Nintendo Switch Online officially launched last week to some mixed reception. The company's first subscription model for online play is missing a lot of key features that draws gamers to other services like PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live Gold, causing some people to call it a ripoff. However, the service is incredibly cheap for what it does offer, and a select group of Nintendo fans is appreciative of the benefits that are being offered.

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We're addicted to contests. Enter our latest one for Colina: Legacy to assist us in getting the help we need to get rid of these games.

I don't know why y'all like these spooky-ass games so much. One minute you're walking down a hallway having an apparently good time taking in the crappy old furniture and lack of natural lighting, and then bam! The ghost of your dead grandma's parakeet knocks the chandelier down and scares the "clean" out of your pants.

But hey, who am I to judge? Come get some of the scares in Colina: Legacy for Steam!

One of the biggest questions surrounding Nintendo Switch Online has just been cleared up, and it's good news. Nintendo Switch Online offers you the ability to make cloud backups of your saves, but Nintendo previously indicated that cloud saves are erased if the user's subscription runs out. Does this happen immediately, or is there a grace period? Today we have the answer!

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A few days ago we reported that Telltale Games, famous for their narrative-driven adventures, had laid off almost all its employees. With just a skeleton crew left behind to work on the Minecraft: Story Mode project for Netflix, around 250 employees were let go with no advance warning, no severance package, and health care that only lasts till the end of the month. Now the fired employees are fighting back.

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Last week, Telltale Games announced that they are closing down due to financial woes and lackluster sales. However, they remained mum on their current project, The Walking Dead: The Final Season. But after much anticipation, Telltale released a statement on the fate of the ultimate The Walking Dead episodes.

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Yesterday we reported on the tragic, yet touching, story of Chris Taylor. Chris had been battling cancer for years, and in July he was told that he had just months to live. Friends and family rallied together and took to social media in hopes of providing him with a chance to play Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (which launches in December) before his passing. Nintendo took notice, and just in time. Sadly, Chris Taylor passed away last night.

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This week's big Pokémon mystery has been solved! The bizarre, metallic critter that's been popping up all over in Pokémon GO has officially been revealed as Meltan, an ancient and mythical Pokémon. All of the Meltan that have appeared in Pokémon GO up to this point turned out to be Ditto in disguise, but you'll be able to get your hands on a real Meltan in a couple of months.

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A few days ago Pokémon GO players began encountering a mysterious new creature with a gelatinous body and an industrial nut for a head with a single eye. Upon capturing it the unknown monster, it would immediately transform into a Ditto. What's going on here? We now have our answer! Thanks to a new video from The Pokémon Company, the ancient and mythical Pokémon Meltan has been unveiled!

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The world can be a tragic place, but sometimes even the darkest stories can contain a beacon of light. This was the case recently for Chris Taylor, a young man who has been battling cancer for years and was recently given just three to six months to live. Taylor has been looking forward to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, but his terminal condition means there's no guarantee he'll live to see its release. That's where Nintendo stepped in.

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Death Stranding just keeps getting weirder. Legendary developer Hideo Kojima has been trickling out bizarre, confusing trailers one after another since leaving Konami. I'm still not sure what the hell his new game is supposed to be about, but color me intrigued. The latest trailer, dropped at Tokyo Game Show 2018, introduces The Man in the Golden Mask (voiced by Troy Baker) and a monstrous, hungry being that he has summoned.

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Mother 3, the sequel to EarthBound, had a notoriously difficult development process. Ideas were scrapped and projects restarted time and time again as development shifted from Super Nintendo to Nintendo 64DD to Game Boy Advance. After twelve years and numerous re-imaginings, the game eventually saw release, and along the way, it inspired another franchise that would dwarf it in popularity.

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As we draw closer to the launch of Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu! and Pokémon: Let's Go, Eevee! each day, Game Freak and The Pokémon Company are keeping fans hooked with a steady stream of trailers, teasers, and announcements. If you've been enjoying this outpouring of Pokémon goodness, you'll be happy to hear that more is on the way this week!

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Insomniac's take on Marvel's Spider-Man has been a massive success in its first few weeks on PlayStation 4. The web-slinging adventure launched to impressive review scores and record-setting sales numbers, beating out even God of War as PlayStation 4's fastest-selling exclusive. If Marvel has their way, this is just the beginning of much grander plans.

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Free games, free games; where for art thou, free games? They're here in our contest, and this time with collectible card game Mad Crown for Steam.

What do you get when you mix an RPG, collectible cards, skill progression, dieselpunk aesthetics, monsters, dungeons, roguelike elements, and turn-based fighting? A run-on sentence, for starters. Also, you get Mad Crown, which celebrates its graduation out of Early Access this week.

To celebrate, developer S-Game is giving out 15 copies of the full game for you to dive into. Lucky you!

Over the weekend something strange has been going on in Pokémon GO. It all started when data miners discovered an image for what appeared to be a new Pokémon with a small, gelatinous body, a metallic nut for a head, and a single eye. No one was quite sure what to make of this discovery... and then things got weird when it suddenly began spawning in the game.

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