For a while now, it has been rumored that the PlayStation 4 will output video in 4K, the latest form of super-HD from Sony and their latest television sets. 4K format has not taken over from 1080p yet, so the install base is incredibly small and most services aren't even available in 4K yet, but many have reasonably expected Sony would be pushing the format by making the PlayStation 4 output video in 4K resolution.

Shuhei Yoshida of Worldwide Studios has confirmed that the PlayStation 4 does not output games in 4K, which may come as a surprise to many. On the other hand, it does display videos in 4K, so you can be ready to watch ground-breakingly dazzling HD movies and shows if you ever decide to indulge in a PlayStation 4 and a 4K television set.

Last night's PlayStation meeting showcased dozens of new games coming for PlayStation 4. Today we've learned that two of those games, Killzone: Shadow Fall and Watch Dogs will both be available for PlayStation 4 on day one. Also likely is DriveClub, which is described as a launch title by senior environment artist Jeremy P. Miller, but not yet confirmed by Sony.

So far, this is a pretty small launch lineup, but I'm sure it will expand as time goes on. Other games like Knack, Infamous: Second Son, and Deep Down will hopefully be able to join these other titles as launch titles, because it would be really nice to have more exclusives, but regardless, it's nice to know we'll be getting good games somewhere down the line.

Sony's treading on thin ice already with the announcement of their first major mistake with the PlayStation 4. With the emphasis Sony is placing on the redesigned PlayStation Network, we are all surprised to hear that games you purchase through PlayStation Network on your old PlayStation 3 will not carry over to your PlayStation 4. If you want to experience brilliant games such as Journey or Flower, or even full console games purchased online on your PlayStation 4, you'll need to buy them all over again.

Not only this, but the upcoming PlayStation 4 is not backwards compatible with your library of PlayStation 3 games. Apparently, the PlayStation 4's insides are too different from the PlayStation 3 to justify draining power through emulation, but Sony is looking to have PlayStation 3 games available in some form later in the console's life. We'll probably be seeing even Higher Definition rereleases and some PlayStation 3 games available to stream, but that doesn't make up for the fact that we still won't be able to access all our saved data from PlayStation 3.

In an industry climate as unstable as this one has proven to be in the past few months, it's three strikes and you're out—for good. Be careful, Sony. This is strike one.

Well well well, after a slow news week, the internet is ablaze with video game news galore. Before the Sony conference today, GameStop's CEO got to take a look at Battlefield 4, the continuation of the adored EA series, which has been keeping quiet after its initial announcement. Needless to say, GameStop was impressed. Just read his tweet to the left. Even more interesting is the response to GameStop from the official Battlefield Twitter page, confirming this news to be true.

Initially, many people speculated the game to be revealed at the PlayStation 4 reveal that took place earlier this evening, but that was not the case, and the EA franchise was nowhere to be seen. However, this is the first mention of the game we've heard in months, and I wouldn't be surprised to see more news coming on the game very soon, before an insane E3 presentation. That's the gaming industry way after all.

Well are you jealous of GameStop's CEO like part of the gaming community is? Or do you not care for Battlefield similarly to the other fraction, which includes me? Sound off in the comments below!

Do you love Xenoblade Chronicles? The sprawling world of the Bionis and Mechonis? The lavish details of the open fields? The tearjerking soundtrack and the addictive battle system? Well Gamestop loves it too, and they want your copy.

In a recent email sent out to GameStop members, the company informed its customers of the opportunity the retailer is offering right now. If you trade in your copy of Xenoblade, you get forty-five bucks in return. This great deal is likely due to the game's limited run in North America. Hell, you can find the title selling for $179.99 new on Amazon. Rare indeed.

Now, I absolutely love Xenoblade, but I am ashamed to say I have yet to beat it. A rocky year and an overflow of games made my time with Shulk and company limited last year. However, since January I have been playing through the title nonstop, and have reached the final stretch of the journey. I can't wait to have this under my belt, yet I don't want it to end. Xenoblade is one of my favorite games on the Wii, and I will not be trading it in anytime soon.

But for all of you who are part of the minority and didn't enjoy their adventures on the two titans (I'm looking at you Matthew Swadinsgy), then this looks like a great deal. Selling the game yields a near full refund if you bought the game at launch, and the return value is certainly a large sum of money that could easily go to other games (ex. Fire Emblem: Awakening).

Will you be participating in the deal just like how Matthew will? Or will you treasure your copy of Monolith's JRPG like your's truly? Sound off in the comments!

And now for something completely different!

This news has absolutely nothing to do with the PlayStation 4.

