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After exceeding expectations on Wii U and 3DS, Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition just made its Nintendo Switch debut in Japan. The rest of the world has to wait another two months for the Switch version, but you don't have to wait to get a good look at it. Thanks to a pair of comparison videos from GameXplain and Nintendo Wire, we've got plenty of side-by-side footage of the game on Wii U and Switch.

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Game Developer Conference 2018 is in full swing, and the annual GDC Choice Award winners have just been announced. Unlike many other awards shows, GDC's honors are voted on by industry members. Still, if you've been paying attention to other recent video game awards shows, it should come as no surprise to you that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was once again a big winner.

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The Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing series served as enjoyable racing games that would distract you long enough if you ever got sick of playing Mario Kart. Unfortunately, that's all they can be: a distraction. When you're looking for a great party game to play with your friends, the All-Star Racing games are rarely likely to be brought up. They suffer from slippery controls, questionable game mechanics, and a poor online structure.

Fortunately, SEGA has a chance to make up for all this, as they recently announced a brand new Sonic racing game. The company has confirmed it won't be a sequel to any games they've released, so this is their chance to start over from scratch. But for SEGA to even dream of competing with the big dogs like Mario Kart, there are a few things they'll need to work on.

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SXSW 2018 is wrapping up in Austin, Texas, and last night the winners of the fifth annual South by Southwest Gaming Awards (as decided by over half a million votes from gamers around the world) were announced. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was the biggest winner, taking home the coveted Video Game of the Year award alongside two other accolades. PUBG was another big winner, with three awards to its name as well.

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Nintendo launched The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild just over a year ago, and it didn't take long for modders to get the game running on PC with a Wii U emulator. This allowed players to run the game at higher resolutions and framerates, and it also opened the door to a flood of crazy mods with characters like Goku, Shrek, and Buzz Lightyear. The latest popular mod to surface borrows from Zelda spin-off Hyrule Warriors by adding Linkle as a playable character.

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The month ahead for the Nintendo Switch is brimming with some award-winning indie games, and it starts strong as the eShop welcomes a variety of quality experience this week. Get ready to test your Metroidvania prowess, sharpen your dungeon-crawling and rhythmic senses, or pack your bags to return to a hometown gone wrong among your featured Nintendo Downloads!

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The Nintendo Switch is selling like hotcakes within its first year, already eclipsing the lifetime estimates of its predecessor and edging closer to 15 million units. With Nintendo's recent financial briefing, the document covering the last few fiscal quarters has also touched on the sales of the bestselling titles on the system to date.

Standing out from the bunch is Super Mario Odyssey, which sold 2 million copies in its first three days and became the fastest selling Mario game ever in the US, with an impressive showing of over 9.07 million copies as of December 31, 2017. This pushes lifetime software sales for the system to a total 52.57 million units sold within that timeframe.

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This time last year, Nintendo ceased Wii U production altogether while retailers had trouble keeping up with preorder demand for the company's newly unveiled hybrid system. Not even one whole year into its lifespan, this new platform has either been breaking or keeping up with home console sales records set by all-time greats like the Wii and the PlayStation 2.

Now, the time has come for Nintendo to disclose their sales results for the last quarter, and in their financial briefing, the company has revealed that the Nintendo Switch has officially sold 14.86 million units worldwide. Read on after the jump for more info!

Nintendo's online eShop catalog is welcoming the releases of all kinds of digital games this week, and if you're among those who picked up a Nintendo Switch this past Christmas and are looking for more bang for your buck, a lot of high profile titles for the console are currently on sale for up to 30% off. Here's to hoping your wallets aren't hurting too much after the holidays!

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Many Wii U and 3DS owners were saddened with the inevitable death of the online message board known as Miiverse. The service allowed players to share their favorite moments, opinions, or tips about any game they owned on the system. Miiverse was also known well as an outlet for amazing artists to show their talent and as the home of some infamous memes, such as the often quoted "Y cant metroid crawl?"

The online community was taken offline in late 2017, as the successful Nintendo Switch excluded the feature. But if you still want to see the goodness that came from Miiverse in its five years, you don't have to worry about a thing. With the help of Jason Scott's Archive Team, web developer Drastic Actions has archived over 17 Terabytes worth of content for your viewing pleasure.

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Back in 2012, Nintendo's official magazine, Nintendo Power, released its final issue, after more than 24 years of providing news and strategies for fans across North America. The magazine's discontinuation was a somber moment for many who grew up with it, and in the five years since, some have even tried to revive the spirit of the magazine with new publications, such as Nintendo Force. However, a few days ago, Nintendo announced that Nintendo Power is finally coming back—only this time, as an official Nintendo podcast.

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Just a few weeks ago, Nintendo released The Champions' Ballad, the second piece of DLC for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. This new DLC was far larger than The Master Trials, which was released back in May, as it added new Shrines, a new quest line in the main story, and several new costumes and weapons to the game.

Although these two DLC packs were the only ones ever confirmed by Nintendo, it was never explicitly stated whether the game would be getting new content at some point in the future. However, in a recent interview with Famitsu, series director Eiji Aonuma confirmed that Breath of the Wild was officially completed, and The Champions' Ballad would be its last-ever piece of DLC.

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It's been a long time coming for Breath of the Wild fans, but we finally have a release date for the The Champions' Ballad DLC pack. Surprise, it's actually available tonight! You read that correctly, tonight! Aside from the previously-announced story content and new dungeon, this pack features some new costumes, a warpable horse, and, once you beat all the challenges in the DLC, even a motorcycle dubbed the "Master Cycle Zero."

Are you ready to dive back into the world of Breath of the Wild and learn even more about the Champions? Check out the trailer inside and don't forget to actually download the pack!

The Game Awards are finally being presented tomorrow, and many gamers are excited to see which title from 2017 will claim the prestigious Game of the Year award. To add to this excitement, there will be many special guests to hand out the awards this year.

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The Nintendo Switch has yet to wrap up its first year on store shelves, and with a number of blockbuster releases already under its belt, another highly anticipated title is set to drop for the hybrid platform tomorrow. JRPG lovers are looking forward to sink their teeth in Xenoblade Chronicles 2, but recent comments by Monolith Soft president Tetsuya Takahashi have also caught the attention of fans of the Nintendo subsidiary's Wii U venture.

In an interview with Japanese gaming publication 4Gamer, Takahashi shared some interesting comments on Xenoblade Chronicles X and the possibility of a Nintendo Switch port for the game in the future.

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