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The first DLC expansion pass for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild comes to Wii U and Nintendo Switch systems on June 30th if you have already purchased the game's downloadable content. The Master Trials, as the DLC is called, will feature a gauntlet of enemies at the pedestal of the Master Sword as well as a hard mode called Master Mode for players to challenge themselves further in Hyrule.

The Nintendo Treehouse showed us a few more details at E3 to get us excited for the expansion, so make the jump to learn more!

The Nintendo Treehouse showed off much more of Splatoon 2 for the Nintendo Switch during E3. Both Salmon Run—a new multiplayer mode—and the buffed single player campaign were shown off. If there is anytime to get excited, it is now; the game comes out in less than a month, on July 21st!

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Less than two months remain until Sonic Mania hits digital storefronts, and with Sonic's 26th anniversary comes the official announcement of a vinyl album, a possibility which was hinted at during SXSW 2017. Data Discs, a UK-based record label known for re-releasing classic SEGA soundtracks in vinyl form such as Shenmue and Panzer Dragoon, is partnering up with the publisher once again to do the same for the highly anticipated 2D platformer.

Read on after the jump for more details, including an early listen at the newly mastered Studiopolis Zone - Act 1!

The world of Undertale is filled to the Underground's brim with a memorable cast of characters, and it doesn't hurt that the game's soundtrack is exceptionally catchy either. Combine these with the determined and talented fanbase centered around Toby Fox's creation, and you'll quickly find animatics, song covers and official remix albums, or in today's case, a full-length musical.

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Blizzard Entertainment has just released another developer update video to announce that they are making two changes to Overwatch. The first is the long-awaited highlight recording system, which will allow players to save their best plays more easily, and the other is an exciting change to how loot boxes will work in the future.

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From Alex Kidd to Sonic the Hedgehog, Phantasy Star to Jet Set Radio, Shinobi to NiGHTS into Dreams, and a great many more timeless IPs, SEGA shaped the childhoods of many young gamers during its hardware heyday across several systems. Many more titles from their classic lineup still remain elusive to this day, but that could change with the company's announcement today for their new Classic Games Collection program called "SEGA Forever."

SEGA Forever is a promise from the company through which they aim to rerelease nearly every SEGA game ever from each of their consoles, spanning from the Master System era to the late Dreamcast. These classics will be available for iOS and Android with a ton of new features. Read on after the jump for more details, including possible Nintendo Switch support!

Hardly anyone had predicted that the Yoshi series would be seeing another new installment so soon after Yoshi's Woolly World for the Wii U, but that is exactly what we got when Yoshi (working title) was announced during Nintendo's E3 Spotlight this year. Coming to Nintendo Switch in 2018, the main mechanic at play is being able to flip the sidescroller stages 180 degrees (in other words, along the vertical axis) to reveal secrets and alternate pathways in the diorama-esque levels that this title offers.

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After Nintendo's E3 2017 Spotlight, the company was pleased to reveal another surpriseMetroid: Samus Returns for the Nintendo 3DS—during the Nintendo Treehouse. Launching on September 15th, the game will be a significantly revamped version of Metroid II: Return of Samus for the Game Boy. And in the twenty-six years since the original's release, more than just the graphics of games have been updated to give this classic a renewed luster.

Check out the full story and Nintendo Treehouse segment to see what has been added to the 2D series in Samus Returns!

On the last day of their E3 Treehouse livestream, Nintendo revealed that DLC for ARMS is coming very soon. A spectator mode will be updated into the game as early as this month, and the first additional character—the ridiculous and buff Max Brass—will be unleashed next month for fighters to try out.

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Nintendo was definitely not done revealing new games at their Nintendo Spotlight for E3 2017. Along with Metroid: Samus Returns, Sushi Striker: The Way of Sushido was announced for the Nintendo 3DS during the Nintendo Treehouse this past week.

Read on further to learn more about this action-puzzle game coming to Nintendo's family of handhelds!

Nintendo representatives may have finished with their E3 Spotlight presentation and invitationals for Splatoon 2, Pokkén Tournament DX, and ARMS, but they are not done showing off their games yet. Today is the final day of E3 and the Nintendo Treehouse, so be sure to make the jump to learn more about games like Splatoon 2, Ever Oasis, and more!

Edmund McMillen and Tyler Glaiel, the creators behind The Binding of Isaac and Super Meat Boy, have revealed their new indie title: The End Is Nigh! Debuting in the genre of adventure platformer, The End Is Nigh is set to launch on Steam on July 12th. The team is also planning to release the game for Nintendo Switch and "possibly [other] consoles" at a later date.

Jump into the abyss for trailers, features, and quotes from the developer.

It's time for day two of this year's newest feature - E3 Colisseum! The ESA and E3 are teaming up to broadcast a two-day livestream with interviews with some of the biggest gaming developers in the world, as well as sneak previews to all kinds of announcements. The second part of the broadcast, hosted by The Game Awards' Geoff Keighley, is set to start on June 14th at 10:00 AM Pacific Time (or 1:00 PM Eastern Time).

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The Nintendo Treehouse brought us some great looks at several amazing games today, and that includes the upcoming Xenoblade Chronicles 2. After surprising many of us by confirming that it is still planned to release this year, the Big N gave us an extensive look at the game's combat, characters, and world, all of which to have changed quite a bit from the original Xenoblade and even its X successor. The entire demonstration lasted just over forty minutes, and you can check it all out after the jump!

I do not regret that title. The salt is light, but it is real.

Much as I hope we see some different weapons in this game as E3 continues, the seven swordsmen and women we've had confirmed for Fire Emblem Warriors thus far are looking outstanding. Nintendo Treehouse took half an hour today to provide us with an in-depth look at the game and its content, showing off how multiple heroes from through the Fire Emblem canon battle in this new realm.

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