Little is known about DICE's upcoming fifth installment in their Battlefield franchise; from what sparse news has trickled out over recent years, it is rumored that Battlefield 5 will take place during World War I and that a greater degree of destruction will be present compared to previous titles.

Now, DICE is about ready to lift their radio silence on Battlefield 5, and the developer is keen on pulling out all the stops with a "world premiere event" next Friday, May 6th. Eager fans can tune in to a livestream at 1:00 PM Pacific time on that day, though proper details regarding the broadcast have yet to be specified.

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Earlier this week, a leaked trailer showcased some of the single player gameplay in the upcoming Doom reboot being developed by Id Software and Bethesda. Despite being taken down twice within a day or so, many fans were left excited for the shooter, even some of those who had been scorned by its less-than-successful multiplayer beta. The actual single player reveal occurred on Bethesda's Twitch page this past Wednesday, however. The livestream—which featured Martin Stratton and Hugo Martin, the executive producer and creative director of Doom respectively—focused on features that showed the developer's interest in keeping the feel of the original game while still modernizing it for 2016.

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After leaving Capcom, Mega Man co-creator Keiji Inafune and the development team at Comcept began working on a spiritual successor to Mega Man known as Mighty No. 9. It's been over a year since the Kickstarter-funded action-platformer was originally scheduled to release, and we still don't have a concrete release date. Back in January, Mighty No. 9 was delayed for the third time (despite promises that there would be no more delays after the second), this time to a generic "Spring" release window.

Unfortunately, it's looking like Mighty No. 9 may be delayed yet again. Promotional materials for the long-awaited game were spotted at retailer EB Games, and they list a Summer 2016 release window for the game. Comcept has not yet commented on the supposed delay, and they haven't issued any updates on the game's Kickstarter since January.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution released in 2011, reviving the Deus Ex franchise and bringing it to the forefront of many gamers' attention. With multiple ways to accomplish goals, a variety of powers and abilities to employ, and a fascinating story of the first humans augmented with technology, the game was a big hit, and so of course developer Eidos Montreal started work on a sequel. Dubbed Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, this new title is coming out this August, and it looks to build off Revolution in a number of ways. To show all this off and give eager players a taste of what's to come, Eidos has released a new trailer today which reveals the basics of the plot and some of the mechanics the title will employ. You can check it out for yourself after the jump!

Dark Souls III's second DLC pack won't arrive until early 2017, director Hidetaka Miyazaki has confirmed in a recent interview. FromSoftware recently revealed that the first DLC pack will launch this fall, but there was no release window for the second. Both DLC packs are currently in development at FromSoftware, and they are set to include new locations, bosses, enemies, weapons, and armor. The Dark Souls III season pass, which will include both of the DLC packs, is available now for $24.99.

If you are a Final Fantasy fan and feel as though your shelves have been looking a little bare recently, Square Enix may have a deal for you. The PC versions of Final Fantasy III, IV, VII, and VIII will be getting physical releases next month, according to a listing on Amazon UK. This marks the first time in sixteen years that Square has released a physical copy of a non-MMO Final Fantasy game on PC, with the last being Final Fantasy VIII back in 2000 for Windows 98.

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Fans of Robert Kirkman's The Walking Dead comic books and TV shows have been enjoying a more interactive experience for the past four years thanks to Telltale's episodic video game adaptation. Recently, fans have been sinking their teeth into the Michonne miniseries, but they are eagerly anticipating the release of the main series' third season, which Telltale has confirmed for a 2016 release. Now, creator Robert Kirkman has shared some new details on what fans can expect going into Season 3. According to Kirkman, this season will line up more with what's going on in the comics, which means that Clementine will likely be a few years older. Head inside for more.

Players taking part in the beta for the upcoming Fallout 4 Creation Kit have reported that utilizing it prevents you from gaining Steam achievements. This means that in order to get these achievements, players will have to use unmodded save files.

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As of late, a rather fierce debate among gamers about censorship in gaming, especially outfits of female characters, has been going on. That's why DualShockers asked Tales of producer Yasuhiro Fukaya if Velvet's outfit in Tales of Berseria will get changed for Western release. It turns out that it will not, as Fukaya stated that Western Tales of fans want the same experience as Japanese Tales of fans. He also said that her female designer, Mutsumi Inomata, took great care to create an outfit that matched the character and setting.

In other Tales of Berseria news, at a press event Fukaya said that the main story will take about 50 hours to complete, and if you're going for full completion, the whole game could even take up to 80 hours, so when it arrives here next year, we'll get to enjoy it for quite a long time!

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Microsoft has been making a big effort recently to unify their devices into one gaming ecosystem, blurring the lines between "Xbox" and "PC" with Windows 10 serving as a unifying platform. By opening up cross-play between Xbox One and PC, allowing for streaming between various devices, and bringing Xbox One titles like Quantum Break and Gears of War: Ultimate Edition to PC, they're taking strides to unite the two audiences.

This strategy is having the desired effect, as gaming is becoming more popular on Windows 10. During a recent quarterly financial conference call, Microsoft Chief Executive Officer Satya Nadella revealed that bringing Xbox One games to the Windows store has boosted gaming hours on Windows 10 by 50% over the past three months. Given this success, we'll likely see Microsoft take more steps in this direction going forward.

Gameplay for Outlast 2 has finally debuted following the game's announcement last November. A five-minute video has been released that features gameplay from the playable demo at PAX East 2016, showing off a haunting village that the player must explore through the use of a video-camera, a mechanic that fans of the original game will know well. While it includes some similar, fear-inducing tactics as the first game, Outlast 2 revolves around the theme of religion, and it aims to launch in Fall 2016.

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Gamers can now sign up for the alpha test of upcoming shooter LawBreakers, which has recently come out with a new trailer. The trailer shows off a ton of gameplay, including the game's signature gravity-based combat.

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In a press release, Bandai Namco has revealed that Tales of Berseria's Western release is in "early 2017." Its Japanese release is on August 18th, so there is quite a big gap in between. Not that that's anything new, because there was also gap of several months between Tales of Zestiria's Japanese and Western launch.

Speaking of Zestiria, Tales of Berseria takes place in the same world, just many, many years earlier. As such, it features a party member who also played a minor role in Tales of Zestiria: Edna's brother, Eizen. Since we also know that Eizen and Zaveid were good friends, we might even get to see that wild shirtless man again. The wait might be long, but in the meantime we will also get the Tales of Zestiria the X anime to tie us over, so there's that. Tales of Berseria will be available on PlayStation 4 and PC in the West.

There is a certain charm that comes with each entry Spiders Studio adds to their growing line-up of low budget RPGs. It is as if an old friend keeps coming up with new, borderline ridiculous Dungeons & Dragons campaigns where major story elements, such as being a tech-savvy lightning wizard on Mars, are simply explained away with, "It's totally awesome!" Yet you love and enjoy every moment of them. Whether or not you share this endearing notion, the French developer's newest game, The Technomancer, looks to be following in the same footsteps as its predecessors with its newest gameplay trailer.

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John Romero, a co-creator of Doom and Quake, has teased an upcoming announcement for his next project. The game will be a first-person PC shooter developed by his new studio, Night Work Games in Galway, Ireland. In the teaser for the upcoming reveal of the FPS, Id Software co-founder Adrian Carmack climbs a hill to find a hooded Romero. In a spoof of the final scene in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the video ends with Carmack passing Romero a keyboard and mouse. The announcement will take place this Monday, April 25th.

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