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Okay, so for those who aren't familiar with Overwatch, let's recap quickly. The game started with a roster of twenty-one characters, with two (Ana and Sombra) being added in later updates to bring us to the current selection of twenty-three. The next hero to be added was, until recently, thought to be the mysterious Doomfist (possibly voiced by Terry Crews!), but Blizzard's latest blog post may have just turned that theory on its head.

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At this point, you guys probably know about Doomfist, the hero everyone has expected will be added next to Blizzard's shooter Overwatch. Well, it looks like we might not be entirely correct about that, according to game director Jeff Kaplan. He recently visited the official Overwatch forums, where he stated quite plainly that "24 is not who you think it is."

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Final Fantasy XV was a game that had been in developmental hell for years, and some believed it would never come out. After a couple of delays, though, Final Fantasy XV was finally released in November to universal acclaim. Considering the long developmental process, many wondered how much it would need to sell in order for the game to be profitable. DualShockers recently spoke with Director Hajime Tabata during a visit to the Business Division 2 development floor in Tokyo and asked him that very question. According to Tabata, Final Fantasy XV broke even in sales on day one when it launched in November.

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Fans are patiently waiting for both Kingdom Hearts III and the remake of Final Fantasy VII, even though Tetsuya Nomura recently stated that neither games would be coming out in 2017. However, to tide us over in the meantime, Nomura revealed screenshots of both games at Magic Monaco 2017.

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Japanese manufacturer Good Smiles Company has announced that it is going to release a figurine based on Tracer from Blizzard's Overwatch. The figurine, called "Nendoroid Tracer: Classic Skin Edition," will be coming out this August.

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We've all been looking forward to Overwatch's next upcoming hero for a couple of months now, and the game's Public Test Realm (PTR) has a few new details that may indicate they're close to release. Doomfist, the mysterious hero whose gauntlet we saw in the Overwatch museum short, has been referred to in a few minor ways, which you can read about after the jump!

Blizzard added a temporary capture the flag game mode (known as Capture the Rooster) to Overwatch to celebrate the Chinese New Year, but now it looks like it's here to stay. Director Jeff Kaplan revealed in the latest developer update that the mode had been successful enough to merit making it a permanent part of the game.

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Terry Crews, the actor famed for his work on the Old Spice advertisements and other comedic works, has made a mock audition video for the part of Doomfist's voice in Overwatch. Doomfist is a rumored upcoming hero due to be added to the roster, and a lot of players feel Crews would fit the part perfectly.

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Super Smash Bros. is considered one of the top 3D fighters today, but there's an awesome 2D game that plays similar to Smash Bros. that's coming really soon! Titled Rivals of Aether, this indie fighting game takes place in a time where clashing civilizations use the power of the elements to win their battles. You can control the power of Water, Fire, Earth, and Air in the form of creatures who duke it out for supremacy. Rivals of Aether includes a story mode, versus mode, online mode, and more.

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Some very talented individuals have recreated the infamous Rainbow Road racetrack from the SNES' Super Mario Kart in Halo 5: Guardians. Thanks to the game's Forge level editor program, players can race around the circuit in Warthog SUVs while avoiding Thwomps and knocking each other off the map.

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Yesterday, Square Enix celebrated Final Fantasy VII's 20th anniversary. For many Final Fantasy fans, VII is considered to be one of the greatest entries in the series. To celebrate this milestone, Square Enix released a brand new screenshot from Kingdom Hearts III, which is styled like Final Fantasy VII's iconic box art. The screenshot shows Sora with his keyblade behind his back, staring off into the distance at a castle. While there currently is no release date for Kingdom Hearts III, hopefully Square Enix will reveal some new information about the game soon.

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Bastion, the minigun-wielding Omnic that every opponent loves to hate, is due to be getting some pretty big changes made to his playstyle by Blizzard. The game's principal designer, Geoff Goodman, recently talked on the official forums about how they intend to bring Bastion back into the meta.

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The PlayStation 4 Pro released last year to lukewarm reception as the first home console to play video games at a 4K resolution. While it remains the most powerful console on the market right now, Moon Studios' CEO Thomas Mahler, who created Ori and the Blind Forest, has bashed the system with a post on NeoGAF as a "half-assed upgrade" and claimed that Xbox's upcoming Project Scorpio system will be a "full-blown next-gen console."

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Thanks to the introduction of official mod support in Fallout 4, we've seen a ton of crazy and creative features made for the game. Recently, one of the most impressive mods replaces the U.S. Army robot Liberty Prime with the Iron Giant. The much-loved robot from the classic 1999 film is certainly not gentle when in combat, making him a powerful ally. The mod was created by 3D artist Matthew Swanton, and it can be downloaded now from NexusMods.

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Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue has finally released, and it advanced the series' story for the first time since 2012's Dream Drop Distance. Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth by Sleep: A Fragmentary Passage was probably the biggest draw to the newest HD collection of games due to its ties with the upcoming Kingdom Hearts III. It follows Aqua after the events of Birth by Sleep and shows everything that happened to her in the ten years that went by between then and the original Kingdom Hearts. By showing this, Square Enix has set up a huge part of the plot for the series' future, and it couldn't have been more perfect.

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