The Nintendo 3DS system has sold over 30 million units since its release back in 2011, but what about their software available for the platform? Well, Nintendo has released updated sales figures for the platform as of March 31st, 2013, and to no one's surprise it is dominated by the Mario Franchise.

The most notable titles to have crossed the million sales milestone are last year's Kid Icarus: Uprising and the recently released Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon (That was fast!). The Wii U list however comes as no surprise. The sales totals mentioned include both bundled copies along with digital copies of games sold. Hop inside for the full list of million+ sellers and go buy Fire Emblem Awakening so it can one day meet this milestone!

Fellow gamers and junk food junkies - brace yourselves, for this announcement may be the greatest occurrence to happen between the Gaming and Food industries since virtual sliced bread. Pizza Hut and Microsoft have collaborated to create an app which will allow Xbox Live members to order from the restaurant’s menu directly through their Xbox 360.

This new Pizza Hut app makes the entire menu accessible to users, where they will then be able to place orders for their own customized pizzas.  Users can link their Xbox and accounts and save their order settings to use again, as well as taking advantages of deals at local stores. Head past the jump for more!

Nintendo is known for making bold steps in the industry, but most of that has to do with the hardware they release. A handheld with two screens? That can’t possibly work! 150+ million sales later it’s shown that yes, it can. Motion controls and simplified controls! You’re crazy Nintendo. 99 million in sales later says that actually, no they weren’t. 3DS? No one likes 3D Nintendo! 30+ Million in sales over two years. Not too shabby.

Of course, the outlier right now is the Wii U, of which Nintendo hasn’t fully turned around yet, but let’s give them a bit of time to see how that plays out. History points to it being just fine in the end.

The industry itself is broken right now. Games that sell millions of units aren’t successful or wholly profitable. Every year the big three show up to E3 with many hopes and dreams on the line, only to be dashed when we see the next Kinect game, or see a spell book game with the PS Move, or an emphasis on cable television. Even the mighty Nintendo has faltered, with broken promises (E3 2011) and poorly targeted software (ending E3 2012 with Nintendo Land).

I bet you've never heard of a video game that plays itself! ...Okay, you probably have heard of the idea somewhere, but have you ever heard of a man who actually teaches retro games to play themselves? Well, in comes Dr. Tom Murphy VII, Ph.D., to teach us all that Super Mario Bros. is actually pretty easy with lexicographic orderings and time travel. Before I confuse you with all the technical mumbo-jumbo, you might want to watch his video instead, which takes you through his journey to create a video game that plays itself. You'll see Mario perform all sorts of marvelous tasks humans could never do, so be sure to give Dr. Murphy your full attention for the first few minutes of the video, because you will no doubt want to understand this impressive feat.

If you're interested in his project in a more scholarly fashion, check out his research paper published in SIGBOVIK 2013. If you really are just here for the games, I'll do you the courtesy to say the actual gameplay begins at 06:10 in the video.


The best way to react to this situation is to use this.

You read that title correctly. For the first time in this millennium, Nintendo will not be holding a press conference at the Electronic Entertainment Expo, according to a translated statement from Satoru Iwata. This is quite the unexpected news from Nintendo. Here's what the translation says.

"Unlike previous years, we will not have a large-scale [E3] presentation directed to everyone in the world. Instead, we are planning several smaller events focusing on software for America. Among these hands-on events will be one for American distributors and another for western media.”

This news shouldn't be interpreted as "Nintendo will not be at E3." It is highly likely the company will still show off software on the show floor throughout the conference. A prerecorded, or even live, Nintendo Direct may even be in the works. However, there is no way around stating how Iwata has confirmed there is no major press conference from them this year.

I hope Nintendo can bring the hype needed for both of its consoles without a conference this year.

Just... Holy (excuse my language) shit. My body wasn't ready for this at all. Neither was my heart.

Way back at E3 2012, Nintendo promised the new Nintendo social network Miiverse would be coming to computers and mobile devices after the launch of the Wii U. We haven't received any news on the matter until today. Nintendo has opened up Miiverse to be accessible on your browser right now.

Miiverse can be found right here. Come on click the word "here!" You know you want to see it!

Nintendo clearly states that the browser version of Miiverse is currently in beta, and many features are noticeably missing. For example, you cannot post anything in communities on Miiverse or update your profile. However, a user can reply and comment on any post, even his or her own!

Bad news for non-Wii U owners, but one is required to have a Nintendo Network username and password to access Miiverse on the web.

Let's hope the 3DS version of Miiverse comes in soon. I can't wait to take this fantastic network on the go.

Go look around on the fancy new Miiverse site right now!

During the big Nintendo meeting today, Nintendo revealed plenty of promising and disappointing sales numbers, and many of the faces of the company answered questions regarding the corporation's future and current products.

Scott Moffitt, Nintendo's VP of Sales and Marketing, was asked on the comparison many people draw between Nintendo's 3DS and Apple's hit tablets and phones, said to be devouring the handheld market by some. Moffitt acknowledges the accessibility of Apple's products, but believes that the 3DS has the highest quality library on the market right now.

Here's exactly what he said.

"With software, as with most things, there's a distinct difference between quantity and quality. The website recently calculated that there are currently 139,000 different games actively available on the [Apple] app store. One hundred and thirty-nine thousand. Huge number. That number is way too big to wrap your head around, so I try to think about it this way. If I wanted to spend just fifteen minutes sampling each one of those games, I'd be at it non-stop for four years. That's a ton of caffeine."

For the full quote clickety click on the jump!

