This week's new Super Smash Bros. Ultimate song preview is in, and what a thrill this one is. Uploaded in the darkness and silence of the night (to us Westerners at least), a fearless new track comes by way of Nobuko Toda, known for her compositions so supreme throughout the Metal Gear series.

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Capcom seemingly lost interest in making new Mega Man games years ago, but they shocked us all with the surprise reveal of Mega Man 11 last December. The Blue Bomber's original franchise is coming back! In fact, we might be getting more than one Mega Man series revival. Some copies of Mega Man X Legacy Collection have surfaced in the wild, and they seem to be teasing something special.

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Gearbox's Aliens: Colonial Marines released in 2013 to infamously bad reviews. Despite a very promising demo at E3, the game ultimately released with low-quality graphics and terrible enemy AI. But just a few days ago, it was discovered that a number of the problems with the game's wonky AI were caused by a single typo in the coding. Because of this, Gearbox has found a way to make sure this never happens again: opening a totally real and certainly not at all fake copy editor position.

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Nintendo Switch has seen an increase in third-party support in recent months thanks to the console's stellar first year sales numbers. Ubisoft has previously published several of their titles on Switch, including South Park: The Fractured But Whole. It seems the latest South Park adventure was a hit on Switch, as Ubisoft has just announced plans to bring the first game in the series to Switch as well.

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The players are the heroic duo of Sonic and Tails, a misled Knuckles, a reunited Mighty and Ray, and the evil Dr. Eggman with his loyal minion Metal Sonic. At stake are the seven Chaos Emeralds, the stolen Master Emerald, and the fate of the world. With all the pieces converging on the nefarious doctor's fortress at the heart of Angel Island, the stakes are higher than ever in the final episode of Sonic Mania Adventures!

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During E3 last month I got the chance to watch an extensive demo of Adventure Time: Pirates of the Enchiridion, followed by a short hands-on segment. I had a ton of fun with the Wind Waker-inspired cartoon adventure and named it a runner-up for Gamnesia's Best of E3 2018 Awards. The high seas adventure launched today, but if you're not quite sold yet you can check out 90 minutes of Jake, Finn, and friends in action before making up your mind.

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Popular manga/anime series My Hero Academia is coming to the world of video games as Bandai Namco's My Hero: One's Justice. Western gamers can get their hands on this exciting fighting game on October 26th. In the meantime, Bandai Namco has just released a new trailer that covers the game's story and introduces the new Mission Mode, and they've also put out a new TV commercial starring villains Dabi and Himiko Toga.

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It feels like there's been a massive increase in video game movies in recent years, but they've been around for decades. Well over 20 years ago Capcom tossed their hat in the ring with the Street Fighter movie. Steven E. de Souza wrote and directed the project, which launched to generally poor reviews. There are numerous flaws with the movie, but as it turns out, de Souza was also dealing with a myriad of problems, including the film's star, Jean-Claude Van Damme.

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San Diego Comic-Con starts July 19th, and SEGA has some major plans in store for their flagship series. Sonic the Hedgehog will be the main focus of Sonic the Hedgehog's Way Past Cool panel, which will discuss Sonic's current endeavors in IDW's comics, his upcoming games, and apparently a few extra surprises.

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Earlier today we reported that a completed script has been turned in for the Metal Gear movie after years stuck in limbo. Director Jordon Vogt-Roberts talked at length with IGN about the difficulties of adapting a video game into a movie, but he believes he's up to the challenge. During the course of their discussion, the Metroid franchise was brought up, and Roberts revealed that he'd love a chance to adapt it into a film as well.

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Blast from the past Sonic Mania was a nostalgic thrill ride that was well worth the wait for Sonic fans, and many are looking forward to double-dipping into Sonic Mania Plus with its worldwide launch tomorrow. To commemorate, much like they had done with the original Collector's Edition last year, SEGA put together a familiar tongue-in-cheek advert that those who grew up in the 90's "Console Wars" will surely recognize.

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Fans have been begging for Nathan Fillion to be cast as Nathan Drake in an Uncharted film for years, but the role has reportedly gone to Tom Holland instead. So why has Nathan Fillion been teasing an Uncharted announcement this week? As it turns out, in the absence of being cast in the official movie, Fillion has decided to film his own Uncharted short film.

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Hideo Kojima has been tossing around the possibility of creating a movie based on his popular Metal Gear franchise for over a decade, and incredibly, it looks like there might finally be some progress on that front. Despite Kojima's nasty divorce from publisher Konami (who retains the video game rights to Metal Gear), the movie project has been quietly making significant progress in the past year, and some exciting news has just been revealed.

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With each passing year publishers put more and more effort into securing the coveted pre-order. Getting as many fans as possible to whip out their wallets and sign up for a game months (or even years) before it will release boosts profits quicker and helps publishers gauge how many copies the game will sell overall. In many cases, a game will be announced with only a vague teaser and no launch window, but stores immediately offer pre-orders all the same. In Germany, this isn't going to fly anymore.

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Capcom is bringing the entire Mega Man X franchise to modern platforms this July in the Mega Man X Legacy Collection. In addition to the games, the Legacy Collection comes packed with extra content like concept art, music, and even a prequel anime. There's also the new X Challenge mode, complete with its own story. With just over a week to go until the bundle drops, Capcom has just revealed another new feature.

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