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In addition to the free villain DLC headed to Hyrule Warriors, we'll also be receiving four different paid DLC packs. This includes the Hyrule Warriors Master Quest pack, the Twilight Princess pack, the Majora's Mask pack, and the Ganon pack. These packs will add new characters, costumes, stages, weapons, adventure maps, and even game modes. 

The first one releases in October (about a month after the game comes out) and the rest will release in the coming months all the way through February, providing support for the game for quite some time. All of the DLC is reasonably priced, and there's a special deal where you can pre-order all of them at a discounted price and receive a free character. Hit the jump for details!

Good news, Hyrule Warrior fans! The game hasn't even released yet (outside of Japan) but we've already got news of some awesome free DLC. The game launches on September 26, and an update will be made available on September 30 that includes three new playable villains. Cia, Volga, and Wizzro, all brand new characters, will be added to your game with this DLC pack, increasing the playable character count to sixteen. 

Additionally, you'll be given the ability to turn on and off cutscenes at will, which will come in handy for repeat plays. Hit the jump to catch screenshots of the villains and gameplay footage of Cia in action!

Chadderz and Bean are two of the only people to publicly express that they have been able to hack Mario Kart 8. Going by the YouTube name of MrBean35000vr they recently posted a video of Moo Moo Meadows, but with one rather noticeable difference. The sky is gone.

Make the jump to learn why and to watch a video that showcases the hack!

Oh boy, who would think that even after the release of Super Smash Bros. there would be huge news regarding cut characters. After endless amounts of images of the official final roster for the game flooded the internet, something has arisen regarding one very special character that never made a return in what can possibly be considered the most hyped game of the year, next to Destiny. A source that is close to Hideo Kojima has confirmed to Fox Weekly that Snake would not only not be returning to Smash, but apparently Masahiro Sakurai didn't show any interest in putting the character back into the game in the first place. You can read more about this by clicking down below!

With Super Smash Bros. for 3DS now available in Japan, we know the game's full roster. Lots of newcomers like Greninja and the Villager spice things up, but there were also some characters from Brawl that didn't make the cut and had to be left behind. Charziard is now his own character, but the Pokémon Trainer has been removed, so Squirtle and Ivysaur are gone. Snake, Wolf, and Lucas were all cut as well, and the Ice Climbers had to be cut for technical reasons. Of all the Brawl characters who won't return for the new Smash, which one will you miss the most? Hit the jump to cast your vote!

In a recent Kotaku interview with Disney Infinity producer John Vignocchi, we learned how they chose which Marvel characters to add to the next game in the series, Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes. Apart from sifting through the huge amount of characters, they also had to consider what would provide balanced gameplay.

"Over 8,000?! That's amazing. So there are over 8,000 Marvel characters to choose from. Obviously everyone knows franchises like Spider-Man and the Avengers, but how did certain individuals like Iron Fist and Nova make the cut for the first wave of heroes?" — Kotaku

Find out more after the jump!

Canada is in for very special (and very exclusive) treat that is going to coincide with the launch of Super Smash Bros. for the 3DS. Super Smash Club is an official Nintendo community that is exclusive to Canada. According to the website, it's a way for Smash fans across Canada to engage in different events and contests.

Head inside to learn more, as well as to watch a video starring everyone's favorite Reggie!

The Media Create sales for the past week in Japan have arrived, showing us the top-selling software and hardware. Unsurprisingly, based on yesterday's report, Super Smash Bros. for 3DS is sitting at the top with over 940,000 sales. Nintendo asserts that total sales (digital included) for the first two days exceeded one million. Unfortunately, this provided only a small boost to 3DS hardware, but it still took the number one spot. PlayStation 4 sales more than tripled from the launch of Destiny, which chimed in at number two (and number three) on the charts. Here's the full breakdown.

With the recent reveal of the Super Smash Bros. for 3DS roster, many fans couldn't help but notice the lack of the Ice Climbers from the lineup. A little over a year ago, we reported on the difficulties of developing Super Smash Bros. for both the 3DS and the Wii U, and it seems those fears regarding character inclusion have come true. According to a recent article in Famitsu, Masahiro Sakurai cited the reason for the Ice Climbers being left out as being that the 3DS lacked the hardware power required to make them run. He also mentioned that series which are unlikely to have another installment were given a lower priority with regards to character inclusions.

Super Smash Bros. series creator and director Masahiro Sakurai has been spoiling (the good kind!) Smash fans with daily screenshots every Monday through Friday for months now. Whether its revealing new features, showcasing new attacks, announcing new characters, or just posting something funny, Sakurai has kept the hype rolling. 

Originally the Pic of the Day was only intended to last for about two months, but it's been so popular that Sakurai has extended it, and he announced today that he intends to keep it going all the way through the launch of the Wii U version of the game. Future updates won't contain any potentially "spoiler" type information, but Sakurai will keep us hooked with interesting and funny images instead.