Demon fusion in the Shin Megami Tensei franchise has always been a bit more on the tedious side, especially when you're going for a certain command set-up, but Shin Megami Tensei IV looks to remove such frustration thanks to a few adjustments made to its compendium. 

Players will be able to search for demons based on their skills such as fire, ice, force (wind), and electricity. After choosing the desired traits SMT4 will give you the fusion recipe you need to obtain the desired demon and choose the skills you'd like it to inherit from the fusion-material demons. But that sounds hard, doesn't it? So for those just looking for a faster approach to get a good demon but without such hassle they can use the option for recommended fusions to bring up good, but effective demons to use in battle.

Order in the court! This fancy new Ace Attorney 5 trailer is too good to overlook. Too bad it's entirely in Japanese, but you can get a pretty good idea of what's going on based on known information. The most notable parts of the trailer are the inclusion of some new clips from the game's anime sequences along with some footage of the game's courtroom gameplay which includes the new Heart Scope feature to help aid players & Phoenix in the courtroom. The game will be out in Japan on July 25th, and while confirmed for a Western release there is no date for when it will arrive in North America. 

The Wii U Virtual Console has just released with a modest library of eight hits from Nintendo's early days. Though right now, the Wii U Virtual Console only sports games from NES and SNES, Nintendo says in a PR email that games originally released on Game Boy Advance and Nintendo 64 are schedules to release one day for the Wii U Virtual Console.

"A library of quality classic games is planned for the Virtual Console on Wii U, with favorites such as Balloon Fight, Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Jr., Excitebike, F-Zero, Ice Climber, Kirby's Adventure, Kirby Super Star, Mario Bros., Punch-Out!! Featuring Mr. Dream, Super Mario Bros. 2, Super Mario World, Super Metroid and Yoshi on the way soon. Game Boy Advance and Nintendo 64 games are scheduled to be added in the future." — Nintendo PR email

I, frankly, would rather have Game Boy Advance games on my Nintendo 3DS, but as long as Nintendo's promising strong support for the WIi U Virtual Console, I'm satisfied.

In Nintendo's financial results briefing, Iwata has said a few words regarding the slow progress of Wii U sales. As many have feared would be the case since the Wii U's unveiling, he cites their failure to properly advertise the Wii U as one of the major factors behind its low sales. The official statement read:

"we have not been able to solidly communicate the product value of Wii U to our consumers yet, which has been a grand challenge for us. Some have the misunderstanding that Wii U is just Wii with a pad for games, and others even consider Wii U GamePad as a peripheral device connectable to Wii. We feel deeply responsible for not having tried hard enough to have consumers understand the product." -- Satoru Iwata

More inside.

Nintendo isn't the only game maker in town, folks! Third party software developers have had only their best development studios working on software for the 3DS. Tons of new software had been announced at the most recent Nintendo Direct conference, and Satoru Iwata himself has said that he's heard whisperings of more unannounced titles to come.

Nintendo has reaffirmed yesterday at their Financial Results Briefing that the 3DS will see plenty of third party games coming soon, and restated a few new titles. The titles include Skylanders Swap Forces, Harvest Moon 3D: A New Beginning , Monster Hunter 3, and many more, as indicated by the slide to the left.

So, which third party game are you most exited for right now?

Remember the Wii U Virtual Console? You know, that thing we've been hearing so much about? Well, it's finally gone live in North America! After months of waiting since the Wii U's launch, Nintendo has finally released the Wii U's Virtual Console, tailing yesterday's system update. That's right, everybody, on your newly-updated Wii U, you can now access a few of your favorite NES and SNES games. Head past the jump to read about the launch lineup, pricing, and more!

Miiverse is Nintendo's widely-praised social network service for Wii U owners, which allows users to create, share, comment, and "Yeah!" each other's content. Recently expanded to web browsers and smart devices for access on the go, Nintendo has held up their promise to expand Miiverse beyond Wii U alone. Now the only system Nintendo mentioned, yet is left currently untouched by Miiverse, is the Nintendo 3DS. In the recent financial briefing, however, CEO Satoru Iwata has confirmed that a Nintendo 3DS version of Miiverse is coming soon.

