With the next Super Smash Bros. titles coming up, Super Smash Bros. news is exciting to come by. Yesterday we came across a [probably fake] list that suggested the next Super Smash Bros. title could come to our living rooms by the end of the year. Amidst the speculation, development news, and more, Did You Know Gaming has released a short video with a boatload of Super Smash Bros. trivia. Check it out to learn some fun facts about Nintendo's fantastic party brawler series.

Nintendo, you just couldn't help yourselves. Inherently, the above ad, and two more you can find at Kotaku, aren't too terrible. It's aimed at families and sure, it's nice that Nintendo brought them to NoA in order to talk about the Wii U itself. The problem, however, rests in the marketing you are presenting on screen yourself. Not only are these ads barely showing off anything that it appears you need a Wii U to play (New Super Mario Bros. U again... really?), but the official advertising is actually referencing the console as an upgrade to a Wii, not an entirely different product that can stand on its own.

This pretty much confirms much of what Michael Pachter has said about the console from day one - calling it a Wii HD, and it seems Nintendo themselves is now buying into this notion. As a Nintendo fan it's a shame because remarks like this are exactly what I have been fighting against on the internet and in the consumer world. But when Nintendo themselves are now touting it like this... what else can I really say? Maybe it is, after all, just a stepping block into a new console in 3 years.

Pokémon X and Y Versions are some of the Nintendo 3DS' most hotly-anticipated games this year, and bringing many big changes from the series' past, we can tell Game Freak is looking to shake up the series in many exciting ways. According to a Twitter user under the name of @Hirobyte, Pokémon X and Y Versions will be introducing Pokéfans to an all-new type: Fairy.

If Hirobyte is to be believed, this marks the first time Pokémon has introduced a new type since Gold and Silver all the way back in 1999. According to Hirobyte, the newest Eeveelution will be a Fairy-type Pokémon, alongside the legendary X Version mascot, Xerneas. Hirobyte also claims that the Clefairy line and the Togepi line may be reclassified from their original typings to the new Fairy type. Head past the jump to read more about this rumor and why it may or may not be true!

Currently at Best Buy, Paper Mario: Sticker Star is being sold for half-price at $19.99. This is an incredible deal considering that this game launched only 5 months ago. For those unaware, Paper Mario: Sticker Star is the most recent entry into the Paper Mario series, developed for the Nintendo 3DS, which uses stickers as a gimmick for attacking, field use, and plot progression. It is not an RPG like the first two Paper Mario games, but it is not a straight-up platforming like Super Paper Mario.

Field navigation is the same as in the original RPG-style games, with new sticker-themed twists, but the battle system works solely through sticker use, so the more stickers you have, the better prepared you are for battle. Stickers literally litter the environment, so running out is generally not a concern, and Nintendo made this strange idea work well with this quirky series.

The game manages to retain the charm of the series while implementing new, creative gameplay, and is definitely worth $20, even according to critics, who rate this game generally around an 8 out of 10. It has been one of my personal favorite 3DS outings so far and should be considered for entry into any 3DS owner's library, especially for this steal of a price.

Recently, an ex-SEGA employee revealed that he was in possession of an extremely rare prototype for an unfinished SEGA system called the SEGA Pluto. It was said to have a modem for Netlink built into it, but otherwise was a normal Saturn. Shortly after, another person posted a YouTube video claiming that they had one like it, and never knew it was rare. He described how he had picked it up at a flea market for one dollar, and said he might consider putting it for auction.

It turns out that he followed up, and he put it up for auction on the website GameGavel. He bought the console for $1, but it already has been bet up to $7600.

Pictured to the left is a possible leak from Nintendo of America revealing the supposed release dates of several Nintendo 3DS and Wii U titles. Among the featured titles are a Super Mario Galaxy 2 rerelease and Super Smash Bros. U.

According to this list, Super Smash Bros. U appears to be scheduled for release this fall. Interestingly enough the list was leaked on 4chan before Nintendo revealed the release date for Pikmin 3 and yet both documents list it on the same day.

If the list turns out to be the real deal, then this would appear to be the fastest Smash Bros. release after an E3 event. Of course there is no way to verify this list, and with the heading "Super-Secret" it doesn't seem likely to be a very professional document.

What do you think, real or fake?

The Wii U's next system update, which will be speeding up load times on the console, might be launching tomorrow. Evidenced by Excite Bike's virtual console release listed for Tuesday, April 23rd and Nintendo's earlier statement that the Wii U virtual console would be launching the day after the system update, we should have severely reduced loading screens to look forward to tomorrow.

Inside is a video comparing the loading times before and after the update.

Although most people are aware of the recently announced game Batman: Arkham Origins, releasing for the Wii U, Xbox 360, and PS3, less are aware of the existence of its sister game, Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate. Blackgate is releasing for the 3DS and Vita along with Origins itself. It is a 2.5D side-scrolling adventure that is developed by Armature. While few are familiar with Armature itself, many are aware of their previous major projects: the Metroid Prime series. Armature was formed by the project leads from the Metroid Prime series of games.

GameInformer got a chance to interview Mark Pacini, project lead for Blackgate, and they discussed why he left Retro, what to expect from Blackgate, and other topics. When asked why he left Retro, he responded:

"Nintendo’s an awesome company. They’re great to work for. It’s hard, challenging work, but it’s rewarding at the same time. But given that regard, there’s a limited amount of things you can do in Nintendo. You can’t work on other platforms. You kind of work on games that they would like you to work on, so after doing three of the same games in a row, we were kind of like, we’d really like the flexibility to do other things."