WayForward has recently confirmed that the Game Boy Color exclusive Shantae would be making a return with a 3DS eShop release in the coming months. The developer made a DSiWare sequel dubbed Shantae: Risky's Revenge, and the third entry is on the way soon. The rerelease of the first entry in the series is welcome in my library, and I cannot wait to try out the game.

Matt Bozon, one of the faces of WayForward, confirmed a June to July release window of Shantae on the eShop.

I cannot wait for the game to arrive on the Virtual Console this year, as I loved Risky's Revenge. WayForward is on a roll. Are you looking forward to Shantae? Sound off in the comments.

When the Wii U first came out, there was some debate around the internet as to whether or not Nintendo Land should have come packaged with all Wii Us rather than just those of the Deluxe Sets. Well, based on a recently surfaced rumor, Nintendo may be considering doing just that during the fourth quarter of this year, by adding Nintendo Land to Wii U Basic Sets. It's worth noting that the source of this rumor has been credited with saying that Watch Dogs would be coming to the Wii U before it was officially announced and that Monolith Soft would be unveiling their new game during January's Nintendo Direct, both of which turned out to be true.

This rumor seems entirely plausible to me; I find it odd that a small game such as Nintendo Land, which is just as much a proof-of-concept for the Wii U GamePad as it was a game in its own right, was released separately in the first place given the huge success of Wii Sports. With the amount of struggle the Wii U is facing it seems logical that Nintendo would feel the need to now provide an extra incentive to buy a Wii U. The inclusion of Nintendo Land could also be taking the place of the price cut that some have been asking for ever since the Wii U's launch.

Now that you've heard mine, what's your take on the rumor?

As video games take larger roles in people's lives, more and more health studies are coming out concerning the effects of video games on human physiology. Though the verdicts of those studies don't usually end up in favor of our favorite pastime, some do, and recent research about effective treatment for lazy eye certainly does. A small study out of Canada has found that Tetris (remember Tetris? Ah the good old days) may be a better treatment for lazy eye than other, traditional treatments.

The study, carried out by McGill University, was published in Current Biology and shows that, in an experimental group of 18 adults, playing Tetriswas more effective at treating the lazy eye than using an eye patch to cover the good eye to make the weaker one work harder, which is the current medical practice. Researchers want to take this study and generalize it to children to see if it would be equally as effective, with some such studies all ready currently underway in the United Kingdom. To find out more, follow the jump!

It was fairly obvious at this point, but it looks like Nintendo is finally giving up on their first duel-screened handheld. Though they've promised they "will continue to sell Nintendo DS Hardware," Nintendo's newly released fiscal report indicates that they've all but given up hope on turning a significant profit in the future with the DS; they've neglected to mention any sales projection for the Nintendo DS. It seems that DS sales will be too insignificant for Nintendo to even list a projection for them.

Over the course of its life, there have been over 150 million DS hardware sales. Even with four iterations of the platform, that is still a very impressive figure, so if it is at all possible, here's to an equally successful 3DS!

The PS4 had a somewhat controversial reveal back in February. Its large array of social features have caused a lot of debate, and the several teaser trailers which debuted with it have excited some and evoked skepticism in others. I have a feeling this bit of news will do the same; the PS4's lead system architect Mark Cerny has stated that the PS4's launch titles are "going to be stronger than any prior PlayStation hardware." Cerny cites similarities between the architecture of the PS4 and a PC as the catalyst behind the strong launch lineup. 

The reasoning being that it takes much less time to port a game between two platforms with similar system architecture, as is apparently the case with the PS4 and PC, than it does when the platforms have very different 'guts,' so to speak, which was the case with the PS3 and PC.

So what's your reaction? Is this a sincere statement about a console with a very promising release? Or is it just a bunch of buzz words?

It's been debated quite a bit recently whether or not Satoru Iwata is doing a good job as the CEO of Nintendo, mostly due to the underwhelming launch window titles present with Nintendo's recent consoles and the subsequently low sales a few of those consoles underwent (especially in North America). As such, it may seem a bit odd that he will now be taking the role of CEO in Nintendo of America, previously held by Tatsumi Kimishima, while still retaining his position as Nintendo's global CEO. It's important to note that, while he may be the face of Nintendo of America, Reggie Fils Aime is not the CEO, but rather the President and COO; so don't worry, he's not going anywhere. 

Hopefully Mr. Iwata can turn things around for the Wii U in North America, what do you guys think? Will he be able to save the Wii U?

In a recent interview with Indie Statik, Simon Mesnard showed off his new game The Black Tower, a throwback to the PS1 era of Final Fantasy. The new game is set after his previous game ASA: A Space Adventure.

“ASA was taking place in 2057. We were following the story of Philippe Forté, who found a mysterious black cube in 2011, and during your quest you find a mysterious ‘Monolith’ on a spaceship called the Ark,” Simon explains. “TBT will take place in 2032. The hero will be Yan Forté, the son of Philippe, who never met his father. It will involve a quest to save the world, planet Terra. And the Black Tower (called the Monolith in ASA) will play an important role once again! Different period, different people, but a similar problem: understanding the cubes and their purpose.”

More of the interview after the jump

Thanks to Allgamesbeta for translating a tweet made by Capcom that announces possible Okami sequel announcement date, which will be fittingly done during Golden Week. For those that may not know, Okami is a game made by the late Clover Studio, who also made the cult classic Viewtiful Joe. In Okami you play as an incarnation of the sun goddess Amaterasu, and the gameplay is heavily inspired by The Legend of Zelda. What helps this game stand apart from the many Zelda copycats is the quirky Japanese humor and the water color art style--which is gorgeous in HD. 

What are your thoughts?