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As an apology for the delayed release of their upcoming Havoc DLC pack for first-person shooter Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, developer Sledgehammer Games has announced that they will be giving away a free rare loot drop to PC gamers: the KVA Paramilitary Exo. They also said that XP would be doubled throughout the PC launch of the Havoc pack on March 3rd, 2015.

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Rise of the Tomb Raider will launch as a timed exclusive on Xbox platforms, and apparently the Xbox One version will be quite impressive. When a game is released on both current and last gen consoles, the current gen version, while improved, typically doesn't take full advantage of the new hardware. That won't be the case with Rise of the Tomb Raider, according to director Brian Horton. On a recent podcast, he remarked "We are not limited at all, we are pushing the boundaries when it comes to what the Xbox One can do." We'll see if it holds up to the hype when it launches this holiday season!

Life is Strange, a story-driven episodic adventure from Dontnod Entertainment and Square Enix, debuted its first chapter last month to fairly positive reviews. Since then, there have been rumors that episode two would be delayed, and some publications reported this is a confirmed fact. Thankfully, it looks like this is not the case, as the official Twitter page has denied the rumors. Development of Life is Strange episode two (titled Out of Time) is "on track" and its expected to be released in March as planned. 

A recent report from Nielsen, a company that specializes in analyzing consumer behavior, relates ownership between current- and last-generation video game consoles. The data shows that 91% of PS4 owners, 88% of Xbox One owners, and 93% of Wii U owners have at some point been in possession of a last-gen console. It also shows which consoles were owned by these demographics. Interestingly, more PS4 gamers have had a Wii in the past than a PS3.

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Despite rumors of a potential release date being announced soon, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain might take a bit longer to finish. According to Hideo Kojima, the amount of freedom given to you in MGS V could lead to incoherence in gameplay. Kojima tries to explain as best he can on his Twitter account. 

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Turn 10 Studios and Universal Pictures are teaming up to create Forza Horizon 2 Presents Fast & Furious, a standalone expansion to Forza Horizon 2. The expansion is set before Furious 7 and sees the player take the role of a driver who sources vehicles to mechanic Tej Parker. Forza Horizon 2 Presents Fast & Furious is set to release on March 27 for Xbox One and Xbox 360. As a promotion for Furious 7, which releases in theaters on April 3, the game will be free until April 10, at which point the price will be set at $10. You can check out the short teaser after the jump!

Destiny's servers, as well as Bungie's website, will be down for maintenance tomorrow, February 24th, from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. PST, the developer announced via Twitter today. A follow-up tweet from Bungie mentioned that server-side work will be performed during the two hour window and that gameplay features and functions will not be affected by tomorrow's maintenance.

Patch 1.1.1, which is supposed to go live before the end of the month, is supposed to fix some major bugs in Destiny and will bring forth some new gameplay features. It is surmised that tomorrow's scheduled maintenance will pave the way for update 1.1.1.

Ulrich Schulze, Electronic Sports League’s (ESL) Managing Director of Pro Gaming, wants to show ESL's dedication with the popular tactical shooter Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. To do so, ESL will be hosting the world's largest CS:GO tournament in August this year. The tournament will take place August 22-23rd in Cologne, Germany. The venue, Lanxess Arena, can seat 15,000 spectators as they watch sixteen teams compete for an enormous $250,000 prize. More info after the jump!

For those of you who cannot get enough of Middle Earth, the upcoming downloadable content pack for Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor might pique your interest. The new DLC pack, called The Bright Lord, will allow you to play as Talion's companion Celebrimbor in an all-new campaign. The campaign mode follows Celebrimbor thousands of years before the events of Shadow of Mordor, as he attempts to take on Sauron himself.

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If you're still playing Destiny, you are probably all too familiar with the game's mysterious vendor, Xur. Well, he's back this weekend, and he's stocked up on those glorious exotic armor pieces and weapons we've all grown to love. Make the jump to find out what Xur is offering now.