Epic, well known for their Unreal Engine (current version being number four), has spilled a little light on something that may have been obvious to others if they bothered to pay attention. Essentially, this generation so far (and in the near future) has severely less AAA games compared to last generation. To the tune of around 1/3rd of the sheer amount of titles there use to be.

On top of that, the ones that are being made are having the budgets usually spread across several more games concentrated into the few. AAA games have been outnumbered by indie games for many years, but seeing such a steep decline in actual AAA games being manufactured is surely the first true evidence that the market for them may indeed be shrinking. Head inside for more.

Coming out this week is the sequel to Nintendo's NES Remix, titled NES Remix 2. One might assume that since these games feature several Virtual Console titles that are available for both the Wii U and 3DS, both systems would be able to play the NES Remix games. This is not true, for neither of these games are currently available for the 3DS. Koichi Hayashida, developer of NES Remix and more Nintendo titles, explains why. Find out after the jump!

I stumbled across a game on Kickstarter the other day, and it's beautiful; Hex Heroes is, in their words, a Party RTS (or par-tee-ess) for the Wii U, with a PC version also in the works and music by Grant Kirkhope. It uses the GamePad to bring a new depth to the RTS genre; one player on the GamePad does your standard construction and RTS commands, while up to four people on the Wiimotes control units that gather resources, explore, fight enemies, and so on.

The trailer they released doesn't show the prettiest game; it was thrown together in a matter of hours, and as such the models are rough. However, the finished models they've been showing in Kickstarter updates have been gorgeous, and what the trailer does show is the innovative kind of game that the Wii U was made for. It also contains a lot of cameo characters, such as Shovel Knight and the Game Grumps crew. It's nearly funded (73k out of 80k at the time of this article) with 24 hours left in the campaign.

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Arguably one of the best Mario Kart games in the series, Mario Kart: Double Dash has a key feature that separates it from other installments: the ability for two players to ride on a kart (hence the game's title), one as the driver and one to use items. It has been suggested many times to Nintendo to include this feature in upcoming titles, but they haven't done so—and now, thanks to Mario Kart 8 developer Hideki Konno, we have at least one reason why. Head past the jump to see Konno's reasoning!

You're steadily in first; roughly 5 seconds ahead of the pack. All is going well when you hear that dreaded sound: a blue turtle shell is approaching from behind. You panic; trying to find a way to avoid your incoming doom. Then reality sets in: there's no way to avoid it. Your only option is to get as far ahead as possible before it hits you. Luckily you have mushrooms. One after another, you speed on ahead. Today just isn't your day though; as you speed ahead you jump over a pit. No big deal, right? Unfortunately, the blue shell comes at just the right moment and sends you tumbling down below to your doom. You recover to find yourself in 5th place.

I'm sure the average Mario Kart player has had a similar experience. More often than not, players complain that the system is all about luck, and that getting into first place is an assurance that you will get hit with a blue shell. Mario Kart 8 developers say otherwise. Head past the jump to see why!

The Adventures of Captain Toad are a fun little set of side-levels in Super Mario 3D World involving running around a 3D puzzle map with a Toad that cannot jump. There was only about one of them in each world, but they were pretty popular—I know I looked forward to them whenever they showed up. The slower puzzles traversed by Captain Toad made for a nice break from some of the more hectic Mario levels.

Apparently, they were popular enough that Super Mario 3D World co-director Koichi Hayashida said he would "consider doing something with this feature in the future." More after the jump.

As we head to the halfway point of this year, I decided to make another list of some more games to be on the lookout for. If you haven’t already seen my list of my most anticipated games of this year or the downloadable games to be on the lookout for, go check those out since I won’t be adding those games to this list. How about we get right to the point? Here are some more big budget and indie developed games to be on the lookout for this year.

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The NPD report has arrived for March, bringing in some positive (and negative) news for the major hardware players out there. Sony enjoyed the overall hardware sales lead for the month, with the PlayStation 4 topping the charts. This despite the release of Titanfall, which gave Microsoft's Xbox One a nice boost (Titanfall also had the lead in retail sales, edging out Infamous: Second Son). Nintendo saw a rise in Wii U hardware sales compared to last year, while the 3DS saw a significant drop. Numbers inside.

PAX East 2014 enjoyed the expo’s largest turnout of indie developers to date, and marked the year where, in my mind, indies definitively trumped the AAA publishers. While many of the better known games had lines far longer than I could wait (I’m looking at you, Below), some of the show’s smaller titles left me the most excited.

Head inside to have a look at some of the titles that I found the most exciting!

Nintendo is facing a lawsuit that could cost them, as the base premise of the Wii U console's mult-screen display is being disputed for patent infringement. This is nothing new for Nintendo, as they lost a case last year over the 3D technology in the 3DS, won a case over the Wii Fit Balance Board, and infamously lost a case over the tech inside the Wavebird Controller among specific Wii accessories. Head inside for more information.