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Welcome to the second chapter of Secrets of Skyward Sword. This series digs deep into the game, uncovering mysteries of Zelda lore throughout Hylian history. This week's article takes a look at a mysterious and spiritual parallel world called the Silent Realm that plays a key role in Link's quest in Skyward Sword. Hit the jump to dig in!

Overlooking Prison Island on Eryth Sea

Monolith Soft’s 2010 Japanese-role-playing-game (JRPG) Xenoblade Chronicles has one heck of a story. The acclaimed Wii game’s hundreds of hours of gameplay are loaded with twists and turns, just as the story of its publication outside Japan is a whole tale in itself.

For me personally, Xenoblade Chronicles’ journey to the west is a case study in many of the things wrong with the gaming industry, its fans, game review scores and even our society today. As for the game itself, however, it remains a stellar example of how to do everything right within a JRPG.

If you were hoping to see some good old-fashioned Pokémon titles on the Virtual Console, Game Freak has unfortunately squashed those hopes. Speaking to Game Informer, company producer Junichi Masuda and director Shigeru Ohmori explained that the development studio’s focus has been on bringing remade, updated games to the table instead of releasing the original titles.

Head past the jump to read exactly what they had to say!

Welcome to the second chapter of Secrets of Skyward Sword. This series digs deep into the game, uncovering mysteries of Zelda lore throughout Hylian history. Last time we explored the possible true identity of the Goddess of Time. This time around, we're going to be focusing on one of the beloved and mysterious races in Hyrule: the Sheikah tribe.

The Sheikah have been mentioned in multiple games, but we still know very little about them, and in most games they are treated as a dead race or a legend. Still, from the ancient tales, and from a combination of Sheikah artifacts and locales, we can get a pretty good idea of their history. Hit the jump to dig in!

A few weeks ago, in the hopes of 1-upping the Xbox 360 controller, I bought an Xbox One controller. While I won’t bother posting a full-length review of it, I have to admit that it’s been a pretty amazing experience. The trigger buttons felt amazing to use and the analog sticks were perfect. However, it was a bit disappointing that there’s no way to use it wirelessly on PC.

That said, there are a lot of popular controllers, ranging from the classic DualShock design to the Smash fan’s favorite, the GameCube controller. Which one is your favorite?

Fantasy Life, a lesson in existentalism

When you pick up a book, there’s a finite number of pages before the end. When you watch a movie, there’s a limited amount of minutes before the credits roll. But when you play a video game things are different. How long the experience lasts is not strictly predetermined, there's an element of choice: your choice.

In the recent Hyrule Warriors for Wii U, to complete the main story, called “Legend Mode,” and watch the credits, the playtime is roughly a mere 10 hours. However, players who really invest in the game will tell you there are hundreds of hours to be found in “Adventure Mode.”

Similarly, the new 3DS title Fantasy Life has a plot that can be completed in roughly 20 hours, if you stick with just one of the game’s 12 jobs, called “lives.” But where’s the fun in that? Fantasy Life is a much more fulfilling game when you live a little by trying all 12 different lifestyles. The experience is fuller when you try everything on offer.

The seventh generation of video game consoles brought many monumental changes to the industry and an incredible lineup of fantastic games. HD gaming came to consoles for the first time, online services improved dramatically, motion and voice controls became a prevalent force, the number of people interesting in video games skyrocketed as the market expanded, and over a quarter billion consoles were sold between Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Wii. 

With Wii U approaching its second anniversary and Xbox One and PlayStation 4 each approaching their first,  the eighth generation is now in full swing. As such, EDGE Magazine looks back on the last generation and counts down their top ten games. Check it out by clicking below, and leave your own top ten!

For those of you who enjoy the endearing characters and toys of Skylanders, prepare to welcome the newest addition: Spry. The mini-Spyro dragon will be a part of Skylanders: Trap Team to help players "capture evil and unleash good". Of course this special occasion warrants a trailer which displays this cute dragon's abilities and fighting prowess. 

Head past the jump to check out the trailer and learn more. 

Cyber Gadget is launching an adapter soon that allows for lots of new control options on Wii and Wii U. This adapter lets you plug in a DualShock 3, DualShock 4, Cyber Analog Turbo 3, Classic USB Gamepad, or iBuffalo Arcade Stick 13 II into a Wii or Wii U controller. It's currently only slated for Japan, and will launch in November for 2,894 yen, or around $26. If you're not quite sold on Wii U's pro controller, perhaps this option will suit you.

Although you may think of Nintendo as just a video game company, they've been around much longer than the rise of video games. Nintendo started as a trading card company, and over time evolved into other forms of entertainment, eventually focusing most of its resources on video games. Nintendo has a long history, and yesterday actually marked its 125th anniversary. In celebration, IGN has put together a video countdown of the top 125 best Nintendo games of all time. From classics like Donkey Kong to newer games like Super Mario 3D World, this countdown showcases many of the greatest titles in Nintendo's video game history. Hit the jump to watch the video and list some of your favorites in the comments!