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Nintendo's Amiibo figurines became available for pre-order yesterday, and they are off to a hot start! Out of the twelve characters available, eleven of them are currently on Amazon's list of top twenty video game products. Link and Samus are especially popular (yes, even more so than Mario), as they are beat out for the top two spots only by PlayStation store gift cards. The only Amiibo not currently in Amazon's top twenty is Wii Fit Trainer. Will you be adding Amiibo characters to your collection?

Wii U was criticized much of last year for having a thin game library, but Nintendo is out to prove that's no longer the case. A few weeks ago they released a Wii U games sizzle reel to show people there's lots of great games on Wii U and more coming in the future, and now they've made a follow-up video. The last video had the catch phrase "The Time Is Now," and this time it's "Games of Past, Present, and Future." If you're on the fence about Wii U and want to see what's coming up, or if you just want to catch some great Nintendo action, check the video out by clicking below!

We've had so much news today that it's hard to believe there's even more, but an eagle-eyed fan has recently pointed out that Ganondorf has been inadvertently confirmed in the latest trailer for Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS.

We already knew that this trailer showed off the once-again returning Corneria stage from Super Smash Bros. Melee, but as it turns out, there's another confirmation tucked deep inside: the Great King of Evil himself.

Head inside to get a better look!

Super Smash Bros. is a series that, for keeping the same basic theme throughout, has seen some very different styles. Melee featured a more fast-paced, competitive style, while Brawl was less intense and focused more on diversity and good old fashioned fun.

As indicated by our latest edition of Game Clash (in which Brawl and Melee are less than 1% apart in a vote of favorites), fans are pretty divided over which style is better. Series creator and director Masahiro Sakurai has been hoping to strike the perfect balance between the two with Super Smash Bros. for 3DS & Wii U, and he's pretty confident that the has achieved this goal. In an interview with Edge Magazine, Sakurai talked about the different styles, calling the new games the most "interesting" game in the series yet. Check out his full quotes after the jump!

Today, during their unexpected Nintendo Direct, Nintendo had announced many things, anywhere between a new, more powerful 3DS and a portable version of Xenoblade Chronicles. We've also seen a lot of things about Smash Bros., like Shulk's confirmation, Club Nintendo exclusive soundtracks, and details on some of the Assist Trophies. Next to the new Assist Trophies, we've also been given some new details on previously announced items.

If you want to see them, check out our gallery after the jump!

Europe, continuing to get all the nice things, will be getting a Super Smash Bros. 4 double pack, which will include two copies of Super Smash Bros. at a reduced cost. You can get a copy for yourself and one for your significant other, so the two of you may vent your frustrations via meteor smashes or team up to practice meteor-smashing other couples around the world. Share a copy with a friend, or keep it for yourself if you're really lonely, I guess. No release date is given, but it is probably safe to assume the double pack will launch alongside the game's release.

Nintendo's soon-to-be-released interactive figurines' prices have been officially revealed, and the company has released more images of the products and their packages. The Amiibo are now available for pre-order on Amazon and at GameStop at $12.99 apiece.

The first wave will include Mario, Peach, Link, Samus, Yoshi, Donkey Kong, Pikachu, Kirby, Fox, Marth, Villager and Wii Fit Trainer, though more will be coming in the future.

A gallery of the figures and their boxes are after the jump—by the way, they look great!

During this morning's explosive 3DS Nintendo Direct, Nintendo showcased many exciting new things, such as a new, more powerful 3DS, a version of Xenoblade Chronicles exclusively for that model, and a whack of Smash Bros. news. There were a lot of new things for the 3DS, but one of the things they've given us away from that was a pack of new screenshots from Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. These screenshots have all shown off new Assist Trophies included in the game, along with descriptions for each of the assisting characters. Characters included range from Ghirahim from The Legend of Zelda to Nintendo's own Color TV-Game 15.

Want to see them? Head in and make the jump!

Poké Balls have been a mainstay in the Super Smash Bros. series since the very first game, and the popular items will return for the two new iterations of Smash. As we learned earlier, a new change is that powerful legendary Pokémon like Xerneas and Yveltal from Pokémon X & Y will only appear when a Master Ball is thrown, whereas more common Pokémon are summoned with regular Poké Balls. Nintendo has just updated the Super Smash Bros. website, revealing some of the Pokémon that will appear in Super Smash Bros. for 3DS & Wii U and detailing what powers they will have. Additionally, ten screenshots of Pokémon in action have been revealed. Check it all out after the jump!

It looks like Nintendo’s set to add a bit of content to the Hyrule Warriors experience. On launch day, 19th of September, Nintendo of Europe tweeted that a free DLC content patch will add a new mode, weapon, and a music selection option to the game. It is currently unclear if you can only select in-game music, but we can speculate on how cool it would be if you could sync your own playlists to it. Then again, I’d probably just end up listening to Hell March from Command & Conquer over and over…