Nintendo's console business is faring pretty poorly right now. After selling fewer than 100,000 units last month and lower-than-expected sales through this past holiday season, Nintendo needs to play their cards more carefully, especially if its competitors are launching at the end of this year. Analysts agree that in order to push sales forward to sustainability, Nintendo really just needs games

"Great games, unique to the platform, would be a very good start." — Colin Sebastian, Baird
"Games, games, and more games. The relationship between key releases—primarily first-party titles—and hardware sales is especially clear in Nintendo's case. The sooner they get titles like Pikmin 3 and Wii Fit U on the console side and Pokémon games and titles like Animal Crossing: New Leaf on the 3DS side on store shelves, the better." — Lewis Ward, IDC

These analysts will hopefully be predicting a brighter future once Nintendo fully reveals their massive slew of Wii U titles at this year's E3. Michael Pachter, however, has made it clear that he thinks Nintendo simply can't recover. Do you have high hopes for Nintendo's future, or are you feeling a bit more pessimistic? I guess we'll have to wait until E3 to better assess the situation.

This is seemingly the one debate that never goes away even after consoles are released. It's still hotly debated who truly won the seventh console generation. The Wii had arguably the highest number of raw sales data and 20+ million game sellers world over, but the 360 had possibly the largest install base of "hardcore gamers", while the PlayStation 3 had arguably the best exclusive content. It's a debate for the ages that truly is something fanboys like to talk to about because they want to see their preferred medium end triumphant over the rest. Competition is good and healthy for the industry, and the better these consoles are the better it gets for gamers... that is, if gamers have the money to invest in all of these properties.

I, for one, am really looking forward too what Sony has cooking. While I have never been an avid PlayStation person, I can't deny that their games intrigue me. If they ever get the sequel to Shadow of the Collosus out the door, you can consider me a PlayStation 4 owner in its wake.

Super Smash Bros. is any Nintendo fan's dream game. From characters to stages, to music, to everything else, Smash is the ultimate celebration of Nintendo's past and present. But what about Smash's future? That's what Challenger Approaching is all about.

Every weekend, Chris London and I will present our thoughts on new characters, stages, items, and anything else for the next installment in the Super Smash Bros. series. Here at Gamnesia, we assemble an in-depth profile for every character we suggest. For this entry in this ambitious series, we've assembled a profile for Mewtwo, the legendary clone Pokémon. But don't think our analysis stops at just the character—there's plenty more to be seen. Head past the jump to see why Mewtwo has earned a spot among Nintendo's finest in the next game's roster and what his inclusion would do for the next Super Smash Bros.

Angry Birds Trilogy is a full retail game that has been released for some time now on several home and portable consoles alike, combining the original three Angry Birds games into one title for gamers who prefer to play on consoles over iOS and Android devices. Angry Birds Trilogy has until been missing on Wii and Wii U, even though it has been released for Nintendo 3DS for quite some time. Today, however, Activision has confirmed that Angry Birds Trilogy will be making its way to Nintendo's two dedicated home consoles some time in 2013.

Since launch, Angry Birds Trilogy has sold over one million copies—a pretty solid number for something you can download to a phone for on tenth of the cost. The mobile sales of the games, however, are five-hundred times that of the console counterpart, which is rather impressive on its own. It just goes to show how powerful an addictive concept and word-of-mouth can be.

Little Inferno is one of the most widely-recognized indie games of 2012, and as word has it, the price of Little Inferno on the Wii U eShop has been permanently reduced. Originally priced at $14.99, Little Inferno is now only $9.99 for those who couldn't spare the extra few dollars.

Little Inferno is a puzzle-based game which has garnered high praise for its satirical narrative and very unique art style, so now is a perfect time to fork over your cash and reward creative minds for their hard work (and treat yourself to an inventive new game).

Everyone's favorite Nintendo fan, Michael Pachter, has another comment about the Big N to share today. Michael Pachter is well known to be an avid Nintendo naysayer, but what a lot of people don't recognize is that he only ever mentions Nintendo's business practices rather than criticizing their software, which he has often said he finds quite brilliant. That said, here's his latest quotation regarding Nintendo's choices with the Wii U.

“I think they misfired on the Wii U. It’s just not that different from the other two [existing] consoles, and the gameplay isn’t as unique as the Wii. They made a mistake, it’s something they probably can’t recover from. I think they have made a costly mistake and their handheld business can’t save them in the face of cannibalization from smartphones and tablets.” —Michael Pachter

This kind of thing is nothing new from Pachter, but for the first time, he is calling their new console the nail in their coffin. While Nintendo has the 3DS to support them in the rough seas with Wii U, time will tell if the new home console catches on or if Pachter's forecast holds any weight.

If you'd like to read several analysts' takes on Nintendo's future, as well as what these people say Nintendo has to do to recover from the hit they've taken with Wii U, read the full article here.

Kotaku got their hands on a leaked poster for Watch Dogs, where it clearly states, as you can see to the left, that the title is coming to all home consoles. This suggests support for a PS3, 360, and Wii U  as well as a PS4 and 720 release, assuming they come out before the game itself does. We mean no offense to the Wii, but it simply can't run the game. Kotaku reached out to Ubisoft about the leak and they didn't deny it, but they also refused to comment on what platforms they have committed Watch Dogs to. In other words - publicly there are still no known platforms for the game, internally... you get the idea.

