The day after President's Day in the United States, Fox News sensationalized that downloadable content for Assassin's Creed III, dubbed The Tyranny of King Washington, depicts an alternate reality in which George Washington accepts the title of king, eventually becoming a tyrant. In reality, however, Washington declined titles such as "King" and "Emperor" when he was offered them by the Continental Congress, and he started the practice of exiting office after a second term.

Curators from Washington's former Mount Vernon estate do not have any problems with the release, as it depicts a fictional version of the beloved former president.

Unlike other historic military figures, Washington admirably stepped away from power and returned to private life. George Washington set the precedent for this democracy’s peaceful transition of power. Mount Vernon hopes that this game will give its players some perspective on this important accomplishment, which is often overlooked.

Nathan Fouts, a game developer from Indiana, argues that Ubisoft, the creators of Assassin's Creed III, released the DLC close to President's Day to get noticed in the game market.

I think they're trying to do something a little edgy. To provoke some people ... and get the most marketing reaction that they can.

This week's video game sales charts for the eastern market are now in, and Nintendo is crushing the competition as proudly as ever, claiming every one of the top ten games, nine of which are on Nintendo 3DS. Console sales are also in, with Nintendo 3DS and Wii in the top two, Wii U just outperforming the PSP in the number four slot, and Xbox 360 all the way at the bottom with a pathetic 506 units sold all week.

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More Miiverse Updates

February 20 2013 by Colin McIsaac

Nintendo has updated their critically acclaimed Miiverse service once again today. Marty from Nintendo has taken to the Mii streets to detail the new features. First, there is a new filter in each community that allows users to see posts only by people who have played the game for each community. There is now an unsubscribe button to allow users to unsubscribe from other users who are filling their feeds with excessive posts, and users will no longer see posts or comments from others they have blocked, whereas before they could still be sen in communities. Last but not least, any posts that you have marked as spoilers will now be displayed as a spoiler post, meaning that you won't see details of an important plot point you haven't yet reached more than once. You can watch this video thanks to NintenDaan or check Miiverse yourself to see the original post.

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is one of the most-anticipated Wii U games of the year, and with a tons of free DLC, handy new Wii U features, and a perfectly-integrated 3DS version to boot, there's a lot to be excited about.  Producer Ryozo Tsujimoto has a lot to say about the dual-screen gameplay of the game and how it was designed with customization in mind. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is one of many games showcasing how the Wii U GamePad enhances the gaming experience, and hopefully there will be many more to come both in and out of the Monster Hunter universe. Unfortunately, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate does not feature off-TV play, a wonderful feature of the GamePad that transforms the Wii U from a nifty machine to a great console.

"When we decided to make the game on the Wii U, we actually brought out the game on 3DS first – the 3DS version of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate came out in Japan about a year ago, so the game was designed from the very beginning to have that two-screen interaction. So when we made the game – although it was based on Monster Hunter Tri – we felt like we had put so much new content into the game that it deserved the chance to be played by more and more people. The Wii U was a perfect fit because of the fact it has the two screens and you're able to do cross-compatibility between the 3DS and the Wii U. It just made a lot of sense for us to bring that experience into the living room, into the HD realm." — Ryozo Tsujimoto

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Gamescom is an annual trade fair held in Germany, where hardware and software developers can show off their latest creations. Nintendo attended Gamescom 2011 to show off The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, Mario Kart 7, Super Mario 3D Land, and more. In 2012, Nintendo opted out of the conference to focus on other advertising campaigns, namely for the 3DS and the then-upcoming Wii U. Nintendo has since decided to come back and participate in Gamescom 2013, where they will hopefully display some of their wonderful upcoming software such as Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem, Super Smash Bros. 4, or Mario & Luigi: Dream Team.

"Nintendo's return is an absolute highlight for our community, exhibitors and trade visitors from around the world. The participation of Nintendo underlines the strong support of the BIU-Members for gamescom. We are looking forward to a great gamescom 2013" — Tim Endres, Gamescom Project Manager

Fingers crossed, this year's Gamescom is going to be an outstanding show.

Last month, Balloon Fighter was released to the Wii U eShop as the first game of Nintendo's 30-30-30 Virtual Console promotion. For just thirty cents, Wii U owners can download one preselected game each month, but there was a big problem for European users: Wii U Virtual Console games only ran at 50Hz, meaning that Nintendo slowed down games to cope with a lower refresh rate. While this may seem like a minor inconvenience, it can be a curse when playing games in real-time. Fans caused an uproar to see that Wii U Virtual Console games ran so slowly, and it seems that Nintendo has taken their complaints to heart.

Today, F-Zero is available as the second game in the 30-30-30 promotion, and according to various players, Nintendo has taken it upon itself to make the game available at 60Hz across all regions. Now PAL players can enjoy the game at full speed—which is especially important in a game like F-Zero. Hopefully this is the beginning of a rule, rather than the exception.

With Sony's big PlayStation event happening tonight, there are sure to be leaks all around the web. Times Magazine recently came across a few leaked documents that suggest that the PlayStation 4, codenamed Orbis, will launch at a flat price point of $399.99. This word goes against previous reports of $429.99 with a higher model priced at $529.99. If this is to be believed, the PlayStation 4 will cost 30% less than the launch price of the PlayStation 3, which suffered from slow sales at when it first was first made available in 2006.

At only $400, the PlayStation 4 could see a lot of units pushed right out the door, and if it's powerful enough, the price alone could be the deciding factor in who wins this generation's console war. Now we just need to wait and see what Microsoft has up their sleeves.