We are also planning to make available a system update for Nintendo 3DS to allow its users to view and post content on Miiverse on the system within this year. This will facilitate user communication about Nintendo 3DS games and help users enjoy them more deeply. At the same time, the more people take advantage of Miiverse, the more deeply and correctly they will understand the charm of the other platform, Wii U.

It's been a while since they announced that Miiverse would come to Nintendo 3DS, and it seems like it's been a long time coming, but it's nice to hear that this is still in Nintendo's plans.

NFC, or Near-Field Communication, is a feature Nintendo has incorporated into the Wii U's GamePad without a lot of publicity. For those unfamiliar with the technology, NFC essentially allows the communication of two devices within close proximity, and one need look no further than Skylanders to understand how the technology can be used in video games. Miyamoto promises, however, that Nintendo games that make use of NFC are a “priority” at the moment, and it shouldn’t be long before we can experience it for ourselves.

We’ve already seen a glimpse of how NFC works in Rayman Legends, and the upcoming Pokémon Rumble U and Disney Infinity show that built-in NFC could become a major part of the Wii U GamePad in the future. As for right now, however, despite little news of NFC for a few months, Nintendo has once again made clear that they still intend to make NFC support a more obvious feature. Nintendo is also looking into the use of NFC for digital money on the eShop, which means that adding funds may no longer require lengthy codes—a simple tap of the card and you’re good to go!

It may be a small development, but NFC still looks like it's shaping up to be a wonderful new feature for the Wii U. Are you excited to use NFC, or does it make little difference to you?

Thief has been one of my more hotly anticipated titles; I'm a huge fan of the classics, and up to this point everything has made this new revival seem worthwhile. Unfortunately, Square's involved, and as we're all aware of by now, there's been trouble brewing there for a while. Budgets have been so overblown that a game like Tomb Raider sells over 3 million copies and is still considered a failure. And now, the budgeting issues are affecting Thief.

Thief has been in development for five years now, starting with a vertical slice (a demo, basically, that shows everything that can be achieved with the game) that convinced Square to greenlight the project.  The unfortunate part? It took them nine months to create this slice. That's a lot of development time, although it was largely in part to the studio's devotion at the time to Deus Ex: Human Revolution. With Deus Ex completed and Thief greenlit, a full AAA budget and staff was put behind the project; this was good, right?

Well, according to the title of the article, no. Jump inside to see why.

Well, this is news to me. Apparently, several of IGN's sources have confirmed that the next planned Scribblenauts game was going to center around DC characters. A handful of the characters (such as the erotic nightmare-inducing Harley Quinn) were set to appear, and the missions were mostly your standard Scribblenauts fare adjusted to fit the world of Supers. For example, using X-Ray vision to determine which of two guards was actually Clayface in disguise.

There were also some more linear, detailed missions planned. One that impressed me quite a bit was a mission based around sneaking into Wayne Manor with Robin's help, to rescue Batgirl from a Joker-controlled Batman. It seems like a whole new batch of opportunities are  brought into the Scribble-world when Supers get involved. 

Though 5th Cell has been developing the game for a good amount of time now, they appear to be giving it an overhaul. This means that any of the leaked details are subject to change. Hopefully, the title stays. I'm quite fond of the name Scribblenauts: Unmasked. Luckily, we're supposed to receive a good load of information at this year's E3; I can't wait!

Recently Nintendo’s shockingly meager sales regarding the Wii U were revealed to Gamesindustry , and although Nintendo managed to scrape a profit, it fell exceedingly short of the estimated money mark.  In addition to this Satoru Iwata was given free control of Nintendo of America as CEO.  Iwata, despite being a somewhat lovable public figure, is also to a large extent responsible for the poor sales that have plagued the Wii U.

What does this all mean for the future of Nintendo, and is it possible that the Wii U sales will increase in quantity? One possible answer for this is that yes the Wii U will bounce back just as the 3DS did in almost identical circumstances, however it speaks for the company when one console makes the same mistakes as the previous one without making amends to the issue at hand.

