A few days ago, we reported on a rumor that heists in Grand Theft Auto V are coming December 23. Rockstar has since confirmed that heists are actually coming in early 2015. GTA Online producer Imran Sarwar recently gave an interview with IGN talking about the massive delay in releasing heists, as well as details about how the content works. A new trailer for the heist feature has also been recently released. You can head after the jump to read what he to say and to check out the awesome trailer!

Game developer Capcom announced the release of a "Definitive Edition" of Ninja Theory's Devil May Cry for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One yesterday. The new edition of the game featuring new modes, a higher frame rate, and new DLC is scheduled for release on March 17th, 2015.

The DLC in particular adds a lot more to the title, such as a "survival mode", where you have to fight off waves of enemies, and a "turbo mode", which speeds up gameplay by 20%. Classic costumes for Dante and Vergil will also be included in the Definitive Edition.

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Ignoring the fact that Microsoft has skipped Windows 9 altogether, their next operating system is looking pretty good. Windows 10, which is being premiered at a special event in January 2015, is incorporating several new features, including what looks like a new app for the Xbox.

A leaked consumer build of the operating system showed what appeared to be a new application that would display achievements, friend lists, activity feeds, and other gaming-related information.

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The long awaited Heists mode for GTA V may finally have a release date. According to NillxModz from se7ensins, Heists will be available to players on December 23rd for all versions of the game and will include a variety of new features and functions. NillxModz claims that the leaked features "have been analysed and confirmed via Developer-versions of the relevant content and the code associated with it." In other words, the user dug through the coding of developer-related content in order to pull information concerning Heists.

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Developer Ubisoft has created a dedicated page on their Assassin's Creed website to release details about their Unity Season Pass. The pass will allow the user to download a free Ubisoft game later this week, in recompense for the unsatisfying launch of Assassin's Creed Unity, which was plagued by bugs and glitches.

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If you were worried that Avalanche Studios was going to put to rest the charming absurdity that made Just Cause 2 a success, worry no more. The company has released a wave of Just Cause 3 screenshots showing off not only the amazing gameplay, but also an absolutely gorgeous game world. Check out the screenshots below, and don’t forget to leave a comment with your thoughts!

It's been a long wait, but we're finally seeing hard evidence of progress on the development of Final Fantasy XV. At Tokyo Game Show back in September, Square Enix unveiled a beautiful gameplay trailer, and the long wait suddenly seemed worth it. It looks like localization of the game is already in full swing, as Square Enix has now re-released that trailer with all of the English voice actors. Check it out by clicking below!

When it comes to the holiday season, there's always one point of conversation that crops up amongst gamers and gaming sites: which of the consoles will come out on top? Between new game releases, new deals and enticing bundles, or some alternate form of merchandise, Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo each have their own ways of besting the competition and becoming the superior console provider for the year.

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For those of you out there with a modded console looking to jump on the Destiny bandwagon, you may be out of luck. Over the past week, Bungie has been dropping the banhammer hard on players logging into their system through modded consoles, and they are warning other players not to make the same mistake. Those who disregard the warning risk having their usernames permanently banned from the Destiny system.

Bungie released a statement on their site the other day, saying:

"We routinely review Banhammer actions to ensure that they are applied accurately and fairly. A review of the bans applied over the last week shows that all of the affected accounts had logged into Destiny on a modified console at some point."

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Good news, Bitcoin enthusiasts! Microsoft has integrated BitPay into their online marketplaces, allowing users to purchase games and apps with Bitcoin. The payment system, whose status as a currency has been a topic of much debate, allows monetary transfer to pass directly from buyer to seller with no involvement of financial institutions. This means you can now buy with Bitcoin on Xbox LIVE, along with the Windows Store, Xbox Music, and Xbox Video.

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