In the wake of all the negativity towards Aliens: Colonial Marines, various people who claim to have inside information have conflicting opinions as to whether or not the Wii U version of the game is the one we've been waiting for. One user on the TimeGate Studios forums claims to be tracking the Wii U version of Colonial Marines, and says that one of the reasons to other console versions are so shoddy is because most of the team's effort is going into the Wii U version, which is being built from the ground up in order to port the game to Sony and Microsoft's future consoles. Below is an excerpt from his full post.

However, what alot of people don't identify (again because of general concensus) is that the Wii U version (still very much on the way), done exclusively by Demiurge studio's, is the big version; the joint venture was banking on.
I know what you're thinkin right? "WTF!?, how stupid, no ones adopting the Wii U, what were they thinking?" and you'd be right if it wasn't for the fact that SEGA's industry analysis favoured the U version, in fact the entire joint venture did. 
This is because that version ports to the new consoles by Sony & MS (in the future) and thus has the tightest longevity of the product. Instead of a few months in the dying period of current gen systems, they favour a product that will last (potentally) 2-3yrs and allow for sequals. [sic]

An alleged game tester, however, claims that the Wii U version of Aliens: Colonial Marines is actually the worst of all of them. Head past the jump to see what he had to say.

Nintendo has just released a video on its YouTube account of Iwata and Miyamoto enjoying themselves in Luigi costumes. When the shenanigans are over, Miyamoto sits down to discuss many details of their goals and results for Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon. Much of the video was seen at last week's Nintendo Direct, but there is plenty of charm at the start and new information for those who missed it last week to make this video a worthwhile watch.

Video streaming by Ustream

UPDATE: The PlayStation meeting has officially concluded. If you missed it or wish to see it again, a repeat of the stream is currently underway. Otherwise, check out the next few pages on Gamnesia's index. Today had a ton of news outside of the meeting, and an event this big on top of all that means there's a lot of stuff in store for you. So sit back, grab a bowl of popcorn, and check out all of today's news!

Excited about tonight's PlayStation event? So are we. At 5:00 PM CST, Sony will be holding a press event to display the future of the PlayStation brand. Many assume this means that Sony will be revealing the PlayStation 4 for the first time to the world, but we very well may see news concerning PlayStation 3 and even Vita, as well. You can catch a live stream of this momentous event right here at Gamnesia and written updates rolling out on our site as more information comes in.

Back at the Tokyo Game Show in 2012 Square announced a Kingdom Hearts game for the PC and it's finally been given an official name, Kingdom Hearts X [Chi] (Pronounced like Key/Ki).

Kingdom Hearts X is a PC Browser game, and while it's only announced for Japan right now, those who get a first edition copy of Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX will receive a series of bonuses for the browser game. Bonuses include a Sora R+ card for battle, 20,000 Munny for synthesis, and 4,000 Card Draw Points. Anyone who buys Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX from the online store is given a Riku R+ card, x10 Potions, and x10 Ethers.

While the concept of a browser based Kingdom Hearts game really irks me in the wrong way, who knows? It could be one of the must-play games this year. However, it should be noted that Kingdom Hearts X is still a Japan only title and has not been confirmed for other countries. Hopefully Square provides more details soon.

Waiting for all of Assassin's Creed III's DLC to be available before you buy it? Well good news, the wait will be worth it when Ubisoft releases Assassin's Creed III: Washington Edition later this year

AC3:WE will supposedly feature the standard AC3 game along with all of the King Washington DLC that will be released online over the next few months. The Tyranny of King Washington DLC features an alternate story-line in which Washington becomes a tyrannical king where Connor never joins the Assassins and fights for his homeland's freedom. 

In related news, Ubisoft will be releasing a collection of HD Ghost Recon titles later in Spring called Ghost Recon Anthology.

The cat has gotten out of the bag on numerous occasions for the next generation of consoles. Remember when the Cafe leaks were across the web before E3 2011, and the GamePad was an accurate rumor? Now the same thing is happening with the next Xbox and PlayStation. SuperDaE recently gave dozens of pages of leaked information on the so-called "Durango," or Microsoft's next console. This information included mandatory Kinect, the ability to launch more than one app at a time, and always-active online connectivity (Shameless Plug: to catch up on these leaks just click right here). Well it turns out SuperDaE has been raided by the police.

That's right. Microsoft finally put their league of ninjas in action. We thought they were crazy for hiring assassins, but Mr. Gates isn't afraid to utilize his trained killers.

Check out his Twitter account right here. Apparently. seven or eight police officers arrived at Dan's house with an FBI agent in tow. His phone was taken from him, and the newest tweets have been sent from an Apple store. Bank cards were also confiscated from the leaker.

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The worst-kept secret in the world gets announced tomorrow night in the PlayStation 4, and you know that the entire internet will be watching in anticipation. However, Kotaku has an inside source that was spot-on in several other leaks, and this time around they are giving us a bit more solid information on the types of things we can expect to see out of Sony's next console. Out the gate, they show off new images for the prototype controller. There's nothing new here in terms of what we haven't already seen before. However, the PS4 is going to work hand-in-hand with smart devices to allow people to access and download games remotely (reportedly, this may be a future possibility with the Wii U as well, but time will tell).

Each console will come with a PlayStation Eye, and you can watch your friends while your gaming even if they aren't playing the same game as you. They are also apparently going to launch a new online system called PlayStation World and they will be going directly after Xbox Live - where most of the services are going to require a subscription. In addition, there will be an all new account system that allows multiple people to log in at the same time. What does this all mean?

This is the first of a new, badly photoshopped, weekly feature where I highlight some game-related videos of different sorts by fans. The subject matter and featured artists will vary; while some may be people you've seen before, I'm going to do my best to bring some newer talent to light. Jump inside to see this week's picks!