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We recently reported on a potential Vita redesign that Sony had trademarked in Japan, but further information has since denied these claims. The “(位置商標)” in the title indicates a "positional trademark," meaning only a specified element of the product is being trademarked. The element in question is the face buttons, (square, triangle, circle, and X,) and their positioning on the console. Only these face buttons are solid lines on the trademarked image, as the other, dashed lines are just showing the shape of the console. So, there is no new PS Vita in production, at least not one that Sony wants to unveil yet. Sorry for the previous misinformation.

A trademark has been filed in Japan for a redesign of the PlayStation Vita, meaning a new iteration of Sony's handheld could be coming soon. The trademark first appeared on twitter and shows a basic image of the new console, which looks extremely similar to the Vita 2000 which released in Japan two years ago. Upon further inspection, however, the design appears to show a HDMI port, implying that this device can be plugged into a TV or monitor. The PlayStation Vita was originally going to include this feature, but it was instead separated and turned into Vita TV, renamed PlayStation TV in the west. Read on for more information and to see the full redesign image. 

The awesome LEGO team has tackled great franchises like Batman and Lord of the Rings, and this June they'll be taking on the Jurassic Park franchise. LEGO Jurassic World features characters and scenes (and, of course, plenty of dinosaurs) from all four movies in the series recreated with the LEGO charm millions have come to enjoy. A new batch of screenshots has been released for the game, and they look great! Click below to check them out and get hyped!

PlayStation Vita recently received system software update 3.50, and it did more than your standard stability upgrade. It was announced at Unite Tokyo 2015 that the latest update for Vita actually frees up 30% more RAM for developers to use for their games. Vita is already a fairly powerful handheld, and this should make it even easier for developers to create high quality games with the hardware. Hopefully we see games that take advantage of this boost soon!

The weekly software and hardware sales for Japan are in courtesy of Media Create, and it's been a sluggish week in the Land of the Rising Sun. Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin on PlayStation 4 topped the charts with a modest 20,494 units sold, and it was the only new (relatively speaking) game in this week's top twenty. No other games had a notable performance, and sales of every piece of hardware were down from last week. This is especially true of PlayStation 4, which enjoyed several weeks of 40,000 or more sales but has now declined to just shy of 18,000. Click below for the full breakdown.

Resident Evil: Revelations 2, a sequel to the spin-off that focuses more on horror than recent main series entries, released episodically in February and March. It's now available in its entirety on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC, but another platform will be added soon. Sony has announced that they will be partnering with Capcom to publish the game on Vita digitally this summer. Sony will share more information on the Vita-specific gameplay and features soon.

Shovel Knight, last year's indie game success, isn't finished with the content it has to offer. During the PlayStation Experience, it was revealed that Kratos, from the God of War series, would be featured in Shovel Knight's PlayStation ports, but it wasn't exactly explained how. Now the developers have shed some light on the character's inclusion and how you'll be able to fight him.

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If you have ever wanted to to give Sony your feedback on the PlayStation 4, now's your chance! Sony Computer Entertainment President Shuhei Yoshida announced on Twitter that you could tweet your suggestions for new features to Sony Computer Entertainment’s Manager of Product Planning, Toshimasa Aoki. In addition to PS4 features, Aoki also works on Project Morpheus, so any concerns regarding the virtual reality device could be tweeted directly to him as well.

The weekly hardware and software sales numbers for Japan are in, and PlayStation 4's hot streak has finally ended. A steady supply of hit games kept Sony's console at the top for weeks, but this week saw a decline from 45,000 sales to 26,000, putting combined sales of all 3DS models back in first place.

In software, 3rd Super Robot Wars Z: Tengoku Hen dominated, taking the number one software spot on Vita (although Vita sales actually declined from last week) and the number two spot on PlayStation 3. Xenoblade Chronicles 3D debuted at number three with just under 57,000 units sold, giving a slight boost to New Nintendo 3DS sales. You can catch a full breakdown by clicking below.

Hey! You! Yeah, you! Did you buy a PlayStation Vita prior to June 1, 2012, around the handheld's launch? If you did, you may be entitled to twenty-five dollars in US dollars. Or PlayStation credit. Or free games. It's your choice!

Last year Sony settled with the Federal Trades Commission over accusations of false advertising of the Vita during its launch window. Touted features such as extensive PS3 cross-save support and 3G online multiplayer were not heavily supported by Sony. If you live in America, you are entitled to one of three different rewards. You can choose between a $25 check, $25 in PSN credit, or one of three bundles.

Following Microsoft’s purchase of independent game developer Mojang AB, there has been concerns as to what the tech giant is planning regarding the ridiculously successful sandbox game Minecraft and its annual convention, Minecon. However, a Microsoft spokesperson has attempted to put some of that discussion to rest, claiming that this year’s Minecon will be run as it has in years past and that Microsoft won’t be interfering.

"Mojang is running Minecon 2015 in the same manner as their past events. We’re playing a supporting role; we want to listen, learn, and be inspired by the community that has made Minecraft great." — Microsoft

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The weekly Japanese hardware and software sales are in, and it's a great week for Sony. Bloodborne, the critically-acclaimed new title from the developer of Dark Souls and Demon's Souls, topped the charts with 153,567 copies sold, which (combined with a few other new releases) gave PlayStation 4 another strong week. Sony's latest console started out slow in Japan, but it's been topping the charts for weeks now, and it sold another 45,445 units this week.

In the handheld space a handful of new games, including Sword Art Online: Lost Song at number two on the charts, gave Vita a boost of about 6,000 this week. Theatrhythm Dragon Quest gave a small boost to 3DS sales as well. Click below for the full breakdown!

Last November I went hands-on with a demo for indie game Axiom Verge, and I was quite impressed. The game, which developer Tom Happ created by himself over the course of the last five years, fits the "Metroidvania" style and definitely draws heavy inspiration from Super Metroid. Axiom Verge hits PlayStation 4 March 31, and will launch on Vita and PC sometime later, but is it a must-have or just another Metroid knock-off? We were supplied with a review copy, and I've been exploring every inch of the game to figure out the answer to that question. Hit the jump to dig in!

According to Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford, sales of Borderlands 2 have passed 12 million. Pitchford guest-starred on a recent podcast with Microsoft's Larry Hryb, aka Marjor Nelson, and revealed this figure, which he said was brought up during a recent earnings call. The popular game, which was recently re-released as part of the Handsome Jack Collection, is the most successful game in the history of publisher 2K Games. Gearbox will be looking to top it when they release the next Borderlands game on current gen consoles.

The weekly software and hardware sales for Japan are in, and it's all good news for Sony. PlayStation 4, which initially had very disappointing sales in Japan, continues its streak at number one this week and in impressive fashion. Sales of Sony's latest console jumped from 33,826 to 46,395 thanks to new releases like Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, Battlefield Hardline, and Resident Evil: Revelations 2. Thus far most games available on both PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 sell better on the last gen console in Japan, but Hardline actually performed better on the newer console, which is a good sign for Sony. You can check out the full sales breakdown after the jump!