An adorable game by the name of Little Devil Inside is on Kickstarter, and it's pretty popular so far. In this quirky survival action RPG, developed my Neostream, you are assisting the work of a paranormal investigator who is questing to study and obtain information on strange activities within the game world.

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E3 is almost upon us, which means many companies are ready to start shedding light on the conferences that they'll be holding this year. Recently, Phil Spencer confirmed that Microsoft's E3 conference will be approximately 90 minutes, which is a common time frame for the company. However, Spencer stated on Twitter that the conference in its current state is too long to fit in this time slot, and Microsoft is going through multiple revisions to see what it can scale back on. Read more after the jump!

Devil May Cry 4 was a hit when it launched back in 2008, selling nearly three million copies worldwide, and now Capcom is looking to capitalize with the game's Special Edition. With three new playable characters (Vergil, Trish, and Lady) joining Dante and Nero, the game's re-release will be jam-packed with replay value. If you're wondering how Dante will look and handle in the Special Edition, Capcom has released a combat introduction video, and you can check it out by clicking below!

The past few weeks have been an exciting time for Kickstarter, as two major developers have taken to crowdfunding to create spiritual successors to their former franchises. Koji Igarashi is reviving the Castlevania formula with Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, and Playtonic Games (composed of ex-members of Rare) are reviving the glory days of 3D platformers like Banjo-Kazooie with Yooka-Laylee. Both games quickly smashed their targets and have each raised over $2.5 million, but they're not just helping themselves. They're helping other indie developers as well. Hit the jump for more!

When Playtonic Games first unveiled Yooka-Laylee, the gameplay they showed off was in a small area designed as a sort of "playground" for the game's characters. The first and foremost element of Yooka-Laylee that Playtonic wanted people to experience was how the characters move and how good it feels to control them.

Playtonic's Chris Sutherland was recently interviewed, and he explained the thought process behind focusing on how movement feels, even more than how the characters look as they move, and the development steps taken to get Yooka-Laylee where it is today. Click below to check it out!

Last month, EA officially unveiled Madden NFL 16 with an August 25th release date. The newest iteration of Madden looks better than ever, featuring improved player likenesses and lighting. Additionally, there are more two-man interactions than ever before, allowing for more realistic battles between receivers and defensive backs. Body-relative passing has been improved as well, allowing you to throw the ball where only your receiver can reach. You can check out a new batch of screenshots by clicking below!

Microsoft has been rolling out updates for Xbox One every month, adding new features and tweaking old ones for a better gaming experience. The recently announced June update is pretty thin compared to others, but this is because Microsoft is apparently gearing up for E3. According to program manager Emily Hanson, there are "*BIG*" (emphasis hers) update announcements coming next month in LA. What do you hope to see announced?

Popular graphic adventure developer Telltale Games has a lot of news today! In addition to unveiling a new trailer for Game of Thrones Episode 4, they've added some more voice acting talent to their roster. Ashley Johnson, the award-winning voice actress who played Ellie in The Last of Us, will be playing a "very core" character in Tales from the Borderlands' third episode. Unfortunately we don't know who she'll be playing, but we can undoubtedly expect a strong performance.

With Batman: Arkham Knight just over a month away from release, developer Rocksteady is kicking the hype up a few notches with its new Arkham Insider series. Each new episode of the Insider provides new game footage and details for the long-awaited and hotly anticipated game, and this latest video gets up close and personal with three key characters in the game. Click below to check it out!

Telltale Games has made a name for itself with its critically-acclaimed graphic adventures, and they're furthering that reputation with their latest venture, Game of Thrones. Episode 4, Sons of Winter, will be launching across Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PC, Mac, and Android and iOS devices over the course of the next week. You can check out the newest trailer by clicking below!

Following the recently released teaser image, we finally have our first look at the new Need for Speed. Publisher EA and developer Ghost Games have released a short teaser trailer, composed of in-game footage, for the upcoming racer set to launch on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Additionally, the full reveal is promised on June 15th at E3. You can check out the teaser trailer by clicking below!

The excitement around Guitar Hero Live is building after the reveal of ten more tracks. Guitar Hero has been doing "Tracklist Tuesday" on their Facebook page for the past two weeks, gradually revealing which tracks will be in the the new game. This week's tracks will join the 20+ songs revealed so far which include songs by the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, The Black Keys, Judas Priest, and Rage Against the Machine.

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Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night's Kickstarter continues to go strong, and to keep hype up, Iga and his crew have added more stretch goals for backers to hit. A collection of mini stretch goals have been added below the original batch, with every $40,000 above $2.5 million reached adding a new 8-bit song to the soundtrack for classic mode, which unlocked at $2.5 million itself. Anyone who backed (or backs) $60 or more and chose the PC version of the game will now have access to Bloodstained's beta, when it is ready, which will both give Inti Creates a lot of much welcome feedback and allow early access to a fair number of fans.

They also added a castle basement to the stretch goals, and for Wii U owners "we've heard legends about a remarkable treasure hidden in the castle basement..." Details after the jump.

It's been a long wait with a few delays along the way, but Batman: Arkham Knight is just a little over a month away from its June 23rd launch on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. With millions getting ready to suit up and take on the villains of Gotham, developer Rocksteady has released a new live-action commercial prompting everyday people to "Be the Batman." Click below to check it out!

The limited edition white Xbox One bundled with Halo: The Master Chief Collection is coming to the US! Microsoft's Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb has announced that the bundle, which features a Cirrus White Xbox One console and wireless controller alongside a download code for Halo: The Master Chief Collection, will launch in the US later this month for $349. This bundle will be available in "very limited quantities" at participating US retailers.