To read what else he had to say, click the jump!

Last August, Nintendo began to more fully embrace digital distribution as a way to sell more games than ever before - a drastic change from their earlier years of distancing themselves from the online community.

President of Nintendo of America, Reggie Fils-Aime, has said that digital downloads are rapidly becoming a major contributor to the company's games sales and he expects it to continue to grow in popularity.

"We have 15 Nintendo-published titles available, both physically and digitally [on the 3DS]," he says. "So far in 2013, of those 15 available in this format, 11 percent of sales have come through full digital downloads of those games."

The sales get even more remarkable with some individual games. Fire Emblem Awakening has already sold more than 240,000 units in the United States, with around a third of these sales in digital form. More inside!

Sunbreak Games is a small studio recently formed by Jason Behr, head level designer of the Metroid Prime series. Their first game, Buddy & Me, was funded several hours ago via Kickstarter and is planned to be released on select tablet devices this June. Buddy & Me is an infinite runner that will be setting itself apart with beautiful visuals and a companion that I can only guess was at least partially inspired by The Last Guardian

However, what's most noteworthy about this game is that even though it failed to reach its Wii U port stretch goal, Nintendo's ever-relaxing indie strategy may end up bringing this game to the Wii U anyway.

Clyde Mandelin is a professional Japanese to English translator who was actually one of the main forces behind the unofficial fan translation of Mother 3. While the fans that help create that translation have offered it to Nintendo to use as they so please, Clyde himself is taking a step further.

“I realize that localizing a game this size can cost a lot, so if it’ll help in even the slightest, I’ll gladly offer to let Nintendo use my text translation files for any use at all, completely for free. I’ll even edit the files to fit whatever new standards are necessary (content, formatting, memory size, etc.), completely for free. I’ll even retranslate everything from scratch if need be. Just whatever it takes to get an official release out.”
More inside.

Nintendo has revealed via Facebook the release date for Nintendo's Wii U Virtual Console. You'll be able to download some of your favorite NES and SNES titles in just two days, because the Virtual Console arrives this Tuesday. Although we don't have a solid launch lineup for the service, we do know all the games Nintendo has announced for America.

Nintendo has already released Balloon Fight, F-Zero, Punch-Out!! featuring Mr. Dream, and Kirby's Adventure on the Wii U eShop for the Famicom Anniversary celebration. It's a good bet you see all four of those titles made available for purchase again on Tuesday to allow those that missed out on the sale to buy the games. Super Metroid, Yoshi, and Donkey Kong are all announced for the Virtual Console, but likely won't see a release until their respective monthly sales arrive. That leaves us with NES titles Ice Climber, Donkey Kong Jr., Excitebike, Super Mario Bros. 2, Mario Bros., Mega Man, Wrecking Crew, and Yoshi's Cookie.

A few SNES titles are also announced already, including Super Mario World, Kirby Super Star, Kirby's Dream Land 3, Kirby's Dream Course, and Earthbound. Of all of these games, only Earthbound has a release window, and that is late 2013. We won't be seeing it on Tuesday unfortunately. Anything else is fair game, although it would be smart for Nintendo to spread out all the releases to even out the content. Still... I want to play Mega Man on my GamePad right now.

The spring system update for Wii U is also coming next week. The patch supposedly creates many new features to the hardware, such as instant Wii menu access and speedier loading times. I wouldn't be surprised to see the update arrive the same day as the Virtual Console, packing all the Wii U fixes into one day. Which game are you most excited for? Sound off in the comments.

The recently announced Legend of Zelda title isn’t Nintendo’s only “link to the past”.  On the seventeenth of April a plethora of new 3DS games were revealed to the public, yet almost all of them were recreations of existing concepts.

Why haven’t there been any compelling new ideas for games recently?  How come, despite increasingly advanced technology and gaming innovations Nintendo constantly reverts back to existing franchises? 

To put it simply, it’s because they work.  These are the games that are going to bring fans crawling back searching for more.  Existing franchises with an established fan base are the safest way to create fun and interesting games without the risk of losing money.

More after the jump!

More than 2 years after its launch in North America, the 3DS has attained over 20 million copies sold for physical retail games. After a slow start, games like Ocarina of Time 3D, Super Mario 3D Land, and Fire Emblem: Awakening have pushed the 3DS to success. 20 million copies sold is a huge landmark by any measure, but it also doesn't count digital sales, so these numbers aren't an accurate representation of how well the 3DS is doing. 

Also, keep in mind that those numbers were in the United States alone; and the total sales are even higher world-wide. As the recent NPD results have shown, 574,000 copies of major 3DS titles were bought in March 2013 alone. This points to a greater future for the 3DS, as titles such as Pokemon X & Y, A Link to the Past 2, Bravely Default, and Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy are coming down the pipeline for release. This is definitely a great time to be a 3DS owner!

Thanks to The Escapist Magazine; it has been revealed that Nintendo will release an app that allows players to take screenshots of 3DS games. Right now, the app is Japan only and compatible with two select games; Animal Crossing: New Leaf and Tomodachi Collection. Currently you can only share your screenshots with either Twitter or Tumblr, though more social media outlets are expected at a later date. So far there has been no word on an international release of the app.