The popular and often controversial fighting series Mortal Kombat is back! Mortal Kombat X launches on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One (as well as an altered version on mobile devices) on April 14, and on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 later this year. With the release date fast approaching, we're being treated to new trailers and character reveals on a regular basis now, and today the first TV commercial for the game launched. It's a slightly different approach to advertising that sees people spreading the word and rushing to catch a street fight between two legendary characters from the series. Click below to check it out!

According to Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford, sales of Borderlands 2 have passed 12 million. Pitchford guest-starred on a recent podcast with Microsoft's Larry Hryb, aka Marjor Nelson, and revealed this figure, which he said was brought up during a recent earnings call. The popular game, which was recently re-released as part of the Handsome Jack Collection, is the most successful game in the history of publisher 2K Games. Gearbox will be looking to top it when they release the next Borderlands game on current gen consoles.

According to Deep Down's development manager, Teruki Miyashita, the team's goal with the game is to create an experience in which players can feel fully immersed. To accomplish this, they are creating intensely realistic graphics along with audio to engage the player. Not only is the online game free, but Miyashita expects it to last for at least 10 years. Head past the jump to access the full interview!

The trend of the gaming industry is headed toward a future where gaming is influenced by virtual reality. Companies such as Valve, Oculus, and Sony are all taking a swing at their own VR devices, all set to release within the next year.

However, there is some skepticism about the angle of virtual reality. Among those who aren't convinced is Mike Capps, the former president of Epic Games, known for the popular Gears of War series. More after the jump!

After rumors of Hideo Kojima leaving Konami hit the news last week, people became concerned over the development of Silent Hills and Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Many fans of Kojima's work were irritated to find out that Konami removed his name from the marketing of Metal Gear Solid V. A recent trailer promoting the game's limited edition watch reveals "A Hideo Kojima Game" is back above the Metal Gear Solid V logo. It is very possible that this trailer was produced before the falling out between Kojima and Konami, but considering Konami removed his name from other sources yet left his name here could imply that there has been some sort of agreement between the two parties.

You can watch the trailer for yourselves after the jump!

After days of speculation, it has finally been revealed that Liu Kang will be playable in the upcoming Mortal Kombat X. The trailer reveals Liu Kang and Kung Lao being controlled by Shinnok, attacking the Earth's warriors. For those who don't remember, Kung Lao's and Liu Kang's souls fell into the Netherrealm at the end of 2011's Mortal Kombat. The trailer, which is currently exclusive to a Russian news outlet, also shows a brief appearance by Bo' Rai Cho at the beginning of the clip.

You can check out the trailer after the jump!

PlayStation 4 firmware update 2.5 — also known as Yukimura — is live, and fans will probably be happy to know that it includes the highly anticipated suspend/resume feature. The feature, which was hinted at during the PlayStation 4's launch window, will now allow players to launch into a game from the very point they left off after booting up the console from rest mode.

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The weekly software and hardware sales for Japan are in, and it's all good news for Sony. PlayStation 4, which initially had very disappointing sales in Japan, continues its streak at number one this week and in impressive fashion. Sales of Sony's latest console jumped from 33,826 to 46,395 thanks to new releases like Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, Battlefield Hardline, and Resident Evil: Revelations 2. Thus far most games available on both PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 sell better on the last gen console in Japan, but Hardline actually performed better on the newer console, which is a good sign for Sony. You can check out the full sales breakdown after the jump!

Sony is having some trouble staying on top of their trademarks lately, it would seem. As of March 23rd, Sony lost the trademarks for No Heroes Allowed: No Puzzles Either!, How Games were Made into Sound, Kill Strain, Guns Up!, and Bloodborne, "because no Statement of Use or Extension Request timely filed after Notice of Allowance was issued." In more common terms, this means the United States Patent and Trademark office revoked the trademarks because they hadn't been used in a released product or had an extension requested in the six months after they were granted or their last extension was requested.

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Reddit user kadjar recently submitted a post stating that his PlayStation Network account had been hacked and used to purchase nearly $600 worth of products using his account details. He immediately contacted Sony, who initially informed him that they could only refund up to $150. He was also told that he would either have to allow the purchases and have his account banned for six months or dispute the charges and have his account banned forever (losing several games in the process).

Now, the situation appears to have finally come to a satisfactory conclusion. An escalation analyst contacted kadjar and said that they had concluded that his credentials had indeed been compromised. Sony HQ had been made aware of the situation, and he was assured that his account would be taken care of, with the purchases being refunded shortly after.

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Ever since Harmonix announced that they'd be reviving Rock Band earlier this month, there's been a lot of speculation over whether or not Guitar Hero would also be making a comeback. It looks like we're finally getting an answer. That is, if European website Gamereactor is to be believed.

According to the website, Activision has sent out invitations to the website for an event on April 1st called "Hamburg Rock City", where they encouraged the journalists to "rock the shack with us!" Head inside for more.

The first Borderlands experience on current gen consoles has launched in North America! Borderlands 2 and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel! are both included in the remastered bundle dubbed Borderlands: The Handsome Collection on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The Handsome Collection includes all DLC from the two games, as well as enhanced graphics, local multiplayer, and the ability to transfer your save data over from the last gen versions. You can check out the launch trailer by clicking below!

LEGO The Hobbit released last year and followed the story from the first two Hobbit films. Warner Bros. originally planned on releasing downloadable content to cover the final film, but it has since cancelled those plans. "There are no plans to develop DLC based on the final film of the trilogy," the publisher confirmed in a statement to GameSpot. The game's story will now remain unfinished as it ends on a cliffhanger, but Warner Bros. believes that "The game provides an excellent set-up for the concluding chapter of Peter Jackson’s film."

With the advent of not only Rock Band 4, but also the impending announcement of a new game in the Guitar Hero series, gamers might be feeling the need to dust off their old plastic guitars and get back into the groove.

While you're having fun and rocking out like it's 2008, you're probably accustomed to a certain difficulty. Be it Easy mode or Expert, everybody has their own skill level, and one of the finest parts of your rhythm experience is the challenge.

So what difficulty do you play on? Are you an easy rocker, or can you 100% any song you can get your hands on? Head inside to let us know!

God of War III Remastered is coming to PlayStation 4 in July for the cost of $40. However, don't expect any more games from the franchise to be remastered for Sony's home console. Sony Santa Monica's Aaron Kaufman has stated that the developer doesn't plan on bringing any other entries over to the current generation. He also explained why they decided to bring this game over.

"No plans for others in the franchise to bring over. Remasters often help us open the door to new players who perhaps did not play God of War 3 5 years ago, but who we can bring it to on the PlayStation 4. People often forget, the more players we can bring into a franchise, the better for everyone. At Santa Monica Studio, we'd like as many PlayStation fans to experience our games as possible, form generation to generation." — Aaron Kaufman, Sony Santa Monica

Well, at least Kratos is coming back in some capacity.