I know we've just had a direct today, but the next is already on its way. This one is going to have a bit of a different focus, too; it's going to be primarily trained on third-party efforts coming to the Nintendo 3DS. It'll likely be much more low-key than the last few Directs we've had, but it's also much more open-ended. With all the third parties out there, who knows what could be on its way? Personally, I'd love to see Bravely Default. I'm also hoping for one of the Megaman handheld installments, but I'm not getting my hopes up too high. What do you want to see?

Not too long ago, Mario Wynands, a Sidhe developer, made a huge fuss when he posted on NeoGAF stating that the Wii U was in 'serious trouble' and that the entire next generation as a whole would fail. Nowgamer recently contacted him, and the now managing director of PikPok definitely hasn't changed his grim predictions of the future. If what he says is true, we could see one of the Big Three pull a Dreamcast this generation, and drop out of the console race altogether.

Jump inside for the quote.

Have you ever wanted to use Google Street View, but found yourself without a computer, or laptop, or phone, or tablet?  Well first of all, how are you reading this?  And secondly, you now have a solution, assuming you own a Wii U!  That's right, Wii Street U is now available as a free download for a limited time; it allows you to navigate to various places in Google Maps and then use the gamepad to immerse yourself using it's motion sensors in the street view.

Nintendo Direct Video

February 14 2013 by Jack Sossman
If you missed any of the flurry of posts below, or just want to see Nintendo's President explain the next few months' releasing yourself, check the video after the jump!

New Eevee Evolution

February 14 2013 by Jack Sossman
Looks like a new Eevee evolution known as "Sylveon" in the US was just announced!  Check out the video below, but it seems like the new creature will be known as Ninfia in Japanese, Nymphali in French, and Feelinara in German.  Video after the jump!

Nintendo announced on Friday and today in a Nintendo Direct that a new Wii U bundle with Ubisoft's ZombiU will be released in the US and Canada on February 17th for $389.99. The Wii U ZombiU Deluxe Set comes with all the contents of a typical Deluxe Set, plus a copy of the ZombiU game, a black Wii U Pro Controller, and a collectable booklet featuring artwork from the game and exclusive developer commentary.

You're also getting a 32 GB black Wii U and GamePad, as well as a copy of the game Nintendo Land as a download. The price is about $70 less than you'd pay to get it all separately, according to Nintendo.

You'll also be automatically enrolled in the Digital Deluxe program, which gives back Wii U owners 10% in points for purchases in the eShop, which can be used on future eShop purchases.

Looks like we've got a bunch of new Wii U releases in the next few weeks; details after the jump!
We had a lot of big announcements for the 3DS this morning during the Nintendo Direct!  See them after the jump!
During this morning's Nintendo Direct Nintendo announced they will be re-releasing Retro's Donkey Kong Country Returns on the 3DS.  This game, which was only available on the Wii up until now, is a 2D platformer with everyone's favorite primate.  It's slated to release this summer, and the 3D trailer is on the eShop today.
Good news from the Nintendo Direct this morning; looks like the sequel to Luigi's Mansion is right on track..  Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon will be releasing March 24th, and will include multiplayer modes beyond the previously revealed Hunter Mode.  Up to four different players can get together vial local wireless if they each have their own system, can pair up in Download Play, or can connect over the Internet.  In "Rush Mode", players try to escape each floor within a set time limit, and in Polterpup Mode players try to find hidden ghost dogs.  There's also the co-op Thrill Tower mode, which has players ascend a tower together, clearing it room by room.

There's a new Dark/Light device that allow players to find hidden objects, and track a ghost dog by searching dilligently for paw prints.  Ghosts also now will be stunned using a new device called the Strobulb - how this is different from using the torch in the previous game remains to be seen.
Good news fans of the Wii U control scheme and sports where you ride around in tiny carts; a new Mario Golf was just announced for the Nintendo 3DS! It'll be created by Camelot, and Nintendo President Iwata said the game will feature traditional designs, new designs, and "familiar faces and game mechanics."

So this summer, be on the lookout for Mario Golf: World Tour!
Good news for fans of Italian plumbers; looks like a new entry into the Mario & Luigi RPG series will be out this summer on the 3DS!  In this one, Mario will be wandering through a physical manifestation of his brothers subconsious.  Luigi will have "super dream powers" while in his head, but in the real world, you get a callback to Super Mario 64 and get to mess with his face. 

I wonder what "super dream powers" means - any thoughts?

Looks like we're going to have a new 2D platformer downloadable through the eShop later this year; during this mornings Nintendo Direct "New Super Luigi U" was announced. A part of the Year of Luigi, the game is a digital download in the same vein as New Super Mario Brothers U. Nintendo President Satoru Iwata said during the announcement that Mario won't even be included in the title, and this game will only focus in on Luigi.

It looks like this will be DLC for New Super Mario Brothers U, but with all 80 levels re-vamped.

What do you expect from a Luigi-centric 2D platformer?  Any thoughts?

We have a fairly busy morning here at the Gamnesia office, which means news from this morning's Nintendo Direct may be a bit slow in trickling in. However, while the Direct wasn't a massive blow out we still go to learn a lot of very interesting things, along with a few solid new game announcements. Kicking it off lets just hop right into Animal Crossing: New Leaf. It has been announced via Nintendo Direct that it will arrive on June 9th. That's right folks, get hyped!


It has been a while, but I am hoping to etch space in this busy academic year for some dedicated Gamnesia articles. In a new series, I think I'd like to reflect on some accomplishments Nintendo made over the decades. In a phase where the Wii U seems to be doing not-so-great, I want to keep this string of articles Nintendo-centered without weighing down too much on one clear issue-- just share my personal sense of the company nowadays, before and after. Are you unwavering in your interest in all things Nintendo? Then hop on inside.