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Nintendo has been supplying nonstop news lately regarding Hyrule Warriors. From magazine scans to Japanese trailers to translated trailers, the hype just keeps on coming. The most recent cause for excitement has been the unveiling of Sheik's trailer, which showcases her swift, ninja-like fighting style and use of the Goddess Harp.

Make the jump to see the trailer!

Far Cry 4 ditches the island setting of the first and third entries in the series and sends the protagonist up into the Himalayas instead. There is warfare, warlords, and, to sum it up, war. Also, a fabulously dressed Troy Baker with an anger management issue.

Ubisoft has revealed just how the world of Far Cry 4 was dreamed up by developers. Seeking inspiration from real villages and people in the Himalayas, Ubisoft has done its homework on the subject matter.

Check out the video inside to see the team's journey.

During the San Diego Comic-Con, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment released a new story trailer for the upcoming game Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor. Key points, such as the identity of Talion's wraith, as well as his connection to Sauron and the rings, are revealed within the trailer. Not only are more details divulged, but also a new character: the Elvin Smith, Celebrimbor. The trailer is quite thrilling and does well making one excited for the game.

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Activision has released yet another trailer for the upcoming first-person shooter Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, this time highlighting the game's single-player story and plunging viewers into the anarchic and armed world of Sledgehammer's latest project. The trailer also revealed that the game's multiplayer unveiling is on August 11th.

Kevin Spacey is featured once again; the Academy Award nominated actor plays the leader of private corporation Atlas, a company called upon by the government to stop terrorists. Atlas doesn't seem to be the nicest guys in the business, though. It'll be interesting to see if the protagonist of the game is actually a villain in the grand scheme of things.

Watch the robot fights, exploding skyscrapers, and villainous monologuing after the jump.

Last week Japanese website NicoNico held a special live stream event where they showed off a new trailer and new gameplay footage for Hyrule Warriors. The stream was very successful and lots of new information was revealed, and a second stream is planned for this Thursday. While you wait for all the new Zelda goodness, you can check out last week's stream in its entirety by hitting the jump!

A little over a week ago popular YouTube gamer PewDiePie got his hands on the upcoming survival-horror game The Evil Within from Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami and developer Tango Gameworks. Since then, he's been uploading videos of the gruesome game, showing off gameplay in big chunks of over fifteen minutes each. If you missed the first video, you can check it out here. Today we've got two more videos, so hit the jump if you want to check out over half an hour of footage from The Evil Within.

The Last of Us had pretty solid visuals on PlayStation 3, but Naughty Dog aims to raise the bar with The Last of Us Remastered on PlayStation 4. The new and improved version will feature upgraded graphics that include a resolution of 1080p with a consistent 60 frames per second. So how much of a difference does the generational jump make? Thanks to a new graphics comparison video, you can be the judge of that for yourself! Hit the jump and let us know what you think, but keep in mind that YouTube won't be displaying the improved frame rate.

A few days ago Japanese site NicoNico held a special live stream event where they showed off a new Hyrule Warriors trailer and a gameplay demo. We've reported on lots of new details that were uncovered during the stream, but there's always much more than what you catch at a first glance. The fantastic team over at GameXplain has gone back and sorted through all of the new footage with a watchful eye, analyzing every frame for the most in-depth coverage possible. Hit the jump to check it out and get a closer look at Hyrule Warriors.

We've seen some footage of Darunia in action in Hyrule Warriors thanks to San Diego Comic-Con, but now Nintendo and Koei Tecmo have released an official trailer for the hard-hitting Goron. Darunia battles his way through hordes of foes like Stalchildren and a King Dodongo with his powerful hammer attacks and rolling moves as he climbs what appears to be Death Mountain. I think I may have a favorite character picked out for the game! Hit the jump to watch the trailer and catch all the new Hyrule Warriors action!

In today's Pokémon: Symphonic Evolutions preview, we get a look at a symphonic rendition of one of the saddest Pokémon songs ever written—N's Farewell from Pokémon Black and White.

Today's preview will arguably benefit the most from the live performance; while the preview excerpt is slightly melancholy, the live orchestra will be able to convey much more emotion through the song than the synthesized version ever could. Seriously, this could be the song that makes everyone at the concert cry.

Hop inside to give the preview a listen!