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Fallout 4 has been releasing DLC throughout the summer, and the final piece, the Nuka Cola-themed park dubbed "Nuka-World," is just a few days away from launch. But though it may have once been intended as a fun-filled land of cola-based attractions, Nuka-World looks like it never really could have been called family friendly, at least not if Bethesda's new trailer for the DLC pack is any indication. It shows the park's cartoon mascots giving a speech on staying safe in the park, but they quickly prove that this place is pretty darn dangerous. Even if it's all done in animated form, the trailer's message is clear: Nuka-World is as terrifying a place as any other in the Wasteland.

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Resident Evil VII: Biohazard marks a return to horror for a long-running franchise that has become increasingly more action-focused in recent years. As such, Producer Masachika Kawata intentionally left iconic, fan-favorite characters like Chris, Leon, and Jill out of the game, giving players control of a "normal" person and stripping away any sense of empowerment. Up until this point, the protagonist's identity and motivations have been kept secret, but an ESRB listing appears to have leaked some key details. Click below for the scoop!

Tom Clancy's The Division launched worldwide back in March, and the online shooter received an expansion back in June. A DLC pack called Survival was planned to launch in the third quarter of this year, followed by a third pack called Last Stand later in the year. Unfortunately, Ubisoft has just announced that both updates will be delayed. Instead of finishing up the DLC, Ubisoft is putting all of their effort into fixing the game's numerous bugs and improving the core game. Click below to read on!

Dontnod Entertainment rose from obscurity to popularity last year thanks to the success of their story-driven, episodic adventure, Life is Strange. Earlier this year, Dontnod revealed that their next project would be an RPG set in the 20th century and dubbed Vampyr. We've heard little about the game since, but members of the press were able to attend presentations at Gamescom, and Sony has just released 15 minutes of gameplay footage to the public. Hit the jump for more!

Earlier in the month, Square Enix announced a season pass for Final Fantasy XV's upcoming DLC. The core game itself is said to take 40-50 hours (without collecting everything), but Square Enix has announced six DLC packs (which will let you play as other characters) already, and according to director Hajime Tabata, there will likely be more.

Speaking with popular Japanese publication Famitsu, Tabata revealed that the six DLC packs we've already heard about are the ones that Square Enix will "certainly" do, but there are plans for more. Everything that has been announced so far will be covered by the season pass, but future updates will probably cost you extra. Hit the jump to read on!

Following months of rumors and leaks, publisher 2K Games finally confirmed the existence of BioShock: The Collection. This upcoming bundle includes all three games remastered and running at 1080p and 60 frames per second, and it's launching on October 13th. 2K recently released a comparison trailer to show off the improved visuals, but if you're not sold yet, they've just released over half an hour of footage showcasing all three games in The Collection. You can check it out by clicking below!

GameStop executives recently met with investors to discuss financial results from the past quarter, and their report included some concerning sales figures. GameStop's hardware sales dropped by 33.4% last quarter, and Chief Financial Officer Robert Lloyd places the blame on the console refresh rumors and announcements.

For months now, reports (which have since been confirmed) have suggested that Sony and Microsoft are working on new and improved versions of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. GameStop saw "a noticeable drop-off in hardware sales" just prior to, during, and immediately after E3. This suggests that consumers are holding off on buying a console until the new hardware drops.

Following a decade-long development cycle and a recent delay, Final Fantasy XV is finally set to release worldwide on November 29th. The highly-anticipated RPG has been largely touted as "open world" up to this point, but director Hajime Tabata has previously stated that it contains story-driven segments as well. Speaking with popular Japanese publication Famitsu, Tabata elaborated on this balance, explaining that the second half of Final Fantasy XV is more story-driven and offers players a linear path to take in addition to the open world elements. Hit the jump for his explanation!

Back in May, Warner Bros. announced that they are remastering a bundle of Arkham games under the name Batman: Return to Arkham. The game was given a release date of July 26th, but it was then delayed, and sources told Eurogamer that it may get a November release. Now, a UK retailer called Base has listed Batman: Return to Arkham on their site with a release date of November 25th.

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Back before they were bought by Microsoft, Rare made a name for itself via Nintendo platforms, creating numerous hits in a variety of genres. Arguably, one of their most influential games was GoldenEye 007, and no one would have been surprised to see Microsoft re-release the game on one of their consoles after purchasing Rare. That never happened, but a new video indicates that it probably was considered. The video claims to be from an unreleased Xbox Live Arcade version of the game, and it contains over half an hour of newly remastered footage.

Check it out, as well as Microsoft's comments on the game, after the jump!

We've still got a full week left in August, but that hasn't stopped Microsoft from announcing the September batch of free games for Xbox Live Gold members. For Xbox One, gamers will be able to get their hands on the new indie RPG Earthlock: Festival of Magic, as well as Assassin's Creed Chronicles: China, a 2.5D take on the Assassin's Creed franchise; the former will be available all month long, while the latter can be obtained after September 16th. On Xbox 360, as well as Xbox One via backwards compatibility, you can grab Forza Horizon during the first half of the month, while the second half will bring us the original Mirror's Edge.

As always, Microsoft released a trailer showing off each of these games, so make the jump to check that out!

We learned a while back that Dark Souls III has at least two DLC packs planned for it, and yesterday Bandai Namco revealed what all the first pack would contain. If that text alone wasn't enough to get you hyped, however, maybe this official reveal trailer for the "Ashes of Ariandel" DLC will do the trick! While the trailer doesn't show off everything in the pack, we do see a variety of new weapons to use, spells to master, enemies to slay (or be slain by), and areas to explore in the eternal quest to git gud.

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Microsoft recently announced that Quantum Break is coming to Steam on September 14th, and Xbox marketing boss, Aaron Greenberg, talked about the possibility of launching more PC titles on the digital store. Greenberg explained that Microsoft has always had a presence on Steam with titles such as Age of Empires and Alan Wake, and the reason they're releasing Quantum Break on Steam is to reach more fans and make the game more successful. However, he went on to say that Microsoft will only be launching games on Steam in the future "where they make sense," so it doesn't look like they plan on making all their games available on the store.

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The weekly hardware and software sales numbers from Japan are in, courtesy of Media Create, and we have another new chart-topper. Tales of Berseria debuted at number one (on PlayStation 4) and number two (on PlayStation 3) with nearly 250,000 units sold at launch. Yo-kai Watch 3 continues to sell respectably, with its 62,343 sales giving it the number three spot.

Hardware sales remained relatively unchanged from last week, although PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 each saw a slight sales boost while other consoles and handhelds all saw their numbers slightly decline. You can check out the full breakdown by clicking below.

Yooka-Laylee is seen as a spiritual successor to Nintendo 64 hit Banjo-Kazooie, but the upcoming 3D platformer may also borrow from another classic Rare title. IGN went hands on with Yooka-Laylee for about an hour, and in their experience, its level of adult humor is actually closer to Conker's Bad Fur Day. Their brief playthrough included jokes about prejudices, reproduction, premature ejaculation, urinating, and more.

That said, from their descriptions, it sounds like the humor is more subtle than the controversial Conker's, and they made no mention of curse words being used. It sounds like Yooka-Laylee should still be a game that kids can play, but there are plenty of jokes meant for older audiences. You can check out the video by clicking below!