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Aug 03 2015 - Alph Was Initially Planned to be a Stand-Alone Clone Character in Smash Bros.

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Jul 13 2015 - Miyamoto, Reggie, and More of Nintendo's Leaders Open Their Hearts in Response to Iwata's Death

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Jul 06 2015 - NWC: Sakurai Says Future Smash Bros. DLC is for Fan Service; Which Characters Stand a Chance?

Jun 28 2015 - Sakurai Considered Cutting Pac-Man from Smash if Namco Demanded His Modern Design

Jun 25 2015 - "Several" More Characters are Coming to Smash as "Fan Service"

Jun 14 2015 - Here's Everything That Was Announced During the Pre-E3 Smash Bros. Presentation

Jun 14 2015 - Ryu was Just Officially Released as a New Challenger in Smash Bros.

Jun 14 2015 - Roy Is Officially Announced for Super Smash Bros.

Jun 14 2015 - Watch Nintendo's Pre-E3 Super Smash Bros. Special Presentation Right Here!

Jun 13 2015 - Sakurai's Full Famitsu Column Addressing the Balancing in Super Smash Bros. is Here

Jun 11 2015 - Sakurai Does Not Play Favorites When Balancing Super Smash Bros. Characters

Jun 08 2015 - Masahiro Sakurai Will Host a Special Smash Bros. Presentation on June 14

Jun 07 2015 - Check Out These New Screens of the Inkling Costumes and Miiverse Stage in Super Smash Bros.

May 03 2015 - NWC: Comparing DLC Planned for Nintendo's Upcoming Games to Sakurai's Ideal

May 01 2015 - NWC: Super Smash Bros. is Showing the Industry What "DLC" is Supposed to Mean

Apr 27 2015 - Future DLC for Super Smash Bros. Will Include New Modes and Online Features

Apr 23 2015 - Mewtwo Was Originally Planned to be Exclusive to People Who Bought Both Versions of Smash Bros.

Apr 23 2015 - Sakurai Says DLC Should be About "Making Players Happy"

Apr 22 2015 - Sakurai Wants to Make as Much DLC as Possible, Says it's Made for the Fans

Apr 17 2015 - Poll: Should Nintendo Keep Releasing Balance Patches for Super Smash Bros.?

Apr 17 2015 - Masahiro Sakurai is a Guest Speaker for the Fire Emblem Philharmonic Orchestra Premiere