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Gamnesia is always looking for bright new faces to add to the staff, and today is no exception! In fact, it’s currently more true than it usually is, as we’re seeking new Copy Editors to help us out!

I’m sure plenty of you have noticed your fair share of typos or grammar mistakes here at Gamnesia. We do our best to avoid these mistakes and to fix them if they pop up, but nobody’s perfect. That’s why we have a team of special members called Copy Editors, who can go in to our articles and correct these mistakes, so we can be sure the site is looking its absolute best. Head inside for more information!

The current generation of video game consoles has been here for around a year now, and it would be nice to look back and see where we stand now. Technically, the current eighth generation of video game consoles began when the Wii U came peeking around the corner in 2012, but only when the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One jumped on the stage did many gamers believe the next generation had arrived. All the current consoles had a somewhat boring start, at least with the launch line-up. There weren't many original ideas, and many games that came out for the systems (at least the Xbox One and Playstation 4) were games that were also coming out for their last-gen versions. 

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Hello there everybody! It's another Sunday here at Gamnesia, meaning another episode of our weekly news recap show... Although today isn't a normal Sunday, as we have some sobering news about the video series. It's been a wonderful six episodes, and the recap will certainly live on in the future, but this week we're here to announce that the recap series as it is must unfortunately be cancelled.

Head inside to watch the announcement and find out why.

Ladies and gentlemen, we here at Gamnesia have a few very special announcements to make. At long last, we have managed to get our user account system up and running, so you can finally register your very own Gamnesia account! You may be asking yourself, “Why would I want to do such a thing?”, but there are some pretty interesting upsides to it all. First of all, you can post comments on our articles without having a separate Disqus account. Secondly, you will be able to use Gamnesia’s brand-new forums and send private messages to other users you’d like to talk to. Finally, you can start posting your own content using our new Journals feature!

But okay, hang on… That’s a lot of information for us to drop that quickly. Head past the jump for a full breakdown of all our new features and how you can make the most of them!

In a recent USGamer interview, Pokémon designer Junichi Masuda elaborated about random encounters in Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. Masuda said that the mechanic was "a kind of lottery", randomizing the type of playing experience the player receives. The feature has remained in the new pair of games, since the developers felt that by removing it, they would "be removing one of the big categories of play from the game".

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Not long ago, we at Gamnesia launched a news recap show: a weekly video in which we cover the last week's worth of gaming news with a bit of comedy flair. The show has been running for four episodes now, but the trouble is, we still don't have a name! But this week, the show is on hiatus so that I have time to review Hyrule Warriors, which just launched today, so it's a perfect opportunity to spend some time off of production and just brainstorm. So we're hoping you guys would share your ideas!

We haven't been able to think of a name that we all really love, and so we're hoping you guys could share your ideas. Personally, I'm thinking of calling it "Regame," a name suggested by a fan in the comments of the very first video. It's nice, succinct, and it implies the purpose of the show in its name. But again, like I said, we haven't heard a name that really grabs us immediately, and while "Regame" is nice, it doesn't have that shazam that we're hoping to find.

So, what do you guys think? Do you have any ideas for the name of our show? What do you think of the name "Regame?" The show is inspired in part by Jon Stewart and John Oliver's programs, so perhaps even something more along the lines of "The Daily Show" could work. Please let us know in the comments—we're happy to hear from you!

Not too long ago, we at Gamnesia announced a ton of new features for our site, all coming sometime soon. Since then, we've continued doing the Daily Delib, a daily post where we get to know you guys and your thoughts better; we've launched a news recap comedy show that condenses a week of news into about seven minutes on YouTube; we've introduced Game Clash, a head-to-head battle pitting two games against each other every Monday; Community Nights, where readers and staff alike join to play video games together on Twitch; and we've dabbled in others, as well.

Now that we as a community have had enough time to get used to a lot of these regular new features, we the staff want to know what you guys think! Do you love them? Hate them? Which one/s are your favorite, and why? We're curious to know what you guys are thinking, so head inside and leave a comment to let us know!

It goes without saying that we at Gamnesia love games. Chances are that you, given the fact that you're reading this, also love games. Some of us however, myself included, have always wondered just how the hell these damn things get made. I know countless programmers and designers who got to their chosen profession with that question at heart and I am happy to include myself among them. Not content with simply making games for a living, I've decided to share it all with you fine folks.

With that introduction I am proud to announce that Gamnesia will be getting a new article series focusing entirely on game development and news from the game development front. These will include mostly tutorials, tips & tricks, Q&A's and anything else that I (and you) can think of. That last bit is very important, so let me emphasize it - the majority of the stuff that will be shown, presented and analyzed in these articles will be influenced by you, the readers. Whether you want more tutorials, finished code assets, Q&A's or just plain old dev logs, you'll get it.

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Hello everybody, and welcome to the pilot episode of our yet-to-be-titled news recap show. Typically, the show is for breaking down the past week of news, but because this is our pilot episode—which we're essentially using to test the waters—the content actually comes from a bit earlier in the month.

We're looking for feedback on how you like the format, so by all means, please head to the comments and share your likes, dislikes, suggestions, and more, so that we have a much better idea of what you'd like to see from the show going forward. Thank you so much for helping!

News never sleeps, and we at Gamnesia are always looking for a few new members to join our team! Ideally, we'd like to see upwards of two or three diligent, eager writers who can post at least two news stories every day—but we're incredibly flexible with that time commitment for anybody who's willing to lend a hand.

Having experience as a writer and a gamer always helps, but one of the things on which we pride ourselves most here at Gamnesia is providing bright up-and-comers with an opportunity to write without the need for a formal background. So whether you're a professor with nine published essays on the botany of the Mushroom Kingdom, or just a high school student looking for a fun extracurricular, we'd love to see you to apply today!

Speaking from experience, now is a perfect time to get into the swing of writing. For students, writing a story or two is a great way to take a quick breather from homework without getting too distracted, and having this sort of published experience can look really good on a college or job application. And as you'll hear from staff testimonials in the comments, we love what we do and working here is a ton of fun!

On top of the usual notices, we're also looking for someone who can devote their time to keeping our Facebook page active with images, quotations, fan art, and anything else for gamers to enjoy. So if you have experience promoting social media and want to join the team, by all means please do!

What are you waiting for? Fill out an application today! We look forward to seeing you in the staff!