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PlayStation Network had maintenance scheduled for Monday, but after the DDoS attack that took the whole network down, it was postponed until today. Sony has announced that PSN account services, PlayStation Home, and PlayStation Store services will be offline from 4:00 PM today until 5:00 AM tomorrow in BST (10:00 AM to 11:00 PM EST today), for a total of 13 hours of downtime. However, during this time you can still play games online if you've "successfully signed in to your account on a device before the maintenance on a PlayStation 4 or within the past 5 days on any other PlayStation device."

Capcom is showing Sony and Mega Man X some love. X4 and X5, both originally PlayStation games, are headed to PlayStation Network. These classic will be available at home on PlayStation 3 and on the go with Vita next month. X4 launches on September 2, and X5 follows a week later on September 9. Prices have not yet been announced. It may be a while before we see the Blue Bomber return for a new game, but you can enjoy some old favorites (you can even play as Zero right from the start in X5!) while you wait.

As many of you are probably aware by now, the PlayStation Network was hacked on Sunday, causing the company's servers to be overloaded and preventing players from using the network. However, Sony has announced that the network is now back online and no personal information was stolen.

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As technology evolves over time, the focus of video game developers begins to switch. As more and more devices become "smart" enough to run video games, you no longer need to sell a console to a customer to get a game in their hands. Games can be made for their phone, tablet, or even streamed straight to their TV with no box in between. While the console market is still very much active (PlayStation 4 has sold 10 million units in just nine months), some within Sony foresee a time when there will be no consoles. And they are preparing for it.

VGhlIExpemFyZFNxdWFkIFR3aXR0ZXIgQXZhdGFyMany people have been having problems logging into PlayStation Network this morning, and many have had no clue why. That's all in thanks to a wave of DDoS attacks that are accredited to LizardSquad, a group of at least three hackers that are dedicated to "having fun" and "ending the greed". More information on the group and the PSN outage after the jump.

The tribulations of Phil Fish are infamous in the industry by now. However, the now-former video game developer suffered another blow after speaking in support of the controversial developer of Depression Quest, Zoe Quinn. Hackers exposed several personal and sensitive details of Fish, ranging from passwords to financial records, leading to Fish deciding to sell his company, Polytron, intellectual property and all.

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Looks like Steam isn't the only place to be getting the best deals on digital titles. The North American PlayStation Store has announced a Flash Sale that offers a ton of quality PlayStation 3 and Vita titles for only $9.99 a piece!

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4J Studios, the team currently responsible for adapting Minecraft for Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, 4, and Vita, announced via Twitter that their current build of Minecraft for PlayStation 4 has failed to pass Sony certification test. It will need to be tweaked and re-submitted before the game can make it to the PlayStation Store or reach store shelves. They will need to go through the submission process again from scratch, it sounds like, so there may be some delay in the release of Minecraft on PlayStation 4.

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If you're a European gamer and you've been on the fence about picking up a Vita, the deal just got a whole lot sweeter! Sony is bringing the Adventure Mega Pack bundle to Europe, which means you can get a Vita with an 8 GB memory card and five games for just €199.99.

The free (digital) games included are Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Tearaway, Gravity Rush, Escape Plan, and TxK. If you already own the handheld itself, you can score the game and memory card bundle separately for €39.99. Either way, that's an absolutely insanely good deal. You can catch a teaser video for the Adventure Mega Pack by clicking below!

The Japanese hardware and software sales numbers are in for the past week, and once again Yokai Watch 2 claims the top spot. The phenomenally popular 3DS game (which will be localized next year) has now been number one in Japan for six straight weeks, selling over 2.2 million units in that time. Hyrule Warriors debuted at number two, with just under 70,000 sales in its first week. This boosted Wii U sales slightly, but Nintendo's home console still finished third behind 3DS and Vita, the latter of which received a sales boost itself from the launch of the Monster Hunter Frontier G Beginners Package. You can check out the full breakdown of sales after the jump.