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Amiibo have been wildly popular since they've been introduced last November, and Nintendo has been capitalizing on their success. They've announced plans for limited-edition Amiibo, plans to reprint certain sold-out ones, Amiibo-based Wii U apps, and even a series of Amiibo cards. But with all these changes, what does the future of Amiibo look like? What's Nintendo's larger plan with the brand, and how are they planning to incorporate it into their big picture as an entertainment company? Most importantly, what can we expect the lines of Amiibo to look like two or three years down the line?

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Earlier, we learned that Tantalus' latest Wii U port should be releasing sometime this year; during the same podcast, the developer also teased another project.

During the Fragments of Silicon podcast, Tom Crago stated that Tantalus is working on another port; this time, they are porting a game from the Wii U to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. He was able to say that the game will release this year, but he did not elaborate on what game it might be. Head inside for Crago's full quotation.

Last year, we learned that Tantalus Media (developer of the Wii U versions of Mass Effect 3 and Deus Ex: Human Revolution) is working on porting a game to the Wii U; soon, we should be finding out what that title is.

During the Fragments of Silicon podcast, Tantalus' Tom Crago stated that the port will be announced "soon", and should release sometime this year. He also stated that the title is the "biggest thing we've ever done", so it will be interesting to see what they're working on; it sounds like it will be a good addition to the Wii U's library. Head inside for Crago's full quotation.

It's been a big week for Nintendo news, and as is (recent) tradition on Thursdays here at Gamnesia, we're here to give you a handy recap of everything that's happened. At the beginning of the week, Nintendo held their quarterly financial briefing, which reflects on their performance in the latest quarter of the fiscal year, and their plans for future business. But on top of all that, we got the normal number of stories, including information on Star Fox U and a fan study of which characters Japanese gamers want to see as DLC in Super Smash Bros. Head past the jump to check it all out!

You've asked for it. You've dreamed of it. Now, the time has finally come!

That's right folks, now you'll be able to play as one of the deadliest characters in gaming: the Cucco! The latest Hyrule Warriors DLC pack has been released in Japan, and players have discovered the Cucco as a hidden playable character. Not only is the winged beast fearless in combat, it is also way bigger than its Cucco brethren; it can also summon a legion of Cuccos for one of its attacks. Is anyone else excited to storm through enemies as the Cucco when the Boss Pack DLC hits America on March 12th, or is that just me?

In a series of updates this morning (February 26), Monolith Soft shared a short story based on their upcoming open-world RPG Xenoblade Chronicles X. Despite the game thus far containing no references to the original Xenoblade Chronicles outside of the inclusion of the Nopon race, and the fact that it has been described as a "spiritual successor" to the game, the story alludes to the X predecessor's "homs" (the race of Shulk and many of his companions).

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As part of a series of updates to the official website of Xenoblade Chronicles X, Monolith Soft has released some new details and concept art about their upcoming open-world RPG.

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In a series of updates this morning (February 26), Monolith Soft has unveiled two new characters from their upcoming open-world RPG Xenoblade Chronicles X.

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In a press release issued this morning, Nintendo officially announced the leaked Gold Mario Amiibo.

The figure, which is officially called the Super Mario Amiibo – Gold Edition, will be released on March 20th alongside the previously announced Super Mario Amiibo and Mario Party 10; it will retail for $12.96 and will be exclusively available at 3,000 Walmart stores in the US. There is no word on how limited this Amiibo will be. We can also probably expect the Silver Mario Amiibo to be real as well, as it was revealed in the same leak as this figure.

Xenoblade Chronicles X will offer players an enormous game world with five different continents to explore. While you play, time will pass in-game and you'll see a day/night cycle take effect. Some new gameplay footage has been revealed, showcasing all the different times of day as well as the varied different environments of planet Mira. Hit the jump to check it out!