It feels like it's been years since Bayonetta 2 was announced, but the initial fan outrage many had towards it being a Wii U exclusive is still prevalent as shown by Hideki Kamiya's (Bayonetta's Director) twitter account where he's still being bombarded with messages related to the incident. 

Idea? There was no way other than that. RT@Snatch_the_FOX: Who's idea was it to make Bayonetta a Wii U exclusive ?

Hideki Kamiya has essentially sealed Bayonetta 2's fate as a Wii U exclusive before, stating that Nintendo is essentially the customer and until Nintendo asks Platinum to make it multiplat, it's staying a Wii U exclusive. Something people just can't seem to comprehend despite them receiving the same answer over and over again. Unlike Rayman Legends though, with Nintendo as publisher, Bayonetta 2 will be a guaranteed Wii U exclusive.

Excited for Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag? It's alright not to be, we did just get ACIII nearly half a year ago. But Black Flag surely is doing its best to expand upon its gameplay by letting players take to the seas to not only wage war against other ships, but to search the ocean floors for treasure and battle sharks. The trailer also shows the on-land portions of the game and the forests/jungles the players can traverse are simply stunning, looking lush and vibrant from all angles. It may not divulge much upon the story of Black Flag, but it's bound to at least garner your interest so be sure to check it out!

Hello Battlefield fans, I'm sure you're excited for the recently announced Battlefield 4 title, but more so for when it will be released, supposedly later this year in Fall.

According to a leaked preorder art piece which was promoting preorder dog-tags, Battlefield 4 will come out later this year during Fall, which, given how shooters are usually announced in the year they're released in, isn't all that unlikely. But of course, this is just a rumor for the time being and the artwork could be fake.

In other related news, a song supposedly from Battlefield 4 can be found and is called "Hanna's Theme," suggesting that female soldiers will be in Battlefield 4. A leaked image of Origin Russia also suggests Battlefield 4 will have a beta available to all Battlefield 3 Premium subscribers. Be sure to hop inside for a larger image of the supposedly leaked artwork!

President of Nintendo Satoru Iwata and EarthBound's Shigesato Itoi came together to discuss EarthBound — known as "Mother 2" in Japan — hitting Japan's Wii U Virtual Console in a Japan-only version of "Iwata Asks". But don't worry if you can't read Japanese; EarthBound Central has translated the whole thing and you can check that out here. The two talk about how they first met with the Nintendo president (who was then president of HAL Laboratories), who came in to help with the development and fix numerous things with Mother 2 during its creation in the 90s. 

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When Kersploosh! was first announced, most of us Nintendo fans jumped to a certain minigame from The Wind Waker remastered in an eShop title. Instead, we got a game where you drop a stone down a well. Kersploosh! follows dozens of other brilliant eShop titles ranging from Crashmo to Fluidity: Spin Cycle, but the title doesn't try to soar into those fantastic ranks. Kersploosh! is a humble game that will keep you entertained for a few bus rides. It is much more in the tier of smartphone games than the lengthy adventures of Dillon's Rolling Western and Crimson Shroud

It's a different kind of eShop game. With it's smaller price tag, Kersploosh! convinced me to make a purchase. Although I got my money's worth, the package left me overall a tad disappointed.

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Do you remember the days when we only used one term to describe a console’s power? Twenty years ago, what people saw as “bits” were all that mattered and we could tell when one console was better than another simply by looking at the games. One needn’t any more insight than his own eyes to see that Donkey Kong Country was more advanced than the arcade’s Donkey Kong or that Sonic the Hedgehog could do more than Alex Kidd in Miracle World.

Fast forward to today and how do we compare consoles? Jargon. Twenty years ago, people didn’t debate the relative merits of a “Customized 6502 CPU” and a “Television Interface Adaptor Model 1A” because a system’s power could be easily described by marketers as “bits,” and every generation self-evidently doubled the power of the last. But those days, as you certainly know, are gone.

These ever-improving graphics were always one good reason to buy a console, but alongside visual improvements, each generation’s new technology brought us bigger and better ways to play our games. The new Mode 7 technology of the Super Nintendo, for example, allowed racing games like F-Zero and Super Mario Kart to take off, while the jump to 32 and 64-bit consoles allowed for full 3D gaming, which was a monumental advancement in its own right. During this time, advancements in technology went hand-in-hand with advancements in gameplay, but when the core fundamentals of a video game have reached their limits, companies look for other, less essential ways to improve the experience.

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Look, I like Nintendo a heck of a lot. I am a proud Wii U owner and I use the console practically every day (used lately to play Lego City: Undercover). Geoff Keighley spotted a "Why Wii U" flyer at PAX that he just had to tweet about today. Why? Because it's goal is clearly to get rid of the confusion between the Wii U and the Wii... in all the wrong ways. The flyer is after the jump for those curious, because I wanted to ensure we had it large enough so that you could read it. Fact is... Geoff said it best. Speechless.

EDIT: This flyer is appearing in retail and that is where Geoff took the picture. You can actually "tear one off and take it home", so it's actually a tearaway poster for however many customers. I am still hearing from multiple sources this was, in fact, at PAX. Unfortunately, I am not getting direct confirmation with a picture just yet. Sorry for the confusion on the initial PAX claim without clarification. An email tipster said he saw it there and then linked me to the tweet, but as email tipsters go you know they can't always be reliable. *slaps wrist* - bad Nate. Do your research. Now go put on the dunce cap.

