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Good news from the Nintendo Direct this morning; looks like the sequel to Luigi's Mansion is right on track..  Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon will be releasing March 24th, and will include multiplayer modes beyond the previously revealed Hunter Mode.  Up to four different players can get together vial local wireless if they each have their own system, can pair up in Download Play, or can connect over the Internet.  In "Rush Mode", players try to escape each floor within a set time limit, and in Polterpup Mode players try to find hidden ghost dogs.  There's also the co-op Thrill Tower mode, which has players ascend a tower together, clearing it room by room.

There's a new Dark/Light device that allow players to find hidden objects, and track a ghost dog by searching dilligently for paw prints.  Ghosts also now will be stunned using a new device called the Strobulb - how this is different from using the torch in the previous game remains to be seen.
Good news fans of the Wii U control scheme and sports where you ride around in tiny carts; a new Mario Golf was just announced for the Nintendo 3DS! It'll be created by Camelot, and Nintendo President Iwata said the game will feature traditional designs, new designs, and "familiar faces and game mechanics."

So this summer, be on the lookout for Mario Golf: World Tour!
Good news for fans of Italian plumbers; looks like a new entry into the Mario & Luigi RPG series will be out this summer on the 3DS!  In this one, Mario will be wandering through a physical manifestation of his brothers subconsious.  Luigi will have "super dream powers" while in his head, but in the real world, you get a callback to Super Mario 64 and get to mess with his face. 

I wonder what "super dream powers" means - any thoughts?

We have a fairly busy morning here at the Gamnesia office, which means news from this morning's Nintendo Direct may be a bit slow in trickling in. However, while the Direct wasn't a massive blow out we still go to learn a lot of very interesting things, along with a few solid new game announcements. Kicking it off lets just hop right into Animal Crossing: New Leaf. It has been announced via Nintendo Direct that it will arrive on June 9th. That's right folks, get hyped!

In a mere 8 hours we will have yet another Nintendo Direct upon us, however the people over at NeoGAF stumbled upon YouTube thumbnails for private videos that are being prepared for release. So far, we can tell there will definitely be Luigi's Mansion 2, Lego City (3DS version), and Animal Crossing. There is also something in there for Fire Emblem, so it could be extra promotion or the possibility of a DLC announcement. From all this, so far the biggest news is likely an Animal Crossing release date, which would be much obliged. It's important to note that this is far from the only stuff likely in the Direct, but merely some private videos someone stumbled upon. All the available images for these thumbnails are inside.

Nintendo is bringing us yet another Nintendo Direct tomorrow, and while the 3DS focus is evident all over the world, in North America we are also getting Wii U news to accompany the 3DS buzz. This is exciting in that of itself coming off the last few Nintendo Directs, which included the announcement of Pokémon X and Y, as well as a massive blowout of reveals for Nintendo's Wii U. While I don't anticipate anything reaching the level of Nintendo's last "E3"-like direct, we should still hear some exciting news for games coming out this year for both of Nintendo's platforms.

We could get some solid release dates finally for games like Pikmin 3, and per usual, I can assure you we will get new trailers for some games. Of course, it gets more exciting when you consider the chance we could hear about some new games. What about Straight Right's new Wii U project? Does EA have anything in the pipeline for the Wii U? What other stellar titles are coming to an already stacked year for the 3DS? Could we see a hint at a new Zelda 3DS? The possibilities are endless. We could, of course, get let down heavily, but the fact remains that hasn't been Nintendo's mantra so far with Directs in 2013. They have been hitting it out of the park every time. We won't get an E3-style blowout again, but we could get some exciting news nonetheless. What do you think we're going to see bright and early tomorrow morning?

Good news, video game lovers!  You do all like video games, right?  I mean, if not... why are you here, exactly?  I mean here on this webpage, not in life in general... Although if you really think about it, life in general for me certainly is mostly about liking video games. 


Well, in any case, it looks like there's going to be a Nintendo Direct drop tomorrow morning! I don't know about you, but for me, that's almost as good as having a date tomorrow night! The Nintendo Direct will cover Wii U and 3DS games, so tune in at 9AM EST for all the Nintendo goodies.

That's right, folks. If the guys over at TheDailyHotness are to be believed, we'll be seeing another Eeveelution in the coming months, but that's not even the big news.

According to alleged source data on the Pokémon X and Y site, Ninfia (or Nympheon if you prefer) is the first Light-type Pokémon (much like Umbreon was a member of the then-new Dark type in Gold/Silver), and the Light type will complete a type-trio with the Dragon and Steel types. Honestly, I don't see that trio as being even remotely plausible. That trio doesn't make as much sense as Fire-Water-Grass or Fighting-Psychic-Dark.

As well as Ninfia, the Light type would also be composed of members of the Fairy egg group, with Pokemon such as Clefairy, Chancey and Audino being grandfathered in.

Now that I think of it, all of the new Eeveelutions have been released as pairs (Umbreon-Espeon and Glaceon-Leafeon), so why would X and Y's be any different? And, could this mean that we're going to see a Dragon or Steel-type Eeveelution?

