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I love video games. That’s why I write about them. My first console was the Nintendo 64 and we got it when I was 4, along with Super Mario 64. I finished the game on my own when I was 6. One of my all time favorites of that generation is Donkey Kong 64. I love the bosses, I love the level designs, I love how you can play with multiple characters, and I love how many collectibles there are.

I was mostly a Nintendo gamer until 2010, when I discovered Assassin’s Creed. My PC could barely run it, but it played good enough to provide an amazing experience. Since then I’ve had a lot of catching up to do, and I’m now a big fan of Mass Effect, Dead Space, Resident Evil and the Batman: Arkham games, among others.

Btw, when you want to have a Pokémon battle, just contact me via facebook or send me a private Gamnesia message.


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