I know many here and across the net are giving Ubisoft a lot of flak over the Rayman Legends delay for the Wii U. It's ironic how one game delay is causing such a stir after how stellar Ubisoft has been lately, outside of the fact they were the only third party publisher to properly support the Wii U at launch (seriously, why is all their credit for that lost over one delay?). It's rather astounding how people want to boycott Ubisoft on the Wii U ignoring the fact they gave us one of our only third party exclusive titles in ZombiU... and unlike Razor's Edge, it hasn't been moved to other platforms. They also gave us Assassin's Creed III, while most other major third parties came up with excuses to not port their blockbuster hits, many of which have yet to come out (so they have had more time than Ubisoft did to make it happen).

Setting all of that aside, it has been reported that Microsoft reserves the right to refuse publishing rights on Xbox Live Arcade and at retail for multiplatform games. It gets more extensive beyond that with content and such, but the point is that if Ubisoft had released it on the Wii U next week Microsoft very well could have denied the game's appearance on their console. While there is no guarantee Microsoft denies the game, why take that decision out of your own hands? Sales on the Wii U were not going to justify skipping that popular platform.

I know several people keep shopping around this petition, but realistically that's not going to make a lick of a difference. 10,000 signatures is not even a footnote for game sales. Operation Rainfall took well over 200,000 signatures to even make a difference on games that were already released—to justify possibly missing a 360 release, you would need to guarantee those same sales on the Wii U. 10,000 signatures is well below that number and really only goes to show how loud the minority of actual buyers are being. 

Don't be mistaken, I am not justifying this as fair. The game is done and by all rights should come out, but Ubisoft's upper brass likely do not want to take their multiplatform decision out of their own hands, hence the simultaneous release. It's a logical decision that they had to make despite the flak because they can't justify internally the thought of missing out on that platform. It's all really simple despite our complaints.

Let's not also forget the game of E3 last year was Watch Dogs, and Ubisoft had arguably the best E3 of anyone. Why would we want to alienate the only third party publisher that has actually been openly working with and releasing content on the Wii U? One game, unpopular at this moment, got delayed (Origins itself didn't sell that well) and we are just tossing them under the bus. They gave us ZombiU and Assassin's Creed. Both those titles are worth 1000x Rayman Legends. Forgive me if I am not up in arms over this. Ubisoft at least showed up to the party with their best. I hope they continue to show up, but after the way we are treating them I wouldn't be shocked if Rayman Legends is the last we see of them sans Just Dance.