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We're back with another installment of Gamnesia's Game Clash! It's been a while, so here's a breakdown of how it works. Every Monday we pit video games against each other, and the winner is decided by your votes! This week's battle is a Mario Kart showdown. From Super Nintendo to Wii U, there's been eight great Mario Kart games. Which one is your favorite? Click below to cast your vote and join in the debate!

As newer consoles are released, GameStop phases out their support for older ones, but that is about to change. A spokesperson for the company has revealed that 250 GameStop locations in the New York City and Birmingham markets are going to start accepting trade-ins on retro games, systems, and accessories. If the venture proves profitable in these test markets, GameStop will expand this program nationwide later this year. Retro systems accepted will include NES, Super NES, SEGA Genesis, PlayStation, Nintendo 64, and SEGA Dreamcast. Hit the jump for more info!

While many fans of the Shenmue series have pleaded for an HD remake, one fan has decided to alleviate the pain by putting Ryo Hazuki and Lan Di into Dead or Alive 5. Reddit user and Shenmue Dojo member Esppiral has re-textured Jacky Bryant to resemble Ryo; in addition to the character mods, Esppiral has also recreated the Hazuki Dojo, where you can pit the two fighters against each other. For those of you who are interested in playing as Ryo Hazuki or Lan Di, you can click here to download the textures and check out the project's updates.

Take a look at the screenshots and video of Lan Di and Ryo in action after the jump!

While Nintendo is typically thought of as one of the biggest "good guys" in the world of video game super-publishers, they've yet to shake the ugly reputation they have when it comes to dealing with fan-made content that involves their properties. One particularly legendary fan project—the English translation of Mother 3—hasn't faced any adversity from Nintendo, yet it seems they're not too happy about its existence either. A Miiverse post linking to the translation was recently removed with a warning that the post "contained content related to criminal activity."

View images of the removed post inside.

Minecraft player MrSquishy has created a playable Pac-Man cabinet in-game. The creation, which boasts a fully functional version of the classic arcade game's first level, was built in vanilla mode, meaning no mods were used to build it.

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Next month, a manga adaptation of A Link to the Past that has been out of print for nearly two decades will once again be available thanks to VIZ Media. Originally printed in the now-discontinued monthly magazine Nintendo Power, the comic was written and drawn by Shotaro Ishinomori, who is best known for his work on Cyborg 009 and Kamen Rider. The manga has been compiled into a single, fully-colored graphic novel, and it features different plot elements and characters not seen in the actual game. You can pre-order the graphic novel here at a modest price of $15.47, which is a couple bucks cheaper than the MSRP of $19.99.

Some fans of the Paper Mario series might have been disappointed to discover that the “leak” for Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door 3D was fake. But don’t worry about it too much, someone has brought the game into a full 3D space using the power of the Oculus Rift.

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In 1999, the world was introduced to one of the most ambitious games of its time, Shenmue. Costing a little over 70 million dollars to develop, Yu Suzuki's brainchild was meant to put the SEGA Dreamcast on top of the gaming industry. Due to poor console sales and SEGA's financial situation, a third installment was never made. It has been approximately 15 years since Shenmue II had left fans on a cliffhanger of an ending, yet the dedicated fanbase has not given up hope on a third installment. Adam Sipione, an avid Shenmue fan and aspiring cinematographer, has taken on the challenge of creating a documentary about the critically acclaimed series.

Check out the teaser video featuring Ryo Hazuki's voice actor after the jump!

An awesome new fan project appeared online recently. It pays homage to three of the most popular classic arcade games, but there's a pretty huge twist. The project is a game called Pacapong, and it takes Pong, Pac-Man, and Space Invaders and mashes them all together into a single, fast-paced game.

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Super Smash Bros. hype has risen back up thanks to last week's announcement of the Smash Bros. Fighter Ballot, and there are all kinds of fans vying for their favorite characters to win a place in Smash. Indie studios are pushing for their characters to join the battle, Microsoft says there's no issue with including the fan-favorite Banjo and Kazooie, and fans are making their own voices heard on Reddit and other polls. With all the excitement, your resident Nintendo experts here at Gamnesia thought we'd give our two cents on what characters we think will be DLC and why, how Nintendo will distribute it, and more.

Back in February a report was circulating that stated Netflix was developing a Legend of Zelda TV show with a similar style to Game of Thrones. Zelda producer Eiji Aonuma says the report was "not based on correct information," but that didn't stop some dedicated fans from being inspired. A video called Game of Hyrule has surfaced showing the map from A Link to the Past go through a Game of Thrones style transformation, and it's incredible! Click below to check it out!

One fan used a plethora of toothpicks to re-create the title screen of Super Mario Bros. – 14,000, to be exact. If that's not dedication, I'm not sure what is. Each detail is correct, down to the color and placement of each individual toothpick.

Head past the jump to see how it was done!

We've known for a long time now that fan-favorite Smash character (and legendary Pokémon) Mewtwo is returning in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, but we only recently got our first look at Mewtwo in action. The moveset is the same as in Melee, but obviously there's been quite a graphical update in the past two generations. As such, YouTuber MasterOfHyrule has put together a comparison video showing off footage from Melee as compared to Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. Check it out by clicking below!

Metroid fans have been waiting a long, long time for a new 2D entry in the franchise (although Axiom Verge is helping fill that void for me), but one fan has decided to merge two classics in the meantime. A modder who goes by Metaquarius has been hard at work for years now, taking elements from Metroid Fusion and adding them into Super Metroid. Click below to check out a video playlist containing clips of the crossover, including Fusion bosses like the Omega Metroid and Serris done Super Metroid style!

April Fool's Day yielded many jokes, and while most stayed that way, this particular concept did not. Hyperkin, an independent video game hardware developer based out of L.A., made a post on Reddit which revealed an idea for a device called the Smart Boy. It will have the capability to change your iPhone 6 Plus into a full-fledged Game Boy, and Hyperkin will actually be creating it for consumers. Head past the jump for more details!