2014's P.T. was a huge hit with PlayStation fans, and the full game (Silent Hills) was eagerly anticipated by millions. Unfortunately, it wasn't meant to be. The game was cancelled, and the playable teaser was pulled from Sony's online store. Recently, an impressive fan-made recreation of P.T. surfaced online, and unsurprisingly, Konami doesn't approve. However, there's a silver lining to the story this time around.

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As of today, the much anticipated Octopath Traveler has finally been released to the world, and official reviews of Square Enix's new RPG have been flooding in. Almost everything about the game has been garnering massive praise from reviewers, so it looks like the Nintendo Switch has yet another hit on their hands!

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Paramount Pictures and SEGA have been planning a Sonic the Hedgehog movie for years, and there's finally been same major developments this year. James Marsden has joined the cast and we've heard reports that Jim Carrey will play Dr. Robotnik. We even have a targeted release date set for next November. Yesterday, the film took its next big step.

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Yesterday, The Pokémon Company opened up the flood gates and let the Pokémon: Let's Go news flow freely. We received three new trailers packed with reveals, including a good look at Brock and Misty and the return of Jessie and James. The games themselves will launch on November 16th, but you can secure your copy early. Nintendo has just released the details for pre-loading Let's Go, Eevee! and Let's Go, Pikachu!, including the amount of space you'll need.

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When Niantic first launched Pokémon GO, it was populated exclusively by first generation Pokémon, but a lot has changed in the two years since then. Pokémon from Johto and Hoenn have been rolled out, as well as Alolan Forms of Kanto Pokémon. Fans of the fourth generation (like myself) have been eagerly anticipating the addition of Sinnoh Pokémon, and it looks like the wait is almost over.

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Just this morning we got two new trailers for Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu! and Eevee!, but that's not all The Pokémon Company had in store. Another new trailer just released in Japan. If they're not careful, they just might spoil us! This one runs a minute and 24 seconds and covers various features we've seen before, but there were at least two key moments that revealed exciting new info.

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Pokémon the Movie: Everyone's Story just made its debut in Japan, and as with previous movies, the credit roll ended with a brief teaser for the next movie. What fans weren't expecting was to hear the familiar voice of Masachika Ichimura, Mewtwo's Japanese voice actor. Even more shocking is the title of the 2019 Pokémon movie.

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For as long as there has been talk of an Uncharted movie, there have been thousands of dedicated fans begging for Nathan Fillion to play Nathan Drake. The film has been tossed around for years, switching up writers and directors along the way, and last year we heard that Spider-Man actor Tom Holland was attached. Why, then, does Fillion seem to be teasing an Uncharted announcement?

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If you've played your fair share of shooters and action games, you've probably thought about how ridiculous gun mechanics are. In games like Borderlands and Destiny, you can shoot an enemy thousands of times before they feel the damage. In Call of Duty, the swing of a knife does more damage than a couple of shots to the chest. While it may seem like there are only a handful of games that follow a realistic understanding of how firearms work (the recent Wolfenstein games being a key example), the Uncharted series has taken a different path this whole time, and we were all clueless to its cleverness.

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Mario Kart 8 was a hit on Wii U, but the console's small audience limited the game's sales potential. Because of this, Nintendo re-released the game with improved graphics and extra content (plus all DLC included) under the name Mario Kart 8 Deluxe on Nintendo Switch. Deluxe is the biggest (and arguably best) Mario Kart entry yet, but Nintendo's not done yet.

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The NES Classic Edition was a prized stocking stuffer during the holiday 2016 shopping season, and Nintendo's production was completely unable to keep up with demand. After a lengthy absence, Nintendo finally began restocking the coveted plug-and-play console last month, but it quickly sold out at most retailers. If you haven't been able to get your hands on one yet, don't panic! There's still time.

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Earlier in the week we reported on a rumor about a planned Mortal Kombat movie reboot. A list of the film's character (with descriptions on their personality and background) allegedly leaked online, revealing a 14-year-old Raiden, a new main character, and a strange re-write for Sonya Blade. Producer Todd Garner and writer Greg Russo have since stepped forward to offer some clarity.

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Game Freak is sending the Pokémon franchise back to Kanto for Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu! and Eevee!, remaking Yellow with HD graphics and new content from Pokémon GO. You can get your hands on these adventures on November 16th. In the meantime, The Pokémon Company just released two new trailers giving us an extensive look at the new and improved Kanto.

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Amy Hennig is known for directing and writing incredible single-player games, such as Jak 3, the first Uncharted trilogy, and she was even working on a new Star Wars title with Visceral Games. Whether you've played any of her titles or not, you can't deny the impact Hennig has had on modern storytelling in video games.

Recently at Gamelab 2018, Hennig had a chance to be interviewed by Geoff Keighley and answer some fan questions. One member in the audience asked about the "death of single-player games" and her thoughts on it. Rather than saying these games were going extinct, Hennig explained that the current state of the industry is holding back their potential.

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Nintendo Switch had an incredibly successful first year on the market, but it's not without stiff competition. Sony and Microsoft are both enjoying strong sales this generation as well, and PlayStation 4 in particular has been a juggernaut. Sony's console leads all hardware in units sold and profits generated through the first six months of 2018, but Mat Piscatella of the NPD Group predicts that Switch will be the year's top console anyway.

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