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The Yo-kai Watch franchise has been dominating the video game sales charts in Japan since 2013, and Level-5 is looking to achieve that success on a global scale. The first game and the anime are now both available in North America, and the anime has begun airing in the UK as well. The wait for the first game in Europe will finally be over tomorrow, and Nintendo UK has released a pair of trailers to raise hype for the 3DS exclusive. The first focuses mostly on the Yo-kai themselves, and features the series' theme song, while the other one is a shorter video titled "Discover, Befriend, Battle!" You can watch them both by clicking below.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution released in 2011, reviving the Deus Ex franchise and bringing it to the forefront of many gamers' attention. With multiple ways to accomplish goals, a variety of powers and abilities to employ, and a fascinating story of the first humans augmented with technology, the game was a big hit, and so of course developer Eidos Montreal started work on a sequel. Dubbed Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, this new title is coming out this August, and it looks to build off Revolution in a number of ways. To show all this off and give eager players a taste of what's to come, Eidos has released a new trailer today which reveals the basics of the plot and some of the mechanics the title will employ. You can check it out for yourself after the jump!

Xenoblade Chronicles was a critically-acclaimed hit on Wii, and Nintendo has given it new life on New Nintendo 3DS as Xenoblade Chronicles 3D. Nintendo also re-released the game on the European Wii U eShop last August, and they recently revealed that it's coming to North America as well. Monolith Soft's RPG is now available on the eShop for just $19.99. Nintendo has released a trailer to celebrate the digital release, highlighting the game's story, characters, battle mechanics, and more. You can check it out by clicking below!

Over the past few years, the video game industry has seen a place at the forefront of a boom in livestreaming. Mass Effect and Dragon Age developer BioWare is continuing that tradition by breaking all new ground with the BioWare Goose Cam. A 24/7 livestream, the Goose Cam provides viewers with an intimate peek inside the nest of Ganders, a female Canadian goose currently located atop BioWare's Edmonton, Canada studio. You can watch as Ganders broods her nest. See if you can glimpse a rare eggshot as she adjusts her position.

Head inside to view the stream yourself and for info on how you can donate to help the Canadian goose population.

BABYMETAL has certainly taken the world by storm thanks to the unique combination of three female vocalists and heavy metal music. BABYMETAL's album, Metal Resistance, became the highest charting Japanese album on the Billboard 200 in 53 years and has seen great commercial success since then. BABYMETAL fans will be ecstatic to hear that Nintendo has added the band as a costume in Super Mario Maker. The BABYMETAL costume is scheduled to be released in Japan on April 28th, which means the west should be getting it fairly soon.

Check out the gameplay trailer after the jump!

Rock Band 4 was released last year, and while many were happy to start up a band with their friends again, it was much more difficult if those friends were overseas. While previous iterations of Rock Band had online multiplayer, Rock Band 4's release left the online aspect completely out. Earlier this week, Harmonix announced that they would be bringing back "synchronous online multiplayer" later this year. Rock Band 4's online multiplayer will be just like Quickplay mode, except it will be modified to provide players a smooth and streamlined experience.

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Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV is an upcoming CGI film based on the story of Final Fantasy XV. It will be available to stream for free sometime this year and will be showcased in Japanese movie theaters on July 9th.

A new Japanese trailer was just released for the movie, which gives us a very quick look at film's stunning CGI. Admittedly, not a lot of the plot can be seen in the quick trailer. However, we do see a little more of Nyx, the soldier who stars in the film.

Follow after the jump to see the commercial for yourself!

In a recent video, YouTube's biggest Let's Player, PewDiePie, looks back on the early years of his work. Like 99% of the artists out there, he is very harsh on the early material he put out. For example, back in the days he uploaded a lot of uncut footage, was quite offensive in some cases, and he mentioned how hard he had to try to actually be funny. He understands that some of his fans actually prefer this old stuff, but throughout most of the video he keeps pointing out the many ways in which his early videos weren't actually that good. Of course, the purpose of this video was not just to criticize his earlier work, but also to reflect on the growth he experienced, both professionally and personally.

