Next month, Nintendo will release Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, an enhanced port of Mario Kart 8 with new characters, stages, and gameplay modes, on Nintendo Switch. In the first trailer, we learned of five new characters that will be added to the game: Inkling Girl, Inkling Boy, Bowser Jr., Dry Bones, and King Boo. A few days ago, Nintendo UK published a new overview trailer for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, in which the company announced another new racer, Gold Mario.

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Since their dual unveilings at the House of Blues last year, fans have become more and more familiar with Sonic Mania as its now-Summer 2017 launch approaches, all while SEGA has kept mum on the codenamed Project Sonic 2017. Yesterday, the company finally broke their silence on the next main 3D installment in the franchise during the official Sonic panel at SXSW, dropping a ton of new details at the event and even showing off an exclusive first look at proper gameplay.

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Following its reveal during the 25th anniversary party, Sonic Mania quickly became one of this year's most anticipated platformers for bringing back the retro gameplay older fans have come to know and love. Unfortunately, word comes from SXSW 2017 that eager players will have to wait a bit longer for the classic celebration's launch.

Series director Takashi Iizuka addressed release date concerns for Mania during the official Sonic panel, stating that the game won't meet its predicted Spring 2017 release and has been pushed towards a summer launch window.

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If you're excited for the upcoming reboot of Disney's DuckTales cartoon and are looking for some more 80's nostalgia, then Capcom may have you covered. The company was well known for adapting cartoons from The Disney Afternoon into video games, and some of them are said to be the best NES games of all time. Now, Capcom is giving you another chance to play them with The Disney Afternoon Collection.

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Psyonix VP Jeremy Dunham recently held an interview where he explained why no Rocket League sequel is in the works. Apparently, the company doesn't want to break up the community it has already built and which is still growing, reaching 10.5 million copies sold and 27 million registered users. Dunham explains that the company won't consider releasing a sequel just to add a few new features, favoring updating the current game instead, assuring gamers that "we're in it for the long haul, if they're in it for the long haul."

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Blizzard Entertainment has just posted a new Overwatch video where the developers discussed the inspirations behind Orisa, the game's newest hero. In the video, we see how the hero's abilities were developed, what the developers envisaged her role to be, and more—including, finally, the official date of her deployment into the game's main servers.

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Hello Games, creator of the somewhat notorious space exploration game No Man's Sky, has added a new update that brings several new elements to the gameplay experience. These include ground vehicles, improved graphics, support for PlayStation 4 Pro, and various new survival-oriented modes.

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A fair number of Nintendo Switch owners have been reporting issues with the left Joy-Con, and Nintendo recently offered a few solutions. In order to shed more light on the issue, though, YouTube user Spawn Wave did a complete tear down of the Joy-Cons in order to find out what could be causing the left one to disconnect. During his tear down, which you can watch after the jump, Spawn Wave discovered that the left and right Joy-Cons have two different types of antenna. The right controller has a separate antenna, while the left has an antenna built into the circuit board.

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A few days ago, Jeff Kaplan, the director behind Overwatch, was asked by a fan on Reddit about the possibility of Overwatch coming to Nintendo Switch in the future. Tons of third-party companies have been showing support for the Switch, and the console had a remarkably successful launch, so Overwatch being released on the console wouldn't necessarily be that far-fetched. Kaplan responded rather cordially to the fan's question, complimenting Nintendo on the Switch, and stated that, although porting the game would be "challenging" for Blizzard, he and his team are still keeping an open mind about it.

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Many of you have probably been spending a healthy (or unhealthy) amount of time with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Whether you're still exploring the Great Plateau or ready to face Calamity Ganon now, there's no denying Hyrule's latest adventure definitely had a lot of care and effort put into it. If you're wondering just how much work the game took and what the creation process was like, Nintendo has you covered.

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Minecraft fans have always been a creative bunch, but Minecraft user Mr. Squishy has taken it to the next level by creating a fully playable version of Pokémon Red in Minecraft. He worked on the project for over 21 months, using 357,000 command blocks. According to Mr. Squishy, Pokémon Red Version includes "all of the original game's features, along with a few iconic bugs." This enormous project was done manually, with Mr. Squishy walking a total of 2,832.89 kilometers in-game. Pokémon Red Version plays on a giant Game Boy, and it is even possible to change the color of the shell!

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Sonic Mania is the former fan-game that is coming out this Spring as an official Sonic game for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and the Nintendo Switch. In the latest gameplay trailer for the game, you can check out the new Green Hill Zone Act 2, which is one of the original stages unique to this game. Featuring new gameplay mechanics, obstacles, and other tidbits, the design builds on the tropical theme we've grown so fond of in the first Green Hill Zone. Sonic Mania is releasing digitally on its respective platforms, but you can still preorder the collector's edition here.

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Back when Nintendo first revealed the Switch, fans quickly pointed out that the Joy-Cons made the shape of a puppy with large ears when placed in the grip accessory. Since then, many people have drawn fan art of an adorable, fan-made puppy mascot. One person even went so far as to make a custom Amiibo of it. Now one fan has taken it a step further, creating a puppy-shaped charging dock for the Switch and its controllers.

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The world of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is enormous, and it's filled with so many landmarks that it can be really difficult to find exactly what you're looking for at times. To help out with this, the Zelda fan site Zelda Dungeon has been compiling a huge interactive map of Breath of the Wild's overworld, which details the location of every shrine, dungeon, and side-quest in the game. In short, it's like having Google Maps available in Hyrule.

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A common criticism of open world games, like most titles in the Elder Scrolls and Fallout series, is that they're often filled with bugs. With such massive worlds and so much to do, it's difficult for development teams to test every location and item very thoroughly, so many devastating glitches can make their way into the final game. Despite its gargantuan overworld, however, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is remarkably bug-free. In a recent interview with The Verge, Takuhiro Dohta, the technical director behind the game, explained how his team was able to achieve this.

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