Today is Nintendo Week's one-year anniversary! So we're celebrating in a big way: not only is today's episode extra long, but we're introducing tons of new Nintendo-inspired podcast segments over the next few weeks, starting with three new ones right now.

Join Alex, Ben, and Colin as they discuss a mountain of news, including a new Pokémon, Undertale's upcoming appearance on Nintendo consoles, whether Link should have dialogue in Zelda, incoming Amiibo of Callie and Marie, and Nintendo's research into using VR. After the break we introduce two more new segments: The Gossip Stone, where we dissect the latest rumors from the Nintendosphere and deem them True or Trubbish (subjects include Mother 3's western release, Star Fox Zero's development struggles, and NX's 2016 launch date), and "The Glitz Pit," a podcast-game segment where YOU join us in a fight for ultimate glory. You can check out the episode below—or if you'd like to save it to listen later, you can check the latest episode out on iTunes or SoundCloud, available now. And if you'd like to learn more about any of the stories we discuss, be sure to head past the jump for the full list of links!

Groundbreaking news for you all today: within the storyline of Mirror's Edge Catalyst, protagonist Faith will grow as a character. Though some semblance of an arc is the basis of pretty much every story ever, that's the brunt of what was said. In words that could have practically been lifted directly from a screenwriting 101 textbook, Dice Senior Producer Sara Jansson told Examiner that Faith will at first be a reckless, reluctant character, but, through the events of the game, will "grow up quite a bit" and begin "caring about the bigger picture."

Jansson went on to explain that Faith's actions in Catalyst will be something of a catalyst for the plot, saying that her "recklessness" causes much of what unfolds. As this is a free-roaming title, there was also some talk of the game's day-night cycle, which, based on the producer's description, brings only cosmetic changes, different billboards, a somewhat different atmosphere. As well, some missions will have rainy weather effects, but those effects will not occur in a "dynamic" fashion while you're out free-roaming.

Virtual Reality headsets have allowed developers to make some truly unique games. They have also allowed some fans to re-imagine what older games could be like with the use of VR. Joseph Delgado is one such fan. This computer science student has created a VR version of Duck Hunt for the Global Game Jam 2016, and it looks awesome. The game itself was coded into the third dimension using a Python script and is controlled via a Razer Hydra (PC Motion controller) mounted to the top of Delgado's Oculus Rift. It features a 7-day challenge that increases in difficulty as the player continues and a hub world with empty bottles to shoot at.

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Need for Speed was released for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, but soon it will be coming to PC too. EA has released a new trailer for the PC reveal which you can check out inside. The PC version will feature wheel support and manual transition, which are not currently on the other versions but will be making its way there soon. The game is releasing in North America on March 15th and March 17th in Europe. However, if you are an Origin Access member, you can get access to the game a bit earlier on March 10th.

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Another adorable character and more incredible music are coming to Yooka-Laylee, according to a new pair of updates released earlier today. The new character is named Kartos, and his catchy Donkey Kong Country-esque music will play when Yooka and Laylee meet the minecart character, which will happen several times across the game. Along with Kartos you will go "together [and] hit the tracks in search of paper-shaped golden nuggets."

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We're less than a week away now from the exciting and long-awaited launch of Street Fighter V. Capcom's highly-anticipated fighter is heading to PlayStation 4 and PC on February 16th (February 18th in Japan), and Capcom is keeping the hype strong with regular announcements and new videos, including two exciting new extended trailers. The first is a three minute long CG trailer, while the second (featuring the game's theme song, Survivor, from Japanese rock band Man on a Mission) is five minutes and has a little more focus on gameplay. You can check them both out by clicking below.

After Super Mario Maker turned out to be a smash hit, lots of fans became calling for other Nintendo "Maker" games, especially a Zelda Maker. Nintendo developers have flirted with the idea in interviews before, but they all seem to agree that it would probably be too hard. A group of fans developing under the name Dream Mix disagree, and a few months ago they showed off their own Zelda Maker game.

As you can probably guess, they were eventually hit with copyright infringement, and they had to remove their video from YouTube. But that didn't stop them. To avoid legal action, they've re-branded the game as Legend Maker and they're taking precautions to make sure all of their assets are distinct from Zelda. With a new and improved look, they've uploaded new footage of Legend Maker to YouTube, and they've announced that they're planning to bring the game to Kickstarter soon. Click below to check it out!

