Last year, Rare celebrated 30 years in the industry with the release of Rare Replay, a collection of 30 classic Rare games for $30. Ever since then, developers at the popular studio have been releasing "Rare Revealed" videos, delving into the history behind some of their most iconic games. Previously, Rare released a video about the making of Perfect Dark, and now they've returned to the shooter with a video that reveals five things you (probably) didn't know about it. You can check it out by clicking below!

Nintendo and Disney are rumored to be negotiating over potential movie partnerships, the Ratchet & Clank animated film just premiered yesterday, and a Warcraft movie will hit theaters come May. Among several other recent examples, movie adaptations based on popular video games is no strange trend in Hollywood. Granted, it is a habit that is not always successful with critics, but it is one that will surely not be disappearing from the industry anytime soon, now that yet another gaming franchise is set to be adapted onto the silver screen.

Marc Platt, a producer whose work history includes Wanted in 2008 and Scott Pilgrim vs. the World in 2010, is reportedly collaborating with SEGA in developing a movie based on the gaming company's classic Shinobi franchise.

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A video from YouTube user Caleb Goss shows how Super Smash Bros. Melee would sound with a live score. Goss transcribed a melody, allowing jazz drummer Andrew Barhite to use his kit to emphasize each landed attack and creating a thrilling accompaniment to the frantic action of Smash Bros. Choosing to play over footage of a match between professional Swedish players Armada and Leffen, it's a feat in itself that Barhite could even keep up with the frenetic pace of a pro Melee game. Plus, it's always a treat to watch Leffen, one of the world's cockiest players, get absolutely destroyed. You can watch the performance inside.

The beloved Pokémon franchise celebrated its 20th anniversary on February 27th, and Nintendo honored the occasion by releasing Pokémon Red, Blue (or Green in Japan), and Yellow on Nintendo 3DS eShop with added support for wireless trading and battling. The classic Pokémon games that started it all sold more copies in their first week than any other 3DS eShop title, and Nintendo has since revealed that they have sold over 1.5 million copies worldwide.

Over half of these sales are from North America alone. This, Nintendo President Tatsumi Kimishima asserts, is due to the fact that Pokémon has been the subject of much attention in America since the start of the year, helping Nintendo "appeal to the nostalgia of consumers who played these titles when they first came out."

The Retro Receiver is a new Bluetooth adapter for Nintendo Entertainment System, and it should be on the radar of any classic games enthusiast. Created by Analogue (known for the Analogue NT, a modern third-party NES clone with improved video and audio output) and 8Bitdo (known for their wireless gamepads inspired by controllers for classic consoles like NES and SNES), the Retro Receiver can plug into any NES-style controller port, making it compatible with the original NES, Analogue NT, and similar consoles.

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Nintendo recently launched Star Fox Zero on Wii U, and as a lovely throwback to the classic Star Fox 64, Nintendo was able to bring back some of the original voice actors to reprise their roles. Several of these voice actors recently sat down with Geekmelee to discuss their time with the series and to give fans some background on how they brought the characters to life.

Bill Johns voiced multiple characters in Star Fox 64, including the hot-headed Falco Lombardi. As it turns out, the process for getting Falco's personality down was pretty simple. As Johns describes it, he was simply handed a picture of Falco and told "Think Han Solo." The result is the cocky, wise-cracking pilot that many Nintendo fans have grown to love!

Popular developer Platinum Games is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, and a game made by Platinum's Hideki Kamiya just recently celebrated its 10th anniversary as well. Okami originally launched on PlayStation 2 back on April 20th, 2006. In honor of the anniversary, Kamiya reflected on the game in a special message to fans, and even addressed the hopes of many (himself included) that he'll be able to create a sequel some day. You can read his message by clicking below.

The Mega Man franchise has taken on many forms since its debut nearly 30 years ago. From the classics to the X saga and beyond, Capcom is always putting a new spin on the Blue Bomber. One series that was left tragically unfinished is Mega Man Legends. After longtime Capcom employee Keiji Inafune left the company to start his own development team, Mega Man Legends 3 was cancelled, and the fanbase was devastated.

