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One of Infinity Ward's original founders, Vince Zampella, helped develop Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, and he has told Activision (who are remastering the game for release alongside Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare), "don't f*** it up." He revealed this in a recent Eurogamer interview, saying that he felt the game was "a huge part of people's gaming memories."

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The creative director of the upcoming title God of War (which was unveiled at E3 2016), Cory Barlog, has said in an interview that the development team has taken inspiration for Kratos' new subdued and sympathetic role as a father to his son from the scripts of the cancelled Star Wars TV show. During his time working for Lucasfilm, Barlog he was able to read the scripts for the cancelled show and was introduced to the idea of spending enough time with a violent, hateful character like Kratos in order to show his more subdued side.

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Today marks 25 years since Sonic the Hedgehog released on the Sega Genesis. To celebrate this, SEGA has released a retrospective video that briefly outlines each major release in the series. SEGA even poked a little fun at the infamous Sonic the Hedgehog (2006).

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Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan has announced that the game will be losing its "avoid this player" feature because players were using it to avoid players who were better than them, rather than to remove toxic players. The current system will be disabled in an upcoming patch as Blizzard Entertainment continues to strive for a better Overwatch experience.

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Ed Boon, one of the creators of the Mortal Kombat series and a co-founder of NetherRealm Studios, recently published a Tweet that heavily implies that new information about Mortal Kombat X will be revealed at EVO 2016. His Tweet simply states that some "cool news" about the game will be coming soon, but certain letters of the message are capitalized in a way that spells out "EVO," implying that the announcement will be revealed at the championship.

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This year's E3 was filled with surprises, including the announcement that Microsoft will be releasing a more powerful console by holiday 2017. Prior to E3, there were reports of Sony releasing a more powerful version of the PlayStation 4. Code named Neo, this newer PS4 would include faster processing power and 4K capability, among other things. While the Neo was not shown at E3, it is still rumored to be released sometime this year. With announcement of new consoles by two of the top companies in the industry, many speculated whether this would shorten the current consoles' lifecycles. However, PlayStation boss Shuhei Yoshida has told Gameswelt.TV that the Neo will be a "compliment" to the PS4.

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Yesterday, EA and DICE released the Bespin map for Star Wars Battlefront for Season Pass holders. While Battlefront's multiplayer mode is still quite popular, many fans have hoped that DICE would add some offline features to the game. Well, that might be happening after all, as Reddit user uninspired_zebra has discovered some hidden menus in Star Wars Battlefront that allows you to play Fighter Squadron and Walker Assault offline with friends or by yourself. While the YouTube video looks like the real deal, EA has yet to confirm that these modes exist.

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Last week, Bethesda reassured us that Fallout 4 mods would be available soon on PlayStation 4, but it looks like they're having some issues. First of all, because PC textures are used, the company is finding that memory and performance issues are occurring. Secondly, the sound files for the mods are not supported because Sony uses a proprietary sound format. Finally, the PS4 mod storage limit is only 900MB, meaning players would be unable to download large mods.

Bethesda is working with Sony to try and overcome these issues, and they promise that the closed beta is "close to ready."

Fans have been patiently waiting for the release of The Last Guardian since its reveal in 2009. Since then, the game's development was moved from the PlayStation 3 to the PlayStation 4. More gameplay footage was shown at both E3 2015 and, more recently, E3 2016, where a final release date was confirmed for the title. Even though the game has been in development for several years, some may be wondering if the The Last Guardian will still live up to the hype surrounding it. Shuhei Yoshida, President of Sony Computer Entertainment, has confidence that it will.

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A new trailer has been released for Mafia III that shows off the game's preorder bonuses. The "Family Kick-Back" pack includes three exclusive cars—the Lassiter Leopard, Berkley Stallion, and the Smith Moray MX100—in addition to three guns—the Gator Shotgun, Camo Sniper, and Trench 1938 Submachine Gun. All of this content is gained by preordering Mafia III, which launches on October 7th for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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The weekly hardware and software sales numbers from Japan are in, courtesy of Media Create, and it was an extremely disappointing week. After debuting at number one last week with nearly 200,000 sales, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice saw its sales plummet to just over 25,000 this week. Beating it out for the top spot was Taiko Drum Master: Doko Don! Mystery Adventure, also on 3DS, with just 32,369 sales in its debut.

Japan's hardware sales were underwhelming last week as well. PlayStation 4 saw a slight sales boost to just over 20,000, making it the top-selling individual device. 3DS sales were down from last week, but the combined sales from its various models topped 22,000 for the week, making 3DS the top overall platform. Wii U and Vita both saw their numbers decline from last week. You can check out the full breakdown by clicking below.

Yacht Club Games is working on a ton of free DLC for their incredibly popular game, Shovel Knight. This includes two new campaigns for Specter Knight and King Knight, which will come with their own feats and challenges, a Battle Mode, and a Body Swap Mode. Battle Mode is a single-screen multiplayer experience that is currently not being planned to release on handheld systems. Each of these modes will release alongside one of the new campaigns.

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Disney has stopped creating new content for Disney Infinity, but now we have caught a glimpse of what they initially planned to appear in Disney Infinity 3.0, since Infiniteer Adventures has shown us the Dr. Strange figure that could have been. Benedict Cumberbatch (the actor who plays Dr. Strange in the upcoming movie) could have graced our figure shelves, but alas, it was not meant to be.

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Though Kylo Ren isn't lauded as Star Wars' most imposing villain, I think he is an interesting character. Not only does he have the ability to stop a blaster shot in mid-air, he also managed to keep fighting after tanking a shot from Chewbacca's mighty Wookie Bowcaster, and all that while being a tantrum-throwing teenager. For those of you who also love Kylo Ren, there now is a new LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer which highlights this character, voiced by the actor Adam Driver himself.

LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens launches on June 28th on all platforms. Check out the trailer after the jump!

After multiple delays and years of being in developmental hell, Mighty No. 9 was finally released today, though the reviews and launch for Mighty No. 9 have been less than stellar. To celebrate the release, Comcept streamed a bit of the game and had Keiji Inafune answer some questions asked by the viewers. When asked about the reception that Mighty No. 9 had gotten from critics and fans, Inafune told the translator that the game was "better than nothing."

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