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Xenoblade Chronicles had a massively expansive expanse that would leave players in a trance. The world was absolutely gargantuan, as if, not one, but two giant gods clashed together and created it. Wait... well, the game's sequel Xenoblade Chronicles X is even bigger. In fact, it's so big that Nintendo almost considered using more than one disk for the game.

Xenoblade Chronicles X clocks in at nearly twenty-five gigabytes of memory. That's over three-quarters of a Wii U's internal storage! This is one you won't want to download if you don't have an external hard drive. What's more, apparently the game is so big that developer Monolith Soft considered using two disks. 

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Every so often, Nintendo compiles a list of titles that have exceeded one million units, which I suppose must feel pretty nice to be able to do. The Big N has recently compiled a new one for the three-quarter period of April 2014 through December 2014, and it includes twelve (or fourteen, depending on whether or not you want to count Pokémon pairs as separate or not) games. Four are for the Wii U, while the rest help show the 3DS's enormous presence. Unsurprisingly, given all the demand for them, Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire stand firm at the top with an impressive 9.35 million units sold during the period, though they are beaten out by Mario Kart 7 and Pokémon X and Y's life-to-date sales.

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Smash Bros. fans have been hacking into the game's files and digging up goodies left and right recently. The latest discovery is an entire set of unused custom moves for every character, implying that at some point during development there were plans to include four options for every move. While all of the moves have no effects (save for Mario's), they all appear to have had their physics tweaked, meaning it's likely that plans had already been made for the behavior of each move.

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It is now (technically) two years since Nintendo began claiming ownership of “Let’s Play” videos on YouTube that featured the company’s content, meaning that any ad revenue that originally went to the YouTuber was diverted into Nintendo’s wallet, something Zach Scott confirmed in May 2013. Since then, Nintendo has been zigzagging back and forth on the issue. Later that year, it was rumored that Nintendo could be backing away from “Let’s Play” money when Reggie Fils-Aime claimed that the decision was made to protect Nintendo’s intellectual property, but it wasn’t until November 2014 that Nintendo finally began to doubt their stance and made their work eligible for Nicovideo’s “Creative Endorsement Program.” It was clear that potential Nintendo Let’s Players were going to jump through a lot of hoops.

Nintendo recently wrapped up its quarter three investor report, and they managed a net income of $384 million for the period of October 1 - December 31, but the numbers weren't all good. Sales were lower than expected, with the 3DS sales expectation being lowered from 12 million to 9 million, and their projected operating income for the year was cut in half.

It looks like these are the numbers that caught the eyes of investors, as Nintendo's stock sharply declined by 8.66% in just one day, dropping Nintendo's stock value down to its lowest point since October just after reaching year-long highs during the holiday season. Nintendo will be launching New Nintendo 3DS globally next month, and they've got a steady lineup of Wii U games in store for 2015. Will it be enough to boost their value?

Following the quarterly investor report, Nintendo has released their upcoming release schedule. Most of the game and dates listed on the schedule are things we've known for a while, but there are a few changes. Most notably, Mario Maker was slated to launch in North America and Europe during the first half of 2015 according to the last release schedule Nintendo gave us, but it's just listed for a generic 2015 launch in all regions now. The "New Fire Emblem" will launch in Japan this summer, but Nintendo has not cemented in a 2015 launch for other regions at this time. Click below for the full schedule!

One of the cool new features of Super Smash Bros. for Wii U is an 8-player mode, but only a select few stages support it. Thankfully that number is growing, as the latest game update (which is out now) adds 8-Player Smash compatibility to 15 stages.

Regular stages gaining support for the mode include Mario Circuit, Luigi's Mansion, Pyrosphere, Norfair, Lylat Cruise, Pokémon Stadium 2, Town and City, Smashville, and Studio Wii Fit. The update also adds support for the Final Destination versions of Mario Galaxy, Mario Circuit, The Great Cave Offensive, Lylat Cruise, Pokémon Stadium 2, and Town and City. Some of the levels have been altered slightly. Hit the jump for details!

Earlier today we learned a lot of new information about Xenoblade Chronicles X thanks to Famitsu. One of the new features announced was a faction system known as Unions. More details on this gameplay mechanic have surfaced.

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After a slow start, Nintendo has really started to flesh out the Wii U library with games like Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, Mario Kart 8, and Super Smash Bros., and more Nintendo staples like Yoshi, Star Fox, and Zelda are all on the way. However, there are still plenty of Nintendo classics that haven't been announced for the company's first ever HD console, and we know Nintendo has multiple unannounced Wii U games in the works. Out of all the gems in Nintendo's library, which series do you want to see hit Wii U the most? Hit the jump to join the discussion!

Following Nintendo's investor report (where they revealed a quarterly net income of $384 million), President and CEO Satoru Iwata spoke briefly with the press and expressed support in the Wii U brand. Iwata was quoted as saying "Wii U is not over yet. I want to continue to build on playing on people’s high expectations [for the system]," and he also confirmed that there are multiple unannounced games in the works for the system. What Nintendo title would you like to see hit Wii U?