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It's been a good year for gaming, with multiple high-profile games being released across a wide range of platforms. Review website Metacritic has compiled a list of the top games of the year, going by their review scores on the website.

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Today the opening cinematic for Resident Evil: Revelations 2 was released by Capcom, providing one of the funniest fake commercials in a while. The trailer focuses on Terrasave, a human right organization, as well as introduces Claire Redfield and Moira Burton, only to see them kidnapped by armed men shortly after. Click the jump to see the trailer!

It’s Christmas time, and that means overly decorated trees, meeting relatives whose names you can’t remember, and an extraordinary amount of food piled high on a plate. Above all, it means presents tucked away under that tree, in a comically sized sock, or however you pass around Christmas gifts in your family. Of course, no Christmas is complete without something gaming-related (I swear it’s traditional), so with that in mind, let’s find out what some of Gamnesia’s staff members are hoping to find under their Christmas tree this year!

Entertainment analyst Michael Pachter has been an influential figure in the financial side of the gaming industry for his analysis of video game developers and publishers alike, with many of his opinions sparking either controversy or changes in the industry.

In his recent return at the PlayStation Experience, Pachter dished out his opinions on Sony's future exclusives, and a few harsh words toward Nintendo.

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The weekly hardware and software sales number for Japan are in courtesy of Media Create, and it looks like the holiday sales surge has begun. 3DS, Wii U, and PS4 all saw increased sales this week, and 3DS topped the charts with over 150,000 units sold between all four of its models.

In software, the newest version of Yokai Watch 2 dominated the charts by selling over 1.2 million in just two days. The new-gen version of Grand Theft Auto V launched in Japan this week, and PlayStation 4 sales jumped from 16,000 to 68,000 as a result. Hit the jump to check out the full breakdown!

So, Sony made a mistake, a really funny mistake. Most of you may know that the PlayStation brand just turned 20 years old yesterday and, to celebrate, had sold limited run PS1 colored PlayStation 4's, as well as set up a website dedicated to this event. Now, PlayStation has become a massive name in the gaming industry, its main competitors being Microsoft and Nintendo, so what better way to celebrate the anniversary than to put up a big collage of all the characters that they've had on their consoles from the start? That seemed like the intention at the beginning, except for the fact that one of the images is of Mega Man... from Super Smash Bros. for Wii U.

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Often considered one of the best visual novels ever created, Steins;Gate will be available to captivate Western audiences on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita sometime next year. Steins;Gate tells the story of a small group of tech-savvy students who figure out how to send messages to the past via text messages. Game interaction takes places through the "phone trigger" system, in which the player changes the story based on responding to or ignoring phone calls and messages.

Steins;Gate is being published by PQube. It is unclear whether or not the game will be digital download only. According to PQube head of marketing Geraint Evans, "I’m a big advocate of physical releases. So we’ll do our utmost to make sure it happens on both formats and in both territories." No further details, such as whether the game will feature the PC translation, have been revealed yet.

Ratchet & Clank is about to have a big year. The dynamic duo is making the jump to the silver screen, as a movie based on the hit franchise is set to release in the early months of 2015. In addition, a new game will accompany the movie. Despite the franchise's absence from PlayStation Experience, Insomniac Games has reassured us that the game is still coming. It may not turn up as soon as we expected though.

Although the movie will retell the story of the first Ratchet & Clank game, the game will not be a remake of the franchise's first title. Instead, Insomniac calls it a re-imagining. Not a remaster. Not a port. A re-imagining. That leaves a lot of room for interpretation.

Insomniac also confirmed the game will not be released in Q1 of the 2015 fiscal year. It'll show up, but not early.

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PlayStation Plus has been in service since the end of June 2010, and one of the key features of the subscription-based service is the availability of free games every month. U.K.-based publisher Push Square conducted a study to find out if the service is worth it. The results showed that in 2014, over $1300 worth of games were made available for download across all three consoles. Push Square also found that the average Metacritic score of the year's offerings was 80, indicating that the games provided were generally well received.

Here in the West we've been enjoying Super Smash Bros. for Wii U for weeks already, but it didn't launch in Japan until December 6. While it didn't put up the kind of launch numbers we've seen from the likes of Pokémon or Monster Hunter, it debuted at number one with over 227,000 units sold, and Wii U sales for the week doubled from 12,000 to 24,000. New Nintendo 3DS continues to dominate the charts in Japan, and all four 3DS models saw a boost in sales this week, with total sales jumping by nearly 40,000. PlayStation 4 saw a slight bump this week as well. Hit the jump for the full breakdown!