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Rovio, the minds behind the smartphone sensation Angry Birds, is going through some changes in management.

Founder Mikael Hed, the man who created the frustrated feathers, has resigned from his position as CEO of the company. The news comes after profits for the developer fell 52% in the fiscal year of 2013. Hed is moving to become chairman of Rovio Animation Studios, the company's movie division.

Read who the successor is and Hed's farewell inside.

This weekend at the PAX Prime 2014, Ubisoft let the spotlight fall heavily on Assassin's Creed Rogue. The game's producer, Ivan Balabanov, took to the Twittersphere and has provided us with many juicy tidbits about the franchise's upcoming last-gen game.

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Since GTA V was released back in September 2013, it has become the fastest-selling entertainment product in history. It was no surprise, then, that there would be a remake for the new slew of next-generation consoles. However, there was a rumor circulating around the internet that developer Rockstar Games would not be able to deliver on a 2014 release.

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It has been a year since Keiji Inafune and his team started the Mighty No. 9 Kickstarter. In their one-year anniversary post, Comcept announced they would be flavoring September, the ninth month of the year, "Mighty Month," and part of this is the launch of the game's beta, which will be available to everyone who backed $80 or more. Most backers should be getting their keys today, according to the post, so keep your eye out for it if you're expecting one. More on Mighty Month after the jump.

Resident Evil: Revelations originally launched as a 3DS exclusive and was later ported in HD to Wii U, PlayStation 4, and Xbox 360. Rumors of a sequel have been circulating for some time, and now they've been confirmed. Resident Evil: Revelations 2 is real, and it's coming to PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC. Sorry, Nintendo fans, but there's no sign of a Wii U release. The game is tentatively slated for early 2015, and will be playable on PlayStation 4 at Tokyo Game Show. You can catch a short, live-action teaser trailer by clicking below!

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It looks like graphics aren't the only thing that's going to get an upgrade in Grand Theft Auto V's version on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The city of Los Santos is getting a rebirth in comparison to the one we saw in Grand Theft Auto V, and an even more staggering one than what we've seen in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. They've done this to the textures and environments already, and now they're giving us new music tracks for our radio stations.

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As its November release date approaches, Dragon Age: Inquisition is getting some sweet details revealed about its gameplay and weapon/player customization. This newly divulged trailer shows the kick-ass multiplayer battle scenes, as well as the 12 character classes you may choose from. Up to three other players may join you as the hands of the Inquisition — blowing up bad guys and pulling off sick battle combos.

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Are you ready for Xbox Live Gold during the month of September? Of course you are; getting free games each month is one of the best reasons for having an Xbox 360 or Xbox One. With the month of August coming to an end, it is about time that September's free games are announced. Be sure that you are prepared, because September is going to have awesome games.

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With such a big release as Destiny, you might be wondering how developer Bungie intends to handle the inevitable pressure on their servers when Xbox One players across the globe attempt to download the digital version of the game. They have come up with an ingenious solution to combat any server overload on the release date, so that everyone can get playing as soon as possible.

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