We're less than a month away now from the launch of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, and developer CD Project Red is keeping fans hooked with regular updates. Today we got another new batch of beautiful screenshots, this time ripped straight from gameplay so that the UI is displayed. Level designer Miles Toast posted the images on Twitter and assured fans that most of the HUD can be permanently disabled if players prefer an uncluttered screen. You can catch another look at the upcoming game by clicking below!

If you've been looking to buy an Xbox One but can't afford the price tag, GameStop has a special trade-in deal going on right now. If you trade in your Xbox 360 (250GB or greater) or PlayStation 3 (120GB or greater), you can get $125 off any Xbox One console or bundle. This includes the $349 Master Chief Collection bundle with a free Xbox One faceplate skin. This deal is only good through tomorrow, so if you're interested you'll want to act fast!

Gears of War producer Rod Fergusson recently shot down rumors of a Marcus Fenix Collection, but a remastered version of the original Gears of War could be in the works. According to Polygon's sources, a remastered Gears of War is in development for Xbox One, either by Black Tusk Studios itself or by Splash Damage. The latter company has job listings for a "very well known and highly popular AAA title with next gen technology." Polygon claims to have seen images from the remaster that show off improved lighting and textures, and the game is said to run at 60 frames per second. 

When Guitar Hero Live was first revealed earlier this month, we saw an entire revamp of the majorly popular rhythm series. With a new button layout on the guitar controller, and a focus on realism, it was apparent that this isn't the same series that we saw in 2010.

Now the first ten songs in the new game have been revealed, and they're definitely different from what we saw in previous games. Head inside to see what they are!

A new Adventure Time game by the name of Adventure Time: Finn & Jake Investigations was announced earlier this week by Little Orbit. The next game in the line of Adventure Time games take the series to the third dimension for the first time, rather than the 2D and top-down perspectives found in the previous games. Adventure Time: Finn & Jake Investigations is a fully 3D action game that features the titular heroes going on investigations to find out about disappearances and strange events in the Land of Ooo.

Click the jump to see footage and find out more on Adventure Time: Finn & Jake Adventures!

The starting date for The Elder Scroll's Online: Tamriel Unlimited's console beta was recently revealed, and the size of the game was also detailed. For PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, Tamriel Unlimited will require a hefty 65GB of storage, making it one of the biggest games on the current generation of consoles. A single Blu-ray disc can only store 50GB, so a 15GB day one patch will be required. An explanation was given on the official website, saying, "ESOTU is an incredibly massive game, both in terms of sheer scope and the data required to bring you this truly enormous experience."

Members of the NeoGAF forums have recently proposed the theory that the doctor who plans to do the world's first human head transplant is part of a viral marketing campaign for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. The forum members pointed out numerous coincidences including the striking similarities between Dr. Sergio Canavero and the doctor in The Phantom Pain. In addition to the similarities in likeness, fans have pointed out Canavero's numerous articles on the phenomenon of phantom pain as well as this old Kojima quote that stated:

“The next project will challenge a certain type of taboo, if I mess up, I'll probably have to leave the industry. However, I don't want to pass by avoiding that. I turn 47 this year. It's been 24 years since I started making games. Today, I got an ally who would happily support me in that risk. Although it's just one person. For a start, it's good.” — Hideo Kojima

You can check out the controversial photos and read more after the jump!

Microsoft has released some of their number for last quarter, January 1 - March 31, including console shipments. Per usual, the numbers for specific platforms were not revealed, but a combined 1.6 million consoles were shipped to retailers between Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Microsoft reported a 24% drop in Xbox revenue due to both the price cut of Xbox One and lower sales compared to last year when 2 million Xbox consoles were shipped during the same time period.

The original Resident Evil was a pioneer of survival-horror gameplay, and the legacy lives on. The game was first remade for GameCube in 2002 with improved graphics, and then again on the current and last gen consoles as Resident Evil HD Remaster. Capcom now reports that sales of the game's HD version have eclipsed 1 million units globally since launching in Japan last November and globally in January. Additionally, it broke the record for highest day one sales of a PSN title on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. Looks like the classic game still has selling power!

Harmonix revealed last month that they're reviving Rock Band, complete with new instruments (though the old ones will still be supported) created by Mad Catz. As it turns out, Mad Catz has a much bigger role than just designing the game's controllers. Mad Catz has announced on their website that they'll actually be co-publishing the game with Harmonix, allowing them to "work closer than ever before with Harmonix, delivering a seamless experience from game through hardware and ensuring that we focus on the needs of the gamer first and foremost!" What do you think of this development?

The webpage for the new Destiny expansion, House of Wolves, was updated today with quite a few screenshots. Among them are pictures of new, exotic gear that will come with the expansion, as well as new weapons that appear to be very similar to ones wielded by enemies in the game. Some action shots were also published, showcasing new levels, social spaces, and weapons being used on the battlefield.

The expansion is set to release on May 19th, with a slew of new weapons and gear, story missions, bounties, and a three-player co-op arena mode.

Make the jump to take a look at the screenshots.

EA and DICE recently unveiled Star Wars: Battlefront, and although the footage is impressive and anticipation for a new Star Wars game is high, the reception of the game has been very mixed thus far. Based on what DICE has revealed, some fans feel the new game deviates too much from the established formula, while others fear it will lack severely in content. Assistant producer Jesper Nielsen has been fielding questions from concerned fans on Reddit, including an assertion that the core game is intentionally lacking in content to pave the way for lots of DLC. Hit the jump to see his response.

According to Konami's official website, the multiplayer portion of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain will support up to sixteen players on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC, while the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of MGS V will support up to twelve players at once. Metal Gear Online was initially revealed last December, where Kojima Productions showcased its gameplay in an action-packed trailer.

You can catch the Metal Gear Online trailer after the jump!

Popular MMORPG The Elder Scrolls Online is headed to consoles, and potential customers will have the chance to try it before they buy it. Developer ZeniMax Online Studios has announced that a "limited public" beta for the game will kick off tomorrow on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The beta runs from April 23 to April 27, and it's an invite-only experience. Invites are currently being sent to those who signed up for the beta. The full game is slated to launch on consoles on June 9.

Last year, Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami set out to revive the survival-horror genre with a terrifying new game called The Evil Within. The game launched with generally positive reviews and strong sales, and developer Tango Gameworks is continuing to support it with DLC. A new DLC pack titled "The Consequence" is available now, picking up where the last DLC pack, The Assignment, left off. You can check out the launch trailer by clicking below!