Currently, there is no system within Pokémon GO that allows players to connect and battle each other in a way similar to the multiplayer battles of the main series Pokémon games. The only times that a player can fight another player's Pokémon is while taking over a gym, and those battles are usually automated, so even then, players aren't actually fighting directly. Fans of Pokémon GO have been asking the game's creators to implement multiplayer battles ever since the game first launched, but even now, two months after the original release, they still haven't been included. In a recent interview with The Wall Street Journal, Tsunekazu Ishihara, the CEO of The Pokémon Company, acknowledged the importance of the feature, and explained why it hasn't been added to the game.

Last week at Tokyo Game Show, Capcom revealed that they were working on a sequel to The Great Ace Attorney. While the game hasn't been confirmed to release in the West, much like its predecessor, that hasn't stopped fans from translating the reveal trailer. You can check out the new translated reveal trailer after the jump!

In 2012, Square Enix released an MMO based on the Dragon Quest series called Dragon Quest X. Unfortunately, the MMO had never made it to the West, and fans have been very vocal about its localization. During a developer discussion at PAX West for Dragon Quest VII, one fan asked Square Enix's Noriyoshi Fujimoto about the possibility of Dragon Quest X coming to the west. According to Fujimoto, translating an MMO like Dragon Quest X is a difficult task and would not make much sense from a business standpoint. If enough fans demand Dragon Quest X to come west, however, then Square Enix could look into it.

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Since its initial release, Minecraft has become a raging success with many players. The next update, called the "Boss Update," releases on October 18th and introduces new content for Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition Beta, Minecraft: Pocket Edition, and Minecraft: Gear VR Edition. The update brings boss battles to these versions of the game, as well as "Add-Ons," which allow players to tweak certain aspects of the game by altering simple text files.

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Crash Bandicoot hasn't received a lot of attention lately, but that is about to change as he will be included in the upcoming game Skylanders Imaginators in celebration of his 20th anniversary. Both Crash and his nemesis Dr. Neo Cortex are set to be featured in the game as playable characters and get their own level called Thumpin' Wumpa Island. Jennifer O'Neal, Studio Head at Vicarious Visions, talked about Crash's inclusion in a recent interview with GameReactor.

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Respawn Entertainment's Titanfall was a success, attracting over 10 million players, but it could have been even more successful if it had launched on PlayStation platforms in addition to Xbox and Windows. Titanfall 2 will be available to Sony's audience, and if Respawn had their way, the original would have been as well. Speaking with PlayStation LifeStyle, Respawn Art Director Joel Emslie and Chief Operating Officer Dusty Welch revealed that they always wanted the first game on PlayStation platforms, but the situation was completely out of their hands. Hit the jump for more info!

Years after its debut, Minecraft is still one of the most popular games in the world, and updates are still regularly adding new content. The next big DLC pack for Minecraft has just been announced, and this time it's based on Chinese Mythology. The new pack launches on October 4th for $4.99, giving players a pre-made world to explore, as well as 41 new skins and 13 themed music tracks.

"Wander through the streets of an ancient great city, marvel at the dragons that dwell around the high mountains, contemplate on your crafting within a mythical monastery and just enjoy the view as you walk through fields and discover how mobs would look in ancient China." The Chinese Mythology Mash-Up Pack offers all of this and more. Hit the jump for screenshots and a trailer!

Banjo-Kazooie spiritual successor Yooka-Laylee is scheduled to release early next year, reviving the 3D platformer genre for a new generation, and developer Playtonic Games has just announced an exciting collaboration. Shovel Knight, the titular star of one of the most popular indie games in years, will make a guest appearance in Yooka-Laylee as a non-playable character. Playtonic Games released a new trailer for Yooka-Laylee at EGX, showcasing the game's colorful cast of quirky characters, including Shovel Knight himself. You can check out the trailer by clicking below!

Paper Mario: Color Splash is all set to launch on Wii U on October 7th, and GameXplain has been uploading footage from their review copy ahead of its release. In their latest clip, Mario discovers that the Crimson Tower and the surrounding area have been drained of all color. Luckily, a nearby airship happens to be carrying an enormous bucket of paint. It's up to Mario to infiltrate the airship and bring back the color! You can check out the new clip by clicking below.

The first piece of story DLC for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is now available. Dubbed "System Rift," this DLC is fully independent of the main storyline, with a new location and re-introduction to old characters, and centers on breaking into the Palisade Blade secure data storage center on behalf of Adam Jensen's old friend, Francis Pritchard. Players will be tasked with infiltrating the building using their preferred method of play, all while exploring an architecturally unique building that, according to the designers, presents something never before seen in a Deus Ex game.

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Every so often, Nintendo holds National StreetPass weekends, where 3DS owners go to Nintendo Zones and gather up many Miis at once. The company is holding another event next weekend, but this time it will be Yo-kai Watch themed in celebration of Yo-kai Watch 2's launch in North America on the 30th. During the event, participants can connect with other 3DS owners and discover new Yo-kai at set Nintendo Zones.

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The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses is still ongoing with its Master Quest tour, having performed in Vancouver, Canada last night and heading to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania tomorrow before flying to Europe. With the release of Tri Force Heroes for the Nintendo 3DS last fall, its music already saw an orchestral rendition, and with Breath of the Wild coming really soon for Wii U and the NX, this will inevitably be the case for the upcoming Zelda as well.

GoNintendo reader Onikafei reportedly spoke with the founder of the tour thanks to his VIP Pass during the Calgary show two nights ago, and word has it that the tour will continue on through next year before taking a break in 2018. A Breath of the Wild piece will also premiere at some point next year, and a CD release of the symphony is apparently in the works.

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Pokémon GO has been captivating millions of players since it launched in July, and the experience was further enhanced by the release of the Pokémon GO Plus accessory earlier this month. Unfortunately, even though the device's release date was delayed by nearly two months, supply hasn't been able to keep up with demand, and it's sold out in many locations. If you live in the UK and you're having a hard time finding one, Nintendo has announced that the next shipment is coming sometime in late October. Hopefully it will be much more readily available to the public this time around.

Pokémon GO has been one of the most popular apps in dozens of countries around the world since it made its debut back in July, and developer Niantic continues to add to the augmented reality game with regular updates. The latest of these updates, Version 0.39.0 on Android and Version 1.9.0 on iOS, is now available. It's a relatively small update (don't expect trainer battles or second generation Pokémon anytime soon), but it adds in a pair of new features and fixes some minor bugs. You can check out the official patch notes by clicking below.

During the most recent Nintendo Direct we learned that a new Pikmin game is coming to Nintendo 3DS. Unlike previous entries in the franchise, Pikmin for Nintendo 3DS is an action-based 2D sidescroller. The good folks at GameXplain have put together another in-depth analysis video, breaking down every detail from the reveal trailer. They also speculate on the game's features, including switching between Pikmin, using Olimar's jetpack, the new Pikmin counter, and more. You can check out the video by clicking below!