Sony recently announced their next generation console, the PlayStation 4, and in spectacular fashion. A well-rounded software presentation coupled with a look at the DualShock 4 showcased the new Sony system in a fantastic manner. Yet investors thing otherwise, as Sony's shares have fallen since Wednesday's announcement. Although gaming company stock usually does this after the first look at new hardware, it's worth noting Sony's US shares have fallen 2.7% at the price of $14.08.

What's even funnier is the fact that Nintendo's shares rising.

In the same time as Sony's stock hiccup, Nintendo has experience a 2% boost, selling at $11.79.

The trend is also following suit in Japan, with Nintendo gaining 1.3% in its home country and Sony dropping 1.8%. There isn't really any explanation to these stock fluctuations (nor to the stock market in general), but  it's nice to see Nintendo going in a positive financial direction for the first time in a while. Although I am disappointed Sony has fallen by a fraction, Nintendo growth is always welcome.

It'll be interesting to see how the market changes this next generation.

Monster Hunter 3: Ultimate makes it's way to the Wii U and today I had a chance to sit down and play the recently released demo. It's definitely the best looking Monster Hunter experience ever crafted, but even then it's not the best show case of graphical fidelity. It's very "last gen", but still feels surprisingly pleasing. Of course all that matters is that the game functions and it functions well, and to that I say it's right there. You have two demo options, one for beginners and one for experienced players, and both last 20 minutes. You have a variety of weapon types to choose from which makes the demo itself highly replayable. There are a lot of the same bells and whistles from Tri, though I don't remember the camera lock being in the original release. While it's far from a true lock on system, which would almost make the game feel like a bit of a joke, it does allow you to center the camera on your target at any time in a rather quick manner, which does save time when trying to land blows.

The easy mode is, no joke, easy. Outside of the fact he can be downed in under 10 minutes, your maxed out with your potions and such. It's practically impossible to die unless you are really looking and letting him attack the crap out of you. The second part of the demo is much more challenging. I could go on and on about the two fights, but why bother? Wii U owners can experience it for themselves for free so there is no point in ruining the fun for you folks who haven't played yet. Just know the game feels as polished as it has ever felt, looks great for a last gen game, and they simplified things just a tad (aka, the temp camera lock is a godsend). I am impressed. The game may have just turned from a rental to a day one grab.

Yesterday morning, Nintendo held another Nintendo Direct stream, this time for Japan only and based around Nintendo 3DS. The stream is all in Japanese, but it shows off Monster Hunter 4, a new game by Mega Man creator Keiji Inafune, and a game in which giant robots fight each other to unfitting music. But that's not all; there's still Castlevania, Professor Layton, and much, much more! The video is all in Japanese, but if you're interested to see some of what the 3DS might have in store (for Japan, anyway), be sure to check it out. Or if you'd prefer, you can find a breakdown of the stream's information right here.

February 20th brought Sony fans one of the most significant days in years, and it brought us over five pages of new content. In the stream of news, some of you readers have surely missed a few stories, so we've decided to compile every piece of PlayStation 4 news from the last two days into one convenient list. Check out the video above to see Sony's great summary of the announced software, and head past the jump to catch up on all your PlayStation 4 news! (Or check out a three-minute summary satire for a good laugh)

Monster Hunter 4, the 3DS exclusive, looks better than ever in the above trailer. Sure, it may not be as pretty as the HD Monster Hunter: 3 Ultimate Wii U game, but it's mighty fine for a 3DS offering. It's also notable because it's the true blue new game that many Monster Hunter fans have been clamoring for. It is a bit odd it's heading to the 3DS and not the Wii U, but it will feature full online functionality, which is something the 3DS version of Ultimate does not. Are you looking forward to this title?

Jimmy Fallon is known for being over the top, but he's also known for debuting the latest and greatest video game consoles on his show. No, we don't get to actually see the PS4 console, but we do get definitive proof that Killzone: Shadow Fall is indeed playable and not just a scripted vertical slice (looking at you, GearBox). Jimmy Fallon naturally sucks at playing the game big time, and it's clear they have invincibility mode activated. Still, while I am not usually a fan of the Fallon style humor, I have to admit I was amused for a minute or two. It's just nice to see that the game is playable, because without playable demos from here on out, most of us are going to fear being GearBoxed.

Excited about the recent PS4 announcement? I'm still mixed about it, but Jimmy Fallon seems pretty happy with what he has seen. In fact, he's happier that the PS4 will be on his show later tonight with a live demo of Killzone: Shadow Fall.

For those familiar with Fallon's show, whenever a console is announced he's sure to have it appear on his show with a demo he attempts to play. Killzone wasn't a visually stunning game, heck even Crysis 3 looks better than it, so don't expect too much from tonight's show. If anything, hope that someone backstage manages to snap a photo of the PS4 itself and posts it online for all to see.

Watch out! Sony is taking a note from Microsofts playbook and has created their own version of Microsoft's Kinect and implemented the Move's functionality with it. While Sony didn't speak up about the new Eye at first, Desctructoid managed to nab a word with SCE President Shuhei Yoshida to talk about the PS4's version of the PS Eye to see what it was capable of.

