In a recent interview with Games Industry, former Activision, Disney and EA executive Mitch Lasky made the claim that consoles have "essentially lost the living room." It is an interesting thought, when you consider the prevalence of mobile and tablet gaming. Heck, a driving concept behind the Wii U is that it surrenders the living room when someone else wants to watch the TV while someone is gaming.

Even with the significant increase in portable gaming with the Nintendo DS and Sony's endeavors in the PSP and Vita, have consoles really lost the living room though? Looking at my set-up right now I see a room entirely based around the three consoles connected to the television. What do you think; are consoles losing the living room? Share your thoughts inside.

Following in the footsteps of fan creations like Pokémon Reorchestrated and Twilight Symphony, Nintendo fan Blake Robinson has put his best efforts forward to create Super Metroid Symphony, which takes 60 minutes of music from the SNES classic Super Metroid and beefs it up with a fantastic orchestral sound. Super Metroid Symphony is available on iTunes and Loudr, and while the album preview can be found alongside several other wonderful orchestrations on his YouTube channel, the full product of Blake Robinson's efforts can be purchased for just $9.99.

More Shin Megami Tensei IV info straight out of the official Japanese website's latest update. The recent update details places such as The Monastery, K's Bar, and a few characters like K and Gaby.

The Monastery has power over the country's management and it set up the national research agency in Mikado Castle. In an attempt to improve the national citizen's livelihood they conduct research and provide new refinements for the people in the name of God. They rule over Easter Mikado politically with pride and overbearing methods and some samurai have become more vocal in opposition.

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Warren Spector, the leading man behind the first two games in the small-but-popular Deus Ex series and the entirety of the Epic Mickey series, which many fans ultimately view as missed potential more than anything, recently said that the game industry is borrowing too heavily from film, and we need to work to change that.

"Culturally speaking, we share a lot with movies; movies were the medium of the 20th century that changed everything. It was the first time that everybody in the world could experience the same... cultural messages.

I think everyone can agree that games have overtaken those media. We need to jettison some of those. It breaks the illusion; it wrests the experience away from players who want to be directors of their own experience. In most games the action is continuous... we either take control of the camera ourselves, or we leave control of the camera to the player."

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Let me get this off my chest now. I freaking love Batman.

Okay, on to the news.

Warner Bros. recently confirmed a new Arkham game was in the works and was set for release later this year. Many have wondered where the franchise could possibly go from the closure Arkham City offered on the Dark Knight's escapades. I won't spoil anything don't worry. However, the franchise may be turning its head towards the past rather than the future, with Batman Arkham Origins rumored to be the next entry in the saga.

Sketchy industry sources have dropped the rumor that Origins is being developed by the fantastic Rocksteady Studios and the narrative will occur prior to both Arkham games, while also linking back to comics from the 1950s and 60s. Justice League members will also supposedly make an appearance in the game. The title will be revealed during E3 and is set for a Q3 2013 release.

Keep in mind this is all a rumor, although it seems like it could be a very likely one. Many sources have been hinting at a Silver Age Arkham title, and the new release of Injustice: Gods Among Us has many set pieces alluding to the Arkham series, and the art direction is extremely similar. Perhaps those designs of Justice League members would carry into the new Origins.

Only time will tell if this wet dream game is the one in the works.

I really do love Batman.

BadasseryPokémon X and Y Versions have been two of the most hotly-anticipated 3DS titles since their announcement in January. In all the rumors, roundtables, and relentless hype for the games, there hasn't been a whole lot of new information on the upcoming sixth generation of the portable powerhouse. That's about to change, though, as The Pokémon Company has just started to tease some "big" news for Pokémon X and Y Versions via Twitter.

What do you think this news could be? A release date? Some new Pokémon? What are you hoping to see in Pokémon X and Y Versions when they launch in October?

Assassin's Creed is a big franchise. Every entry in the series has sold tremendously well and the fanbase is constantly growing. However, the reveal of the latest entry in the series Black Flag had a slightly mixed reception from the community. Although many fans cannot wait for another adventure in the battle between Templars and Assassins, some were skeptical on the annual release schedule of the series and the personal drop in quality some are experiencing.

Ubisoft believes otherwise. The publisher firmly believes that the industry demands a new Assassin's Creed every year. Yannis Mallat, one of the leaders of Ubisoft Montreal, says sales will tell when the time has come for a change in release schedule, but an annual release is on track until that comes to pass.

Here's what he said.

"No. The players will tell us. Right now there are more and more coming into the franchise, so I don't see that day."

"It's our breakthrough. When you have quality content, the frequency of coming out with the game is not an issue at all. On the contrary, people expect more and more of that content. So it's natural to be able to provide that content. The gamers are happy and it's our job to make them happy."

Although I like Assassin's Creed, I think it's time to give the franchise some air, even if it's being made by multiple developers. The latest entries in the series have been underwhelming to many people, and Ubisoft has plenty of quality titles in the pipe line. Perhaps we should give the series a rest. After all, Assassin's Creed II came after two years, and many consider it to be the best game in the franchise.

What do you think? Do we need a new Assassin's Creed every year? Sound off in the comments.

