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Jul 02 2015 - The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes Lets You Craft Outfits with Collectible Materials

Jul 02 2015 - Fire Emblem Fates is Already the 4th Highest-Selling Game in the Series in Japan

Jul 02 2015 - Project X Zone 2 Has Been Delayed to 2016 in the West, New Trailer Released

Jul 02 2015 - You Can Report Inappropriate Content in Super Mario Maker

Jul 02 2015 - Nintendo Received "Many" Proposals for Third-Party Partnerships at E3

Jul 02 2015 - Rumor: NX Production Begins in October, Console Releases Next Year

Jul 02 2015 - Zelda: Tri Force Heroes Will Have an Online Multiplayer Battle Mode

Jul 02 2015 - Warren Spector Says That Nintendo is "Easier to Work With" Than Most Companies

Jul 01 2015 - Warren Spector Uses Miyamoto as an Example in His College Lectures

Jul 01 2015 - Canadian Nintendo Fans Prefer Console to Handheld Gaming

Jul 01 2015 - The Makers of Animal Crossing are "Always Thinking About What to Do" for the Next Game

Jul 01 2015 - Splatoon's Newest Stage is "Coming Soon"

Jul 01 2015 - Nintendo Says People Don't Want to Buy Games During Summer

Jul 01 2015 - Miiverse is Getting an Overhaul This Summer

Jul 01 2015 - Warren Spector Loves Nintendo for Making Games that Stand Out from All the Rest

Jul 01 2015 - The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Launches on the NA Virtual Console Tomorrow

Jul 01 2015 - Here's a Bunch of New Information About the Two Bisexual Characters in Fire Emblem Fates

Jul 01 2015 - Project X Zone 2 Releases in Japan on November 12th

Jul 01 2015 - Nintendo and Activision Have Been Discussing a Crossover Since Skylanders First Began

Jul 01 2015 - Nintendo Week Discusses Upcoming Smash Characters, the Nintendo X Disney Rumors, and Female Link

Jul 01 2015 - Rumor: David Wise is Working on a New Nintendo Project

Jul 01 2015 - Nintendo is Hosting Two Super Mario Bros. 30th Anniversary Concerts in Japan

Jul 01 2015 - The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes Will Not Feature Amiibo Support

Jul 01 2015 - The Dark Pit Amiibo is Releasing on July 31st and Will Only Be Sold In-Store at Best Buy

Jul 01 2015 - NicoNico is Hosting a Pokkén Tournament Livestream This Friday