Remastered Cinematics), Kingdom Hears II Final Mix, Birth by Sleep Final Mix, and Re:Coded. A trailer for the collection was also released, which you can view after the jump!

Overwatch's principal designer, Scott Mercer, recently published a blog post on the Blizzard forums detailing changes to the game's competitive mode. The post also confirmed that Season 3 will begin on December 1st, with Season 2 finishing on November 24th at midnight UTC.

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It's almost the beginning of the month, which means another round of free PlayStation Plus Games. This month, players will be able to experience Everybody's Gone to the Rapture and The Deadly Tower of Monsters on their PS4 Systems, Dirt 3 and Costume Quest 2 for PS3, and Letter Quest Remastered and Pumped BMX+ on PlayStation Vita. Personally, I've been meaning to play through Everybody's Gone to the Rapture for some time now. Do any of these games catch your eye? Let us know after the jump!

Back in May, Bethesda announced that review copies of DOOM would not be sent out early, effectively making it impossible for anyone to review the game before launch. At the time, they stated that this was done because the online servers weren't functioning yet, so reviewers wouldn't have access to the complete experience. However, Bethesda has since released a statement announcing that it is now their official policy to send out review copies just one day before release, as "We want everyone, including those in the media, to experience our games at the same time." Hit the jump for more.

The weekly software and hardware sales numbers from Japan are in, courtesy of Media Create, and EA has an international hit on its hands. Battlefield 1's beta was a record-breaking success, and the World War 1 game is off to a respectable start in Japan, debuting at number one with over 113,000 sales on PlayStation 4. Mario Party: Star Rush was an extremely distant second with over 26,000 sales.

Despite its success, Battlefield 1 did nothing to boost PlayStation 4, and Sony saw its console's sales drop by more than 3,000 from last week. PlayStation 4 was still the top seller with over 27,000 units sold, and 3DS came in second with over 24,000 combined sales from its various models. Hit the jump for the full breakdown.

Over the course of the past year, Telltale Games has released Minecraft: Story Mode, a cinematic point-and-click adventure title based on Minecraft, the ever-popular Swedish sandbox game. Minecraft: Story Mode was divided into eight separate "episodes," and digital copies of these episodes were released individually between October 2015 and September 2016 on multiple platforms.

Yesterday, Minecraft: Story Mode – The Complete Adventure, a physical collection that contains all eight episodes of the game, launched on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. To commemorate the release of the new collection, Telltale Games published a launch trailer for Minecraft: Story Mode, which can be seen after the jump!

Dishonored 2, the upcoming sequel to the stealth-action game Dishonored, has a new live action trailer featuring featuring some stellar action footage of Emily Caldwin using her powers against guards and machines alike. The trailer showcases some awesome shots and has Emily herself as the narrator. The trailer clocks in at just about 2 minutes and is well worth the watch.

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With Nintendo's recent announcement of the Switch, we finally have an idea of each major console developer's next big release. Whether you are excited for 4K gaming on PlayStation 4, want to be out and about playing your Nintendo Switch, or want a premium, next-generation gaming experience with Project Scorpio, it seems there will be something for everyone in the coming months. So, which upcoming console interests you the most?

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It's a great time to be a Dragon Ball fan. With the Dragon Ball Super anime in full swing, Bandai Namco Entertainment has just released Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 into the wild, giving players a diverse lineup of iconic heroes and villains to play as. Bandai Namco has just released an exciting and action-packed launch trailer for the game, showcasing a mixture of some of the most memorable scenes from the anime (recreated in game form) and all-new battles. You can watch it by clicking below!

Batman: Return to Arkham was delayed for months in order to give the development team more time to polish the games up, but many customers are still dissatisfied with the finished product. The games feature improved visuals, but frame rates are inconsistent, leading to an experience that's not very smooth. Digital Foundry decided to analyze the performance of the Arkham City remaster, comparing PlayStation 4 and Xbox One side by side, and their analysis video shows just how up and down the frame rate is throughout. Hit the jump for more.