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May 20 2016 - A Leaked Poster Has Revealed Destiny's Next Major Expansion, "Rise of Iron"

Mar 18 2016 - Destiny's April 12th Update Will Add A New Quest, Challenges, and Gear

Feb 11 2016 - Destiny's Getting a "Large Expansion" This Year and a "Full Sequel" Next Year

Jan 24 2016 - Destiny Will Celebrate Valentine's Day With a Romantic February Update

Jan 23 2016 - Sources Near Bungie Claim Destiny 2 Has Been Delayed Past September

Dec 05 2015 - The Sparrow Racing Event Starts in Destiny: The Taken King on December 8

Nov 14 2015 - Destiny is Getting a Refer a Friend Program

Nov 14 2015 - NWC: Nintendo's Attitude Towards Creating New IP is Too Cautious for Their Own Good

Nov 03 2015 - A Destiny Player Beat Crota's End Using Rock Band Drum for the Controller

Oct 06 2015 - Best Buy is Selling the Limited Edition Destiny PS4 Bundle for $349

Sep 09 2015 - The Latest Trailer for Destiny's Upcoming Expansion Shows Off The Taken King Himself

Sep 09 2015 - Here's Why Bungie Fired the Composer Behind Halo and Destiny

Sep 07 2015 - Destiny Was Delayed in 2013 Because The Story Was Being "Substantially Revised"

Sep 01 2015 - Destiny: The Taken King's Raid Launches Later Than the Rest of the Expansion

Aug 18 2015 - Bungie Has Released a Teaser Trailer for their Upcoming Livestream of The Taken King

Aug 15 2015 - Bungie Will Host a Series of Destiny Livestreams Leading Up to the Release of The Taken King DLC

Aug 14 2015 - Destiny's Xûr is Now Selling the Immensely Powerful Rocket Launcher, the Gjallarhorn

Aug 14 2015 - LEGO: Jurassic World and Arkham Knight Topped the US Software Charts in July

Aug 12 2015 - Activision Says "We Got a Lot More Right Than We Got Wrong" With Destiny

Aug 11 2015 - Destiny Replaced Peter Dinklage Because He Wasn't Available Enough to Keep Recording Dialogue

Aug 07 2015 - Here's the Prologue for Destiny's The Taken King Expansion

Aug 04 2015 - Destiny's "The Taken King" Expansion Replaces All of Peter Dinklage's Dialogue with Nolan North

Aug 04 2015 - Destiny's "The Taken King" Expansion Makes Legendary Weapons Obsolete

Jul 06 2015 - Scammers Have Found a Way to Exploit Destiny's Red Bull Promotion

Jul 05 2015 - Bungie Hired Arrested Development's David Cross to Write Jokes for Destiny but Cut Them All Out