Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is a game that I was readily looking forward to. Then the news of no cross-region online multiplayer, and even worse, no Off-TV play, made me push this back from a day one purchase to a game that I'll get "eventually". Let me put this into perspective for you: I could not fully enjoy the newest outing in one of my favourite series because my TV was too old and too small. My old, 4:3 480i television could not properly display the 16:9 1080p visuals of the game, as the display for the screen would become incredibly small, and most text would become entirely illegible.

No longer is this the case. Capcom has confirmed that a patch in April will add both Off-TV play and cross-region online multiplayer. Naturally as the patch will be coming after the game's release, this does not push Monster Hunter back up to a day one purchase, but I will definitely be getting it sometime around when the patch is released.

Kickstarter has become more and more popular among indie game developers recently, and now indie programmer Uncade has taken to the site. His game, Another Castle, is essentially a quirky exploration in replayability. It's a fun little platformer that contains randomly generated levels and overworlds, with a generic objective: to find a magical item. Every time you reach the end, the item you're looking for isn't in the castle, but you unlock it for your next playthrough, meaning that every time you play Another Castle, the game grows a bit.

The name is obviously a nod to the classic Super Mario Bros., and it looks like the entire game is trying to harken back to that age of just pure, fun gaming, before we had to worry about plots and graphical fidelity and all these other things that get in the way of just enjoying a game. Uncade has a lot of experience in making small games for mobile devices, but he's hoping that this project will show that he's capable of making a larger experience.

And larger is definitely a good word for it.

The amount of content Uncade is hoping to add is impressive; if he receives enough funding, he plans to add mounts and three extra playable characters, for example. Other than that, all of your standard items make an appearance: weapons, consumables, magic, all of your classic standbys make an appearance. While Another Castle may not be the most groundbreaking of indie titles, it looks like a fun distraction that will take a long time to grow old, so why not throw him a few bones? 10 bucks gets you a copy for your computer, and $15 snags you a Wii U copy, so if you think you'd be interested in buying the game, why not put the money down now to help it get made?

Ubisoft has officially confirmed Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag with the release of the first piece of official box art. It's immediately noticeable that it contains references to Pirates, which confirms pretty much every rumor that has been circulating for weeks. Ubisoft also confirmed an "official" unveiling of the game Monday morning, around 7am CST. Naturally, we will be here to bring you all the latest details about the next AC adventure.

Are you excited? This is the quickest turn around for a numbered venture in the series yet. It is now slated for the Wii U, Xbox 360, PC, and PS3. The rest of the box art is after the jump

The Wii U version of Rayman Legends was supposed to hit shelves just a few days ago, before Ubisoft decided to delay the game so it would release at the same time across all home consoles. Ubisoft has seen a lot of backlash both from fans and their own creative team for their decision, mainly because the Wii U version was already completed and ready for launch. Despite this, Ubisoft CEO Yves Guilemont assures us that the extra seven months is certainly going to be put to good use.

“The Wii U the team is working hard on the Wii U [version] to make sure it continues to improve, so it can become one of the best Wii U games. We hope it can be one of the top games Ubisoft creates...

...What’s very important to consider is that, when a team has more time, they are able to continue to improve the quality of the game. When we saw we had more time, we saw all of the possibilities. Some of the possibilities are the social features that we are seeing today, but also new bosses, new possibilities that will take the game to a level that people will love.” — Yves Guilemont, Ubisoft CEO

While the delay was disappointing to say the least, it's great to hear that the development team is using that extra time to make the Wii U version of the game even better, rather than just contemptuously waiting for it to release.

Tomb Raider is scoring well, with an 88 on Metacritic. For what seems like the first time in a decade, Lara Croft is actually worth talking about as more than a silly Angelina Jolie movie, even if I did enjoy them. The fact remains, while this isn't the classic Tomb Raider we know and love, it is indeed a good game. For a reboot, that's really saying something since it's hard to ever bring back any franchise, let alone add some fundamental changes to the established formula along the way. The new trailer attempts to bring out the survivor in me, and I admit it's gotten me more excited for the game than maybe I should be. Several people have pointed out flaws in the game, but for whatever is wrong with it... it just does so much so well that it's hard to really keep this game down. Lara Croft, you might finally have won me over.

