After months of rumors and leaks, Activision finally confirmed the existence of the Spyro Reignited Trilogy back in April. The game was announced for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One with a September release date, and there were also rumblings of a Nintendo Switch version. Just over a month ahead of the announced release date, developer Toys for Bob has announced a change of plans.

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The latest iteration of Super Smash Bros. is by far the biggest yet, with a roster that includes every character in franchise history and a lineup of stages with over 100 to choose from. All of those stages (and fighters) have been graphically improved as well. We recently shared a GameXplain video that compares returning Wii U stages to their Switch counterparts, and today we have a follow-up video that does the same for the classic Nintendo 64 stages.

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Earlier this month IGN removed their review of Dead Cells after receiving accusations of plagiarism. IGN conducted an internal investigation into writer Filip Miucin (using the word "writer" generously here), and after determining that the accusations were legitimate, they fired him. The story should've stopped there, but instead, Miucin denied any wrongdoing and sarcastically challenged Kotaku's Jason Schreier to try and find more examples of plagiarism. That was a mistake.

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Virtual reality doesn't seem to be as much of a hot topic these days, especially compared to just a couple of years ago, when Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and PlayStation VR all launched within six months of each other. Although it hasn't been dominating headlines recently, PlayStation VR has seen its sales continue to climb over the past two years, and Sony's headset recently hit a milestone.

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It's a sad day for fans of anime and Japanese games, as a beloved voice actor has passed away. Unsho Ishizuka, perhaps best known as both the narrator and the voice of Professor Oak in the Pokémon anime, has tragically passed away. Ishizuka has been serving both roles for the show since the very beginning over 20 years ago, but at 67 he lost a battle to esophageal cancer.

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Over the past two years, Overwatch has been one of the most popular games in the world, especially in the realm of eSports. The team-based hero shooter is available on most modern platforms, but not Nintendo Switch. Blizzard has previously stated that porting it to Switch would be a challenge, although they remain open-minded. With the announcement that Diablo III is coming to Switch, Blizzard has commented on the possibility once again, this time with a slightly more optimistic tone.

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In a world of countless RPGs, you might be worried that the genre is becoming stale over time. Unfortunately, many developers are too afraid to shake up the formula out of fear their games may not sell well. So while the big names play it safe, we turn to independent developers for innovation. Enter Quincy Pringle, a young developer who is ready to liven up the RPG scene with his new game OTHER: Her Loving Embrace. The game takes traditional turn-based battles and turns each one into an interactive experience.

I had a chance to talk to Quincy about his upcoming game, and he had a lot to share, including details about the game's story, characters, additional gameplay mechanics, and much more. Quincy went into detail about his passion for game development, some of his greatest inspirations, and even some hardships he's faced when working on projects in the past. Hit the jump for the full interview!

Niantic has done a good job at steadily adding new features and monsters to Pokémon GO over the months, and over two years after launch, it's right back at number one. They'll soon be updating the game once again, this time to add a Mythical Pokémon from the Johto Region. So when and how can you get your hands on the marvelous Celebi?

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What once seemed like an impossible dream may now be on its way to becoming a reality. Over the past few weeks, director Jordan Vogt-Roberts has been sharing details about the project, including the fact that they've completed its script. Vogt-Roberts has also been sharing beautiful Metal Gear concept art for the past month, but yesterday he shared something a little different.

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A while back there were rumblings and rumors of Diablo III potentially coming to Nintendo Switch, but nothing substantial emerged from the rumor mill and Blizzard remained silent. That silence will likely soon be ending. According to a quickly deleted article on Forbes, Diablo III is headed to Nintendo's hybrid console later this year. It looks like someone jumped the gun a little early on an official announcement.

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Back in May, we learned that the new and improved Switch version of Monster Hunter XX is coming to the West under the title Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate. You can get your hands on Capcom's hit game on August 28th, but you don't have to wait that long to try it out. Switch owners can look forward to a demo on the eShop tomorrow!

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The fantastic anime adaptation of My Hero Academia is building up towards the conclusion of its third season, and it's also gearing up for its first big movie. My Hero Academia: Two Heroes is headed to select theaters from September 25th through October 2nd. Ahead of this limited time theatrical event, Funimation has just released the first English dubbed trailer for the film.

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Remember when people were arguing about whether Super Smash Bros. Ultimate was a new game or just a port? That debate's sure settled! Smash creator Masahiro Sakurai pulled back the curtains on the latest Smash at Nintendo's E3 Direct and the subsequent Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct. The newest iteration has been overhauled in numerous ways, including visual improvements to its more than 100 hundred stages. How do the new ones stack up against the old?

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"Pokémon GO died like two years ago. No one plays that crap anymore." Any time we post news about Niantic's hit mobile game, several variations of that phrase pop up on our Facebook. It's never been true, but ooh boy is wrong this time around. Back in June, we reported that Pokémon GO had reached its highest active player count since 2016, and it's only gotten more popular since then.

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At E3 2018, Bethesda announced that The Elder Scrolls: Legends would be coming to home consoles in an effort to expand its audience. When speaking to Game Informer on this topic, Pete Hines of Bethesda confirmed the game would be cross-platform for all systems. However, the interviewer cut him off to make sure this applied to all consoles, as it had been assumed the PS4 would skip out on this feature. Hines made it a point to express how important this feature is to the game, and that Bethesda would not release it on any platform that will not support cross-play.

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