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Playtonic Games is looking to revive the once-popular 3D platformer genre with Banjo-Kazooie spiritual successor Yooka-Laylee. The highly-anticipated game is set to launch early next year, and it was recently playable at EGX. Gavin Price, Chris Sutherland, and Steve Mayles also held a panel during the conference, tackling topics like the game's focus on replay value and freedom, the process of developing the characters and their moves, level design and placement of collectibles, and the inclusion of Shovel Knight. You can check out the full presentation by clicking below!

PlayStation Portable, despite never reaching the incredible popularity of Nintendo DS, was a successful device with over 80 million units sold. Unfortunately for Sony, its successor cannot claim the same. Sony has long since stopped revealing official sales numbers for PlayStation Vita (an indication of its underwhelming figures) outside of Japan, but analyst estimates put the handheld's sales numbers at under 15 million.

Jack Tretton, former President and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment America, recently offered his take on the topic of Vita's poor performance. Speaking candidly with IGN, Tretton expressed his belief that Vita simply launched too late to have a chance at success. Hit the jump for his thoughts.

Earlier this year, we were treated to the delightful yet unsettling adventure of Henry and Delilah in Campo Santo's Firewatch. The choice-driven game left quite an impact on many of those who played it, and it seems like that impact will be reaching a much wider audience soon. Campo Santo and Good Universe, the production company behind movies such as Neighbors and the Oldboy remake, announced that they will be partnering together to make a film adaptation of the critically acclaimed game.

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Blizzard's Overwatch has received another patch recently to its Public Test Realm (a sort of testing grounds for new features before they are pushed to the main version of the game). This patch fixes several bugs, adds some new features, and, perhaps most importantly, gives tiny buffs to Widowmaker, Junkrat, and Ana.

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The wait for the much anticipated Yooka-Laylee is almost over, with the game getting a release window of Q1 2017. Yooka-Laylee was playable for UK fans at EGX 2016 last weekend, and Playtonic Games recorded a livestream demo to give us a first look at the game on PlayStation 4. The developers did note that the game is still a work in progress, but they had plenty to show off.

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While delayed to the first half of 2018, likely to accommodate the several stretch goals that come with being one of the most-funded Kickstarter games of all time, Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night looks to be coming along rather nicely. The anticipated successor to Castlevania also hosts quite the musical talent, including Shantae and Shovel Knight composer Jake Kaufman, Inti Creates' Ippo Yamada, and former Castlevania composer Michiru Yamane, who worked on the series' music from Symphony of the Night onward.

A new update from the Bloodstained Kickstarter teased four of the game's songs with demos backers can listen to, as well as a short commentary for each track, revealing that these four tracks are penned by Yamane herself. You can listen to them all after the jump!

In the world of The Last of Us, September 26th is known as "Outbreak Day," the day in which the Cordyceps virus reached its peak, signaling the downfall of mankind. Naughty Dog is celebrating Outbreak Day this year in a variety of ways. First, several items are going on sale in the PlayStation Store for a "significant" discount, including the full game of The Last of Us Remastered, the standalone DLC Left Behind, as well as a few select multiplayer add-ons. A PlayStation 4 Outbreak Day Theme will also be available. These deals have not yet appeared on the PlayStation Store, but don't panic yet, as the Store doesn't tend to refresh until Tuesday.

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Rare veteran Chris Sutherland and editorial director Andy Robinson, representing Playtonic Games, were recently interviewed by GamesRadar about how using Kickstarter changed the development of their new game Yooka-Laylee.

Chris Sutherland: When we started out. We thought, 'Oh, it'll be a small number of people, it's mainly for us and we just need to fund it.' Now we're very much aware of at least 80,000 people who are going to be very, very cross if we don't get this right.

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Indie developer Thunder Lotus Games made their mark in the industry with Jotun (an action-RPG set in the realm of Norse Mythology) last year, and they've just announced their next project. Sundered is "a horrifying fight for survival and sanity" that blends action and horror together into an exploration-fueled Metroidvania experience. The upcoming game (set to launch next year on PlayStation 4 and PC) also features a beautiful, hand-drawn art style and multiple endings. You can check out the first trailer, screenshots, and details by clicking below!

In 2012, Square Enix released an MMO based on the Dragon Quest series called Dragon Quest X. Unfortunately, the MMO had never made it to the West, and fans have been very vocal about its localization. During a developer discussion at PAX West for Dragon Quest VII, one fan asked Square Enix's Noriyoshi Fujimoto about the possibility of Dragon Quest X coming to the west. According to Fujimoto, translating an MMO like Dragon Quest X is a difficult task and would not make much sense from a business standpoint. If enough fans demand Dragon Quest X to come west, however, then Square Enix could look into it.

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Crash Bandicoot hasn't received a lot of attention lately, but that is about to change as he will be included in the upcoming game Skylanders Imaginators in celebration of his 20th anniversary. Both Crash and his nemesis Dr. Neo Cortex are set to be featured in the game as playable characters and get their own level called Thumpin' Wumpa Island. Jennifer O'Neal, Studio Head at Vicarious Visions, talked about Crash's inclusion in a recent interview with GameReactor.

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Respawn Entertainment's Titanfall was a success, attracting over 10 million players, but it could have been even more successful if it had launched on PlayStation platforms in addition to Xbox and Windows. Titanfall 2 will be available to Sony's audience, and if Respawn had their way, the original would have been as well. Speaking with PlayStation LifeStyle, Respawn Art Director Joel Emslie and Chief Operating Officer Dusty Welch revealed that they always wanted the first game on PlayStation platforms, but the situation was completely out of their hands. Hit the jump for more info!

Years after its debut, Minecraft is still one of the most popular games in the world, and updates are still regularly adding new content. The next big DLC pack for Minecraft has just been announced, and this time it's based on Chinese Mythology. The new pack launches on October 4th for $4.99, giving players a pre-made world to explore, as well as 41 new skins and 13 themed music tracks.

"Wander through the streets of an ancient great city, marvel at the dragons that dwell around the high mountains, contemplate on your crafting within a mythical monastery and just enjoy the view as you walk through fields and discover how mobs would look in ancient China." The Chinese Mythology Mash-Up Pack offers all of this and more. Hit the jump for screenshots and a trailer!

Banjo-Kazooie spiritual successor Yooka-Laylee is scheduled to release early next year, reviving the 3D platformer genre for a new generation, and developer Playtonic Games has just announced an exciting collaboration. Shovel Knight, the titular star of one of the most popular indie games in years, will make a guest appearance in Yooka-Laylee as a non-playable character. Playtonic Games released a new trailer for Yooka-Laylee at EGX, showcasing the game's colorful cast of quirky characters, including Shovel Knight himself. You can check out the trailer by clicking below!

The first piece of story DLC for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is now available. Dubbed "System Rift," this DLC is fully independent of the main storyline, with a new location and re-introduction to old characters, and centers on breaking into the Palisade Blade secure data storage center on behalf of Adam Jensen's old friend, Francis Pritchard. Players will be tasked with infiltrating the building using their preferred method of play, all while exploring an architecturally unique building that, according to the designers, presents something never before seen in a Deus Ex game.

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