Today there was said to be a mysterious invite only Assassin's Creed event which MCV (a UK magazine) attended. The details from the event are apparently embargoed until Monday, but MVC did say they some of the information may have already been leaked. This all but "confirms" that the game will be Assassin's Creed: Black Flag and will deal with pirates. Above is a supposed map which leaked today, and looks rather legit in it's context. Given the mysterious meeting today, there is no surprise this leaked out. 

According to The Examiner, the game will follow Assassin's Creed III and be linked through the Captain Kidd sidequest. All of this, however, remains a rumor until we get some real confirmation on Monday. I am in the middle of my second playthrough of ACIII, and I have to say I am enjoying it more now than I did in my first run. To me, the series hasn't grown stale yet, and I am definitely curious as to how a pirate styled game could function within the given universe.

Sakurai, the big man behind the Smash Bros. franchise, has been well noted as having a disorder that really hampers his ability to work, specifically with his right arm. Thankfully as a director he doesn't really need to do any code work and he does a lot of overseeing, which means his brilliant mind can still be at work in helping projects. However, a big part of his job has to do with play-testing, that way he can truly "feel" how progress is going and find issues with an experience. The problem right now is that since his right arm is practically unusable, he has to use his left and try and reach around the controller, and he notes this is specifically an issue when he tries to play-test Smash Bros. on the 3DS.

"I think the one word I've said the most this year, by far, is 'Ow!'" he wrote. "Not only am I getting calcific tendonitis, but they've also found what are apparently several ruptures in the muscles. My upper arm hurts, and there's this chronic dull pain in my elbow joint as well. On the lower arm, there's this feeling of fatigue around the flexor muscles that turns into pain when I use a keyboard or game controller with my fingers."

"There's no instant cure for it, so all I can do is either block the pain with injections or put my arm in a cast to keep the ruptures from spreading. I was told that the important thing was to keep my arm as rested as possible. In order to get it fully healed, the only thing is to not use my right arm or hand. So not only am I using a trackball with my left hand; now I'm using it to eat, brush my teeth, wash my hair, and even drive as much as I'm able to."
This definitely isn't good. Oh, what was all that about hindering Smash Bros. development? More quotes after the jump.

Companies tend to deal with lawsuits all the time, especially after they release new technology into the marketplace. Seijiro Tomita, 58, presented a prototype of his glasses-free 3D technology to seven Nintendo officials at their headquarters in 2003. Tomita is a former employee of Sony for nearly 30 years, and he left the company in 2002 to pursue his own ideas. The problem here of course is that Nintendo has a solid defense—Tomita was not the only person with which Nintendo held meetings with on 3D technology. After holding, as they claim, hundreds of meetings, they settled on using tech from Sharp Corp.

It's important to note they met with Sharp Corp. a full year prior to Tomita. So, while the technology likely shares similarities, Nintendo is using Sharp Corp.'s stuff, not Tomita's. In all liklihood, Tomita is suing the wrong company as it would be Sharp Corp. who owns the rights to the 3DS' technology. Either way, he is suing both Nintendo of America and Nintendo of Japan, leaving out Europe for unknown reasons.

In the end, this lawsuit is likely not to go anywhere, but people keep insisting to do anything that they feel will get them some compensation. Nothing against Tomita, who I am sure has some great ideas, but Nintendo has a licensing agreement for this tech from a different company. Be sure when you sue, you sue the right people. You can find out all the details about this lawsuit right here.

It's one thing for Dead Space 3 to offer some optional micro-transactions that do ultimately make the experience better, but apparently this is going to be a "thing" in all future games out of EA. Now, this doesn't of course mean we will need to buy things to beat a game, but it does mean specific content items, weapons, and all that jazz will be restricted to a pay model. This of course is upsetting considering EA is one of the leading third party developers on the market.

