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PlayStation Experience — an all out gaming extravaganza for Sony fans in Las Vegas on December 6th and 7th — has received a list of a few of the games that will be playable at the event, and they certainly don't disappoint. The lineup will be comprised of larger AAA titles, as well as a variety of indie titles, and will grant fans early access to unreleased PlayStation titles slated for release this coming year. 

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In addition to strong hardware sales, the PlayStation brand saw fantastic software sales for the second quarter of the fiscal year. Sony sold over 4 million total consoles (including 3.3 million PlayStation 4 units), and 106 million units of software. For the full fiscal year (ending March 30, 2015), Sony expects to sell 17 million home consoles 3.5 million portable consoles, and a whopping 390 million total pieces of software. Analysts predict that PlayStation 4 will exceed these numbers, but Sony CEO Shuhei Yoshida is waiting to see Holiday sales before taking a more "bullish" stance on his projections. 

The numbers are in for Sony's performance in the second quarter of the fiscal year (July 1 - September 30), and there's some good news and some bad news. The PlayStation brand is profitable for the second straight quarter, generating an operating income of $200 million thanks to strong sales from PlayStation 4. Unfortunately, that's about all that's going right for Sony at the moment, as losses from other divisions combined to form a quarterly loss of $1.247 billion. Sony expects to take an operating loss of ¥40 billion (around $36 million) for the full year.

The weekly software and hardware sales numbers for Japan are in, and Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate continues to dominate the competition, boosting New Nintendo 3DS to another strong sales week along the way. The popular game sold another 172,000 units this week, bringing its lifetime total to just under 2 million. The Evil Within saw a strong first week in Japan (all four versions of it cracked the top twenty) with over 120,000 copies sold, but even that wasn't enough to unseat Monster Hunter. Hit the jump for the full breakdown! 

Sony may be scaling back Vita's first-party support, but their handheld has at least one last big exclusive. Japanese gamers have been enjoying Freedom Wars for a few months now, and today the game launched in North America. This is a must have for Vita owners, and you can check out the launch trailer by clicking below.

With the first anniversary of the PlayStation 4, and the 20th anniversary of the PlayStation 1 just around the corner, Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Asia has opened up an official website. Commemorating the event, we've been given the date for their annual PlayStation Awards, and the announcement of a special project they have planned for the event.

The annual PlayStation Awards will be hosted on December 3rd, with the voting for their User Choice Prize opening up on October 29th.

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Over the weekend the annual Golden Joystick Awards were held in London, celebrating the best of the best in the video game industry for the past year. Dark Souls 2 took home the coveted Game of the Year award, and Metal Gear series creator and director Hideo Kojima was honored with a special Lifetime Achievement Award for nearly 30 years of dedication to making fantastic games. Since the ceremony is held in October, some games from late 2013 are included, and games releasing later this year are only qualified for the "Most Wanted" category. Hit the jump to catch the nominees and winners!

Last month Microsoft shelled out an incredible $2.5 billion to purchase Minecraft developer Mojang. Xbox boss Phil Spencer recently talked about the acquisition in an interview with GameSpot, expressing excitement about the future of a game that appeals to people of all ages and backgrounds, and suggested that the Xbox and mobile versions of the game could get access to mod servers in the future.

Another possibility suggested by many after the acquisition is that Microsoft could eventually launch a Minecraft 2. To this, Spencer says Microsoft is more focused on meeting the needs of the community. Hit the jump to check it out!

Earlier this month, we reported that Sony was holding a PlayStation event in Las Vegas this December. Dubbed the PlayStation Experience, the convention promises to feature "over 400,000 square feet of PlayStation games, panels, contests, signings, giveaways, collectible memorabilia, and much more." Sony recently announced that tickets to this massive, two-day event will go on sale starting tomorrow, October 24, here. Also, when it comes time for the convention, you'll want to get there early as the opening keynote address is only for the first 5,500 attendees! Until that time, Sony has provided a trailer for the gathering which you can find inside!

With the new generation of gaming consoles, a graphical standard for framerate and resolution has yet to be set. While some developers ardently vouch for fluidity over anything else, many maintain that graphical fidelity reigns supreme. With Uncharted 4: A Thief's End, Naughty Dog has planted its foot firmly with the third option — why not have both at once?

Even though it has jaw-dropping visuals as showcased in this real-time trailer, A Thief's End is still going to play in 60 FPS at 1080p when it releases next year. Not only that, but Naughty Dog went on to say that (as showcased by The Last Of Us Remastered) they are aiming for this to be the standard in all of their PlayStation 4 releases.