The PS4 Eye uses two HD steroscopic cameras capable of placing bodies and controllers it sees in a 3D space and it can even take 3D pictures and could prove useful in augmented reality games. Both eyes can even focus on two different tasks such as recording HD videos with one eye and tracking movement with the other. The Eye will apparently be able to adjust the screen display to match where you are sitting for those who sit at odd angles. 

The PS4 Eye even uses a microphone with directional sensors to determine where a voice is coming from to focus on the speaker and block out unwanted noise. It is even capable of taking voice commands like the Kinect, but Sony isn't exactly telling us all we want to know and is remaining hush-hush on the topic.

I freaking love Mighty Switch Force on my 3DS. The game is fast-paced, fun, and addictive. I believe it to be one of WayForward's greatest endeavors, second to only Shantae: Risky's Revenge. When the game arrived on the Wii U eShop in the new Hyper Drive edition, I skipped out on it. I already owned the game, and a few extra features and pretty graphics were not worth $9.99 to me.

But it is definitely worth $4.99.

That's right. You can download Mighty Switch Force! Hyper Drive Edition for only $4.99 on your Wii U, right now. The 50% off deal lasts until February 28th, so act fast! This cheaper price has convinced me to give the game a go a second time, and the bonuses make the package a sweeter deal.

Between this, Trine 2: Director's Cut, and F-Zero, my Wii U will be busy for quite a while on the digital front.

Will you be picking up this edition on sale? Do you already own it? Would you suggest it to us newbies? Start the flame wars in the comments below!

Ubisoft's released a packet of new screenshots of Watch Dogs, and man are they pretty! Hype over Ubisoft's new IP started last year when the trailer was shown, and it looks like they're determined to start building up that hype until it launches this holiday season. These screenshots showcase more of the beautiful, realistic environment that, while bearing similarities to Assassin's Creed, feels remarkably new and impressive from the studio. 

Jump inside for the pictures!

Infamous: Second Son is Sucker Punch Productions' follow-up to the wildly successful Infamous games, which starred Cole McGrath, a human being with the power to control lightning. Second Son, coming to PlayStation 4, was shown at yesterday's PlayStation meeting where Sucker Punch debuted a trailer featuring the new primary character Deslin Rowe, a young man who appears to be able to control fire. The theme of the presentation was the sacrifice of liberty for security, so it's going to be interesting to see how that ties in to the plot of the game.

Warning: Spoilers for Infamous: Second Son can be found after the jump. Do not proceed if you do not wish the read them.

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is one of the most hotly anticipated games coming to Nintendo consoles in the next few months. Ultimate, which is a massive expansion of the original Monster Hunter 3 is coming both to Wii U and Nintendo 3DS and comes with a smooth save data sync system so you can seamlessly access the same save file at home in HD or in three dimensions on the go.

For those who can't wait to get a hold on Capcom's latest Monster Hunter title, they've released a demo of both versions of the game on Nintendo's two eShops. You can head over to the Nintendo 3DS eShop for a demo of the 3DS version of the game and the Wii U eShop for the Wii U demo. As always, both demos are free and can only be accessed thirty times. So what are you waiting for? Try it out now!

A long time ago, some time in 1992, someone at Nintendo thought it would be a good idea to stay after regular work hours and 'work up some fun' in the office and among employees. By this, I don't mean kinky fun, but rather the kind that leads to organic, masterful come-up-from-behind games. Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening started out as a Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past port for the Game Boy, but the freedom of the working context allowed the team to turn the game into an original project.

And original it was. Dubbed in Japan Legend of Zelda: Dream Island, the game was written before Koizumi ever ventured into the markedly dramatic territory of Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. No, Link's Awakening was rather a representation of interesting developments at Nintendo HQ. One where, despite the rigorous expectations of a Japanese task force, projects were formed on the basis of an up-and-coming company, a company of passionate developers and designers with a certain creative flow...

In spite of the PlayStation Vita's price cut in its home country of Japan, it will not receive one in North America. In Japan, the system went from 30,000 yen (3G) and 25,000 yen (Wi-Fi only) to 19,980 yen. This price cut won't happen in America, though, due to the yen decreasing in value to .93 cents per US dollar, so Sony loses money on products sold internationally. 

Due to the Vita's poor sales, Sony has been trying to bolster them with the promise of connectivity with the PlayStation 4. If the company wishes to improve sales this way, they should fix the flaws of the Vita's connectivity with the PlayStation 3.

Our friends over at Destructoid pointed out an interesting little detail about last night; shortly following the conference, Sony's stock took a dip. It's not a great sign when the reveal of your next console loses consumer interest in your shares, but they speculate that it could be due to the console not actually making an appearance last night. Either way, Sony's shareholders found something disappointing last night; personally, I think it could be the lack of a really impressive trailer. Most of the gameplay footage we saw wasn't a marked improvement over the PS3, and the only real display of technical prowess we saw was Quantic Dream's brief display of an old man head in empty space.

Hopefully, Sony can build up consumer confidence before launch.