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Kirby's Epic Yarn came out for the Wii in 2010 but is being released again for the Wii U eShop. Currently available in the European and Australian eShops, the game will be on sale for 25% off until May 28th.

This critically acclaimed game's new availability will allow new players to try it out as well as let old timers to relive cherished Wii memories. Plus, the game features a new (as of 2010) art and game-play style, as well as a co-op campaign.

What other classic Wii games do you want to see ported to Wii U? Let us know after the jump.

An adorable game by the name of Little Devil Inside is on Kickstarter, and it's pretty popular so far. In this quirky survival action RPG, developed my Neostream, you are assisting the work of a paranormal investigator who is questing to study and obtain information on strange activities within the game world.

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Not long ago we announced that we'd be uploading a Q&A video about Splatoon to our YouTube channel today, and you guys sent in a ton of questions. I sat down to look them over, and answered them for you. Head past the jump for the video!

Community Night has been on a break for a while, but it’s back in force! And we’ve got something very special for you indeed. Colin McIsaac, our editor-in-chief, has got his hands on a copy of Splatoon, and tonight, at 8:30 PM EST, he will streaming that for one hour. In addition, he’ll also delve deep into the world of Banjo-Kazooie, and you definitely don’t want to miss that!

So remember, tonight at 8:30 PM EST on our Twitch channel! Don’t be late!

When Nintendo first unveiled Splatoon at E3 last year, the new IP was only 10% complete, featuring just one playable stage and one weapon. Thankfully, the game has evolved quite a bit since then, and the third-person shooter now has a much more fleshed out lineup of environments and ink-blasters. With just five days left to go until launch, Nintendo has released a new extended cut trailer showing off lots of footage of the game along with a song detailing the game's weapons, enemies, and more. Click below to check it out!

We've known for some time that Nintendo's upcoming platform, dubbed NX, is going to be a "brand new concept," but Nintendo's been keeping a tight lid on what exactly that might entail. CEO Satoru Iwata, however, may have recently revealed more about the NX than we realized during a meeting with Nintendo's investors. What can we learn about NX from Iwata's latest hints? This is one of the subjects we cover on this week's episode of Nintendo Week, our Nintendo podcast here at Gamnesia.

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In a recent Iwata Asks, it was revealed that the squids in Splatoon went though various changes. The Inklings initially were tofu, then rabbits, and, as recently revealed, at one point in development they were also a "person-like squid." Part of the concern of using squids rather than rabbits is that squids "aren’t quite as lovable as rabbits," and a challenge of using squids was that "it was sort of hard to turn it into a character."

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During a recent Iwata Asks interview, some of the Splatoon development team revealed that they had actually forgotten about the water gun in Super Mario Sunshine until late in the development process. Splatoon utilizes several weapons which perform similar functions to the F.L.U.D.D. device, which was used by Mario in the older game.

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Last year Nintendo surprised us by unveiling a new IP at E3. As an online-focused, team-based third-person shooter, Splatoon was everything you wouldn't expect on Wii U, but it was still absolutely drenched in Nintendo charm. Splatoon was one of the most popular games on the show floor, and long waiting lines persisted throughout all three days that the show floor was open. Even though there was only one mode available, it felt like Splatoon must be a game deep in its development cycle. As it turns out, it was only 10% complete. Hit the jump for more!

Nintendo recently announced plans to revive the Nintendo World Championships, a major competitive event from 1990. Fans got very excited to imagine what Nintendo was planning to roll out, but as more information was revealed about the size, scope, and content of the tournament, hype came crashing down. This is one of the subjects we cover on this week's episode of Nintendo Week, our Nintendo podcast here at Gamnesia. If you'd like to learn more about it, you can watch the discussion video after the jump!

The Splatoon hype is in full force today, as the Global Testfire returns this afternoon and the game's launch is just six days away. Nintendo Minute has been promoting the game all month, and they're back with another video. This time, they get up close and personal with the game and its Amiibo in an unboxing video. Click below to check it out!

The past few weeks have been an exciting time for Kickstarter, as two major developers have taken to crowdfunding to create spiritual successors to their former franchises. Koji Igarashi is reviving the Castlevania formula with Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, and Playtonic Games (composed of ex-members of Rare) are reviving the glory days of 3D platformers like Banjo-Kazooie with Yooka-Laylee. Both games quickly smashed their targets and have each raised over $2.5 million, but they're not just helping themselves. They're helping other indie developers as well. Hit the jump for more!

When Playtonic Games first unveiled Yooka-Laylee, the gameplay they showed off was in a small area designed as a sort of "playground" for the game's characters. The first and foremost element of Yooka-Laylee that Playtonic wanted people to experience was how the characters move and how good it feels to control them.

Playtonic's Chris Sutherland was recently interviewed, and he explained the thought process behind focusing on how movement feels, even more than how the characters look as they move, and the development steps taken to get Yooka-Laylee where it is today. Click below to check it out!

Splatoon, Nintendo's inky third-person shooter, launches in less than a week now, but review copies have already gone out. We're using ours to answer your questions in an upcoming video, and our friends over at GameXplain are doing one of the things they do best and investigating it for hidden secrets. As it turns out, Splatoon has a few Easter eggs hidden away, referencing some classic Nintendo games! Click below to check it out.

Nintendo of Europe has announced the latest in the Art Academy series, Art Academy: Atelier. The game will include 30 "comprehensive lessons" as well as the use of charcoal as an available tool for the first time. Each lesson, categorized as Beginner, Advanced, or Tools, will have step-by-step tutorials for either drawing or painting techniques. There is also a mode to paint or draw freely with the wide range of materials and tools.

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