Given that this poster (there is another section inside) has not been refuted and denied by Ubisoft, it's pretty much as close to a confirmation that this is real that we are going to get without them specifically talking about platforms. This is exciting stuff, folks. Of all versions, the Wii U one excites me the most with the GamePad possibilities with a game that truly looks built for it. It's also notable, for those that wish to not put stock in a Wii U version, that it's made by Ubisoft Montreal. The same folks who already have extensive experience with the Wii U thanks to ZombiU and Rayman Legends.

Not excited for yet another port in Need for Speed: Most Wanted? Maybe we should be, especially if you are a fan of the series and own a Wii U. Why? For starters, the developers stated in the above video that the Wii U is a very powerful piece of hardware, however, this time you don't just have to take their word for it. From their own mouth, the graphic assets are from the High End PC version of the game. Graphical comparisons between that version and the rest obviously look the same, but there are areas where you can see the PC clearly comes ahead.

The Wii U matches that, then provides a lot of stuff you just can't get anywhere else. Sure, you have off-TV play, but you also have father-son mode (watch the video to see that). The game has also been more polished then ever before. It's stated rather plainly above this is the definitive version. For the first time, we will finally be able to see how the Wii U not only provides just a superior way and more options to play a game, but also how it's superior graphically to gen 7 on a base level. Apparently, looking at the Wii U from just a pure spec side of things is not the best way to approach development.

With its expansive world, beautiful visuals, immersive battle-system, compelling story and hundreds of hours of gameplay, Xenoblade Chronicles wasn’t just one of the best games on the Wii, but one of the best games of all time. It should come as no surprise then that there’s a tremendous amount of excitement building about Monolith Soft’s next project.

At last month's Nintendo Direct presentation a short teaser trailer was released from Xenoblade’s developer of their upcoming Wii U RPG that is currently in development. All it took was that one brief minute-long teaser to get fans speculating about this new title, and we at Gamnesia just can’t miss out on the fun.

Monster Hunter 3: Ultimate is slated to arrive at the end of March and Capcom is going all-out in partnership with Nintendo. For a limited time, you will be able to get a Monster Hunter bundle set that includes a Deluxe Wii U, a Pro Controller, and Monster Hunter 3: Ultimate. The pricing isn't known yet, but if it's anything under $400 it's definitely worth it for those who don't own a system yet. The normal Deluxe with Nintendo Land is $350 but doesn't come with a Pro Controller. Pro Controllers are $50, so anything under $400 and you're getting a pretty sweet deal.

Oh, check out some great screenshots after the jump. Are you preparing to get your hunt on?

Based on NPD sources and some calculations, Gamasutra narrowed down the Wii U sales estimates for January to be roughly between 45,000 and 59,000 units. That's a fairly pultry number and it's doubtful we are going to see any growth on that front in February. According to data at VGchartz, it sold roughly 67,161 units, but their numbers are not exact since it accounts for weekly sales. The first week for January includes some days in December, and the last week of recorded data for January is missing the last days of the month.

Either way, sales are low, and based on early data for February, they will likely be even lower this month. Now logically, you can place some of this blame on the lack of content since the holidays and the usual holiday drop off. You could also safely say many consumers aren't product aware yet (again, without software to consistently show off that happens), and I know some feel the Wii U is a bit pricey even though it's being sold at a loss. Certainly sales aren't doing hot, but it does appear they have steadied themselves for now. The question becomes: will new compelling software in the coming months boost the sales again?

Above is our first real look at the PlayStation 4 controller, which should be set to reveal itself on February 20th. The controller definitely appears to be a bit clunkier, which for my money is a positive after the massive hand cramps the original DualShock controller always gave me (thankfully, third party controllers exist). It confirms that there will be a touchpad included, though what possible uses that entails is beyond me. In theory, similar functions to the Wii U's GamePad are possible in some regards, but unless that touchpad eventually became a touchscreen (this is an earlier model of the dev controller) it's doubtful it's close to as useful in the traditional sense.

It's also noticeable that they are playing with the joystick design. They definitely looked like deformed areas of a female body part, but how comfortable they are to use is a different story. What that light is on the top part is a total mystery. It could simply be a motion tracker, which effectively kills Move and allows for the same functionality. This also means of course that yes, that's a real PlayStation 4 dev box, which is also a first for the public. With this information confirmed, it only leads many to suspect all the leaked specs, rumors, and other features to be true, since clearly developers are leaking stuff like crazy when something like this gets out prior to the public acknowledgement that this stuff even exists. Five days and counting. Thoughts?

Just this week the news broke that a new Pokémon title will be coming to the Wii U; however, the announced Pokémon Scramble U is nothing more than the next installment of the downloadable Pokémon Rumble spin-offs.

The franchise has dominated handheld gaming for decades, but gamers still wait for Pokémon to really embrace home console gaming. Six Generations into the series and it really is time because the Wii U is the perfect home console for Pokémon to make an impact on.

I know we've just had a direct today, but the next is already on its way. This one is going to have a bit of a different focus, too; it's going to be primarily trained on third-party efforts coming to the Nintendo 3DS. It'll likely be much more low-key than the last few Directs we've had, but it's also much more open-ended. With all the third parties out there, who knows what could be on its way? Personally, I'd love to see Bravely Default. I'm also hoping for one of the Megaman handheld installments, but I'm not getting my hopes up too high. What do you want to see?

Not too long ago, Mario Wynands, a Sidhe developer, made a huge fuss when he posted on NeoGAF stating that the Wii U was in 'serious trouble' and that the entire next generation as a whole would fail. Nowgamer recently contacted him, and the now managing director of PikPok definitely hasn't changed his grim predictions of the future. If what he says is true, we could see one of the Big Three pull a Dreamcast this generation, and drop out of the console race altogether.

Jump inside for the quote.