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Feb 11 2016 - Nintendo Week Talks Smash Bros Patches, Undertale's Wii U Port, Nintendo's VR Plans, and Tons More

Feb 10 2016 - Smash Bros. Uses New Characters Instead of New Features to Keep its Gameplay Fresh

Feb 10 2016 - Sakurai Says Making Changes to Smash Bros. Like 3D Gameplay or Gauges Wouldn't Make Players Happy

Feb 09 2016 - Development of Super Smash Bros. Has Finished, But the Future of Balance Patches is Uncertain

Jan 30 2016 - Bayonetta and Corrin are Coming to Super Smash Bros. in Just Four Days

Jan 28 2016 - Sakurai Replaced Wario's Shoulder Ram in the Newest Super Smash Bros. to Make Him Stronger

Jan 21 2016 - Sakurai Says Nintendo Could Have Used Terra or Bartz as the Final Fantasy Character in Smash

Jan 10 2016 - NWC: Sakurai Wants Fans to Stay Honest About What they Do and Don't Like in Super Smash Bros.

Jan 09 2016 - NWC: Sakurai's Next Game Could be a Reboot of Nintendo's Murasame Castle Franchise

Jan 06 2016 - Nintendo Week Talks Sakurai's Next Project, Indies on Wii U, and Nintendo's Upcoming Movie Plans

Jan 05 2016 - Daily Delib: What Nintendo Game Do You Hope Masahiro Sakurai is Making Next?

Jan 04 2016 - Masahiro Sakurai Says His Next Job Has Already Been Decided

Jan 03 2016 - Sakurai is a Big Fan of the Fire Emblem Series, and Believes Awakening is the Definitive Game

Dec 26 2015 - Sakurai Opens Up About Struggling with Hearing Criticism, But Says Not to Ignore Your Complaints

Dec 24 2015 - Sakurai Explains How Cloud's Sword-Swinging Moves Balance Out His High Speed, Range, and Power

Dec 24 2015 - Sakurai Personally Feels That There are Too Many Fire Emblem Characters in Super Smash Bros.

Dec 23 2015 - Over 1.8 Million Votes Were Cast in the Super Smash Bros. Fighter Ballot

Dec 17 2015 - NWC: Sakurai's Claim that Bayonetta is the Most "Realizable" Smash Ballot Winner is a Little Fishy

Dec 15 2015 - Everything We Learned from Today’s Smash Direct: Newcomers, Amiibo, Mii Costumes, Stages, and More

Dec 15 2015 - Sakurai Confirms that Nintendo is Making Amiibo for Cloud, Corrin, and Bayonetta

Dec 15 2015 - Roy, Ryu, and Famicom-Color R.O.B. Amiibo Launch on March 18th in North America

Dec 15 2015 - Bayonetta is the Winner of the Smash Bros. Fighter Ballot, and the Final Newcomer for the Game

Dec 15 2015 - The Protagonist of Fire Emblem Fates, Corrin, is Coming to Smash Next February

Dec 15 2015 - Watch the Final Super Smash Bros. Broadcast Right Here!

Dec 15 2015 - Sakurai Details How He Brought Roy to Smash Bros. Melee Before His Fire Emblem Game Launched