Head inside for more information and to view the video!

Niantic Labs is preparing to launch Pokémon GO later this year, and some lucky fans have already gone hands-on with the upcoming augmented reality mobile game. Field tests for the game began in Japan a few weeks ago, and they recently expanded to Australia and New Zealand. Niantic has tried to keep a tight lid on leaks, but YouTube channel GAME Previews has uploaded a video with nearly nine minutes of gameplay footage from Pokémon GO, showcasing character customization, Pokémon battles, the Pokédex, and more. You can take a look by clicking below!

Last week it was revealed, among many more details, that Pokémon GO features real-time battles instead of the turn-based battles the series' core games traditionally employ. Players can tap any of their Pokémon's four attacks to unleash it quickly, hold the attack down to charge it up, and swipe the screen to dodge an opponent's move.

This was one of the talking points on this week's episode of Nintendo Week, our Nintendo-themed podcast here at Gamnesia. Check out the discussion video after the jump for our full thoughts, or keep reading below for a brief, brief summary.

Game Freak is hard at work on Pokémon Sun & Moon, but they've got another title coming out first. Pocket Card Jockey is a "fast-paced, simplified version of Solitaire to propel your horse through intense races." The game also features an RPG-style level-up and breeding system used to create new horses. A free demo is available in North America and Europe, and the full game will be launching in May. In the meantime, if you'd like to see more, Nintendo UK has released a new trailer, and you can check it out by clicking below.

Nintendo recently released an animated Star Fox short called The Battle Begins, but it's not the only Star Fox cartoon in the works. A dedicated fan named Matthew Gafford has been working on his Star Fox fan animation project for several years now, and the project pushed ahead even after Nintendo attempted to shut it down.

Gafford had previously announced that he would rename the characters in his series, A Fox in Space, in order to continue development without interference from Nintendo. However, he has now released the first episode (noting it as a non-profit parody) with the original names in tact. In the first episode, "Don't Call Me Star Fox," Fox McCloud has been captured by a group of Venomian soldiers led by Wolf O'Donnell, and is taken to the neutral Sargasso Space Station as per orders from Andross. You can check it out by clicking below!

Ever since Nintendo released Super Mario Maker last September, gamers have been creating increasingly more difficult levels, requiring insane precision to complete. A particularly challenging level titled "The ER: Surgical Shells 2.0" had been played over 49,000 times with zero clears, but 13-year-old JC from Familyofgamerz put an end to that undefeated streak recently in impressive fashion. The level now has nearly 52,000 plays, and JC is still the only victor. You can check out the impressive run by clicking below, and you can try it for yourself by bookmarking the level and playing it on Wii U.

At last year's Tokyo Game Show, SNK Playmore unveiled the next entry in the The King of Fighters franchise, The King of Fighters XIV, as a PlayStation 4 exclusive. Featuring fresh 3D visuals and boasting an impressive 50-fighter roster, fans won't have to wait too much longer to get their hands on a copy. The King of Fighters XIV launches on August 23rd in North America and two days later on August 25th for Japan.

In addition to this release date, two brand new fighters were announced. Head inside for more information!

Uncharted 4: A Thief's End is launching in two weeks, on May 10th. Soon PlayStation 4 players will be able to embark on Nathan Drake's next (and last, according to developer Naughty Dog) adventure. In this entry, Nathan is happily enjoying his retirement and his peaceful life with his wife. But then his brother Sam, who he thought to be dead, comes to yank him out of that life for one more journey.

Since the release is almost upon us, Naughty Dog has given us one more trailer. It's not particularly long, just 38 seconds, but those 38 seconds are packed with spectacular action and wonderful vistas, so it's definitely worth a moment of your time. Head inside to view the trailer!