Well, ladies and gents, we're getting closer and closer to the next BioShock installment (March 26th, to be precise), and 2k Games just posted a new trailer. Looks pretty snazzy, doesn't it? How many of you plan on picking this up?

You heard right; Nintendo announced today that Just Dance 4, Zombi U, and Assassin's Creed III would be 30% off on the eShop for the next week. The offers only last until the 26th. If you haven't gotten your hands on any of these titles, they're all pretty good titles for their respective genres. Just Dance is always nice to have around for friends, and Zombi U is guaranteed to be a unique experience. 

Are you going to snag any of these titles now that they're a bit cheaper?

BioShock Infinite is among the most anticipated games of 2013. Taking the BioShock franchise in an entirely new direction from the series' roots. Containing several similar elements and gameplay concepts from its two predecessors, BioShock Infinite is neither a prequel nor sequel to the original two BioShock titles, but remains a strong entry in the franchise.

In BioShock Infinite, players control Booker DeWitt in the air city of Columbia. Though the game takes place in 1912, there are several futuristic elements of the game that make the experience incredibly unique. Head past the jump to see three new gorgeous screenshots from BioShock Infinite and be sure to consider picking it up when it launches on March 26th.

According to a tweet from MCVonline, Ubisoft is holding a press even for the Assassin's Creed franchise on February 27th. nothing else is known about this mysterious press event, but there are several possibilities. This event could officially reveal the rumored Assassin's Creed: Black Flags, or it could be about the upcoming and completely re-imagined Assassin's Creed title due out later this year.

Whether it's the official announcement of one of these titles or something else entirely is still unclear, but be sure to check back at Gamnesia on February 27th when the official announcement is revealed.


This controller had a lot of potential. Originally it was advertised as the Wii Controller Pro U, a three-in-one controller, containing a Wii Remote, Classic Controller, and Wii U Pro Controller, all in the shell of a Wii U Pro Controller. However, someone royally screwed up in the hardware department, because this controller only functions as the first two, so its appearance being nearly identical to the Wii U Pro Controller is going to cause some major dissatisfaction for customers who buy it believing it is a cheaper alternative to the Pro. It has been re-branded the Retro Classic Controller, and the labels on the packaging have changed to reflect the absence of Pro Controller functionality.

As previously stated, this controller has the same layout as the Wii U Pro Controller: four shoulder buttons, two analogue sticks and three menu buttons at the top and the D-Pad and face buttons at the bottom. There are also other additions to this controller, such as a pointer on the top, and clickable sticks. The clickable sticks are practically useless, as the left stick is just B and the right is Y. The most prominent feature of this controller at a glance, is that it has a mini SNES pad at the bottom of it, with all of the trinkets of the face of the original SNES pad. The A and B buttons are purple and convex, the Y and X buttons are lavender and concave, there's a very similar cross D-Pad, and there are even additional Start and Select buttons in the middle of it. It's a very nice touch.

Hop in for the full review, where I'll be discussing the technical aspects of the controller.

Bummed about the Rayman Legends delay? Me too. To make up for it Ubisoft said they'd be releasing another Rayman Legends demo exclusively for the Wii U, which turns out isn't happening. Instead Ubisoft will be releasing the entire online challenge mode of Rayman Legends exclusively for the Wii U.

Challenges are updated weekly and daily with its own unique leaderboard for players to beat and compete. The challenges take place in 5 different settings, the Deadly Pit, the Land of the Dead, the Infernal Tower, the Dojo, and a Wii U exclusive area, the Dungeon. The challenges can be talked along or with up to 5 players. Players can also play against other player's ghosts to challenge in an effort for supreme dominance. Players will be able to look back at all their previous feats with a History feature in the game. But it won't be easy as even the dev team for Rayman Legends will be competing against you!

Rayman Legends' challenge mode will hit the Wii U around early April and it will be free for everyone.

This has been one interesting saga. Watch Dogs is a new IP from Ubisoft that is arguably one of the most hotly anticipated games of the year. While it was definitely expected to come to Microsoft and Sony consoles, its status with the Wii U has been a bit murky; a short while back an upcoming game list at Gamestop listed Watch Dogs and Rainbow Six as Wii U titles; however, Ubisoft never confirmed, and when I went down to my Gamestop to grab a sheet and double-check, neither game was there. Then, even more recently, a leaked poster suggested Watch Dogs would be coming to 'all home consoles'--including Wii U--this holiday. Still, no word from Ubisoft.

Now, preorder listings have appeared at both Gamestop and Best Buy; for two of the biggest video game retailers to put up listings is pretty suspicious. We may not have heard anything official from Ubisoft yet, but with all the claims they've made in support of the Wii U since its launch, I wouldn't be surprised if a Watch Dogs announcement is one of the cards Nintendo's hoping to play at E3; God knows they need something up their sleeves after all the news they spilled at Directs over the last few weeks. 

When the Toki Tori 2 team reached out to us it was a bit of a surprise. It's not that we haven't had prebuild copies of games before, or that we don't attend press events to provide previews. It's just a rarity to see a company reach out to lesser known entities to build interest for their game.

Toki Tori 2 arrives next month on the Nintendo Wii U eShop and we were fortunate enough to spend roughly an hour and a half with a preview (alpha) build of the game so we can give you all the nitty gritty on what to expect come next month.  

