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Feb 10 2016 - The Mario & Luigi Games Feature Many Different Elements of Gameplay to Satisfy All Kinds of Players

Feb 10 2016 - Smash Bros. Uses New Characters Instead of New Features to Keep its Gameplay Fresh

Feb 10 2016 - Nintendo is Releasing the GBA's "Kuru Kuru Kururin" in the US for the First Time Ever Tomorrow

Feb 10 2016 - Charles Martinet, the Voice of Mario, Will Appear at Nintendo NY's Reopening Next Week

Feb 10 2016 - This Fan Turned His Living Room Into a Giant NES-Themed Home Theater

Feb 10 2016 - Sakurai Says Making Changes to Smash Bros. Like 3D Gameplay or Gauges Wouldn't Make Players Happy

Feb 10 2016 - Doritos Has Posted a Cross-Promotional Campaign with Pokémon on Twitter

Feb 10 2016 - Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam Was Heavily Influenced by Paper Mario: Sticker Star

Feb 10 2016 - Star Wars and Mario Kart Combine in this Awesome Animated Short

Feb 10 2016 - A Talented Fan Has Created a Lineup of Custom Undertale Amiibo

Feb 10 2016 - Pokémon is Getting a "Super" Soundtrack of Red and Green, Including Music from the Remakes

Feb 10 2016 - The Original Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Games are Coming to the Wii U Virtual Console in Europe

Feb 10 2016 - The Western Version of Fire Emblem Fates Does Include an Altered Version of the "Petting Minigame"

Feb 10 2016 - Mega Man X, Princess Zelda, Meta Knight, and More are Getting New Nendoroid Figures

Feb 10 2016 - Nintendo Shows Off All Seven of the Smash Bros. DLC Characters in an Exciting New Trailer

Feb 10 2016 - Nintendo Announces Maintenance for Xenoblade Chronicles X, More Downtime for Both 3DS and Wii U

Feb 10 2016 - Check Out Every Adorable Cutscene Starring the Great Detective Pikachu

Feb 10 2016 - Naruto and Dragon Quest Builders Top the Japanese Charts

Feb 10 2016 - A New Pokémon Called Magiana Has Just Been Revealed

Feb 09 2016 - A New Super Mario Maker Course Can Calculate the Sum of Any Two Numbers From 0 to 7

Feb 09 2016 - Amazon is Selling the Chibi-Robo Amiibo for Less than $5

Feb 09 2016 - These New Figma Figures Recreate Link From Zelda: Skyward Sword and Samus From Metroid: Other M

Feb 09 2016 - The Pokémon Company Has Put Out a Warning Against Pokémon GO Beta Sign-Up Scams

Feb 09 2016 - Development of Super Smash Bros. Has Finished, But the Future of Balance Patches is Uncertain

Feb 09 2016 - Rumors are Growing that Star Fox Zero Might Fail its Quality Check and isn't Ready to Launch on Time