When we play Super Smash Bros., we only see a side view of our fighters, so we never truly know how they perceive the world around them. However, this fan made video shows us exactly how the popular fighting game would look through the eyes of the fighters themselves. The video starts off by pitting Mario against Link and then ends with Kirby sucking up the player. It's interesting seeing things you wouldn't normally think about in Smash Bros., such as jumping up through platforms, item pickups, and even the back of a Staryu.

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Nintendo Treehouse employee and localization writer/editor Chris Pranger recently opened up quite a bit about life at Nintendo in a recent episode of the Part Time Gamer podcast. First, he talked about the high cost of localization and said that vocal fans often don't realize they are part of a small fanbase. From there, the conversation moved to another small, but vocal fanbase: hardcore Super Smash Bros. players. 

Chris and the Part Time Gamers discussed how Sakurai has been criticized in the past for focusing more on the "casual" or general crowd rather than competitive fighters. Changes in the games after Melee have upset some fans, and in turn, criticism from fans upsets Sakurai. According to Pranger, Sakurai has a "very dire" outlook on the series. Hit the jump for his thoughts. 

There are a lot of great games on Nintendo platforms, but not all of them are released in the West. Many games from Japan-based developers are never localized. This is an issue that Nintendo is working towards improving, but that doesn't mean Japan-only games will ever completely go away.

Speaking with the Part Time Gamer Podcast, Nintendo Treehouse employee and localization writer/editor Chris Pranger opened up a bit about the struggles of localizing. Chris is used to the chants of "Why do you hate money?" from disappointed fans waiting on localization, but he says it's not that simple. Localization is more expensive than people think, and even localizing a well-known game like Xenoblade Chronicles on Wii was a financial loss for Nintendo. Hit the jump for his thoughts. 

We recently learned that the highly-anticipated Pokémon fighting game, Pokkén Tournament, is finally coming to the West—but it's only coming through location tests held by various Dave & Buster's establishments across North America. Of course, the arcade scene in Western markets is nothing like that found in Japan, and we've been hoping for a while that the game would find its way to Wii U. But with these location tests in place, no console port in sight, and a Wii U approaching the end of its life cycle, we think we've got a better idea.

This is one of the subjects we discuss on this week's episode of Nintendo Week, our Nintendo-themed podcast here at Gamnesia. You can check out the discussion video after the jump to hear our full thoughts on this distribution method, or keep reading for a brief summary.

Yesterday, we reported that a GameStop-exclusive three-pack containing the R.O.B., Duck Hunt, and Mr. Game & Watch Amiibo would be available for pre-order on August 8th at 9 AM; now, we have more information on how the event will work.

According to a compilation of information from a moderator on Reddit, a PowerUp Rewards Pro membership could be required to attend the pre-order event, which is scheduled to start an hour before most GameStop stores open. Head inside for more.

There's been a lot of controversy surrounding Devil's Third lately, with reviewers heavily criticizing the game and creator Tomonobu Itagaki criticizing those reviewers right back. Fan opinions on the footage that's been released so far are mixed, but Itagaki believes Devil's Third will be a breakthrough for the industry. If you'd like a good, long look at the game before deciding whether or not it's worth your time, you can check out a video showcasing the first 75 minutes by clicking below!

Splatoon has been a huge success so far, selling over 1.6 million copies since launch! Even Nintendo is surprised by these huge sales, and with lots of players joining in on the fun, Nintendo has to make sure they keep their servers functioning. As such, Splatoon's online services will be unavailable tomorrow evening as Nintendo performs maintenance. This will take place at 5:50 pm Pacific (which is 8:50 pm Eastern) and will last for a little over an hour. This maintenance will help prepare the game for the massive update launching the same day, so it should be worth the wait!

Back in June we reported that the Nintendo UK website for Super Mario Maker said the game will launch with 100 levels. However, this claim was later removed. Nintendo has since updated the page to state that the game will launch with "dozens" of samples courses that are directly playable. A footnote was also added to denote that the earlier "100 levels" description was incorrect. It's too bad the earlier listing was false, but with all of the user-generated levels, it won't take long to find and play over 100 levels online!

A few days ago we learned that several new weapons would be included in Splatoon's big August update, one of which is the Splatling Gun, a Gatling gun-inspired shooter that will surely make a major splash in battles. Now a video has surfaced which provides a brief but informative look at how the gun will operate; it appears to have excellent range and power, but the price is a several-second-long warmup period where the gun prepares to fire. You can check it out in the video after the jump!

The main villain of the Donkey Kong Kountry series is one of the top kontenders to join Super Smash Bros. as a new fighter, but recently his chances may have been kompromosied—at least as some fans would believe. Alongside the newest kontent update for the game komes a King K. Rool kostume for your kustomizable Mii Brawler. Many believe this is a soft konfirmation that the Kremling King won't be inkluded as a DLK fighter, but we aren't so sure.

This is one of the subjekts we diskuss on this week's episode of Nintendo Week, our Nintendo-themed podkast here at Gamnesia. You kan check out the diskussion video after the jump to hear our full thoughts on what this kostume means for K. Rool and even some other fighters, or keep reading for a brief summary.

During E3, Nintendo featured a quirky platformer called Typoman in the Nindies@Home program, which allowed players to try out a selection of indie titles for free and receive a 15% discount on the full versions. Now, we know that Typoman will be launching on the Wii U eShop next month.

Players will be able to download Typoman on the Wii U eShop on September 16th; publisher Headsup Games has confirmed that the game will release in all regions on this date. The game has only been announced for Wii U so far.

During this year's E3, Nintendo unveiled Nindies@Home, a program that allowed players to test-drive nine participating indie games and receive a 15% discount upon each game's release; in a recent interview with Nintendo Everything, Nintendo of America's Senior Marketing Manager of Publisher and Developer Relations Damon Baker stated that the program was "well-received." According to Baker, Nintendo is very happy with the results of the program; he also stated that, while the program was a lot of work for Nintendo, it could return at some point in the future. Head inside for more.

While Pikmin 3's Alph made it into Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS as an alternate costume for Olimar, it turns out the character's inclusion was initially conceptualized as a full-blown, stand-alone clone of the veteran Pikmin fighter. Discovered in one of the design documents of Smash Bros. creator Masahiro Sakurai, Source Gaming reports that Sakurai's wording indicates a distinction between what Alph materialized as (a pallet swap) and what he was planned to be at the time (a model swap; a clone of Olimar). Follow the link in the source for a full translation of Sakurai's notes.

The most recent update for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U has allowed users to upload their replays to YouTube. This is intended to make it easier for players to share their favorite videos with friends, as well as to enable them to save their videos from deletion whenever a new update is released. To help streamline the process, Nintendo has released instructions that explain the steps that must be taken in order to upload these videos.

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Super Mario Maker, which launches this September, lets Wii U owners design, play, and share their own custom Super Mario Bros. levels. Before you can upload a custom level, you have to clear it yourself. After you've uploaded a level, it will receive a difficulty rating based on how many times it's been played and how many times it's been cleared. However, that's not the only way that level difficulty will be determined.

Nintendo recently announced a partnership with Facebook to promote Super Mario Maker with a Hackathon event. Facebook employees created over forty levels, and one even got their level in the game. In covering the event, Engadget revealed that when the game launches in full, there will be Nintendo moderators vetting each level to test its difficulty before it becomes available for the general public. You can check out the quote by clicking below.