It may be a little while ago since Splatoon came out, but Nintendo is still releasing free new content for it. Tonight (or very early tomorrow morning if you live in Europe), players will have access to the Slosher Deco, which allows you to throw buckets full of ink on your opponents in style. With the Slosher Deco, you can even do that safely behind a convenient Splash Wall, but if you'd rather go for the aggressive approach, you can use its Kraken special to carve your way deep into enemy territory.

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Prior to the launch of Wii U, Nintendo announced that they were planning to add support for two GamePads on a single console. Unfortunately, this has not happened, but Nintendo of Japan has finally given customers the ability to buy a standalone GamePad. Nintendo of Japan's online store is now selling individual Wii U GamePads for ¥13,824, which is about $113 in US currency. So far there's no word on individual GamePads being sold in other regions, and Japanese GamePads are region-locked.

A new character named Linkle is joining the cast of Hyrule Warriors Legends, as announced in the recent Nintendo Direct, and the internet went wild to see what is essentially a female version of Link (though Nintendo hasn't yet discussed her story) take the Hylian spotlight in an official Nintendo game.

This was one of our talking points on this week's episode of Nintendo Week, our Nintendo-themed podcast here at Gamnesia. Check out the discussion video after the jump for our full thoughts on Linkle's introduction, or keep reading for a brief, brief summary.

Japan's Splatoon art book is chock full of goodies for super fans to obsess over. The latest revelation to come from the book is that the game's development team may have scrapped an area based on a coal mine. It's unclear if this location was meant to appear in the campaign or multiplayer, or if it was cut completely or changed aesthetically into an area that did make it to the final game. Do you think a coal mine setting would have been a good fit for Splatoon? Are you hoping we see this area appear eventually through DLC? Comment below.

In Atlus' upcoming Shin Megami Tense-Fire Emblem mashup Genei Ibun Roku ♯FE, most of the Fire Emblem characters make an appearances as Mirages that appear from an alternate dimension. That's not the case with Tiki, however. Befitting for a game that takes a ton of inspiration from Japanese pop culture, Tiki will instead appear as a young girl who happens to be the face of a Singaloid (♯FE's analog for Vocaloids). She's essentially the Hatsune Miku of this game world.

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The project manager of Nintendo UK, Gemma Hall, was recently interviewed by MCV, a magazine which focuses on the business aspects of the video game industry. In this interview, she mentioned Xenoblade Chronicles X, Nintendo's only really big holiday title this time around. Because MCV is a business magazine, Hall's comments were mostly about marketing, but those comments were also very revealing as to how Nintendo is framing this RPG.

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Splatoon has been a smash hit for Nintendo since it launched on Wii U back in May. The heavily-marketed new IP has shattered expectations, selling over 2.42 million copies in just a few months. The ink-fueled shooter took home two Golden Joystick Awards, and now it's an award-winner in the UK once again.

Splatoon has just been named "Best Game" at the British Academy of Film and Television (BAFTA) Children's Awards. In winning the children's award, Splatoon was up against Adventure Time Game Wizard, Minecraft's console editions, and another Wii U title, Yoshi's Woolly World.

Gamers in Japan have been enjoying Xenoblade Chronicles X for nearly seven months now, and Western audiences will finally be joining in on the fun soon. The hotly-anticipated Wii U title launches in North America and Europe on December 4th and in Australia on the very next day. In the meantime, Nintendo has released three exciting new commercials for the game (one for North America and two for the UK), and the team at Nintendo Everything has combined them into one video. You can check it out by clicking below.

The European Nintendo eShop will be holding a sale for Black Friday running from the 27th to the 30th. The Cyber Deals will be for both 3DS and Wii U, but it has not yet been announced what titles will be on sale. In previous sales around this time, games on the eShop have been discounted to as much as 40% off, so it's definitely something to keep an eye on.

There's no word yet on Nintendo of America holding a Black Friday sale, but it's more than likely that there will be some discounts on the eShop.

Star Fox Zero is set to launch on Wii U on April 22nd, 2016, and it will feature lots of familiar faces and locations for longtime fans of the series. However, one character that it won't feature is Krystal, who made her debut in Star Fox Adventures. This information comes from Yusuke Hashimoto, developer at Platinum Games and a director on Star Fox Zero. However, Hashimoto also expressed that he'd love to include her if he gets the chance to make a sequel.

Nintendo dropped a bombshell on us last Thursday when they announced that Cloud Strife of Final Fantasy fame is coming to Super Smash Bros. as a DLC newcomer, as expected by absolutely nobody. He's not associated with Nintendo consoles in any significant way, and he certainly wasn't a popular choice among the fans as far as we can tell—two major factors that people have considered essential for a character to join Smash.

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2015 has been a painful year for Nintendo fans. While we have had some major hits with games like Splatoon, Super Mario Maker, and The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D, overall, Nintendo's lineup has been fairly lackluster. Just looking at recent reviews, titles such as Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival, Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash, and Chibi-Robo! Zip Lash have fallen flat, generally getting poor to mixed reviews. In fact, Nintendo's average score per game has fallen to its lowest point in a decade!

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Everyone has their favorite characters when it comes to a given series, and the developers behind Super Mario Maker are no different. In a recent issue of Japanese magazine Nintendo Dream, producer Takashi Tezuka, director Yosuke Oshino, and senior director Yoshikazu Yamashita initially discussed the troubles they faced including Yoshi in the game. However, the interview quickly turned to the trio naming their favorite characters as well as discussing what cut content they would like to have been able to include.

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Splatoon has been an incredible success story for Nintendo this year. Pitting teams against each other in an ink-fueled turf war, the new IP has already sold over 2.42 million copies worldwide since its launch in May. This surprise hit is also the star of the latest episode of popular video series "Did You Know Gaming?"

The new video digs into the development history of Splatoon, revealing some interesting tidbits, including the fact that Splatoon's core gameplay mechanic was chosen from a pool of over 70 ideas. Did You Know Gaming also breaks down some of the secrets and Easter Eggs hidden in the game, as well as highlighting some localization differences. Click below to check it out.

Nintendo has been performing extensive maintenance over the past few weeks, which unfortunately means that there's been a lot of downtime for online functions on 3DS and Wii U. This will continue tomorrow (although on a much smaller scale than before), as Splatoon will be offline for an hour tomorrow. The downtime begins at 5:00 PM Pacific time, which is 8:00 PM on the East coast.