Criterion Games freaking loves the Wii U. They've said it on numerous occasions, and they can't wait to bring over Need for Speed: Most Wanted to Nintendo's new console. Alex Ward, VP of Criterion, says future Need for Speed titles should be released simultaneously with other consoles since developers have had time to get used to the hardware. Ward says the Wii U is what drew him back to Nintendo.

Here's the quote, just below this here sentence.

“We’ll see how the online audience on the Wii U is going to develop. I think for a lot of consumers out of the box, it’ll be that around-the-TV experience that Nintendo tends to do very, very well.”

“Fantastic hardware [the Wii U], I love it. It really got me back into Nintendo software.

I love my Wii U just as much as Mr. Ward and I'm happy some developers are falling in love with the deserving hardware.

Time to get our bodies ready for another great Wii U game on the way!

Well today was absolutely massive.

The PS4 was announced just a few hours ago, and the internet has ignited over the bombshell dropped today. The next generation arrived back in November, but now we're seeing the entire industry start to make their way into the next stage of gaming.

However, Sony did not show much about their actual system during the presentation, but rather focused on the new DualShock controller and software. I admire Sony's approach to this reveal, as I see specs as troll bait, but many fans have recently become worried over the lack of news on the hardware itself.

Shuhei Yoshida, president of Sony's Worldwide Studios, had something to say about these concerns.

"Why do you care?"

Well of course that's not all he said!

"As far as the DualShock 4 is concerned we wanted to do the live demo. And we were like, yeah, we have to show the controller, because it's awkward not to show the controller when someone is doing a demo." — Shuhei Yoshida

For everything Mr. Yoshida had to say on the controller heavy reveal, hit the jump!

Well, this was cute. It's not really a game or anything to look forward to in the future, but after sitting through the conference for a while it was kind of nice to listen to something other than big words and sales talk. It's certainly nothing all too impressive, though...I could see this technology maybe being used for minigames, but that's about it. Oh well. Does it remind anybody else of Wii Music?

Square's been catching a lot of flak for withholding titles recently. Between Final Fantasy Versus XIII and Kingdom Hearts III, most of their fanbase is a little peeved. Tonight's certainly not going to help at all; aside from vaguely announcing that there would be a Final Fantasy for the PS4 (no duh) Square showed a tech demo to showcase their abilities with the new console. Unfortunately, it's just a tuned-up version of Agni's Prophecy, a tech demo they showed less than a year ago. Classy, Square. Taking the laziest way out as possible again.

When Capcom took the stage, many were expecting to see something regarding Monster Hunter; however, we received something entirely unexpected instead. The major studio is launching a new Dragon's Dogma, called Deep Down, and showed us a snazzy new trailer right off the bat. Only time will tell if this succeeds, but Capcom could sure use a good title right now to help curry favor with its somewhat disappointed fanbase.

InFamous, by Sly Cooper studio Sucker Punch, is one of Sony's most popular exclusives in recent years; after the events of InFamous 2, many were curious if we'd see another installment in the series. Well, today those questions were answered, with a trailer showing us a new protagonist and a decidedly more political slant. Looks like Second Son is going to feature a lot of destruction; something that gamers can't get enough of.

Quantic Dream is known for pushing boundaries with their games; heck, the efforts they put into Heavy Rain is proof enough. Still, there was a very clear line between their game and reality, caused by the limits of technology at the time. However, David Cage shows us that with Sony's new console, their ability to showcase emotion has improved vastly. It's hard for me to find complaints about the demo above, and it'll only get better as they learn to use the system more effectively.

At today's PlayStation meeting, Ubisoft displayed Watch Dogs for PlayStation 4. The game appears to be heavily inspired by the Assassin's Creed franchise in style and gameplay, but it features a modern, cyberconnected world and a story taking place in the lovely city of Chicago. Check out the action-packed trailer to see stealth, chase sequences, and exploding trains! What's equally exciting is that the end of the trailer confirms rumors that Watch Dogs is coming to the Wii U, in the form of a cute little logo at the bottom of the screen. Keep your eyes peeled for more Watch Dogs information as it comes!

Knack is one of the most original titles showcased at Sony's PlayStation meeting tonight and one of the more interesting concepts we've seen in quite a while. Knack features a little robot aiding a human army against alien invaders. Knack himself seems to be made out of some sort of stone and can grow and shrink his body with more material present. You can catch the full trailer here. It's going to be exciting to see how the release of this game plays out — I know it's on my watch list.

At tonight's PlayStation meeting, we received news of a new racing game called Drive Club, which focuses on highly detailed models, team-based gameplay, and smartphone integration. You can click here for more information or check out the full trailer for the stunning game above.