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A few weeks back, Destiny hosted a PVP event called The Iron Banner, which took into account both a player's level and armor modifications. With these modifications in effect, higher level players were supposed to experience major advantages against lower level combatants. Unfortunately, the level and armor advantages Bungie had originally promised wound up being much less impactful than originally advertised. Thus, in order to make amends for the wave of confusion caused by the most recent Iron Banner event, Bungie will be making major changes in the future.

Make the jump to find out what will be different during Destiny's next Iron Banner event.

Resident Evil revolutionized gaming back in the '90s with its classic survival-horror gameplay. The original game was remade years later with updated graphics, and soon it will be reborn again in HD for the first time ever. Resident Evil HD Remaster launches early next year, but you can check out the first ten minutes right now by clicking below!

It was highly praised by critics at its launch back in 2013, but many players felt Respawn Entertainment's Titanfall was a little lacking in some aspects. Namely, a weak campaign mode and poor community features stand out.  That's about to change.

A new update to the game will bring about a new mode called "Frontier Defense" — a four player co-operative mode where gamers have to defend towers from waves of AI enemies. It uses existing maps, but includes several new changes to gameplay.

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Three months ago there was quite a lot of noise made over the fact that Xbox was outsold by PlayStation by a margin of more than three to one. The months of April, May, and June saw a combined 1.1 million Xbox 360 and Xbox One units shipped (shipped to retailers, not necessarily sold through to customers) versus 3.5 million PlayStation consoles not counting handhelds. PlayStation 4 continues to lead sales on a month to month basis, but Xbox sales have definitely improved since the cheaper, Kinect-free model was introduced. In fact, they've more than doubled. Hit the jump for the details!

Over the past few years, video game livestreaming has grown immensely from a niche hobby to a full-blown profession. With sites like Twitch bringing in millions upon millions of visitors, it's no surprise that companies like Sony and Microsoft are integrating their services into the console itself. However, this has raised many questions about the validity of linear, predictable games in a world where you can experience them from any device for free via streaming and "Let's Plays".

Far Cry 4 creative director Alex Hutchinson has weighed in on the issue, and you can find what he has to say after the jump!

Activision has raised the stakes for its upcoming flagship title Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. The company has released a 4-minute trailer titled “A New Era of Multiplayer”. The trailer consists of gameplay footage showing off the new movement system, weapons and more, mixed together with commentary from various community members talking about their experience with Advanced Warfare.

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Assassin's Creed Rogue is a new installment of the franchise that will take place during the Seven Years' War. It follows the path of Patrick Cormac, an Assassin-turned-Templar, as he sets out to wreak havoc on his former brothers. Recently, some new footage has surfaced that showcases some information about the open world side missions. It goes over some very useful details and is worth the watch for those of you looking to buy the game.

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The Vault of Glass is without a doubt the toughest mode in Destiny to date — it requires six high level players to work together in near perfect synchronization in order to progress through a series of increasingly difficult challenges. And that's just the standard version we're talking about. Add in the "Hard Mode" modifier and players will be lucky to make it halfway through the Vault of Glass unless the majority of their fireteam is leveled up to 30. 

Yet, that didn't deter one player from soloing the Templar on hard mode. Make the jump to see YouTube user Venom Nommy take down one of Destiny's most arduous bosses completely alone. 

The weekly hardware and software sales numbers from Japan are in, and it's a good week to be Nintendo! Like last week, Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate and New Nintendo 3DS continue to top the charts, and nothing else is even close. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate sold another 327,000 units, and New Nintendo 3DS sold just shy of 90,000 combined units (between the regular and LL models) in its second week, bringing its two week sales total to over 324,000. Elsewhere numbers were slightly down across the board, except for Vita which got a small boost from Chaos Rings III: Prequel Trilogy debuting at number four. Click below for the full breakdown!

On October 16th, 2012 master Minecraft architect Duncan Parcells, better known as Colonial Puppet, started work on a monumental project. The fittingly named Titan City has been going for the last two years, passing its anniversary last Thursday.

According to Parcells, the build was "inspired by New York", but is not a replica. It includes 96 buildings thus far, with many different architectural styles and a high level of detail on each one. Altogether, it consists of nearly 4.5 million blocks, but its creator still feels it is "far from being finished".

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