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Spring Fever is an annual promotion held by PlayStation to highlight unique titles through tons of sales and discounts. It's a great way for indie titles to get their names out in the open and for us players to discover great new games. Although the promotion usually lasts for four weeks, Sony has decided to extend the promotion to eight weeks. Eight weeks. Eight games. What's not to like?

Spring Fever is highlighting titles for PlayStation 4 this year, but most of the participating games are also available on PlayStation 3 or PlayStation Vita. For the full list of games and a sizzle reel, head inside.

With March just around the corner, PlayStation Plus subscribers everywhere are waiting to see what's in store for their Instant Game Collections this month. Accustomed to getting their next group of free games on the last Thursday of the month, Sony fans are going to have to wait a little longer than usual.

PlayStation Plus manager Fred Dutton had posted an apology on the European PlayStation Blog, and explained that they just weren't ready for a full announcement.

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The popular indie game Shovel Knight will finally be released for the PlayStation family of systems in a little under two months.

The game, developed by Yacht Club Games, has been available for the 3DS and Wii U since June in North America; the official PlayStation blog has announced that the title will be released on the PS4, PS3, and Vita on April 21st. The game will cost $13.49 for PlayStation Plus members and $14.99 for everyone else; the game will also support cross-buy, so once purchased you'll be able to play Shovel Knight on all three consoles. 

Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number has finally been confirmed for a March 10th release date.

After a cryptic phone number posted by the game's developer last month featuring a Miami area code, a "Wrong Number" message, and a heavy, yet blurry, focus on the word "March", it has been revealed that this is indeed the correct date.

The upcoming "top-down neon f***-em-up" is set for a release on PC, Mac, Linux, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PS Vita for the price of $14.99. With pre-orders available on Steam, Humble, and GOG, you'll be able to save 10% via pre-order.

Head inside for more information!

Axiom Verge is a Metroid-inspired, exploration-fueled action platformer that indie developer Tom Happ has been working on for five years now, and the sci-fi adventure is almost ready to launch. Axiom Verge has been targeting a Spring 2015 launch on PC, PlayStation 4, and Vita, and Happ has announced that the PlayStation 4 version is ready to go.

Axiom Verge will hit Sony's newest home console on March 31 for $19.99. You'll have to wait a bit longer for the other versions, but if you buy it on PlayStation 4, you can get it free on Vita via cross-buy. If you'd like to know more about Axiom Verge, check out our hands-on preview and see why we were impressed!

The Media Create numbers are in for software and hardware sales in Japan, and it's a good week for PlayStation. God Eater 2: Rage Burst launched on both Vita and PlayStation 4, selling a combined 272,004 units. This boosted Vita sales from just under 11,000 last week to over 35,000 this week. Vita was the top-selling single piece of hardware for the week and PlayStation 4 (which saw a slight boost) was second, but combined sales of all 3DS and New Nintendo 3DS models were higher, coming in at around 38,000. With no new titles charting this week, Wii U sales dipped to 6,000. Hit the jump for the full breakdown!

It's hard to believe the PlayStation Vita is already about three years old. The handheld released in North America in February of 2012, and it's had quite a journey since then. Through the ups and downs, Sony has accumulated a respectable library for the Vita. Now, it's time to celebrate its birthday by discounting dozens of those games.

Sony is holding a massive PSN sale for select Vita titles. There are tons of discounts and even a few freebies. Check out what prices are getting sliced inside.

The PlayStation Vita is turning three years old this week, and to celebrate, Sony is holding a massive birthday sale on the PlayStation Store, featuring tons of beloved and celebrated PS Vita titles.

But this birthday isn't all celebration; the Vita has faced its troubles over the past three years. Through bad sales or Sony's blatant neglect of the console, the fans of the console have remained adamant that it is one of the greatest handhelds of all time. While Sony's neglect is causing a large lack of first party AAA titles, there are still a ton of good games on it.

It irritates a lot of Vita users when comments such as "Is that a Vita? lol nogaems!" are thrown around, due to how uninformed they are about the console's amazing library.

In this week's Top 10, I'm going to be looking at which ones are the best.

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Resogun developers Housemarque have announced a new collaboration with Eugene Jarvis, the creator of Williams Electronics' classic arcade game Defender and Midway's Cruisi'n series. Jarvis, who hasn't worked with outside developers since 1994's Cruis'n USA, is the founder of Raw Thrills, Inc., an arcade company known for creating games based on films as well as producing the Big Buck Hunter franchise.

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Ackk Studios, the talented indie team behind action-RPG Two Brothers, is gearing up to launch a new adventure. Rather than the ancient past or the distant future, YIIK is set in the year 2000 (Who would have guessed?), but there's still plenty of stuff that's out of this world. In fact, the first trailer for the game is anything but typical and includes a look at a trippy crying pyramid that feels like it could be right out of a Yes album. Check out the trailer by clicking below!