We already knew Ubisoft would not be supporting Wii U with Assassin's Creed games going forward (due to the fact that they feel M-rated games won't sell on the console), but it looks like Vita support has been dropped as well. Ubisoft released Assassin's Creed III: Liberation on Sony's struggling handheld in 2012 (and it has since been ported to console in HD) and there rumors of another Vita title planned for 2013, but it never came to light, and nothing else has been announced for the platform since then. 

Ubisoft has confirmed via their official Twitter that they do not have plans to release any more Assassin's Creed games on the handheld at this time. It looks like Assassin's Creed will be sticking to home consoles from now on.

It's a great time to get into video game development! Two weeks ago Epic Games announced that they were making Unreal Engine 4 free for all educators, so colleges are free to use the powerful game engine to help aspiring game designers hone their skills. Now, Sony and Unity have partnered to announce that Unity Pro will be made available to all licensed PlayStation developers (for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and Vita) at no cost. 

Once you're a Sony-approved developer, you'll have full access to all that Unity has to offer completely free. Hopefully this leads to the creation of many quality games. This is especially good news, as we will soon be offering Unity tutorials here at Gamnesia

In a recent Kotaku interview with Disney Infinity producer John Vignocchi, we learned how they chose which Marvel characters to add to the next game in the series, Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes. Apart from sifting through the huge amount of characters, they also had to consider what would provide balanced gameplay.

"Over 8,000?! That's amazing. So there are over 8,000 Marvel characters to choose from. Obviously everyone knows franchises like Spider-Man and the Avengers, but how did certain individuals like Iron Fist and Nova make the cut for the first wave of heroes?" — Kotaku

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The Media Create sales for the past week in Japan have arrived, showing us the top-selling software and hardware. Unsurprisingly, based on yesterday's report, Super Smash Bros. for 3DS is sitting at the top with over 940,000 sales. Nintendo asserts that total sales (digital included) for the first two days exceeded one million. Unfortunately, this provided only a small boost to 3DS hardware, but it still took the number one spot. PlayStation 4 sales more than tripled from the launch of Destiny, which chimed in at number two (and number three) on the charts. Here's the full breakdown.

After several days of rumors and reports, it was officially confirmed yesterday that Minecraft developer Mojang had been purchased by Microsoft for a whopping $2.5 billion. We learned earlier today that this will not affect the sale of the PlayStation, PC, or mobile versions of the game, but Microsoft still expects the deal to become profit positive during fiscal 2015. If so, both sides will be coming out of this deal with a mountain of money. How will Minecraft creator Markus "Notch" Persson spend the cash he's just made? Conan O'Brien gives his humorous take on it in a new video. Check it out after the jump!

Popular Japanese video game publication Famitsu Magazine frequently polls its viewers to see which upcoming games have them the most excited. As a testament to just how insanely popular Monster Hunter is in Japan, Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate (a new and improved version of a game that's been out in Japan for just over a year already and has sold over 4 million copies) tops the most recent list, beating out the recently teased Persona 5 and even the long-awaited Final Fantasy XV. The list contains a wide variety of current and last gen games on both consoles and handhelds from Nintendo and Sony, but Xbox (unsurprisingly for Japan) has no games in the top thirty. Hit the jump to check it out.

Vita's low sales have been well-documented, and PlayStation boss Andrew House recently said the struggling handheld's future is unclear, but apparently not all of Sony's top executives feel that way. According to Fergal Gara, the managing director for PlayStation in the UK, Vita is having a "healthy" year, has put up great numbers throughout the summer, and Sony is "very pleased" with its sales rate. Gara states that Vita is charting higher this year than last, has established a niche market, and is in line for some big holiday season sales numbers. You can check out his full comments by clicking below!

Xbox One has finally launched in Japan, and the results are less than promising. Microsoft's new console did technically debut as the number one hardware model with just over 25,000 units sold, but combined sales of 3DS and 3DS XL (Media Create tracks them as separate products) beat out Xbox One by about 4,000. A little digging shows that in recorded history of Japanese launch weeks (going back to Dreamcast), no console has sold less in its debut week in Japan. That said, the new system did land three games in the top twenty, although no Xbox One title ranked higher than number seven. Hit the jump for the breakdown!

While you patiently (or perhaps impatiently) wait for any sign that Nintendo might consider localizing Mother 3 outside of Japan, you don't have to wait much longer to get your hands on an EarthBound-style game. Citizens of Earth is an EarthBound-inspired modern, humorous RPG in which you play as the Vice President of Earth and recruit people to help you uncover the strange happenings in your hometown. A new gameplay video has surfaced, and you can definitely feel the EarthBound influence. Check it out by clicking below!

Mighty No. 9 hit Kickstarter with an initial goal of $900,000 for funding, but the successor to Mega Man would go on to raise over $4 million. As such, numerous stretch goals for extra content were added and all subsequently reached. One of these goals was to bring an online race battle mode to the game. You and a friend can race against each other in the same level, competing for the best score by destroying enemies and collecting their Xel. In a new video from developer Comcept, you can see this mode in action as creator Keiji Inafune (who has quite the advantage) takes on Takuya Aizu from Inti Creates. The results are pretty hilarious, so click below to check it out!