On October 16th, 2012 master Minecraft architect Duncan Parcells, better known as Colonial Puppet, started work on a monumental project. The fittingly named Titan City has been going for the last two years, passing its anniversary last Thursday.

According to Parcells, the build was "inspired by New York", but is not a replica. It includes 96 buildings thus far, with many different architectural styles and a high level of detail on each one. Altogether, it consists of nearly 4.5 million blocks, but its creator still feels it is "far from being finished".

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Final Fantasy XIII came to PC in early October. Since then, a previously unknown area has been discovered that was cut from the actual release. This area, titled "The Seventh Ark", is featured in a video by YouTube user SkacikPL. It's interesting to see how far development on this area came, as there are cutscenes in place and even a battle! My favorite part is after the battle when the enemy is getting ready to disappear. There's a significant build up to it, then it vanishes in the blink of an eye! Check out the video inside!

With the official release of Grand Theft Auto V coming out on next-gen consoles and PC next year, many people can't wait to get their hands on it. This has led to some reports of an official, pre-release beta. Rockstar has heard these reports and has since stated that there will be no beta for Grand Theft Auto V. They further warn that any claim of a beta is most likely a scam. Do not fall for any claims otherwise!

We're back with another weekly installment of Gamnesia's Game Clash! Every Monday we pit two video games against each other, and the winner is decided by your votes! Rayman Origins, as the name suggests, returned the series to its origins with classic 2D platforming. Sonic Generations blended 2D and 3D action together catering to both classic and modern Sonic fans. Which of these 2011 series refreshes do you like more? Hit the jump to cast your vote and join the debate!

Pre-alpha build footage of the cancelled Star Wars Battlefront III has surfaced on the internet, revealing what is reported to be an Xbox 360 version of the game from 2007.

YouTube user BananaSwag has posted two 15 minute videos online, showing Star Wars fans an early build of the title. The company developing it at the time was Free Radical, who went bust and were bought out in 2008 to become Crytek UK. Footage from the videos show exactly what the younger version of myself would have wanted: a Battlefront game in HD with a (then) next-gen revamp. Check the videos and read more inside!

Some relatively interesting information is coming from one of the main developers of Yacht Club, the creators of Shovel Knight. It was David D'Angelo, one of the creative minds and main developers of the game, that said that Shovel Knight would have never reached the Wii U or 3DS if it wasn't for the help of ex-Nintendo Indie Moderator, Dan Adelman. To read more and see what exactly it was that David D'Angelo had to say just click down below!

Following the ongoing discourse surrounding Ubisoft's decision to lock its games to 30 fps on next-gen consoles, a reported Q&A with Ubisoft staff has unearthed some interesting claims. In the Q&A, that was posted on reddit a Game Architect, an Online Programmer and HR representative from Ubisoft spoke of Sony and Microsoft's interference with the PC version of the game. 

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Alienware is preparing to launch its console-like Alpha PC in the coming weeks, so GameSpot put together some comparisons between the $550.00 base model and its main competitors. The results are impressive, considering the PC's specs. The tests were run with the goal of keeping a high framerate without sacrificing too much else in the process. The base model ships with a 2.9GHz Intel i3 CPU, 4GB of RAM, and a specialized GTX860M GPU with 2GB of video RAM. For quick point of reference, that means it has weaker processor and less RAM, but a more specialized graphics card, the base version of which about matches the PS4's. Hit the jump for the comparison video and more detailed breakdown. 

A recent trailer from Polish developers Destructive Creations showed off a new, hyperviolent game called Hatred, a game about a psychopath who plans to gun down innocent civilians for, well, the fun of it. The trailer sparked massive controversy, ending with Epic Games demanding the developers to remove the Unreal Engine 4 logo from their advertising. Yeah, it's that edgy. 

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Slightly Mad Studios and Bandai Namco recently announced that Project CARS has been delayed on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The new release date is March 17 for North America and March 20 in the United Kingdom. It seems as though there is a two-fold reason for the delay. The first is to further polish the game before release. The second is to distance Project CARS from the competition it would face around the holidays. Check after the jump to see the official statement from Slightly Mad Studios.