Write for Gamnesia!

Well hello there! If you've stumbled upon this page, chances are you're interested in writing about video games, and Gamnesia can provide you with exactly that opportunity. Besides being able to do what we love every day in keeping up with gaming news, Gamnesia staff have several opportunities each year to attend events such as E3, PAX, and even meet and interview famous faces in the gaming world.

At Gamnesia, we hope to create an inviting, supportive, and educational working environment to foster interest in the gaming world and encourage writers both new and old to never stop improving. If you're interested in working with us as a hobby or even a passion, then apply today!

Writing for these sites is a serious time commitment. Please keep that in mind while considering applying.

Currently Seeking: Junior Editors, Copy Editors

Staff Positions

Junior Editors

Junior Editors are essentially the fresh crew of faces on the news team who have either written very little or never before. Junior Editors are strongly encouraged to post only news and required to show their work to higher staff before posting it to the site. The most active Junior Editors often graduate to a higher position on the staff within a few weeks.

  • Junior Editors must post at least once every two days, though writing is expected once daily
  • Junior Editors must post at least five news stories per week.
  • Junior Editors must show their work to a Senior/Copy Editor or an executive before posting it directly to the site.
  • Junior Editors may only write reviews, editorials, and other features under supervision from an executive.
  • Applicants must have a basic understanding of the English language and a ready willingness to learn and grow as a budding writer.

Associate Editors

Associate Editors are the bulk of our news team. Associate Editors are encouraged to focus primarily on news, but are welcome to expand their horizons with bigger projects with executive approval.

  • Associate Editors must post at least once every day, six days a week.
  • Associate Editors must post at least fifteen news posts in total per week.
  • Associate Editors may post news freely.
  • Associate Editors may post reviews, editorials, and other features, but an executive must approve the final draft.
  • * These larger assignments will count as three posts towards the weekly and monthly posting requirements.
  • Applicants must have a have a good understanding of the English language, a basic understanding of HTML, and decent writing experience.

Senior Editors

Senior Editors are the most seasoned writers on our staff and are welcome to post whatever they please, within reason. Having proven themselves as capable writers, Senior Editors are well-trusted and free to follow their posting requirements when and how they please.

  • Senior Editors must post at least two news story per day, six days a week
  • Senior Editors must post at least fifteen news posts in total per week.
  • Senior Editors may post reviews, editorials, and other features freely.
  • * These larger assignments will count as three posts towards the weekly posting requirement.
  • Senior Editors may arrange and conduct industry interviews under supervision from an executive.
  • Senior Editors may correct large mistakes in other articles such as broken links, broken images, or poor formatting.
  • Applicants must have a strong grasp of the English language, good understanding of HTML, and plenty of writing experience.

Copy Editors

While we strive to train the rest of the staff to post top-quality content as autonomously as possible, mistakes do occasionally slip through the cracks unexpectedly, and that's where Copy Editors come in. Copy Editors are responsible for ensuring that all posts are grammatically correct and free of spelling or syntax errors, as well as making sure that the category and tag system are working properly.

  • Copy Editors must ensure that all posts are sorted into all proper categories.
  • Copy Editors must ensure that all posts are tagged with relevant and sufficient terms.
  • Copy Editors must proofread each new post at least once for mistakes that slipped past the author and correct said mistakes if found.
  • Copy Editors must be regularly available to peer edit Junior Editors’ written work before it goes live.
  • Applicants must have an exceptional understanding of the English language and a basic understanding of HTML.

Facebook and Twitter Admins

One of the most fun things to do as a gamer these days is share all the stuff that excites you on Facebook and Twitter, and being the community-driven site that we are, we're extremely eager to have a happy and active social community. So we're looking for people who can, rather than write, devote their efforts to sharing images, quotations, fan art, and other awesome gaming culture to our Facebook and Twitter feeds for all our followers to see. There are no prerequisites, but politeness and charm are always a great plus, and having experience moderating social media in the past will go a long way in your resume.

** Note: Being an unpaid, volunteer job, we understand perfectly well that there are some days where writing is just hard, be it for time constraints, emotional stress, or other various reasons. Thus, all requirements are enforced yet lenient. So long as shying away from the minimum requirements does not become a regular habit, there are no dire consequences for missing goals.**

Applying for a Staff Position

Now that you're familiar with the various staff positions and their roles on the site, the next step of the process is actually deciding which position best suits you and sending us your staff application.

**Before proceeding, please note that writing for Gamnesia is volunteer work, and there is no payment involved. As you grow as a writer and spend more time with the site, opportunities and incentives can open up, such as free review materials, invitations to press events, gift cards, and more.**

Applications are now handled by our lead Copy Editor, Tyler Meehan. To apply for a position on the site, please send an email to [email protected] with the following information:

  • Your full name
  • Your desired position
  • Your Skype username (If any)
  • Your HTML experience (If any)
  • A brief description of your writing experience (If any)
  • Your area of gaming expertise (Nintendo, Sony, PC, RPG, etc.)
  • Alternative talents (if any) and samples of your work, including comics, videos, music, or what-have-you

Alongside this information, we ask that you provide us with at least one writing sample so we can better assess your talents. Ideally, we hope that you write two to three sample news posts in the style you would if you were a member of the site. Sample editorials are also welcome, but please write an editorial in addition to, not in lieu of, sample news stories. Please note: we do not accept game reviews as sufficient material for applications, and we will automatically reject any applications that do not provide at least one writing sample.

When writing your sample, please look to these previously-published stories for reference:

**Please note that we receive an extremely high volume of applications alongside every hiring notice, and though we do take the time to consider each one, we cannot afford the time to respond to each one. Due to these constraints, we respond only to approved applications, and not to rejected ones.**

If your preliminary application is accepted, you will be invited to Skype for an interview conducted through text, and if all goes well in the interview, you'll be welcomed into the staff with open arms. Best of luck!