Despite the relatively poor sales of the series and its unfortunate conclusion (or lack thereof), Inafune credits the original Mega Man Legends with making him the developer he is today. After the immense success of Resident Evil 2, Inafune realized that he had grown too comfortable and wasn't putting his best foot forward anymore. The poor sales of Mega Man Legends snapped him back to reality, and the rest is history. This story (along with tons of other interesting facts) is chronicled in the latest episode of Did You Know Gaming, and you can check it out by clicking below!

Before there were Mario & Luigi RPGs or Paper Mario games, there was Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars on Super Nintendo. The collaboration between Nintendo and Square mixed the platforming of Mario with RPG elements reminiscent of Final Fantasy to create a unique and satisfying experience.

This cult classic is the star of the latest episode of Did You Know Gaming. It's an interesting look at the history of the game's development (did you know that some of the battle elements were decided by the amount of applause they got from fans?), and it highlights lots of interesting details in the game that you may have missed. You can check it out by clicking below!

Lakitu has long been an iconic Mario enemy and a staple of the franchise, and the Spiny-throwing menace has apparently been glitched all this time! The sleuths at The Cutting Room Floor dug into the original code for Super Mario Bros. and found that Lakitu's programming isn't executing correctly.

The code is written so that Lakitu will throw Spiny eggs at an angle relative to the player's speed, Lakitu's speed, the player's position, and a pseudo-random value. Additionally, the Spiny eggs are supposed to bounce off of any blocks or walls they hit on the way down. Thanks to a bug in the code, this doesn't happen, and the Spiny eggs thrown by Lakitu drop straight down. You can check out a video showing how Lakitu was supposed to function by clicking below.

SEGA has just announced the launch of the SEGA Mega Drive Classics Hub, a free update that will allow people who own games for the SEGA Genesis (called the SEGA Mega Drive outside of North America) on Steam to modify the games using Steam Workshop. The Classics Hub will launch on April 28th, and it will be compatible with any of the SEGA Genesis titles that are currently on Steam. It will operate as a hub to play or modify any Genesis game and can be used to share your mods with other players.

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There are tons of gaming enthusiast podcasts out in the wild, but almost none of the top-tier podcasts are made specifically for Nintendo fans. That's where we come in! We here at Gamnesia are bringing you a new episode of "Nintendo Week," a podcast made for Nintendo fans by Nintendo fans.

This week was filled to the brim with rumors, so join Alex, Ben, and Colin as we try to navigate the murky waters of this week's news cycle. Before the break we talk about Bayonetta's recent Smash Bros. controversies, the upcoming Mega Man cartoon, and much much more. After the break we head to The Gossip Stone to discuss several rumors, including whether NX is getting ports of four major Wii U games, Pokémon auctioning off its movie rights for a live-action film, and much more. You can check out the episode below—or if you'd like to save it to listen later, you can check the latest episode out on iTunes, available now. And be sure to head inside to get a rundown of all the Nintendo news from the last week!

Twenty-five years ago, Japan released a memorable role-playing game called Mother on the Nintendo Famicom. Mother was scheduled to be released in North America in 1991 but was shelved because Nintendo decided to localize Mother 2 instead. Last year, however, the original Mother was finally released in North America as EarthBound Beginnings, to the joy of many fans of the series. Now a production studio known as 54 & O Productions is creating a documentary about the history of EarthBound Beginnings titled "Mother to Earth," which will tell the story of EarthBound's origins and discuss how fans were able to find localized copies of the original game since the early 2000s.

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Ever wanted to see how modern teenagers would React™ to their first time playing Super Metroid? Well the Fine Bros. are here to once again exploit your nostalgia. Instead of producing an embarrassing example of adolescents being entirely incapable of meeting the challenges of the game or just not getting the appeal, they accidentally made a video of these kids really having a good time. Even the one girl who went in turned off by the game's "super nerdy" opening sequence ended up quickly enthralled by the gameplay atmosphere.

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The Unreal Engine 4 is one of the most powerful graphics engines around, and ever since its public release in 2015, tons of fans have taken it upon themselves to use it to recreate their favorite retro games in HD. A YouTuber named CryZENx has made tons of these HD remasters in the past year, mainly recreating different parts of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask. You may have seen their stunning recreation of The Temple of Time or the opening scene from Majora's Mask. Two days ago, they released a video where they gave a similar treatment to the iconic Gerudo Valley from Ocarina of Time.

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