It's not pretty in Nintendo land right now, as fans are understandably upset that Rayman Legends, slated for February 26th, has been delayed almost seven full months to be ported to other consoles. While I am thrilled that 360 and PS3 owners are going to get to experience that I feel is probably one of the best 2D sidescrollers coming out this year, it's a bit disheartening seeing some of the backlash from Nintendo fans. As a Wii U owner myself, I am naturally upset that the only game I was looking forward to on the platform this month is now seven months away, but any Nintendo fan saying they are no longer going to buy the game is only doing the Wii U a disservice.

Ubisoft is a third-party developer and they want to make money on their games. They do not feel the Wii U base is big enough or a strong enough consumer base to make money on Rayman Legends at this time. The real way to answer what I may feel is a slight slap to our face is to prove Ubisoft wrong and show up in droves come September to scoop the game up, and make the Wii U the best selling platform for that title. Why? These games get taken from us like this and delayed because they don't believe they will sell strongly. All we can do is prove them wrong. By boycotting and not purchasing the game, you are just vindicating the decision to delay the Wii U version until all are ready for a universal launch. If you want this to change, you have to support the games when they come. It's that simple, folks.

Remember the kinda okay speech recognition on the 360's Kinect? Well, apparently Microsoft's next console is going to take speech recognition up to 11, fully integrating it as a core function of the console. According to reports, you'll be able to walk into the room and turn on the Xbox with just your voice, and have it engage you in Siri-quality searches and functions; instead of just going to the Bing bar, you'll be able to blab out a question and have the Durango respond to you intelligently. 

One of the biggest stumbling blocks of the Kinect was that it just didn't do enough to make it incredibly useful. Microsoft hopes that by adding features such as the Kinect noticing the amount of people in the room and suggesting games, as well as adding context to the speech recognition, these shortcomings will no longer exist. It truly seems they intend to take the console in an incredibly user-friendly direction. Remembering where you were in movies when you play them again, built in speech-to-text for writing messages, and a very strong possibility of Skype debuting on the console, the Durango's shaping up to be a nice living room centerpiece.

How do you feel about the direction Microsoft's taking their new console?

Ubisoft's just announced their future plans for the Assassin's Creed series, one of the biggest franchises of the WiiStation360 generation. Not only will it feature an entirely new protagonist, era, and location, it's going to be coming pretty darn soon. Ubisoft didn't give a real date for Assassin's Creed 4, but they did say it would see release during fiscal year 2014, which starts April 1st of this year and ends on March 31st, 2014. This is a very wide window, and I'm certain the release date will be on the far later side of the spectrum, seeing as how Assassin's Creed 3 released only months ago.

Do you have high hopes for the franchise? Personally, if feels a bit rushed to me, but then again, the entire franchise is actually surprisingly young. Even though there was never much more than a year between releases (even if some were spinoff titles, Ubisoft has always maintained pretty high quality. I'm hoping this next game  takes us somewhere vastly different than the past installments, with entirely different weaponry; we have yet to see a game take place in Asia or Africa. Of course, there are reasons for this, but...imagine the different in gameplay! One can dream. What would you like to see in the next Assassin's Creed? Sound off below!

Crysis is the one series out there that is known more for how it benchmark tests consoles and PCs more so than  it's known for being a fantastic game. That being said, Crysis 3 definitely does look good. It's a shooter, it's gorgeous, and it's a sandbox game. It definitely has its cult following and it's something to at least keep an eye on if you care about seeing the seventh generation consoles pushed to their ultimate peak of processing power. Have you ever actually played the Crysis series? I own Crysis 2, but only to benchmark some PC parts I had at the time. I just couldn't bring myself to enjoy the game itself.

Bonus Round has always been one of my favorite discussion oriented shows because it doesn't just dismiss parts of the industry based on personal bias, and instead keeps a very open mind to how everything affects the industry. In this episode, they talk of the future of consoles in 2013. For the Wii U, they want to see software in general. Not just the next Zelda or Metroid, but new core IPs, as well. Of course, this gets echoed for the other consoles, too. At this point, people are just worried about the console's place in the living room. Can all three survive this eighth generation?

Ubisoft has disclosed that Rayman Legends will no longer be a Wii U exclusive, and has been once again delayed to release simultaneously with its Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 counterparts. Confirmed in a press release from Ubisoft, EMEA Cheif Marketing & Sales Officer Geoffroy Sardin explains the company's thinking behind making the game multi-platform. Hit the jump to read more.

On March 24th, when Gates to Infinity releases it will include a nice little box of features. On the launch day some downloadable content will be available for purchase on the Nintendo e-shop for the 3DS. The content will include new dungeons, new items to collect, and new Pokemon to connect with! The first piece of downloadable content, the Poké Forest Dungeon, will be available to download for free until April 30th. Three other dungeons will be available to purchase and download when the game launches. Additional downloadable content will be added from the launch date through April. 

