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As most gamers know, Amiibo are incredibly popular, and sometimes even more incredibly rare. However, hardcore collectors have been braving the odds in order to collect every single one of them. Recently, the YouTube channel D Piddy commemorated the struggles of these collectors in a new video that parodies the the PokéRap from the original anime. It's a fun watch, and it definitely hits on all of the hardships of the Amiibo craze.

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Splatoon has been getting a constant and healthy stream of DLC since its release, and things don't seem to be slowing down any time soon. For instance, just three days ago, two new weapons were released, and now a new game mode for ranked matches will be launching tomorrow, July 1st.

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During E3, Nintendo announced a new Metroid game, but it wasn't quite what fans were hoping for. Metroid Prime: Federation Force is a co-op shooter on 3DS starring Galactic Federation troops instead of Samus. Fan reactions have been overwhelmingly negative, and some particularly angry fans have started a petition to have the game cancelled. In response, comedy group Mega64 (who helped make Nintendo's E3 announcement videos the past two years) has released a video satirically speaking out against the game and taking things to extreme measures. Click below to check it out.

Nintendo's E3 Digital Event featured puppet versions of Nintendo executives like Shigeru Miyamoto, Satoru Iwata, and Reggie Fils-Aime, as well as puppet versions of Star Fox characters. If the puppets they used look familiar in style, that's because they were actually made by the Jim Henson Company, creators of the Muppets. Nintendo has now released a video showing Miyamoto, Bill Trinen, and other Nintendo staff members visiting Jim Henson Studios to talk with chairman Brian Henson and to see where all the magic happened. You can check it out by clicking below!

Hyrule Warriors Legends was recently announced for Nintendo 3DS, and along with it comes new characters for both the 3DS and Wii U versions of Hyrule Warriors, some of whom haven't yet been announced. This is one of the subjects we discuss on this week's episode of Nintendo Week, our Nintendo-themed podcast here at Gamnesia. We go on to discuss a few characters we'd love to see come to Hyrule Warriors, including Groose, Vaati, Linebeck, Makar, and more. Check out the discussion video after the jump!

E3 has come and gone, but a few E3 trailers are still trickling out after the fact. This includes World War Toons, a clever war game fueled by slapstick fun and an interesting class mechanic. If you pick up a weapon, you transform into its associated class! World War Toons is designed for virtual reality platforms (like Morpheus), but also for regular platforms. You can check out the game's first trailer by clicking below!

Renegade Kid launched the Metroid-inspired Xeodrifter on 3DS and Steam last year, and the action-platformer was met with positive reviews. As such, the indie developer is in the process of bringing the game to Nintendo's other current platform, Wii U. The team at Nintendo World Report got to go hands-on with the Wii U version, and they've released plenty of footage. You can check it out by clicking below!

Rare was a dominant development force in the '90s, cranking out hit game after hit game. Since being acquired by Microsoft they've been a little quieter, but they made a big splash at this year's E3. Rare unveiled a new game, Sea of Thieves, at E3, but they also announced Rare Replay, featuring 30 classic Rare games for $30. Rare’s Craig Duncan and Adam Park talked a little about these projects in a video interview, and you can check it out by clicking below!

Back in February, Nintendo released Pokémon Shuffle, a free-to-play puzzle game for the 3DS; now, this game is set to release on mobile platforms soon.

In a recent video on the official Pokémon YouTube channel, The Pokémon Company announced that Pokémon Shuffle will be releasing on mobile devices as a free download; the game will be available on both iOS and Android. Head inside to check out a trailer for the game!

Nintendo usually uses its own in-house engine to power its games, but what if they used a commercial one, like Unreal Engine 4? YouTube user "aryoksini" created this exact scenario, using custom animations and default Unreal marketplace environments. In the video, Mario travels through hyper-realistic houses, temples, castles, and dungeons.

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Fans of Playtonic (Rare) with Owlstice Games have created a fan-made 2D platformer based off of Yooka-Laylee called Tooka-Laydee. The charming trailer inside explains the premise as Playtonic Games accidentally orders £2,000,000 worth of Tetley tea bags and they have to make a few cut-backs to Yooka-Laylee. You can play the game here on Kongregate.

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Plague of Shadows is the name of the first DLC that will be available for Shovel Knight. We already know you'll be able to play with a new story and gameplay. Now we've got a bit of insight on the Alchemy mechanic and how that works with the Plague Knight you'll control.

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Every week on Nintendo Week, our Nintendo-themed podcast here at Gamnesia, we have a discussion segment about a subject going on in the world of Nintendo. On this week's episode we decided to introduce our very first edition of "Mystery House," a new discussion segment where we answer your questions about Nintendo, about us, and about the show. Check out the video after the jump to hear your questions answered, or to hear some great discussion about interesting topics from the Nintendosphere.

Many of us remember the opening from the children's show Arthur as a beautiful, calm, and happy song, which showed us the value of friendship and individuality. Now, thanks to YouTuber Merfish, we can see it reimagined in Grand Theft Auto V's Rockstar Editor, this time as a horrible compilation of all the death and destruction you can create inside the game engine.

The video is incredibly well done, and actually follows the original opening almost perfectly, but it provides some uniquely horrible recreations of the original scenes.

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Street Fighter V launches early next year, but you'll have plenty of chances to play it before then. The hotly-anticipated fighter will be playable at Six Flags in July, and there will be an open beta on PlayStation 4 starting July 23rd. E3 attendees already got to go hands-on with the game, but you can have some of that experience from the comfort of your home. You can check out a YouTube playlist with five hours of E3 Street Fighter V footage by clicking below!