People often get on Pachter's case around these parts, as fans continue to wonder why we bother to follow his words more so than any other analyst. He is an openly biased Nintendo hater right? Well, he sort of takes his shots at Sony though in a different light. The question posed is why Microsoft isn't trying to get in on the handheld market and the initial reasoning isn't too terrible. The market does suck - it sucks in terms of the fact it is essentially dominated by one platform and it's hard to get in on that territory. It's a big investment into something that will probably fail because it needs an install base to get games, and it needs games to get an install base.

He goes on to talk about how the Vita itself is a complete joke. Not that it sucks (it is actually a pretty nice piece of hardware), but he admits that it just does "too much". Almost as if it's "too good". There is a point to be had in that. He actually has some nice things to say on top of this about used game sales. I know I know... it's Michael Pachter and to even utter his name brings along anger, but at least he makes some sense here while not directly throwing Nintendo under the bus

At PAX East, Capcom unveiled DuckTales Remastered, an HD remake of one of the NES' most beloved titles. Because the fan community for the original NES classic is so large and so attached to the title, the positive response to the announcement has been incredible. Christian Svensson of Capcom took to the Capcom-Unity forums to answer questions about the title.

Firstly, Svensson revealed that DuckTales Remastered happened because of the fans. The demand was strong and so they pursued the project. He also says that while DuckTales 2 or remakes of other Disney-lisenced Capcom games may be possible in the future if DuckTales Remastered is a commercial success, but we shouldn't "put the cart before the horse." The full quote can be found after the jump.

Svensson has also made it clear that though DuckTales Remastered is coming to Wii U eShop, PlayStation Network, and Xbox Live Arcade, the title will not make its way to the Nintendo 3DS or PS Vita "this time around." There is no mention of the future, so if the game sells well at first, Capcom may reconsider its stance.

All in all, it's wonderful to see that Capcom is starting a greater dedication to its fans, and I only imagine it will improve—at least for the near future. Are you going to be picking up DuckTales Remastered?

Renegade Kid is well known for Mutant Mudds, the hit Nitnendo 3DS eShop game, but not quite so commonly known is that the company got its start making First-Person Shooters on the Nintendo DS — and very good ones at that. For a while now, we've known that Renegade Kid was working on a new FPS title for Nintendo 3DS, but we've known nothing more.

Now, however, Renegade Kid has launched a site for the upcoming game, which is called "Cult County." It's a very exciting display of pictures showing off a game which appears to be based in the horror genre, as well, with themes of religion and atheism. From the site, you can scan a QR code with your 3DS to see the game's screenshots in full 3D. But there's one question left — Will you join the church of the Perfect You?

Last month at Sony's PlayStation Meeting, Blizzard announced that the latest entry in the widely popular Diablo series would be making its way to PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 at some point in the future.

This partnership between Blizzard and Sony was implied to be exclusive, but now it appears it may not be as great for Sony as we thought.

"We don't have any announcements to make at this time, but we're not necessarily a Sony exclusive."

Another bright point to note is that one of the biggest issues that plagued Diablo III on PCs was the lack of an offline play and dozens of server crashes, which, in conjunction with one another, left the game unplayable for a while. On the console version of Diablo III, however, you will be able to play the full game offline with up to three friends, which "feels very collaborative," at least on the PlayStation 3.

It looks like Diablo III is shaping up to be a great console gaming experience from a franchise that's been so strongly rooted on the PC. Will you be picking Diablo III up on a home gaming consoles?

Ducktales was a classic 1990 NES game based on the Disney television series of the same name, which is now seeing a rebirth through the Wii U eShop, PlayStation Network and XBox Live Arcade. Above is the reveal trailer for DuckTales Remastered, and inside we have more screenshots, pictures and a full fact sheet.

You may be familiar with Fez, but chances are that you will not be. It is a minor platformer developed by Polytron Corporation, headed by Phillipe Poisson, who goes by the name of "Phil Fish." The game received a fair amount of praise when it released last year, but remained a largely forgettable puzzle-platformer.

Nontheless, Phil Fish thought he had something relevant to say when he took to Twitter in a whining rant today that blasted the Nintendo 3DS and praised the Playstation Vita as almighty. His unbecoming language has no doubt lost him any respect he had in the industry, as well as the fact that his rant lacked any genuine criticisms.

His uncensored Twitter tirade is inside. Please be warned that it contains language that some people may find inappropriate.

Last year the Wii Mini came to Canada, before heading to Europe earlier this month and to the UK this very week. The console is a simplified Wii that lacks GameCube compatibility, online-support, Wi-Fi, an SD Card slot and a slew of other features.

Basically all the console does is play Wii discs and little else; the bare minimum. With the Wii U having been out for several months now, the Wii Mini is little more than a dummed-down version of what is already a last-generation console.

Gamers in the UK are viewing the Wii Mini with that very mindframe, because launch sales have been extremely poor with an overall disinterest in the platform. Frankly it serves little purpose other than as a cute collector's item. Come inside for more details on the Wii Mini's underwhelming launch performance.

There's only a week left in March, so what's going on with Aliens Colonial Marines on the Wii U? Well, Sega and developer Demiurge are staying hush-hush on the topic, declining to speak-up whenever asked about the title's current progress.

Aliens CM is supposed to be out by the end of the month, but it looks like the title might receive a delay at this rate, which could be for the better. Placeholder dates can be found listing A:CM for a release in December so a delay seems likely at this point. A:CM didn't receive the best reception, it was pretty negative actually, so a delay of the Wii U version could just be what it needs to update the visuals and gameplay in order to recapture the same feeling as the E3 demo, though that is somewhat unlikely.