Yooka-Laylee is a spiritual successor to the Rare 3D platformers of the Nintendo 64 era, including Banjo-Kazooie. In that spirit, backers who pledged £340 or more will receive an exclusive Yooka-Laylee Nintendo 64 cartridge with a built-in 64GB flash drive.

The team at Playtonic Games recently updated their Kickstarter page with an image of the special flash drive, and seeing Yooka-Laylee (even if it's not real working copy) plugged into a Nintendo 64 looks about as fitting and natural as can be. You can check out the full-sized image by clicking below.

One of the popular features of PlayStation 4 is remote play, which allows players to stream their PlayStation 4 games to the handheld PlayStation Vita. Meanwhile, Microsoft allows for cross-platform streaming and gaming between Xbox One and Windows 10 devices, including PCs.

Many have been requesting that Sony implement a similar feature, and Sony is listening. PlayStation boss Shuhei Yoshida has confirmed that Sony is currently developing an app that will extend remote play functionality to PC and Mac. We're not sure when we can look forward to this app launching, but it's great to hear that Sony has it in the works.

The PlayStation 4 was launched in North America a little over two years ago, on November 15, 2013, to massive commercial success. In fact, it became the fastest selling console of all time shortly after its release.

The most recent sales data from Sony, which was released a few days ago, confirms that the PlayStation 4 has sold over 30.2 million units in the past two years, which is more than any of its predecessors sold in that time, and more than the Xbox One and Wii U, its current competitors.

It's Thanksgiving Day, and Black Friday (with all of its amazing deals) is just around the corner. For Sony, this includes bundling Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection with a PlayStation 4 for just $299. To promote this great deal, Sony has released a Black Friday commercial for PlayStation 4 focusing on exclusive games and content on the console. You can check it out by clicking below.

The first hour of Just Cause 3 has been uploaded to YouTube by Square Enix and Avalanche Studios. The video shows the introductory story content, as well as the first few missions and some optional shenanigans that can take place in the 400 square mile map. According to Square Enix, it was uploaded to satisfy the fans' hunger until the game launches just next week on December 1st. Make the jump to view the full video.

On December 3rd, Geoff Keighley will be holding The Game Awards for the second straight year. Keighley is looking to strike a good balance between on-stage awards and world premieres, and he announced earlier today that there will be ten world premieres.

We don't know what all of the premieres will be, and we're sure to see some surprises, but one game has been confirmed. Far Cry Primal was recently announced by Ubisoft, and we'll be getting our first-ever look at gameplay footage during The Game Awards. We'll be livestreaming The Game Awards and covering all of the exciting announcements as they come, so join us on December 3rd!

The weekly hardware and software sales numbers from Japan are in, courtesy of Media Create, and the latest Star Wars game is a hit all around the world. EA's Star Wars Battlefront easily debuted at number one in Japan, selling nearly 124,000 copies on PlayStation 4.

Sony's console saw a slight sales boost of about 2,000 units from this (and several other games), but it wasn't the surge you might expect from a number one game. Meanwhile, Nintendo had a fairly unremarkable week in game sales, but 3DS hardware sales jumped by over 7,000 over last week. You can check out the full breakdown by clicking below.

Some backstory has been revealed for Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness's Lilia, along with character art for her. Lilia is a 12-year-old amnesiac who joins Fidel and Miki in hopes of regaining her memories. Her childlike demeanor makes her adored by others. For reasons unknown, however, it seems like somebody's trying to hunt her down. Lilia is a support character who will level up with the party but not participate directly in battle. You can view art of her in the gallery inside, along with art for the new characters Emerson and Anne, who were previously spotted in trailers. Star Ocean 5 releases next year for PlayStation 4 and, in Japan, for PlayStation 3.

A fresh batch of screenshots have been put out for Koei Tecmo's Attack of Titan game for the PlayStation family of consoles. These images show off some of the titan-fighting combat and boy, those titans sure know how to give you the creeps. Luckily we get to see them taken down in thrilling fashion through these screenshots. If you're a giant fan of the manga or anime—or even if you're just here to scope out the titanic faces that will be sure to haunt your dreams tonight—you can check out our gallery inside to see all the new images.

At recent gaming conventions such as E3, Sony has been showing off an exclusive horror tech demo on Project Morpheus/PlayStation VR. The tech demo (which at this time is not officially tied to a full game) is developed by Capcom, and it's called "Kitchen." Only the fortunate few with special appointments have actually been allowed to see the game, but Capcom has just released a video that shows how players react when playing the virtual reality game. Click below to hear the screams!

Black Friday is just around the corner, and Sony has just announced their big deal. Starting on Thursday, November 26th, you'll be able to buy a PlayStation 4 bundled with Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection for just $299 USD in the States or $369.99 CAD in Canada. This deal lasts all the way through Black Friday weekend and to the end of Monday, November 30th. For full details on availability, you'll have to check with your local retailers.

More players are online in Star Wars Battlefront on PlayStation 4 than Xbox One and PC combined, according to information from P-stats.com. At the time of writing, 49,137 players are on PC, 113,696 are playing on Xbox One, and 189,191 are on PlayStation 4. This suggests that significantly more players own Star Wars Battlefront on Sony's console than the other options, but until official sales figures are released nothing can be confirmed.

The PlayStation 4 remaster of Gravity Rush, an action-adventure game that originally came out on the PlayStation Vita, will be released a week earlier than originally planned, which means that it's now coming out on February 2, 2016. This information was revealed in a tweet by PlayStation Europe, but this earlier release date also applies to North America, which was confirmed in a tweet by Nick Accordino, Associate Project Manager of Sony Computer Entertainment America. Besides the remaster of Gravity Rush, Sony is working on a sequel to the game as well. Gravity Rush 2 is being developed for the PlayStation 4 and is set to be released in 2016, but an exact release date is yet unknown.

EA Sports launched Madden NFL 16 back in August, bringing its annual hit football game back in time for the NFL season. If you're interested in the latest Madden iteration but haven't yet made the purchase, EA's looking to reel you in this weekend. Now through the end of Sunday night you can play the full version of Madden NFL 16 completely free on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The PlayStation 4 version allows for unlimited play over the weekend, while the Xbox One version allows for ten hours of play.

Following its massive success as a book and television series, the next challenge for Game of Thrones was to make it big in video games. As such, HBO partnered with critically-acclaimed developers Telltale Games to combine the Game of Thrones universe with Telltale's defining story-driven, episodic style.

Telltale's video game adaptation has been a big hit, and the season finale recently released, but the story is far from over. Speaking with Hollywood Reporter, Kevin Bruner, Telltale's CEO, co-founder, and executive producer on the Game of Thrones video game series, confirmed that season two is already in development. Click below for more.