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I write editorials here at Gamnesia and occasionally some news (though far less often than I used to).

Here’s some of my work, long-form game essays, if you have any interest in that sort of stuff:

Why Mechanics Are a Crucial Component of Atmosphere

The Poor Pacing of The Witcher 3’s Introduction

I’m looking forward to The Last Guardian (had it pre-ordered since 2010), Rime, Night in the Woods, Vane, and Firewatch. If I had a niche, it would probably be the somewhat higher fidelity indie games, as take up five of the six spots on that list.

I’m also developing a no-budget video game with a friend, and you can follow me on Twitter (@TheVioletBarry) to hear about that and anything else I feel like saying. Film, games, it’s that sort of stuff.

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