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May 06 2016 - The CEO of GameStop Says the Wii U was Disappointing "to Everyone," but He is Excited for NX

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May 06 2016 - Splatoon's Getting a Global, Miitomo-Themed Splatfest Next Weekend

May 06 2016 - Hyrule Warriors Legends is $10 Off on Amazon

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May 05 2016 - The Latest Fatal Frame and Ace Attorney Games Could Get Physical Releases

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May 05 2016 - A New Report Has Sparked Speculation That Nintendo's NX Could Use Cartridges Instead of Discs

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May 05 2016 - NWC: How Nintendo Can Start Winning Over Younger Gamers and Brand New Audiences Again

May 05 2016 - Nintendo's Official E3 2016 Website is Now Live

May 05 2016 - The Bravely Second: End Layer Collector's Edition is Back in Stock on Amazon

May 05 2016 - Nintendo Announces a Special Day-Long Zelda U Livestream Presentation for June 14th

May 04 2016 - Over 100,000 Animal Crossing Amiibo Cards Have Been Sold in Australia and New Zealand

May 04 2016 - eSports Fans are Petitioning the White House to Make Smash Bros. Players Eligible for Work Visas

May 04 2016 - Amazon Has Deals on Super Mario Maker, Splatoon, Xenoblade Chronicles X, and More This Week

May 04 2016 - Star Fox Zero Had the Worst Japanese Sales Debut in Franchise History

May 04 2016 - Nintendo Patented a Cell Phone that Doubles as a Gaming Device Back in 2001

May 04 2016 - A Fan Remade Super Mario 64's Bob-Omb Battlefield in Super Mario Galaxy 2

May 04 2016 - A Chinese Feature Film Adaptation of The Legend of Zelda Debuts Tomorrow on YouTube

May 04 2016 - Nintendo Week Talks New Splatoon Amiibo, Favorite Mario Bro, and Differences Between Pokémon Gens

May 04 2016 - The New Mini Mario & Friends: Amiibo Challenge Trailer Shows How to Play the Game