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Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity launched just a few days ago, but unfortunately, it was overshadowed by the simultaneous release of Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon. Mystery Dungeon is still getting some love, however, in the form of the above cartoon uploaded by Nintendo to their YouTube channel. It chronicles the first moments in the adventures of Pikachu and Oshawott in their quest to build a happier world. You can watch the first episode above, and the rest can be found on Nintendo's YouTube channel in the coming days.

Everybody's been waiting patiently for the Super Smash Bros. series to arrive on Wii U and Nintendo 3DS, but having only begun development last year, one should expect it to take a long, long time. At the huge Nintendo Direct feed two months ago, Iwata-san announced that we would see some form of Smash at this year's E3, but is it possible he was in fact referring to something more than screenshots or a trailer?

In a recent PR email, Nintendo placed Super Smash Bros. in a list of 3DS games that are "coming soon." This would usually be nothing to smile at, but every other game on the list has been confirmed for a 2013 release. Furthermore, Super Smash Bros. is listed before Pokémon X and Y Versions, while the rest of the list is in chronological order.

Head inside for some thoughts!

Yesterday marked two years since the launch of the Nintendo 3DS in Europe, and tomorrow will be two years for those in North America. In commemoration of that, Nintendo sent out a PR email looking back at the 3DS's past and on what's to come.

The e-mail claims that the released and upcoming game library for the 3DS has already surpassed 700 titles. It goes on to later mention Super Smash Bros. in a list of games coming soon, which interestingly features only games coming out this year. Come inside for the full text of the e-mail which includes a promotion where you could score a free digital game download.

The developers of Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon have admitted that the game drew inspiration from Mr. Bean; however, Ghostbusters more often comes to mind when people think about what Luigi's Mansion is similar to.

ABC recently asked Shigeru Miyamoto about Luigi's Mansion having a Ghostbusters feel, to which he responded that the game wasn't inspired by Ghostbuster. Converesly, he does admit that the game was influenced by Ghostbusters in the sense that they specifically tried to make it not seem too much like Ghostbusters.

Come inside for the full quote.

The last time we mentioned Fez developed Phil Fish it was because of an unbecoming Twitter rant bashing the Nintendo 3DS. Fans were not so much stirred up by Fish's criticisms as they were his tone and way of expression.

In follow up to that rant Fish has taken to Twitter again to now proclaim his 'love' for Nintendo and how much he 'likes' the DS and 3DS. Such a dramatic turn around in both opinion and tone of tweets does raise a lot of questions.

As Kevin Cassidy of GoNintendo puts it:

Well, that's certainly a turnaround from the other day. I don't think you can go on a tirade one day and then claim your love the next. That is, unless you were under the influence of mind-altering substances!

While a possibility, I personally feel that the new batch of tweets serves the exact same purpose as the original: to troll, stir up some controversy and get some attention. To that end, Fish has been successful. Perhaps he is subtly trying to rebuild the bridge for possible future work with Nintendo after completely burning the bridge earlier this week.

Meanwhile, all the gaming community really wants is an apology for his unbecoming conduct. Come inside for his most recent tweets in praise of Nintendo.

When Kersploosh! was first announced, most of us Nintendo fans jumped to a certain minigame from The Wind Waker remastered in an eShop title. Instead, we got a game where you drop a stone down a well. Kersploosh! follows dozens of other brilliant eShop titles ranging from Crashmo to Fluidity: Spin Cycle, but the title doesn't try to soar into those fantastic ranks. Kersploosh! is a humble game that will keep you entertained for a few bus rides. It is much more in the tier of smartphone games than the lengthy adventures of Dillon's Rolling Western and Crimson Shroud

It's a different kind of eShop game. With it's smaller price tag, Kersploosh! convinced me to make a purchase. Although I got my money's worth, the package left me overall a tad disappointed.

For my full opinions on the game, hop on in!

People often get on Pachter's case around these parts, as fans continue to wonder why we bother to follow his words more so than any other analyst. He is an openly biased Nintendo hater right? Well, he sort of takes his shots at Sony though in a different light. The question posed is why Microsoft isn't trying to get in on the handheld market and the initial reasoning isn't too terrible. The market does suck - it sucks in terms of the fact it is essentially dominated by one platform and it's hard to get in on that territory. It's a big investment into something that will probably fail because it needs an install base to get games, and it needs games to get an install base.

He goes on to talk about how the Vita itself is a complete joke. Not that it sucks (it is actually a pretty nice piece of hardware), but he admits that it just does "too much". Almost as if it's "too good". There is a point to be had in that. He actually has some nice things to say on top of this about used game sales. I know I know... it's Michael Pachter and to even utter his name brings along anger, but at least he makes some sense here while not directly throwing Nintendo under the bus

At PAX East, Capcom unveiled DuckTales Remastered, an HD remake of one of the NES' most beloved titles. Because the fan community for the original NES classic is so large and so attached to the title, the positive response to the announcement has been incredible. Christian Svensson of Capcom took to the Capcom-Unity forums to answer questions about the title.

