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Only a couple of weeks after EVO, a full length trailer for Tekken 7 has been released. The trailer is chock-full of high quality CG production which unfortunately means that no actual gameplay is shown. However, the trailer does have a rather epic score.

Make the jump to watch the trailer!

There are a lot of over-the-top grim and dark shooters out there, but what of the opposite? An over-the-top cutesy and colorful shooter? That's Lovely Planet, "a First Person Shooter Gun Ballet set in a cutesy abstract world. Jump and shoot your way through five worlds full of treacherous enemies with your trusty semi-automatic!"

Lovely Planet, from developer QUICKTEQUILA, has just been released onto Steam for Windows, Mac, and Linux at a price of $5.99 / £3.49 / € 4.39, and to coincide with the joyous day, the team's released a trippy, peppy launch trailer, showing the player traipsing and jumping through a surreal and colorful environment, shooting one of the happiest-looking weapons you've ever seen at some of the oddest enemies you've ever seen.

Head inside to get a look at it for yourself or download the higher quality version here.

Far Cry 4 ditches the island setting of the first and third entries in the series and sends the protagonist up into the Himalayas instead. There is warfare, warlords, and, to sum it up, war. Also, a fabulously dressed Troy Baker with an anger management issue.

Ubisoft has revealed just how the world of Far Cry 4 was dreamed up by developers. Seeking inspiration from real villages and people in the Himalayas, Ubisoft has done its homework on the subject matter.

Check out the video inside to see the team's journey.

About this time last year, I wrote an editorial about Electronic Arts. At the time, EA was considered one of the worst gaming companies out there -- twice being named the "worst company in America," and embodying everything that gamers find distasteful: making games that had fat, bloated budgets but with sub-par performance, rushing unfinished, buggy products to market and subsequently never patching them, the seeming abandonment of Nintendo... the list of atrocities goes on. Yet last year, I wrote about one little experience with them that changed my mind: the experience that made me want to give them a chance.

For more on this story, jump on inside!

During the San Diego Comic-Con, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment released a new story trailer for the upcoming game Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor. Key points, such as the identity of Talion's wraith, as well as his connection to Sauron and the rings, are revealed within the trailer. Not only are more details divulged, but also a new character: the Elvin Smith, Celebrimbor. The trailer is quite thrilling and does well making one excited for the game.

Hop past the jump to see for yourself!

Activision has released yet another trailer for the upcoming first-person shooter Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, this time highlighting the game's single-player story and plunging viewers into the anarchic and armed world of Sledgehammer's latest project. The trailer also revealed that the game's multiplayer unveiling is on August 11th.

Kevin Spacey is featured once again; the Academy Award nominated actor plays the leader of private corporation Atlas, a company called upon by the government to stop terrorists. Atlas doesn't seem to be the nicest guys in the business, though. It'll be interesting to see if the protagonist of the game is actually a villain in the grand scheme of things.

Watch the robot fights, exploding skyscrapers, and villainous monologuing after the jump.

The Astronauts, an indie studio including members of the studio responsible for Bulletstorm, People Can Fly, are finally gearing up to release their atmospheric weird fiction horror game, The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, to PC this fall, with possible console releases down the road. The second teaser was revealed nearly two months ago, and now the team's ready to show off a sampling of the game's voice acting.

"No trains have been through here for a long time. That was part of a pattern," the seventeen second clip of the game's protagonist, an occult detective named Paul Prospero, speaking begins. Head inside to hear the whole thing.

A little over a week ago popular YouTube gamer PewDiePie got his hands on the upcoming survival-horror game The Evil Within from Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami and developer Tango Gameworks. Since then, he's been uploading videos of the gruesome game, showing off gameplay in big chunks of over fifteen minutes each. If you missed the first video, you can check it out here. Today we've got two more videos, so hit the jump if you want to check out over half an hour of footage from The Evil Within.

On July 21st, Sony Online Entertainment filed a trademark for the title Corpse Run with the US Patent and Trademark Office. The filing is under classes 9 for games and 41 for online games, so it is almost certainly tied to an MMO title. Whether this is a new IP or something in an existing one is yet to be know, however—it could very well be connected to the yet-unreleased survival MMO H1Z1, though the timing is a little off for that to be certain. It could also be an attempt to trademark the phrase itself, since it is often used in MMO and games that require players to run to their corpses on death. See the patent filing after the jump.

The NES controller may have been rough on my young hands, but I'd being lying if I said that I didn't love every second of use I had with it. It's probably nostalgia talking, but there's just something magical about the NES controller that most other controllers don't seem to capture. As of recently, 8bitdo has released the NES30: A wireless NES style controller with a button layout similar to the SNES controller. Not having tried the product myself, I can't call for quality. Reviews for this device seem to be positive, however.

The NES30's features include programmable buttons, upgradable firmware, and Bluetooth support; meaning it works on iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows! It's currently out of stock, but you can preorder a new NES30 from the retailers at 8bitdo!