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Yesterday, we reported that GameStop was teasing a "big announcement for a big game" today; based on the image, plenty of people (including your's truly) assumed that the announcement would be Assassin's Creed related. However, it is not.

GameStop is now offering an additional pre-order incentive for Batman: Arkham Knight; anyone who pre-orders the game from GameStop will get a Red Hood story pack. In my defense, Red Hood does look a lot like an assassin.

What do you guys think? Excited to play as Red Hood? 

Two years after retiring, Cliff Bleszinksi returned to the video game industry and announced a free-to-play sci-fi arena shooter dubbed Project BlueStreak. Little is known about the game so far, but we've been teased with some concept art. As it turns out, those images are the work of a former Naughty Dog employee.

In addition to bringing in developers from Ubisoft and Activision, Boss Key Productions, Bleszinski's new studio, has teamed up with concept art studio One Pixel Brush, which was co-founded by former Naughty Dog Senior Concept artist Shaddy Safadi. You can check out a work-in-progress artwork sequence for Project BlueStreak from One Pixel Brush by clicking below.

GameStop teased that they will have a "big announcement for a big game tomorrow" on their Facebook page earlier today alongside a pixelated image of something relating to the game.

The image appears to be hinting at an Assassin's Creed announcement tomorrow, possibly for the last-gen title in development (rumored to be Assassin's Creed: Comet). The image clearly appears to be an assassin, and there seems to be way too much red in the hood area of the costume for the announcement to be something related to Assassin's Creed: Unity.

What do you guys think the announcement will be? Head inside to take a look at the full image.

A game with a title like Crypt of a NecroDancer hardly needs a trailer to make it seem awesome, but the team at Brace Yourself Games has put one together anyway. The game is a rhythm-based roguelike featuring music from Danny Baronowsky of Super Meat Boy fame, though it apparently works with personalized soundtracks as well. It will be launching into open early access on July 30th on Steam, and while I'm not often a fan of early access, this is definitely something to check out. The title already has a fair number of ribbons to show off, including an IndieCade East official selection and that of the winner of Brazilian Independent Games Festival. The trailer is fittingly great, so watch it after the jump.

About two weeks ago former Epic Games developer Cliff Bleszinski unveiled his next venture: Project BlueStreak. Bleszinski describes BlueStreak as a free-to-play sci-fi arena shooter, and it's planned to release on PC. We have yet to see any in-game footage or confirmed screenshots, but Bleszinski has been teasing gamers with images related to the game.

The latest, pictured to the left, is set in a forest with a series of metal walkways that have a US military emblem on them. There are also some floating objects which may be drones of some kind, and a handful of soldiers being watched by a masked gunman. What do you guys think of what we know of BlueStreak so far? Join the discussion in the comments below!

Crytek has been suffering some major economic trouble lately. Failing to pay their staff has caused a number to simply stop coming to work, and some have even opted to move to other companies. The latest migration was Tiago Sousa, the lead R&D graphics engineer for Crytek. He worked closely on Far Cry, all the Crysis titles, and the CryEngine itself. Sousa is now the Lead Rendering Programmer at id Software and will be working on their Tech 6 engine. The original announcement was made through Sousa's twitter page. See it after the jump.

Much like his predecessor, Mega Man, Mighty No. 9 star Beck has the ability to steal the weapons of bosses he defeats in battle, morphing between different weapon styles. This ability is shown off in the latest Mighty No. 9 footage from developer Comcept. In addition, Call (Beck's partner and a playable character) is given a brief look as well. It's still a long time until Mighty No. 9 launches next April, but game creator Keiji Inafune is doing a good job of easing the wait and keeping us hooked with all these updates and work-in-progress video clips. You can catch the latest one by clicking below.

"We're working on figures." The details are still being sorted out, but Shovel Knight figurines are on their way. This news comes courtesy of a conversation between website Press The Buttons and Yacht Club's Nick Wozniak. That's not the only merchandise coming either. Wozniak also explained that the merchandise website ThinkGeek will be selling foam shovels "in the same vein as those Minecraft foam swords."

Wozniak says Yacht Club is doing this "not because that's the best way to make money," but "because it's coming from a place of wanting to just have Shovel Knight be a part of your life."

Head inside to read the larger quotation.

In development for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC, Styx: Master of Shadows is "a stealth game set in a dark, mature, fantasy universe." The team behind Styx, Cyanide Studios, plans to "return to the roots" of the stealth genre and will be doing so with their unique character for which the game is named, Styx, "a nimble, sneaky, sarcastic goblin" who's equipped with The Amber, "a powerful and rare substance" that "gives Styx a wide array of magical powers."

Set within the human Tower of Akenash, which houses The Heart of the Tree, the level design of Styx features verticality and is open ended in such a way that it "will provide the player with a large range of possibilities to outwit the tower residents and reach his or her goal."

A new summer trailer for Styx has just been released, and you can head inside to see it.

Attendees of QuakeCon 14 got a treat in the form of the first look at footage for the upcoming Doom game. Unfortunately, that footage is not yet available to the general public, but lots of juicy details from the demo and the game in general have been released. This new Doom (which is not Doom 4) appears to be quite the shift away from the style of Doom 3. Hit the jump to catch all the hellish new information.