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Hi, as multiple spaces on this page have already told you, my name’s Barry Herbers. I am the self-proclaimed “Indie Games Dude” of Gamnesia and the others-proclaimed “Hipster” of Gamnesia. I guess they’re pretty interchangeable. I do all things with gusto, even when those “doings” happen to be not wanting to do things. As the saying which I’m told is not at all original to New Girl goes: I do not like, I love.

What do I love? Indie games, mostly. You’ll notice my name is tacked onto a fair majority of the articles in that “indie” section up top, so I guess you could say that’s my domain, if Gamnesia has such things. If you’re an indie developer looking for publicity, be it in the form interviews, announcements, news posts, or whatever the hell else you can think up, I’m your guy. Email me at my shiny address, .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address), if you want to talk. Like, even if you’re just bored and want to tell someone how cool your game is, do it—the more actually friendly the relationship between press and developer, the better the relationship between press and developer.

I love just thinking about games too, on the conceptual level mostly. Game design and creation fascinates me, and at this point it’s the field I hope to make my mark in, as an indie developer of course (creative freedom means the world to me). I’m a huge fan of outside the box ideas and games that make their own rules—making Jonathan Blow a favorite developer of mine—and at this point I think I spend more time discussing and contemplating games than I do actually playing them.

As for my specific personal tastes, I care a ton about game feel, and I love games with a strong atmosphere and games with a real sense of authorship, preferably both (see: Night in the Woods, Braid). I like my games “artsy,” and what’s more artsy than personal expression, right? Basically, if it wasn’t made by a smallish team—or at least one with a tight core—and it isn’t one of a few specific Zelda games, you’re not likely to find it among my favorites.

Those favorites including (in no order but alphabetical) Ico, Journey, Little Inferno, Majora’s Mask, Ocarina of Time, Shadow of the Colossus, The Wind Waker, and (presumably) The Last Guardian.

I will admit, I haven’t been able to totally submerge myself in the really small, “hyper art games” just yet. I still tend to need some semblance of production value and enjoyable play to get into most games. Didactic stuff tends to grab me quite a bit too, but that’s a little hard to pin down as an “interest.”

     Here’s a list of the upcoming games I’d say I’m following most closely:

        — The Last Guardian:
          You can’t even fathom the depths of my love for Team Ico and Fumito Ueda. And yes, it’s still coming.
        — Rime:
          if I were a bit more narcissistic, I’d swear Tequila was making a game specifically with me in mind.
        — The Witness:
          Jonathan Blow’s the director, the visuals are beautiful, and it seems to be legitimately intellectual.
        — No Man’s Sky:
          The intricacy of its procedural generation seems incredible, and the setting looks marvelous.
        — Night in the woods:
          What I’ve seen so far resonates powerfully, and everything about it just oozes passion.
        — Vane:
          The aesthetics look amazing, and it’s a genre I tend to favor. Can’t wait to hear more.
        — The Vanishing of Ethan Carter:
          Weird Fiction horror, an atmospheric world to explore, and daring mechanics? I’m in.

     I also write editorials from time to time. Here’s a few that have no real expiration date:

        — “Mechanics Vs. Dynamics: What Innovation Really Looks Like
          In which I offer my thoughts on the difference between altering a game’s mechanics vs. how it plays.
        — “Why Do We Enjoy Exploring in Video Games?
          In which I conjecture on why exploration in games is a not-terribly boring thing.
        — “Games Are Not Defined by Their Mechanics
          In which I argue that there’s far more to a game than just its literal mechanics.
        — “Why Graphics Matter
          In which I clumsily meander around the subject of game feel.
        — “It’s Your Legend
          In which I talk about the personal mechanics of Zelda.

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