Well this is interesting. It looks as though Nintendo has recognized smartphone apps as viable competition- or a viable income source- according to The Japan Times. A report out of the newspaper indicates that Nintendo is currently trying to modify the Wii U so that smartphone applications will run on it. It also claims that Nintendo has provided application developers with conversion software so that they can get their applications, games in particular, running on the console. Find out why this might be a good thing after the jump!

It's hard to argue when the facts are staring you in the face, but Alex Plant from GenGame has definitively proven false the general notion that the Wii hurt Nintendo and it's core gaming audience. In fact, it's almost so well defeated as a standing point you could almost argue the Wii actually grew the Nintendo core fanbase. That being said, I'll let them do the talking:

Fundamental to the idea that Wii wasn’t a system for core gamers is the notion that Wii wasn’t a system for core games, either. However, it’s easy to see from Wii’s lineup that this simply isn’t true. In fact, the record shows that Nintendo’s “core” lineup for Wii stands its own against those for Nintendo 64 and GameCube.

In the lineups, which you can see in the original article, the Wii's core lineup from Nintendo alone rivals the core lineup of the GameCube, destroys the lineup of the N64, and arguably is overall stronger in terms of the quality and breadth of the core games. Of course, that is buyt one argument against the grain. Check else was provided to show the Wii's actually grew the base.

In the late 1990’s, shortly after the original Red, Blue, and Green Pokémon games, the development of the original Gold and Silver Pokémon games was in full swing. These new games, with Pokémon being intensely popular at the time, were hounded after by thousands of salivating fans and journalists alike simply begging for details regarding the new game titles.

One such piece of information given to the masses was a rumor concerning a skateboard; the protagonist’s speculated new form of transportation. Soon this particular rumor became more than just speculation, but actual fact as stated on Nintendo’s original Pokémon 2 page. Hop inside for more details!

Even with the Genesis of the 3DS and the announcement of the 6th Pokemon generation, the older DS titles are still managing to sell. Over the course of the last year (March 2012 - March 2013), Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, HeartGold, SoulSilver, Black, and White have managed to sell a combined total of approximately one million copies! Pokémon Black 2 and White 2 are not factored into this data, and have sold 7.81 million copies alone since their initial release last year.

Here's the breakdown of the separate pairs:

As expected, Black and White have sold the most, at 710,000 copies together, but HeartGold and SoulSilver are still pulling an impressive 270,000 units even though they're about three years old now. Even Diamond and Pearl, now six years old, still managed to move 20,000 cartridges.

This goes to show how incredibly popular Pokémon really still is. It makes me wonder just how many 3DSes will be sold this holiday season with the imminent release of Pokémon X and Y.

In an interview with Siliconera Keiji Inafune, who is most known for his deep involvement with the Megaman franchise but is also a teacher in the school of game design, gave some insight into the changing video games industry, to help out young developers planning on entering the market. First off, Inafune talks about the growth in influence of the mobile games market:

It’s very difficult to say how things are going to change. The idea I have in mind is smartphones and the next generation of consoles should be in different spaces. Also, consoles should be more creative when it comes to business models. You should be able to have free to play and other models that we didn’t have before. Console games used to only focus on a $50 value, but there can be other kinds of games moving forward since there are many different options for players. -- Keiji Inafune

He goes on to talk about the necessity of standing out, especially in the console business

The most important thing for success is being able to show a brand new gaming experience. It has to be something players haven’t seen before. Because the investment is so big players expect a new experience. -- Keiji Inafune

More from the interview after the jump!

During the last Nintendo Direct presentation,a few weeks ago on April 17th, a unique-looking game called The Starship Damrey was announced for the 3DS eShop. It's a first person horror game being published by Level 5, and apparently it's going to be available for download very soon. According to Nintendo.com's official entry on The Starship Damrey, it will be available for download via the North American 3DS eShop on May 16th 2013, just under two weeks from now.

Here's the official description provided by Nintendo.com:

Seek the inconcievable truth of the The Starship Damrey and discover why nothing is more frightening than complete innocence.

Honestly, I'm pretty surprised it's so soon considering that the game was just announced a few weeks back. Well, all it means is we're getting another interesting 3DS title, and that can only be good news!

Do you have any plans to pick up The Starship Damrey during this spring or summer?

In a recent Developer Diary made by Warner Bros. Games Montreal, the developers of the upcoming Batman: Arkham Origins, explains the direction they plan to take the game. They are going to use film noir as inspiration in terms of lighting and the exaggeration of shadows to give the game an air of mystery. The game will feature a younger, much greener Batman, who is very rash and reckless in comparison to the more reserved and stoic Batman many of us are more familiar with. The setting of Batman: Arkham Origins will be Gotham City during Christmas, so there will be different types of decorations around the different areas of the game world and it will be snowing throughout. The suit the Batman wears will look homemade rather than manufactured, since this game is set early within his career.

Assassin's Creed is a very plot, and history, driven franchise, and it is impressive how the people at Ubisoft always manage to pull off new things while keeping the core of their games the same. In the upcoming installment of the hit series, Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag, the new protagonist that players will control in the past is Edward Kenway, a pirate on the high seas. While naval travel and combat will be returning and gain much more of a focus in this game, there are other interesting game play and narrative elements that may raise some red flags. Find out why after the jump!

