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Last week, a YouTuber known as Limit Breakers uploaded a video demonstrating a bizarre texture pack that he created for Dark Souls III. For some reason, the pack replaces every single texture in the entire game with various pictures of crabs. Every single object in the game is affected, including the sky, which is now blood red and covered in faint outlines of crab-shaped clouds. As you may imagine, this makes Dark Souls III look hilariously revolting.

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Yesterday during San Diego Comic-Con, Marvel announced that both games in the Marvel Ultimate Alliance series would be releasing digitally on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC this Tuesday. Executive Producer Mike Jones stated that the games will feature cooperative play (local and online) for up to four people much like the originals; the games will also receive some performance, UI, and graphical enhancements to make them better for current-generation consoles and PC. They will be available digitally on July 26th for $39.99 each, or $59.99 for both.

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Update: Hello Games has now commented on this news, calling it a "non-story" and stating that No Man's Sky does not make use of the Superformula. You can see their Tweets after the jump!

Original: No Man's Sky is coming out in a couple of weeks, on August 9th in North America and August 10th in Europe, but trouble might be brewing on that endless horizon. This is because the Dutch company called Genicap is claiming that developer Hello Games is using their formula without permission. The formula in question is called the "Superformula" and is supposed to be the one that allows No Man's Sky to generate the near-endless amounts of planets for players to explore.

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The Harvest Moon inspired indie game Stardew Valley has sold well over one million copies and is coming to consoles at the end of the year. The game launched as a Windows PC-exclusive in February, but the game's developer just announced that it will be coming to Mac and Linux on July 29th.

The game is also getting a major update soon, which will introduce an online co-op mode, new crops, new farm buildings, more secrets, bug fixes, and more "small, fun touches to the world." Although there is no set date for the 1.1 update, hopefully it will be in time for the Mac and Linux release.

Sonic Mania was revealed to the world last night as SEGA's love letter to the classic 2D era of Sonic the Hedgehog. With developmental oversight from SEGA of America, the game is produced by Christian Whitehead and Headcannon—renowned for their mobile remasters of the original Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic 2, and Sonic CD—as well as PagodaWest Games, the indie studio behind Major Magnet.

While it's not due for release until Spring 2017, those who attended the Sonic 25th Anniversary Party had the opportunity to try Mania out early. The demo featured the familiar Green Hill Zone longtime fans know and love, as well as a wholly original stage with the downtown Studiopolis Zone.

Have a closer look at the two Zones, and a listen to the title screen, invincibility, and Studiopolis Zone themes after the jump!

The Sonic 25th Anniversary celebrations are underway right now at the House of Blues, and it kicked off with a bombshell announcement none saw coming. Sonic Mania is a retro-inspired 2D Sonic the Hedgehog title developed under the combined efforts of Christian "The Taxman" Whitehead, Headcannon, and PagodaWest Games. The game will feature remixed versions of familiar zones, as well as a host of brand new stages for fans old and new to explore as Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles.

Sonic Mania launches in Spring 2017 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Be sure to check out the trailer after the jump and give us your thoughts in the comments!

Psyonix only stated a few days ago that they had a solution ready and waiting for cross-network play between the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 systems, and now we're hearing the same from another renowned developer: CD Projekt Red, makers of the much-lauded The Witcher series. According to a statement given to IGN, the company has been "keeping our fingers crossed for Rocket League paving the way" as they were working on a solution of their own for their upcoming Gwent: The Witcher Card Game. They, like Psyonix, are just waiting for Sony's approval to implement it.

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We're just a few weeks away now from the launch of No Man's Sky, the highly-anticipated universal exploration game from Hello Games. No Man's Sky suffered a delay back in May, but development has officially wrapped up, and it's now slated to launch on August 9th. Ahead of the game's release, the official PlayStation YouTube channel has been uploading a series of trailers focused on its four pillars: explore, trade, fight, and survive. We've already seen the "Explore" and "Fight" promos, and today's trailer gives us a look at how trading will working in the game. You can check it out by clicking below.

Earlier this week, Ubisoft and professional skier Matilda Rapaport filmed a commercial for Steep. During the film shoot, however, Rapaport was caught in an avalanche, suffering oxygen deprivation and brain damage. She was taken to a hospital, but died shortly thereafter. Ubisoft and her sponsor, Red Bull, released statements mourning the loss of the professional skier. Red Bull told The Guardian that "Matilda was an extraordinary athlete, traveling the world to find her passion, ride steep terrain, and share her bright smile." Ubisoft's statement expressed their deepest condolences to her family and praised her bravery and passion.

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Street Fighter V players have been able to experience Juri's story mode since the game's big update earlier this month, and Capcom has promised she'll be fully playable by the end of the month. Today we got an update on the situation, and the wait is almost over! Capcom has revealed that Juri will be available to download on Tuesday, July 26th. In the meantime, Capcom has released a new trailer and dozens of new screenshots showing off Juri in action. You can check them out by clicking below!

Hello Games recently started a new series of trailers to show off each of the four main pillars of their highly anticipated No Man's Sky, in preparation for its launch early next month. While the first one focused on exploration, today's trailer gives us a nice little look the title's "FIGHT" pillar. Both in space and on the ground, in your ship or on your feet, players will be able to engage in battle with wildlife, guardian machines, NPCs, and other players, and this video shows off a number of sequences for each.

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Last week, Blizzard revealed the newest character to the Overwatch lineup: Ana, a new support character with ranged healing and sniping abilities. Shortly after the announcement, Ana was made available on the PC beta version for testing, but she is now available on PC in the release version of the game in patch From players' feedback so far, she definitely deserves her level three difficulty rating, as close-up attacks are hard to counter but Ana can still be an incredible asset to the team.

This same patch adds several other major changes to the game, primarily a huge buff for Zenyata, the other ranged healer, and other various changes to make the game more fun to play. There is no current word on the console release, but Blizzard has reportedly been making an effort to bring PC and console updates into sync.

One of the biggest surprise hits of last year was Dontnod Entertainment's episodic game, Life is Strange. The story-driven graphic adventure grew more popular with the release of each new chapter, drawing in almost universal praise from critics and selling over one million copies. If you still haven't experienced this fantastic game yet, you'll be able to try it out for free very soon. Starting tomorrow, the first episode of Life is Strange (titled Chrysalis) will be available for free on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Mac and PC. In the meantime, you can check out a new trailer by clicking below!

If you have been a fan of Killer Instinct since the very beginning in 1994, then you might recognize Killer Instinct Season 3's newest and final DLC character. Eyedol is a two-headed (or, I guess one head split in half?) demon known for giving players all sorts of trouble in the original game as an end-game boss. While Eyedol was originally a joke character, parodying Blanka's story from Street Fighter 2, he is back with his own tale, and you don't even have to enter a ridiculous cheat code to play as him.

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In World History class, you might remember learning about The Great Fire of London, where a raging fire burned down a significant portion of the city. The Museum of London has decided to commission a Minecraft building group to recreate the city of London from 1666 and educate the youth about an important event in English history. You will be able to walk through the streets of London through Minecraft, and the maps have been faithfully recreated thanks to the Museum of London's archives. The Great Fire project will be split into three maps, with the first map arriving on July 29th for Mac and PC. Audio clips will be spread throughout the maps to encourage exploration.

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