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PlayStation MVPs have recently received an e-mail from Sony "with an invitation to a private event in New York City on Friday, February 13 where a “new PlayStation initiative” will be announced." The event will take place at Gotham Hall in New York from 3-6 PM EST. Those who attend must be over 18 to attend, with an open bar for those who are 21 and older. This Sony-sponsored event will also have playable unreleased games and various celebrities in attendance. There has been no word on which celebrities will be attending, or the unreleased games that will be playable at the event.

In an odd turn of events, Sony has announced that several Vita features will be removed in the upcoming March system update. The YouTube app and the Maps app will no longer work on Vita after the next system update, and with the removal of the Maps app, some of the features of the Near app (which helps you locate fellow Vita players in your area) will stop working as well. You will still be able to access YouTube via the normal browser.

Microsoft had a very strong holiday season with good sales all the way from Black Friday into the Christmas period. As a result, its quarterly revenues from first-party franchises is up $171 million, or 79%, with PC Gamer attributing a large chunk of that increase to the company’s $2.5 billion acquisition of Mojang AB, the developer of Minecraft, which is still selling around 10,000 copies per day on desktops alone.

In 1998, Tim Schafer released a strange and innovative PC game called Grim Fandango, and it would go on to become a cult classic. Now, over 15 years later, Grim Fandango has been re-released with updated visuals, a live orchestrated soundtrack, and new features. Grim Fandango Remastered is available today on PlayStation 4, Vita, Mac, PC, and Linux. You can catch the launch trailer by clicking below!

Remember the PSN outage that happened in 2011? Sony is currently under a class-action lawsuit for whatever damages and information leaks occurred during this month of downtime. The “class” in this lawsuit includes anyone who registered for a PSN account, a Qriocity, or SOE account on or before May 15, 2011. If you happened to have an account before this mass attack, you may be entitled to some compensation

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One of my favorite video games of all time is EarthBound from the Mother series. This SNES cult classic combines standard RPG elements like turn-based battles and experience points, but takes place in a modern setting based on 1980's American culture. Given my love for the series, I was delighted to see Eden Industries take inspiration from it and create a goofy, nostalgia-fueled modern RPG in the same vein. That game is Citizens of Earth, and publisher Atlus supplied us with a Wii U copy for review. Does Citizens of Earth live up to the high standard set by its predecessor? Hit the jump to catch our review!

For all of you PlayStation users out there, the 10% cart discount that Sony is offering as compensation for the network outages suffered this past Christmas is now live, and will remain available until tomorrow, 1/26 at 9:00 AM. This discount applies to an entire cart purchase, but excludes pre-orders, PlayStation Plus subscriptions, Music Unlimited, PS Now, and Rentals. "Transactions made on PlayStation Store via the PS Vita, PlayStation TV or PSP content" are an exception. Sony says that you can still use the vouchers for PS Vita and PSP content, but you'll have to go through the webstore.

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After the PlayStation Network outage this past Christmas at the supposed hands of Lizard Squad, Sony was quick to try and offer some form of compensation to those affected, in the form of a 10% off coupon (which applies to an entire cart purchase in the PlayStation Store) and a five-day extension to their PlayStation Plus subscription, should they have one.

If you're a PlayStation gamer who was affected by the outage, we have some good news: Sony is finally about to deliver on their promise, having made an announcement on PlayStation Blog as to when and how you'll be able to redeem those offerings.

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Citizens of Earth, an RPG heavily inspired by EarthBound, has launched today on 3DS, Wii U, PlayStation 4, Vita, and PC. Play as the Vice President of Earth and investigate a series of strange events by delegating all the dirty work to the working class. We'll be releasing our review of the game soon, but in the meantime, you can check out the launch trailer by clicking below!

Last Friday, British police said they they arrested a man in northwest England regarding the attacks on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live this past Christmas. The outages had been caused by persistent Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. The hacking group Lizard Squad claimed responsibility for the attacks, and had launched a similar attack earlier in 2014. The exact statement from the British police was "Officers ... have arrested a man in Southport, Merseyside this morning as part of an investigation into ‘swatting’ and computer hacking offences." The British officers had worked closely with the United States FBI during the investigation, but that is all they shared.