I am going to share my perspective on Nintendo's performance of late. If you'd like a primer, see Nathan's recently-posted article and its comments. We all know it's been a rather 'new' window period for Nintendo. By that I mean that we have a new console, we have a new future ahead, we have the unknown. So it's during a time like this when it helps to communicate and formulate your views on things. I express those views but I will address myself as if it were meant to reach someone at the Nintendo headquarters.

To whom it may concern at Nintendo,

Somehow, some way, things are not being carried out as I wish they were, as many-- many, of your followers wish they were. Let's start simple..

Excited about that upcoming Okami announcement? Well don't be because it doesn't sound like it'll be relevant to anywhere but Japan. Worse, it's not even about a sequel.

According to the official Okami twitter page the announcement will not pertain to a sequel, but the announcement is still on for this week. Not so bad, maybe it's something the whole world could enjoy? Nope. Capcom's Corporate Officer and Senior VP Christian Svensson stated the announcement would only be for Japan. Maybe it's a port, remake, or even a special CD soundtrack, but it sounds like it won't be anywhere near as big as we had anticipated.

Whatever it is, it’s likely only in Japan… I’ve got no details on what they were referring to (but as has been stated, whatever it is, it’s not a game).

One of the things I have always hated about open world games is that they never have a sense of place. Oftentimes they feel empty, like no one actually lives there. This problem is apparent is many games spanning from the large open worlds of games like Grand Theft Auto or Just Cause, to much smaller endeavors like The Legend of Zelda. Watch Dogs, however, on the new PlayStation 4 will apparently have denser streets, as opposed to just better AI or graphics compared to it's current-gen counterparts. One of the great things about Sleeping Dogs to me is that the game felt like people really do live here — sure the streets wasn't as crowded or moved as intelligently as Watch Dogs will, but Sleeping Dogs was certainly a step in the right direction

Are you excited for this game, or are you tired of Ubisoft? Do you plan on purchasing a next-gen game console to play this game? Sound off in the comments section.

Welcome to Boon Hill. There is no goal. There is no winner. There are no enemies to fight. There is no danger to be found... And it looks incredible.

Boon Hill is a game about imagination, about stories, and about atmosphere. In Boon Hill, players walk through a graveyard reading names and epitaphs, trying to construct stories out of the little information that lies there, and "thinking about who there people were and will never be again." Though Boon Hill completely defies what many may think of as a video game, it is exactly this creative inspiration that makes Boon Hill so appealing.

Boon Hill is about inferred stories, about the connections people have that continue even after they die. The graveyard tells many tales woven by those who've long since passed on: stories of love, life, sorrow, and joy, told over generations.  — Matthew Ritter

Head past the jump for tons of extra information, including screenshots, projected platforms, and more!

Microsoft announced a conference concerning the "future of Xbox" for May 21st. This term obviously means the company's next console, and rumors have been flying all over the web about the system. Always online, no used games, and many more details have been shot down by fans. Now we have a rumor on the price.

According to the story, the next Xbox will come in two different models, similar to the Wii U's release. There will be a simple $499 console, and then a $299 bundle. Both versions are carbon copies of each other from what we know. Here's the catch: the $299 model will also come with a two-year subscription to Xbox Live, and the service will cost $15 a month. That adds up to $659, and you may want to continue your subscription after.

This rumor brings up a past business decision by Microsoft, when they sold a $99 model of the 360 with a subscription fee. It's been done before, and it can happen again.

Will this rumor be true? Will the next Xbox also block used games and have an always online connection? We'll find out on May 21st. A full line-up is also supposed to be revealed at E3 this year.

Stay at Gamnesia as the news rolls in.

Capturing, collecting, and fusing your demons has typically been the most common aspect to any Shin Megami Tensei game, but it seems the latter will be getting somewhat of an upgrade via the 3DS system's StreetPass functionality which will allow for players to perform "Special Fusions," in SMT4.

Player's will have their Digital Devil Service cards exchanged via StreetPass. These cards will show your level, a demon you have selected, and a 'canned' message. Once the cards are exchanged players might be able to perform a special fusion as shown in the video above. Siliconera describes this clip as "Jack Frost returned with a black card that triggered an indiscriminate fusion that changed him into Shemhazai."

In addition, the MC of SMT4 will be able to use the same spells as demons via the whisper system where demons pass down their known abilities.

Eternal Darkness was an amazing experience on the Nintendo GameCube, but unfortunately the original developing studio has had a lot of trouble with any game since. Many of the minds behind the original game are now at a new studio called Precursor. They are creating what is essentially Eternal Darkness 2.... without technically using the Eternal Darkness name since they do not own the copyright for it. The game will be called Shadow of the Eternals, and it's going to be an episodic styled game told through a total of 12 episodes. Right now, it's only planned for release on the Wii U and PC (giving the Wii U a potential home console exclusive) but there is potential for it to expand to other consoles through some stretch goals.

Wait, stretch goals? That's right, the game is going to require some crowd funding which is launching next Monday. They are aiming for 1.5 million dollars in funds to create the game, with stretch goals allowing them to add more episodes and yes, expand the game to other platforms. This is rather exciting stuff. Hop inside to find out some of the premise behind this all new game.