More details after the jump!

Resident Evil: Revelations is one of the Nintendo 3DS' most critically acclaimed titles, and now that it's coming to home consoles like PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC, and Wii U, it's bound to be even better. Boasting 5.1 surround sound, completely rebuilt HD visuals, and Off-TV play on Wii U, the home console version of Resident Evil: Revelations is more than just your average port.

While this title sounds amazing already, you can experience it first-hand before you decide to purchase the full version when it comes out on May 21st in North America — or May 24th, for our European friends. Capcom has just confirmed that every one of the four home consoles getting a full version of Resident Evil: Revelations will also be getting a demo of the game. There's no word yet on when the demo will be released, but keep an eye out between now and Revelations' launch day if you'd like to try before you buy.

Game & Wario is an upcoming Wii U title, and for one reason or another, it hasn't had the same amount of hype as other games like Pikmin 3 or The Wonderful 101. Game & Wario follows a style similar to past games in the WarioWare series, but rather than featuring dozens of fast-paced microgames, Game & Wario will focus on a small number of larger-scale minigames, including games focused on dancing, skiing, and even pirate wars.

Now listed on the GameStop website, Game & Wario will be sold for $39.99 at the video game retail giant, with other stores presumably following GameStop's lead. For some, this price may be a wonderful thing, while for others, it may still be a little too steep. But as long as it's Wario, one thing's for sure: there's going to be a lot of garlic.

One thing that many Wii U owners fear is the almighty freezing bug. It happens to some while switching between applications or returning to the home screen. For others, it happens only in Wii mode. For folks like me, it just happens completely at random. That means that yes, it can and does happen while playing or loading games. It can be frustrating, even if it doesn't necessarily happen too often anymore. A previous update definitely cut down on how often the console freezes, but for some the issue itself still persists (myself included).

I was hoping, as were many of you, that this new patch would remove the freezing entirely. Unfortunately, that isn't the case, as I got my first freeze in almost a week while playing some Need for Speed: Most Wanted U this morning right before work. However, I did come to notice I could do something that previously was only able to be done in Wii mode: I can reset and shut off my console without unplugging the power. Previously, if it froze in Wii mode, the normal reset feature would still work (since I presume the whole console didn't freeze, just the Wii stuff), but when the Wii U itself froze you had to always unplug the console.

That's not fun for anyone, because while normal in the tech world to reset things, it's always ideal (and less of a hassle) to be able to simply restart it without unplugging the power. Thankfully, after holding down my power button my gamepad for 5 seconds, it actually shut off the console while frozen. I only discovered it because it's a habit of mine to keep trying it since I really don't want to get off the couch and dig out the console to fix it. Turns out, since the update, it works. Grant it, I have only done it once, but I have heard stories of it working for others too. So, thanks Nintendo for sneaking that one in. Now just figure out what exactly is causing your hardware to 'hang' to begin with.

We all heard the shocking news early yesterday morning that Nintendo was essentially dipping out of the big E3 Press Conference showcase. Nintendo isn't leaving E3, as Nintendo of America later clarified. They will still have a meeting with retailers and investors at the Nokia center around the time they usually do the big press conference. At the same time, they will allow select media outlets early access to their show floor games and such before the doors open. Nintendo also traditionally hosts a couple smaller events throughout E3 to target specific aspects of various things they are working on, and we aren't sure if those are still going on per usual yet.

What we do know is that Nintendo will instead do major announcements leading up to and during E3 via Nintendo Direct. We're expecting bigger than normal directs, going on for at least an hour and in several bites going over various aspects. So it's sort of like a Presser to those watching on the internet, but no live audience or media attendees. Still, it's been severely questioned around the industry on why they would dip out of a storied tradition. I may think it's a brilliant move, but that doesn't mean everyone agrees. 

Games Industry gathered together their group of analysts to discuss this, and to no ones surprise they think Nintendo is simply admitting they don't belong. Quotes inside.