Ever wonder what it's like to see a specialized shop in Japan? What about the Pyramids in Egypt? Wii Street U is an application, powered by Google, that just arrived in Japan. It allows you to take a virtual tour of the whole world based on tons of image sources such as traffic cameras, street light cameras, and satellite imagery. It's all rather impressive, and I must say, I can't wait to spend hours simply touring the world. While nothing replaces experiencing things for yourself, you can at least get a good idea of what you're doing before you go places. Going on a trip to Egypt? Find your hotel and learn the surroundings so you don't waste time getting lost... unless getting lost is your kind of thing.

Take-TwoMultiple developers in the gaming industry are closing up shop, and the future is looking bleak for many others. One failed title in the autumn can set a company back to the point of bankruptcy. Yet, despite this, there is the shining exception of Take-Two, a company who is actually making money among modern game creators.

The publisher created some of the fall's best titles, such as Borderlands 2, NBA 2K13, and XCOM: Enemy Unknown. All three of these titles moved millions of copies, while sales of Rockstar titles such as Grand Theft Auto continued with a nearly endless momentum of sales. The combination of fantastic software offerings has brought Take-Two profits soaring above the majority of the gaming industry's publishers. The company's revenue has increased 71% from the previous year, while digital sales of software increased by over 240%, accounting for about 23% of Take-Two's income.

Having played a ton of the company's work, I am glad to say this money is well-deserved. These weren't your average autumn annual releases. Borderlands 2 is the pinnacle of the shooter genre, in my opinion, and NBA 2K remains consistently fun after years of the franchise. I will continue to support Take-Two if they keep on churning out the amazing titles.

Here's to Take-Two.

Fresh out of the oven, folks! We've got a ton of brand new screenshots and concept art on the new 3DS entry in the much-beloved series.

There's been a lot of news floating around in recent days on the brand new game in the series. The entry had a... interesting development. The entire experience was originally built in HD, but was then downgraded to handheld graphical fidelity. Even more intriguing is the dilemma Konami had in choosing for the game to be on 3DS or Vita, although I'm happier with the final decision! Looking at these brand new images truly gives you a feel for the game, and it looks awesome, albeit ugly as sin.

I've always wanted to come back to the Castlevania series, but I've never really had the time. However, Mirror of Fate looks like it might finally win back my attention to the series. Time to fill out my back catalog.

For all the screenshots head on in after the jump!

Are you excited for the new entry for Castlevania? Glad to see the Belmont family is coming to 3DS? Sound off in the comments!

Carlos Eiene, a small-scale YouTube pianist, has just released a medley of Nintendo songs for piano in celebration of hitting 200 subscribers. The medley covers a huge amount of Nintendo's history, from the early release of Donkey Kong to modern games such as Super Mario Galaxy. This type of video may remind some Kyle Landry, famous for impeccable improvisation and inspired video game medleys, but the vast inter-franchise content covered by Eiene and the memories he brings through his celebration of Nintendo's history is admirable in its own right.

If you liked this medley, you may also want to have a listen to his jazz cover of the music from Kakariko Village.

Today, many new screenshots and videos were unveiled for Remember Me, a sci-fi video game that takes place in the year 2084, a refrence to the dystopian novel 1984 by George Orwell. The game takes place in a futuristic version of Paris, and it concerns themes such as society's divide between the rich and poor, totalitarianism, and, most importantly, memories. The main character is Nilin, a lovely lady who has had here memories removed from her. As she journeys to gain back her lost memories, she eventually becomes concerned with starting a revolution and loosen the tight grip the government has on the city. 

More info concerning the game can be found after the jump.

Today's Miiverse update contains a few things, including a way to find out all the latest changes. Go to Miiverse and click on your Mii to see the profile updates, or go to Miiverse Announcements, where you can see your respective Nintendo representative talking about the changes. What's notable this time is that there is a five minute delay between creating new posts so as to prevent spam from filling up all the latest posts in a single community, though you are free to comment as quickly as you want. Another change is that you will get notifications for when someone follows you, but not when someone replies to a post you commented on unless it was the original author of the post. This should cut down on the non-stop flashing blue light I see all the time.

Today, Famitsu has confirmed the rumor that Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge will be making its way to Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The once exclusive Wii U rerelease has, among things, an improved combat system, fewer quick-time events, revised enemy AI, and an insane amount of variety. Many of the original complaints have been fixed, and the rerelease has been well received. The first release on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, on the other hand, got very bad reviews. IGN gave it a 3 out of 10, but the rerelease got a  much better 7.6. As Nemo_Griffin says in the IGN review comments: "You can polish a turd."

What do you think? Will the title see even more improvements? Or will it be worse? Sound off in the comments.

Remember when Nintendo backed out of a deal with Sony that included a CD addon attachment and eventually went with Philips, whose CD-i machine left many wondering how crazy Nintendo had to be? Yeah, well, that's not exactly how things went down here. Sony, tables turned, refused and offer to make a deal with Microsoft, which prompted the latter to create the Xbox. Interestingly enough, if history had been different, the PlayStation could have been prevented if Nintendo has just stuck with the Sony deal for the CD attachment, and thus the Microsoft deal could have been handled by Nintendo, and then we would truly only have one gaming console on the market. How the tides turn. Be sure to watch the video above because it's fairly educational on how things went down.