Firstly, Svensson revealed that DuckTales Remastered happened because of the fans. The demand was strong and so they pursued the project. He also says that while DuckTales 2 or remakes of other Disney-lisenced Capcom games may be possible in the future if DuckTales Remastered is a commercial success, but we shouldn't "put the cart before the horse." The full quote can be found after the jump.

Svensson has also made it clear that though DuckTales Remastered is coming to Wii U eShop, PlayStation Network, and Xbox Live Arcade, the title will not make its way to the Nintendo 3DS or PS Vita "this time around." There is no mention of the future, so if the game sells well at first, Capcom may reconsider its stance.

All in all, it's wonderful to see that Capcom is starting a greater dedication to its fans, and I only imagine it will improve—at least for the near future. Are you going to be picking up DuckTales Remastered?

Renegade Kid is well known for Mutant Mudds, the hit Nitnendo 3DS eShop game, but not quite so commonly known is that the company got its start making First-Person Shooters on the Nintendo DS — and very good ones at that. For a while now, we've known that Renegade Kid was working on a new FPS title for Nintendo 3DS, but we've known nothing more.

Now, however, Renegade Kid has launched a site for the upcoming game, which is called "Cult County." It's a very exciting display of pictures showing off a game which appears to be based in the horror genre, as well, with themes of religion and atheism. From the site, you can scan a QR code with your 3DS to see the game's screenshots in full 3D. But there's one question left — Will you join the church of the Perfect You?

You may be familiar with Fez, but chances are that you will not be. It is a minor platformer developed by Polytron Corporation, headed by Phillipe Poisson, who goes by the name of "Phil Fish." The game received a fair amount of praise when it released last year, but remained a largely forgettable puzzle-platformer.

Nontheless, Phil Fish thought he had something relevant to say when he took to Twitter in a whining rant today that blasted the Nintendo 3DS and praised the Playstation Vita as almighty. His unbecoming language has no doubt lost him any respect he had in the industry, as well as the fact that his rant lacked any genuine criticisms.

His uncensored Twitter tirade is inside. Please be warned that it contains language that some people may find inappropriate.

Well, it's here! The official launch trailer for the long-awaited sequel to Luigi's Mansion. Dark Moon has already been selling like crazy in Japan, and it wouldn't surprise me one bit if it did just as well upon it's launch in North America and Europe over the next week. This is going to be one of the 3DS' biggest hitters for sure.

Fans of the Might series and WayForward in general have reason to celebrate; for their 23rd anniversary, they're releasing the first sequel ever in the Mighty series! All of your favorite Mighty Switch Force characters will be back for download this Spring in North America, Europe, and Australia! And, of course, there'll be a lot of actiony puzzle-solving!

You excited? I excited. You excited?

I am a massive Star Fox fan, especially Star Fox 64. The above cinematic masterpiece is probably one of the best fan made products I have seen in my lifetime. It also contains a nice track from Star Trek, which is used almost to perfection. Joe Morrisseaum one of the main people behind this flick, sat down with Nintendo Life to talk about the process. One of the interesting tidbits is how long it took to make this - 20 hours a week every week for a full year. Yikes. What's neat though is he has an idea swimming in his head for another short based on The Legend of Zelda.

Well, the 3DS may have lost it's #1 spot for a week, but the sales for the PS Vita are now starting their decline since the big price drop. Meanwhile, the 3DS sales have increased slightly and remain very study. The 3DS sales have been study for some time in Japan, and not even a price cut of the Vita really slowed down the sales. I am not trying to trash the Vita at all - in earnest it's a pretty nice piece of hardware with a great interface (better than the 3DS). However, you can't beat content quality compared to the 3DS. Unfortunately for Vita owners, there are but a handful of games worth owning, while the 3DS seems to have hit after hit coming out for the foreseeable future. Exact numbers after the break.

The much-anticipated Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate launched simultaneously on Nintendo 3DS and Wii U in North America this past Tuesday, but gamers may have noticed that something is missing. The games were announced to come with a feature that would allow for save files to be transferred between the two versions, so that you can play the one game file on both your 3DS and Wii U.

As of yet, the transfer utility has yet to appear on the Nintendo eShop, despite Capcom saying that the feature would appear alongside the game. In a recent comment to Joystiq, Capcom implies that the issue is on Nintendo's side, but nevertheless, they are working through it and the feature will be available shortly. Quote inside.

UPDATE: Capcom "anticipates" the transfer feature will be fully available by Friday March 22nd. Their full statement is inside.