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Well, it's been a busy week for Nintendo. Between Smash Bros. amiibos and multiple announcements for Pokémon: Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, it's a wonder we've managed to stuff it all into one video. 

This week, Colin talks about the new  Captain Toad trailer, the stage builder mode for Smash Bros., Pokémon leaks, 3DS sales in the U.S., and Donkey Kong Country's return on virtual consoles. Let us know what you think about the week's happenings in the comments below!

So, you know how launch trailers usually come out at the time of a game's actual release date? Yeah, well Activision apparently isn't having any of that, as the launch day trailer for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare has been released two weeks ahead the game's Nov. 4 launch date.

As one might expect, the trailer is packed full of military grade weapons, Kevin Spacey, and enough testosterone to make a Jean Claude Van Damme film feel like child's play. Oh, and Double XP. Never forget Double XP. 

Make the jump to view the trailer in all of its pre-hyped glory.  

A recent trailer from Polish developers Destructive Creations showed off a new, hyperviolent game called Hatred, a game about a psychopath who plans to gun down innocent civilians for, well, the fun of it. The trailer sparked massive controversy, ending with Epic Games demanding the developers to remove the Unreal Engine 4 logo from their advertising. Yeah, it's that edgy. 

To see the trailer, and more information, head inside!

Yesterday we got a look at the Japanese launch trailer for the Hyrule Warriors Master Quest DLC pack, and today we have the trailer for North America. The Master Quest DLC pack includes five new story mode chaptersLink's trusty horse, Epona, new alternate costumes, and more! You can download it on the Wii U eShop right now for $7.99, but if you'd like another look first, check out the English trailer by clicking below!

UCraft is an in-development Wii U exclusive by indie team Nexis Games that was originally unveiled with a press release calling it a "Minecraft clone," but Nexis is out to prove to Wii U fans that it's more than that. A new trailer has been released showing off some features and promising future updates and DLC, as well as letting gamers know that Nexis is doing this all for Wii U fans and not for the money. It's a noble idea, but does the content back up the claims? Click below to check out the trailer and decide for yourself!

With the current floodgate opening on Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire news, this is by far my favorite. According to a newly-released trailer, you can now travel to "mirage spots" and catch legendary Pokémon from three other regions in addition to Hoenn. These legendaries include Ho-Oh, Lugia, Dialga, Palkia, Reshiram, and Zekrom. You can find these additional legendaries by flying on the backs of Mega Latios and Mega Latias.

Head inside to see the trailer, which shows off a ton more news!

Some number of years ago, the original Donkey Kong Country trilogy for SNES was removed from the Virtual Console without warning. No longer could Wii owners download the games and play them on modern systems. Needless to say, removing an entire series of games so highly revered left its fans more than disappointed. But Donkey Kong Country fans rejoice, for all three games are coming to the Wii U eShop in just a matter of time!

There's a ton of news that's bound to excite, Donkey Kong Country lovers. Head inside for more information on the games and their release dates!

Indie developer Renegade Kid (Treasurenauts, Moon Chronicles, Mutant Mudds Deluxe, and others) is currently working on a "Metroidvania" style 2D shooter called Xeodrifter. The game's world map, a few screenshots, and some developer diary updates have been released since the initial announcement, but no gameplay footage has been released until now. The first trailer for Xeodrifter has been released, and it looks to be a fantastic game! Check it out by clicking below!

Welcome to Kyrat, the setting for Ubisoft's next foray into the Far Cry franchise. This time, we are plunged deep into a remote part of Nepal, where a ruthless drug runner by the name of Paul DePleur leads the army of his master, Pagan Min.

The landscape is mostly marshlands and hilly terrain, broken only by a network of mountain roads that spread across the lowlands. The flower-carpeted plains are inhabited by monkeys and elephants, among other creatures. The natives live in small villages scattered throughout the world.

Read more after the jump!

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker, a delightful puzzle-solving, treasure-nabbing adventure that I've been in love with since E3, was recently confirmed for a December 5 launch in North America with a $40 price tag. You may be familiar with the Captain Toad mini-games in Super Mario 3D World, but now Nintendo has added to that concept substantially to create a fun, unique, and utterly charming adventure that makes use of the Wii U GamePad in creative ways.

If you're not yet sold on Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker and want to see more, a new overview trailer has been released showing off lots of gampelay footage including GamePad mechanics, level diversity (over 70 levels), items, and a playable Toadette. Click below to check it out!