So, what type do you think Nympheon will be? Will it be a dragonbusting new Light-type Pokémon? Or a Normal-type mother of all Eeveelutions? Or perhaps Dragon or Flying types? Sound off in the comments!

The next issue of CoroCoro is due any day now and that means you can expect its contents to leak anytime soon, like right now perhaps. The next issue of CoroCoro, if indeed this is a legitimate photo, revealed the newest evolution for Eevee, Ninfia.

It looks a little like Skyla right? Does that mean it's a flying type? Probably not. When looking at a Pokémon's type it is usually displayed with a color scheme and in fact the Dragon type logo uses the color scheme of blue and pink, or at least they're very similar. The Pokémon Milotic is considered by many to be based off a dragon or a serpent of sorts and it also involves the same color scheme further suggesting it might be a dragon type. But of course, what good is speculation when the truth will come out within the year?

A new Eeveelution was expected, seeing as the upcoming Pokémon short featured a color themed subtitle which matched the previous Eeveelutions and their types, but a single character was left over that didn't match any of the previous. On a side note, the upcoming Pokemon movie has received the new title of Extremespeed Genesect and the Reawakening of Mewtwo.

So tell us. What do you think of this new and supposed Eeveelution? Do you like it or hate it? Or are you going to wait for an official confirmation before you make a full judgement? Tell us in the comments!

Since its release, Colors! 3D for Nintendo 3DS has been a wonderful way for hobbyist and professional artists to share their work with others. We, however, are amidst a revolution in uses for the brilliant eShop title. User masterclaw360 has discovered a profound new way to utilize Colors! 3D's online sharing service. Curious? Head past the jump to see his extraordinary revelation.

In what seems to be the biggest spring in gaming's history, the Wii U is left with a handful of exclusives to bide its owner's time until E3. Although I'm looking forward to games such as The Wonderful 101 and Pikmin 3, I'll be unable to play some of the spring's juggernaut titles on my shiny new Nintendo console, such as Bioshock Infinite and Tomb Raider. We're seeing dozens of games missing the Wii U for the sole reason of lacking sales. Although it is a valid one, software sells hardware, and no third parties are taking the dive. Konami is joining the club now.

Konami producer Dave Cox has told us why Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 will not be making the jump to Wii U, and the reason is a lack of resources. Although Konami has given a different and more valid reason then the usual "Wii U is too difficult to develop on," I feel a little bit disappointed. I'm looking forward to the new Castlevania, but it looks like my PS3 will be getting the game. 

However, there is still the new 3DS entry in the beloved series, Mirror of Fate. I can't wait to join the franchise this March. Cox also spoke about the new 3DS entry. Hit the jump to see what he said!

BadasseryIt's only been a few weeks since the announcement of Pokemon X and Pokemon Y, but this 3DS handheld title has grown to become one of my most looked forward games of 2013. The 3DS offers new capabilities to the Pokemon franchise, and who doesn't want more Pokemon? I've been clamoring for more details every day. It seems we'll only have to wait a bit longer for more information on the game.

The Japanese magazine publication CoroCoro plans to reveal new details on X and Y in their next issue. The new magazine piece will be available within the next few days, but we won't have to wait for too long. Leaks should be available online in the near future. In addition to CoroCoro, the TV show Pokemon Smash will also reveal even more Pokemon X and Pokemon Y information this week.

I guess we'll be seeing more information on the game sooner then we expected. What'll it be? Streetpass or Spotpass features? A look at the battle system? I'm willing to wager we get to see a handful of new Pokemon.

What do you think we'll see? Sound off in the comments!

I may be more of a Nintendo gamer than I am a PlayStation or Xbox gamer, and arguably a bigger PC gamer than any of the consoles, but even I know that blocking used games is going to be a console killer. We already know the Wii U doesn't do such things. I can attest to this because I own a used copy of New Super Mario Bros. U. Sure, maybe it only saved me $5, but that's still $5 I was able to put towards a pre-order for Pikmin 3. The fact remains that if this does happen, or if they attempt to do an "ultimate pass" for $100 which allows gamers to "unlock" unlimited used games, I tend to agree that the Wii U will reap the benefits of higher game sales since they will have the used game market all to themselves.

To be honest, I don't want any of the console makers to fail, so I just hope all these rumors (some dating a year old) just tend to be complete crap.

This week's Bonus Round focus's squarely on genre preferences. You might be surprised to see what genre's are mentioned as it's not necessarily what many would expect. As an example, one of the panel's favorite genres is Tower Defense! Of course while it's a nice debate above, what we really want to know is what your favorite genre is. Sound off in the comments and let the debates begin!

Were you expecting to mingle with some of your overseas friends when Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate launched later this year? Well, unfortunately you won't be able to unless they're visiting your country, as Capcom has confirmed to GameReactor España that Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate will be running on separate servers based on country.

"Japanese will play with Japanese, Americans with Americans and Europeans with Europeans."

This will prove quite upsetting for those who like to intermingle with other cultures, however it does have its own bright side. Players shouldn't experience any lag when playing online. Tri didn't have divided servers like Ultimate will and as a result players would experience extreme lag when playing with others from different countries.