Mark Rein has been coming off, for lack of a better word, as a complete douchebag lately. First, he was asked directly about Unreal Engine 4 on the Wii U. Specifically, it was pointed to him as Will UE4 Run on the Wii U. His response? A definitive no, with lots of laughter from him and his colleagues, followed by a complete degrading of the system and comparing it to the 360 and PlayStation 3. Sure, hardware-wise I understand, but if it won't run on the Wii U so be it. Might be a harsh way to say it, but fine, I've accepted it. IGN followed up with him to clarify the Wii U remarks. His response? More laughter, and classifying the Wii U directly as not being a next-generation console. Now, we have this:

“You heard the stupid gaffe yesterday about the Wii U,” he said. “If someone wants to take Unreal Engine 4 and ship a game on Wii U, they can! If they wanna ship an Unreal Engine 4 game on Xbox 360, they could make it happen.” While that game might not look as pretty as it would on a “true” next-gen console, the new engine is scalable to a variety of platforms, including mobile.”

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Grant Kirkhope is one of the industry's most beloved composers, creating the soundtracks for many famous Rare titles, including GoldenEye 007 and Banjo-Kazooie. After heading our way for an exclusive interview and being listed in the Classic FM Hall of Fame, Grant Kirkhope made his way over to Guest Grumps, where he shared some information on his days at Rare and revealed one of his greatest wishes for the future of the Banjo series.

“I keep wishing that all the ex-Rare staffers would just get together and form a company, and go to Nintendo and say ‘give us the money. We’ll make you Banjo 3 for the Wii U’ or whatever. Just make Banjo 3 like it should have been made back then and it would be great, and it would be great on Wii U, and all the ex-Rare guys would be together again all happy and kissing each other. I just keep thinking we should just give it a try.” — Former Rare Composer Grant Kirkhope

Though a Banjo game on 3DS instead of Wii U is still a possibility, for Banjo 3 to ever show up on Wii U, Nintendo would have to do some ground work with Microsoft to buy the IP off of them. So while Banjo 3 the way Kirkhope would like to see it is not likely to happen any time soon, I have no distaste for the idea of the old Rare staffers getting together to form a new development company. Even if they can't bring us Banjo, I'm sure we'd all love to see their creative drive back in action again.

OUYA is an upcoming game console running on a custom-built version of the Android operating system. The console was crowd-funded via Kickstarter, and OUYA, Inc. has since been working hard to get the console ready for launch. Those who backed the console in its early Kickstarted phase should be receiving their consoles soon, while OUYA will be available to everyone else at retail starting June 4th for the low price of $99.

In other OUYA news, alongside the previously-announced NES and SNES emulators that will be launching for the console, OUYA, Inc. will be licensing emulators for several other consoles, such as Game Boy Advance, Game Boy Color, SEGA Genesis, Atari 2600, and plenty more. These emulators have no announced price as of yet, but you can expect more news to come soon.

The future of the Darksiders franchise has been in limbo ever since the bankruptcy of its publisher, THQ, and the closure of its developer, Vigil. Recently we've even seen the removal of Darksiders from the Wii U eShop due to what is seemingly licensing issues with selling THQ products.

The Darksiders franchise remains unpurchased; however, in the closure of Vigil many of the developers headed over to new positions within Crytek USA. The news has now broken through Destructoid that the original Darksiders developers from Vigil now intend to buy the IP as Crytek USA, so the franchise remains with its creators. More inside.

Its no doubt that the Wii U as a system has delivered on what it promised. It has HD, the most power we've ever seen in a Nintendo console; and plenty of potential in the GamePad. What is has lacked; however, is the promised third-party support, truly killer software and a solid marketing campaign.

As a massive Nintendo fan, the above goes without saying as I am yet to pick up a Wii U myself due to a rather mediocre launch period. A passionate fan has written an open letter to Nintendo airing many of these grievances over at Polygon. Come inside for the letter.

Nintendo 3DS Artists will be pleased to learn that Colors! 3D will be launching an update on the eShop as of April 5th. The update is, thankfully, free. Collecting Smiles, the developer behind the title, has also announced that they will be giving away a Wii U in celebration of the update.

For more details on whats in store for the update come on inside.

Imagine an art show completely dedicated to Pokémon. Well, you don't need to imagine any more because Battle City is exactly that. From Steve Black Jr. The Battle City art show is coming to Milwaukee in August. Check out the video for more details and visit Kickstarter to show your support.

Mark Rein certainly has lost almost all trust (if he had any) with the Nintendo faithful. Early we posted about how Unreal 4 would not be coming to the Wii U. It was presented in a way that many took offense too, so IGN actually stuck their heads out to ask Mark Rein to clarify his Wii U response:

Still laughing, “I just laugh at the question…Unreal Engine 4, we’re not PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, or Wii U. It’s next-gen technology. That’s what we’re aiming for.”

“The truth is, if a developer wanted to take an Unreal Engine game and put it on Wii U, they could. Unreal Engine 3 is kicking ass on Wii U. The best games on Wii U are made on our technology. What more do you want from us?”
So there you have it. He doesn't consider the Wii U to be more powerful than the PS3 and the 360, and thus not really a next generation console. Still no clarification on remarks last year that it was scalable enough to be on mobile devices.