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We're just under a month away from the release of Fire Emblem Warriors, but as is the standard these days, we've already gotten word about DLC coming for the title, as Koei Tecmo revealed a three pack lineup earlier today at the Tokyo Game Show. Later this year, we can expect to see DLC based on Fire Emblem Fates, whereas Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light and Fire Emblem Awakening packs will be available next year, in winter and spring, respectively. The packs will be available as standalone purchases (¥1400 each), or you can buy them as a pack for a discount of ¥3000. A special bride costume for Lucina is also included with the three pack.

Fire Emblem Warriors launches next week in Japan, so it's no surprise that the last members of the roster have been getting their reveals this week at Tokyo Game Show. We saw a leak early last week that looked to reveal the final five additions to the roster, and after Lyn, Celica, and (seemingly) Anna were confirmed, we've been waiting for the final two to officially join the fight. That wait is now over; at long last, Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light's Caeda and Tiki have been officially confirmed for Fire Emblem Warriors.

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Fire Emblem Warriors is less than a month away for most of the world, but Japan is getting it in a mere week, and that means it's time for Nintendo and Koei Tecmo to provide the final reveals for their upcoming title. During the Tokyo Game Show today, they've confirmed yet another character from that leak a few days back, and it's the second character that had gamers dubious: Celica. Fire Emblem Echoes' princess of Zofia will indeed be joining the fight!

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Update: The Pokémon Company has released a new trailer for this distribution. Check it out inside!

Original: To commemorate the upcoming Pokémon the Movie: I Choose You!, you can get a special Pikachu in Pokémon Sun and Moon starting today, September 19th. This promotion is different from Pokémon distribution promotions in the past, however, in that there are six different Pikachu available—but you're only allowed to have one.

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When Mario Party: The Top 100 was announced at the recent Nintendo Direct, Nintendo made no mention of boards in the title, seeming to frame it as a simple minigame collection. As such, speculation started to brew as to whether or not this Nintendo 3DS minigames compilation of the Mario Party series would include boards at all. According to the official website for the game, however, fans shouldn't be worried.

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At E3 2017, Microsoft announced an update for Minecraft that would allow users with the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Windows 10, and mobile versions of the game to all play with each other simultaneously. Unfortunately, the PlayStation systems are not participating in this update as of now due to Sony's own choice. Since the New Nintendo 3DS has just received its own version of Minecraft, some fans were wondering if it would be a part of Better Together update. However, it seems there are currently no plans for that to happen.

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When Nintendo puts out their Nintendo Directs, they often make a separate one for each major region of the world they're operating in—at least one for America, one for Europe, and one for Japan, each of which has slightly different content. Sometimes these differences, however, can hide major reveals that other regions wouldn't be privy to. That's what happened last night, as the Fire Emblem Warriors segment of the European Nintendo Direct looks to contain several characters that have not been officially announced yet.

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The Kirby franchise is celebrating its 25th anniversary, and in recognition of that, a few months ago Nintendo revealed that two new Kirby titles were in development, one for 3DS and one for Switch. During today's Direct, the company finally provided more details and footage for both of these games, including their titles: Kirby: Battle Royale for the handheld system and Kirby Star Allies for the home-handheld hybrid.

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During today's Nintendo Direct, Nintendo showed off two new styles for the New Nintendo 2DS XL. One of these new consoles sports a new permanent orange and white color scheme, and the other is a limited edition Pokémon console that's styled like a Poké Ball.

The orange and white New Nintendo 2DS will hit stores on October 6th, whereas the the Poké Ball console will launch on November 3rd, two weeks before the launch of Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon.

At least one of the recent rumors about Fire Emblem Warriors has been confirmed. Lyn, one of the main characters from Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade, will add her name to the list of playable combatants. While she does not come from the three main games that Koei Tecmo claimed the Warriors title would focus on, she is considered the most popular female character in the series, so her inclusion is definitely warranted. In addition, Nintendo revealed that the Chrom and Tiki Amiibo will launch alongside the game next month.

There's no doubt that the Mario Party franchise has not only left a big mark in Nintendo's history, but that it has left a lot of friendships broken as well. The ability to play these minigames has largely been left to staying at home (though a few mobile games exist), but this fall, you can really stick it to your friends whenever and wherever. Mario Party: The Top 100 combines some of the best minigames from the main 10 games into one package. Be ready to mend some friendships starting November 10, only on Nintendo 3DS.

During the Nintendo Direct, it was confirmed that Minecraft would be making its way to another Nintendo system, the New Nintendo 3DS. Nintendo showed off new gameplay features for the system's bottom screen, including map viewing, crafting menus, and inventory management.

During today's Nintendo Direct, new details about Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon were shown off. The newest titles in the series will include several preorder bonuses, new Z-Moves, and new Ultra Beasts.

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It's time for yet another Nintendo Direct, and today we're in for a substantial one! Announced to last nearly 45 minutes, today's Direct will be far longer than even Nintendo's E3 presentation, so there could be a ton of new content and announcements packed inside it. We already know that Super Mario Odyssey will have at least some of the spotlight, and there are a number of already-announced games that deserve some attention. But what else will Nintendo reveal?

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Nintendo Directs are a lot like Christmas. You never know what you're gonna get, and it's typically a big surprise. This time around though, there's a chance Nintendo didn't wrap their gifts well enough, and we might have gotten an early peek at what's inside. Earlier today, Nintendo set up the video for the Nintendo Direct in Japan, and it held tags for several of their games that just might make their longtime fans cry tears of joy.

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