The Division's closed beta had a fairly split response. Whereas some hopeful players were left pleasantly surprised, others were left bitterly canceling their preorders in hopes that they'd never have to play it again. However, anyone who wasn't able to get into the closed beta will have an opportunity to form their own opinion next week when Ubisoft releases the open beta for The Division.

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Shenmue III's still going to have quick time events. Worried? Don't be, says creator Yu Suzuki. The man's aware that QTEs, the cutscene prompt sequences his Shenmue series helped invent, have become fairly infamous among players in action games. However, Suzuki claims that, used correctly, they are "a fundamental technique" for involving players in the drama of a game, and, with Shenmue III, it sounds like he's got some new ideas to reinvent the mechanic.

"I would like to take up the challenge of creating the next evolution of the QTE," said Suzuki in an interview with Red Bull. What that's going to mean, I haven't the slightest idea about, but it'll certainly be something interesting to see. Here's to hoping it goes well and Shenmue III's Kickstarter backers are satisfied.

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Have you heard about Song of the Deep? Y'know, the metroidvania title that Insomniac Games is developing and GameStop's publishing, but which won't be starting the latter's career as a competitive, major publisher? "Well, it's a journey of courage and discovery in this lonely haunting world," said Insomniac Games' Brian Hastings. Hastings had an interview at PAX South the other day, during which he basically gave a whole overview of the game's premise, mechanics, plot, everything a potential buyer'd want to know.

So, the story goes that Merryn's father was a fisherman who, since Merryn was a little girl, would sing to his daughter songs of epic stories about incredible creatures and amazing things living under the sea. As Merryn grows up and learns about the world, she ceases to believe in the tunes' stories. Then, one day, her father vanishes. So, Merryn crafts a submarine out of junk metal and dives into the ocean to find him, discovering along the way that his stories of towering ruins and unfeasible creatures were all true. "It's a story about, 'how do you overcome these seemingly impossible obstacles?'"

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The newest entry in the Far Cry series, Far Cry Primal, is set in a fascinating period of time: the Stone Age. This era is completely foreign to gamers today, but fortunately Ubisoft has provided a new trailer that walks through the basics of the game. Discussing various aspects of weapons and upgrades, animals and other tribes you'll be fighting or partnering with, and the base details of the game's storyline, the video should help any aspiring Beastmaster prep for Primal's release in just on February 26th. Head inside to check it out!

Last year, From Software brought us the excellent and extremely difficult game Bloodborne. This departure from the main Dark Souls franchise left fans both satisfied and hungry for more. Now, From has returned to their roots with the creation of Dark Souls III. Today, Bandai Namco released the opening cinematic for the upcoming RPG, complete with its incredibly cryptic messages and horrifying imagery that fans have come to know and love. Also featured in this trailer: weird black goop, the king of giants, and an army of undead soldiers wearing cool hats.

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Street Fighter V will introduce four new fighters. Capcom introduced a series of character introduction videos over the weekend, including one for newcomer Necalli. The video primarily focuses on his gameplay mechanics, so if you were hoping for some backstory you'll have to wait until the game drops.

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Indie studio Infinite Fall's beautiful, melancholic little adventure Night in the Woods hit Kickstarter with a bang back in fall 2013, soaring past its $50,000 goal by a factor of four times. It's been a while since then, but unlike many Kickstarters that seem to just slowly lose steam post-campaign, Night in the Woods has steadily been building a following. Helped by the announcement of a PlayStation 4 port and some heartfelt short story game supplements, the hype for Alec Holowka's and Scott Benson's passion project has had a nice, slow burn for the past three years, during which we interviewed them.

However, that pilot light is at last ready to be set ablaze, as Infinite Fall has finally come forward via Twitter with a release window for their game. Night in the Woods will launch on PlayStation 4 and PC this fall, a fitting time for its setting and aesthetic and following its Kickstarter campaign three years to the season.

They then went on to post a fairly amusing, rambling explanation of why they chose this fall, and you head inside to read it all.

A couple days ago, we reported on the Kickstarter campaign for Battalion 1944, a game that is trying to revive the World War II shooter genre. It seems that a lot of people are hoping for a resurgence of that genre, since Battalion 1944's funding goal of £100,000 was met in three days, meaning that it's now fully in development for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. There are no stretch goals as of yet, but developer Bulkhead Interactive stated that they are working on them and that they will soon go up. With still 23 days to go, backers have pledged around £180,000, and that number keeps increasing.

As a token of appreciation, Bulkhead made a video for its backers. Head inside to view it!