Not only that, EA does have some quality franchises and studios in tow, so to see this model tossed in every game going forward is going to really be interesting to watch. Here are the quotes from EA's chief financial officer Blake Jorgensen:

"We are building into all of our games the ability to pay for things along the way; to get to a higher level," Jorgensen declared, "And consumers are enjoying and embracing that way of business."

Thoughts after the jump.

To coincide with the announcement of the Wii Mini coming to the UK, Nintendo has announced four new Nintendo Selects titles. Nintendo Selects, if you are unaware, are re-releases of old Wii games at a lower price. The titles being added to the UK Selects library are Mario Party 8, Wii Sports Resort, Mario Power Tennis, and Super Paper Mario.

These games are expected to launch at £17.99, like all other Nintendo Select titles. While no release date has been confirmed, they will most likely launch alongside the Wii Mini on the 22nd of March, so be on the lookout. I highly advise picking these games up if you haven’t already, they're great experiences.

As reported, the Wii Mini is indeed making its way out of Canada. The smaller model of Nintendo's hit seller is making its way to the UK on the 22nd of March. There's no word as to its price yet, but its expected to launch at a similar price that it did in Canada.

The Wii Mini comes packed with a red Wii Remote Plus and Nunchuck and all of the cables that come standard with the Wii. It does not support GameCube accessories, component cables, or Wi-Fi. All you'll be able to do with the Wii Mini is play Wii games and make Miis. However, the new model is a top-loader, meaning that there is less of a chance of a disc getting stuck in the disc drive.

When you weigh all of this together, it just doesn't seem worth it. It's especially daunting when you realise that you'll be able to buy a used Wii that has all of the features that this model lacks for what will probably be the same price.

Interesting story from a user at NeoGAF today; while flying Delta, his luggage was lost. This luggage contained several pieces of his Wii U gear, most notably the GamePad. When he called up Nintendo to have it replaced, he was billed $140, plus tax and shipping; much more than the $80 we were told the GamePad cost. Since he ordered straight from the manufacturer, there's no way the price was raised by a middleman, so it definitely puts a damper on the idea of owning multiple GamePads for certain games. 

So really, I guess we learn a few things from this: First off, losing your GamePad is (at least for now) an incredibly expensive accident. Secondly, don't fly Delta.

More and more anonymous sources have been hinting at a Microsoft conference as of late. Apparently, the PS4 reveal 'ruffled some feathers' over at Microsoft, and now they're planning a conference. In fact, the domain '' has been registered by Ustechs, a partner to Microsoft. If the Durango gets its big reveal in a little over a month, then E3 is going to be extremely interesting; it'll end up being a software competition between a newly released system and two as-yet unreleased consoles. I wonder if this move will pay off for Microsoft in the long run?

Bold statement from a Lego City Undercover Developer today; according to executive producer Loz Doyle, it's the best game on the Wii U.

We’re obviously really pleased with the game. If it wasn’t very good then we’d probably feel under pressure, but it’s our best Lego game and that’s really saying something. We’re really chuffed. It’s the best game on the Wii U.

Is this arrogance, or honesty? From everything we've heard about the game so far, I wouldn't be too surprised if this statement holds true. That's not all Loz let us know, either; he also gave us a greater idea of the size of the game. According to Loz, "you’re talking 40-50 hours to get 100%". Looks like Lego City Undercover's going to be a  big, high-quality game--hopefully the first of many to come to the Wii U.

Something interesting popped up on Neversoft's website; the Call of Duty logo is prominently displayed. There's no way this was an accident, so speculation abounds; are they making the next Modern Warfare or Black Ops? Is this an all-new series in the franchise? Neversoft has put their hands on a lot of frequently released franchises like Guitar Hero and Tony Hawk, so it wouldn't be too surprising if they got involved in one of the most prominent shooters in gaming history.