Jason Jones, co-founder of Bungie and one of the creators of the massively successful Halo series, was recently asked about the studio's upcoming Destiny. When asked whether or not the upcoming title may come to PC, Jones had this to say:

"We did a bunch of ambitious things on Halo deliberately to reach out to people. We limited players to two weapons, we gave them recharging health, we automatically saved and restored the game — almost heretical things to first-person shooters at the time. We made the game run without a mouse and keyboard. And now nobody plays shooters the way they used to play them before Halo 'cause nobody wants to." — Jason Jones, co-founder of Bungie

Now, some may say he's dodging the question here, but in a strange way, he may actually be hinting that a PC version of the game is not likely to hit anytime soon. The tangent he goes on, however, is also interesting to dissect. It's a pretty tall claim to say that Bungie laid the foundation of the entire modern FPS genre, but in some ways, Jones is right. Health packs and quicksaving are still features found in many First-Person Shooters, but autosaving and recharging health is found everywhere in the genre. Before the first Halo, these features were unheard of and most shooters where played on PCs, but Halo was also one of the first few games to popularize console-based shooters to their modern prevalence. Let's just hope Bungie's upcoming Destiny challenges convention in an equally spectacular way.

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate lands in America in a little more than a month, and to keep us excited for its launch, Capcom has announced a few new features available on the Wii U version of the game. There is no official confirmation that these upgrades to the original version will be automatically available at North American launch, but Japanese owners of the game will be able to enjoy these features starting tomorrow, so western markets should be able to enjoy them right out of the box.

The first and least exciting of the upgrades is that if you launch the game while connected to the internet, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate will automatically search for any available software updates and update the game accordingly. Whether the download interrupts your game's startup or takes place seamlessly in the background is not yet confirmed, but the former would seem worse than no automatic updates at all.

Head past the jump to find out about the rest of these new features!

A handy new piece of software has been unveiled today from TeHaxor69 at the GBAtemp forums. With the help of Deku93, TeHaxor69 has created a Windows application that allows Wii U Pro Controllers to connect to your PC through Bluetooth communications. With this useful new tool, you can map buttons on a Wii U Pro Controller to your keyboard and use it to play games on your PC with the comfortable grip of a home console controller. Applications similar this are nothing new, but for those who prefer the Wii U Pro Controller to all else, now is the time to sing and be merry.

This program has no official name as of yet, nor has there been any word on whether or not these two handy programmers intend to release a version for Mac. This program, however, supports the Wii U Pro Controller's LED and rumble features and displays the controller's battery, USB, and Analog status. While it comes with default button mappings, this program allows you to customize mapped buttons as you wish, including the analog sticks, which both work as secondary ways to activate the controller's face buttons.

You can swing by the GBATemp forums to give a big thanks to TeHaxor69 and Deku93 for making this application, or you can download it directly right here.

Chase McCain is ready to bust some heads and put an end to Rex Fury's reign, but along the way he (and conversely us) are going to have a great time doing it. With Rayman Legends being delayed, arguably the biggest title to land next month will be Lego City: Undercover. It's been on my radar for quite some time, but it's only increasing in its value as the days go by. Why? While I have always been intrigued by Lego games, I always craved a GTA style concept for the series. That's exactly what we are getting.

There are 290 costumes for Chase to wear, all of which unlock various abilities and items. Want to steal cars and outrun the police? Throw on the robber costume. Want to build tall buildings? Construction worker. I think you get the idea here. Think Majora's Mask Transformation masks... but 290 of those suckers. What can be even more exciting is the the fact there are over 100 different vehicles in the game you can control. While the world itself is rather massive, there is so much to find and explore. But hey, don't take our word for it. Check out ONM's full preview, and be sure to hit the jump for 29 screenshots of awesome sauce.

Good news, everyone! Dragon Quest X will be arriving (in Japan, anyway) March 30th in both digital and physical forms! Priced at 6,980 yen (About 75 USD), it comes with 20 days of free play. There are also incentives to get the Wii U version if you're already playing it on the Wii, as well; not only is the game sold at half price, but it comes with an in-game Slime Hat and 20 Lottery Tickets. Since the player would already have an active account from the Wii version, the 20 free days aren't included. On launch day, a Dragon Quest X-themed 3000 yen pre-paid card will also be available.

Not only that, but a special Wii U premium set is being developed. At 42,000 yen (450 USD), you get the console, the Gamepad, a Pro Controller, Dragon Quest X, a 1000 yen pre-paid card, and a code for five Super Energy Spheres. If you're in Japan and still questioning whether you want the game, a beta test starts on March 6th. Any characters you create during the beta are capable of being transferred over to the actual game on launch.

Now if we could just get those overseas release dates...

Fire Emblem is familiar to Nintendo fans far and wide, but few people have experienced the franchise first-hand. Fire Emblem is a series of tactical RPGs—a genre which can be described as an incredibly advanced game of chess. Players have a team of units, each with their own attributes and weaknesses, always having to think several moves ahead to gain the upper hand on a grid-based field of battle. Set in a fantastical world of medieval warfare, Fire Emblem games pit a small league of heroes against a greater force seeking to gain power and send the world into turmoil in its wake. With dozens of stats, weapons, and other combinations that can make or break a player’s success in battle, Fire Emblem is one of the most strategically sophisticated franchises to date.

Flaunting stunning visuals, a brilliant story, and magnificent gameplay, Fire Emblem Awakening takes the series to new heights in the definitive Fire Emblem experience and creates what is undoubtedly the best 3DS game yet.

Head past the jump to keep reading.

Upset that Destiny hasn't been announced for the Wii U or PC yet? Don't be, it could be coming to both platforms and more! The official website for Bungie's upcoming game Destiny has data that can be found in its coding from the pre-order page that directly refers to both the Wii U, PC, PS4, Xbox 720, and PS Vita as platforms for the upcoming title. There is no mention of Nintendo's handheld 3DS platform however.

Of course, this could just be there in case Activision asks them to bring it over to those platforms and so it may mean nothing at all. Or perhaps Bungie is anticipating a release on these platforms. Whatever it means, we here just hope that it means every home console owner will be able to experience Bungie's next big title when it launches in the future.